Hello there!
Thanks for popping in !
Rather brisk here in the southeast, I must say.
Took three paces outside the backdoor 

and went straight back for the scarf and gloves!
I’m not a hat person. Are you?
I look ridickalickalous in most hats.
So vanity and practicality clash ….
Paul Church on the other hand, even knits his own!


Enough woffle Gray!
It’s the busiest weekend of the year at Clarity,
and you’re worrying about keeping your ears warm!

Well, in case you have been out of town, in hiding,
or just doing non-internet stuff like a normal person all week,
we launched our new website and kicked it off with our

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Did the website stand up to the stampede this year?
Did we have a crisis with hundreds of frustrated customers?
Did I cry?
NO. NO. And thrice I say NO!!

(Although I could have wept tears of joy and relief when all the positive feedback started pouring in about the new website 
and the GRAY Sale). 
Pleanty of room for improvement, but oh boy! is it efficient.

One thing I picked up on many times in the comments from yourselves was that you appreciate that it is a genuine sale, 
a proper sale, 
a real deal.

The thing is, I am a shopper too. Of course I am!
And I’m not daft either. I know the difference between 
a proper sale and a clearance sale.

I went to buy a GOOD pair of jeans in a Black Friday Sale
 on Thursday, as you do.
Either my body has radically changed shape,
my waist has dropped 4 inches 
and my derriere is moving to the front
(which is always a possiblity I suppose)
or they had just piled up all the outsize crap, 
wierd cuts they had in the back of the shop.

Did I buy any jeans? Nope.
My money was safe.

The indicator at Clarity that we are having a genuine sale 
is that it is what I call a blanket sale
it covers everything.
(Except Lightwave panels – not enough in stock. Take ages to get here. We don’t make them)

We’ve been stockpiling in readiness for it,
and if we sell out of items, 
we will just make more to honour the sale price.
No selling out.
If you order it before midnight tomorrow, it’s a done deal.

We don’t do it because we need to;
I think you know that.
We do it because we can, and we are celebrating Clarity.

The teamwork this week has been marvellous.
Sometimes I feel that things aren’t gelling, 
that communication isn’t what is should be,
and I spend a lot of time at work trying to join up the dots.
Sometimes it feels like wading through treacle
and it wears me down.
There are a lot of us now, and when we’re all spinning,
communication levels drop when they really should increase.
But we are growing so fast and things are almost hurtling along.
I get it. I really do.

But this week it was spectacular to watch.
The enthusiasm and teamwork was just awesome.
Exciting actually. 

And when the website launched and we had lift-off,
it was electric. 

The sale is on today and tomorrow until midnight,
so if you want to have a look, (or yet another look!)
go on over and buy any stamps, stencils or Groovi things at a third off – plus your Clarity Club Discount on top. 
If you are struggling to open an account on the new website
for whatever reason, 
call the office: 01732 868215. 
Jeanine and her team are all poised to help you.

Most of the crew are in this weekend,
the phones are manned,
brother Steve is on full Groovi production,
because the new website has already told us 
exactly what we need to fill the orders !

I’m in work tomorrow.
Today I am going to visit my parents,
spend the day with Mum and Dad. 
Priorities folks, priorities.

Love & hugs,

77 thoughts on “WE HAVE LIFT-OFF !

  1. off for another look! Was so surprised to see club discount as well – Happy Christmas to me – and thanks all at Clarity Towers – your hard work IS appreciated xx

  2. Love the hat, Paul, really ace.
    All I want to say is Barbara you are a millionnaire. I don't mean in sterling, or dollars but a millionaire in inspiration, personality, etc – cannot think of the words to describe you, Dave, Paul and the team.
    I am so lucky to have found such a wonderful, caring and honest company. In my case, saved me from an awful lot.
    I am sure all the bloggers out there will agree that you are the star on the new groovi plate.
    Have a lovely day with your parents.I hope you win all the awards – you deserve the best because you are the best.
    Wish I could have said this personally, perhaps would have come over much better than a comment, but you get the gist, I am sure.
    Lots of love
    Anne (Reading)

  3. I'm going to see my parents this afternoon too. They've been in Canada for 3 months visiting my brother and all the cousins, so we haven't seen each other since my birthday in August. Have a great afternoon. I shall avoid looking at the sale again if I can as I've already got 2 parcels in the pipeline.

  4. Lovely blog today Barbara about everyone working together. I'm sure I'll be going back for another look ! Just off out now to do the shopping. Got my mum, niece and her partner and baby Emily for lunch tomorrow so better get on with it ! I really need to do some Christmas card ….. keep saying that ! Have a lovely day with your parents. Xx

  5. Love the picture of Paul's hat hehe glad lift of has gone so well lots panicking ladies wondering how they can stop hubbies from getting the post so good to see we all do same anyway have a lovely time with you Dad&Mum hugs to you all clarity rocks wow what a sale xxx

  6. Have a great day with your mum and dad, I daren't look again at the bargains this time around but am really looking forward to my parcel arriving (no pressure…but why isn't it here yet!… I'm just joking…honestly!!!) Been 'out of fettle' as we say up North for a while, but feeling much better last couple of days so am taking myself off into my little craft room to tackle some Christmas cards…wish me luck! xx

  7. I really appreciate the fantastic offer, as we're moving house soon so really appreciate the savings I've made. THE new website was very easy to use, many many thanks go Team Clarity xx

  8. Have ordered three times ….. even at 2am, what's the matter with me, hooked or not ? Loving genuine sale and big thanks to everyone at Clarity. Brilliant deals, lovely people and Happy Christmas to you all. Bit early I know, but my Christmas has come early although I'll worry about repaying the bank next year ! ! ! Luv to all, Yvonne. Xx

  9. See now I have been a Clarity fan for years now. About 25 (maybe more) I reckon. That sounds a bit scary doesn't it? I always made a bee line for the Clarity stand at the NEC and even back then I would struggle to see Barb doing her demos. Back then Grace and Mark would help man the stand and I was in awe of the beautiful stamps (no stencils or groovi back then). I was a member of the New Design club too. Then I thought I would diversify and came out of the NDC. Needless to say I did end up going back to Clarity and joined all three Design Clubs and have never been happier. I still do the other crafty stuff I discovered in between but at the end of the day I think I am a Clarity girl through and through. Did I buy in the sale? Of course I did! Did I go mad? No not really. Could I have bought more? You bet your bottom dollar I could – about 10 times what I did spend but hey ho it will still be there when I want to buy it in the future. Have to think of the pennies a bit more these days but at least I know when I buy from Clarity I am buying fantastic quality, great service and first class after sales service. Not many companies you can say that about these days is there. So keep keeping all the balls in the air Barbara and Team Clarity – you are held in the highest regard and your faithful customers love you. Enjoy your day with your parents Barb. Xxx

    1. Wow Dawn, I'm impressed. I thought I was good following Barbara for about 16/17 years after seeing articles in magazines. I still use those original stamps and they are as good today as they were then. x

  10. Thank thank thank you. Barbara you are a genuine person and to me there is nothing better in a person as to what ya see is what ya get, that as always been my philosophy in life, that oh ans treat people as you would want to be treated. So of course from a genuine person we are gonna get a genuine sale Much love n hugs Ali. Ps may i please ask Barb? Are you a south Londoner only you sound so xxx

  11. Barbara have a wonderful time with your parents a well earned day off .the blog the new website the clarity crew the design team and the amazing products the blog challenges we couldn't ask for more .a big thank you to all xxx

    1. Morning dear blog friends I'm trying to put my cushions away but they just won't go I've put some more in my clarity basket😱 can I resist buying them 🙃 Sending you all lots of hugs thinking of you all xxx

    2. Hi Sheila sending hugs. I'm trying to resist looking because my list is in the hands of others and I will be told off if I buy anything! I know my sister has ordered twice, is that one for her and one for me I wonder! Xxx

  12. Wonderful comments in your blog today. Glad the website all worked out, I certainly found it easy to use. Very chilly here too, a bit of lunch to cook then off into my new craft room for some me time. Enjoy your time with your parents I love family time. Son-in-law's birthday on Monday so we shall all be gathered together. X x

  13. Hi Barbara, brilliant to read such a positive and happy blog from you today, makes me feel good inside for you and Team Clarity.

    I haven't come across any other company that does sales like you, be it our members sales or flash sales or sales like this weekend. You always supply for demand, without exception, of everything made in-house. You're amazing, not only for this, but also for your exceptional generosity, and your caring so much of all us customers. Like you say, because you can and want to, not because you need to. Head and shoulders above most, in my opinion.

    It's good for us to be seeing so much positivity and praise for you and Team Clarity too. It's the least you and all at Clarity Towers deserve.

    Very tempted myself to go back for another wee look, when I get on my laptop for my want/need list!!! Resolve is slipping fast!!! This no support carry on and therefore no support costs, has a huge positive! 😉 And nae other half to worry about either, living alone clearly has a benefit I'd not thought of!!!!

    Hope you enjoy your day with your parents.

    Love to you and Team Clarity xxxx
    I see Paul is doing his bit en masse in our Random Act of Kindness movement, going out in that hat is bound to cheer the masses…

    1. Hello Brenda I put a few things in my basket last night and checked in 3 more times today and they are still there so a happy bunny haven't bought them yet .hugs for you and daisy xxx

    2. Thank you everyone 😊 xx

      You'll all probably think I'm weird, but I'm used to that with having Asperger's!!! I always feel really guilty after buying loads in the sales and when buying other offers too because it's an awful lot less money/profit or whatever for Barbara to balance the books with, pay the wages, and have left over for her own wages.

  14. Wonderful comments in your blog today. Glad the website all worked out, I certainly found it easy to use. Very chilly here too, a bit of lunch to cook then off into my new craft room for some me time. Enjoy your time with your parents I love family time. Son-in-law's birthday on Monday so we shall all be gathered together. X x

  15. Good morning Barb

    Enjoyed reading today's blog and so happy for you all that the new website is a success as well as the Gray Sale!

    It's a very cold day here in the north east… Co Durham to be exact

    Hope you have a good day with your parents and a good weekend

    June x

  16. It really is the only sale to go to! You and the Clarity team are fabulous! Can't agree more with what everyone else has written. The new website is great, though my husband did wonder how I managed to find something I didn't already have! Have a great weekend with your family! Think Paul should start knitting "Clarity" hats! Saying that though I don't do hats either! Xx

  17. You sound like you are re-energised and rested Barbara, which is lovely to hear. Enjoy your day with your mum and dad. Don't dare go back to the website again, but I'm very excited that two parcels will be winging their way to the far north soon!!! x

  18. The new website is fab. Easy to navigate checkout is a dream. And the sale was tooooo tempting. Got things I've been wanting for a while the ones I look at on each visit and think 'Oooooooo that's lovely' but listen to the monkey and leave on the shelf. Anyway lured said monkey into a cupboard (banana and peanuts)locked the door to the cupboard and had a luvverly time. Thanks Clarity xx

  19. Have a wonderful day with your parents safe in the knowledge that Clarity is in good hands whilst you are away recharging your batteries. The sun is definitely trying to come out here in the Surrey/Hampshire border so hopefully it will do the same for you.xx

  20. It is definitely hat weather here. Last night it was only 0*c at midnight so much warmer than it has been all week. I am getting fed up scraping the car every time I go anywhere, but at least it has nice new tires this week! That expence seriously ate into my clarity budget after rearranging money in my accounts so had to buy the essential list instead of the wish list!
    Enjoy your day with your parents and treasure the time with them. Work can always wait!

    1. It was "warm" this evening and did t need to deice the car. It was 1.5*c!! A whole seven degrees warmer than during the week!
      I have spent lots Alison. Put another order on this afternoon to get a couple of TBI GS I missed of the !list!!

  21. Thank you for a great sale Barbara and the new website is fabulous. It was a bit slow but it all worked well and with the large volume of traffic I thought I might not get in but I did and ordered my brushes which I have been saving my pennies for. Enjoy your day with your Mum and Dad, and thank you again for your generosity. x

  22. I am so happy that you are happy. Don't you just love it when it all comes together. Reading through all of these comments you'll have to be careful you don't split your face in half, your grin will be that wide, haha! But you have earned the love and respect of all of your loyal customers, you should be so proud. Thank you xx

  23. You are all wonderful at Clarity Towers , what a wonderful new web site and a wonderful genuine sale, have ordered already but I might just have to go back and have another look, just don't tell my husband!!! x

  24. Hello Barb,
    I haven't ordered from the latest Gray Day Sale, but only because the elastic walls in my craft room haven't been fitted yet! However – I have two A4 clear boxes that I've emptied so who knows what might happen!!!
    Have a wonderful day with your mam and dad, cherish them.
    Love Paul's hat, I thought it was a new hairstyle!!!
    Maureen xx

  25. A wonderful blog Barb! Seems last few days have been a brilliant experience of Teamwork Makes the Dream Work! Even The Bro ( retired company owner) has commented that he's never come across such an impressive genuine sale before, or a company leader that values and encourages so much more than just profit making. So you and the team are helping make the Evershine burrow an even happier place – thank you! And enjoy your day off with your mum and dad with a toast to the whole Clarity team from you and Dave all the way to the most lowly elf – you all deserve it xx

  26. Hi Barb,
    The sale is superb and as you say it is a genuine one not the usual rubbish or stuff that has been bought in specially, so thank you so much. Another thank you is because my Colour Bursts arrived today – so quick! Had a little play as soon as they had been delivered and boy am I impressed! The colours are so vibrant! They are so much better than a different brand that I have. Just need the other colours now. Really pleased that the website has proved to be so good ( even I've managed now!) I certainly think you deserve at least today off so enjoy your time with your Mum and Dad. Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you all haven't spent too much although with such great bargains I can't blame you if you have! I certainly know that I've spent more than I'd intended but couldn't resist! Might be on bread and water for a while! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  27. Barbara, just love the new website. It was so easy to maneuver around and place my order. Was worried it would go down like last year but it didn't stall and worked like a charm. Enjoy your time off today, sounds like you are going to need it to go back to work tomorrow.

  28. Glad you have made time on this hectic weekend to spend with your lovely parents. We should never be too busy to spend time with our loved ones while we can. Clarity manages to combine truth with magic in a way no other company seems to manage. Truth in that you give us fantastic value and you always tell it as it is. Magic in the way you show us how to create beautiful pieces of art. I have put my order in and have now to resist going back as I need three new tyres which leaves a huge hole in this month's budget. Have a lovely time with your parents. xxx Maggie

  29. Definitely a genuine sale, Barbara! And just as you've been stockpiling for it, I've been saving for it. Every time I went to buy something a wee voice in my head said "wait…" So I've forgiven myself for going a bit (and then some) mad. I've got everything I wanted – and more. So thank you! Glad you're seeing your mum and dad today. You deserve a wee break. The new site looks fantastic and works great. A pleasure to shop on! x

  30. Just back from seeing my Grandson, my daughter and her hubby. LOvely to catch up. How time flies. But want to say how wonderful the new site is. Great team you have there Barb. Well done.

    Must pop over see if there is anything else "i need" I expect so but will the budget last….time will tell.

    crafty hugs x x

  31. I'm having a freaking ball . Great company ,great sale and yahoo great queen Barbara . Love ya .
    Not finished yet .
    Been going back over your past years of blogs for I spiration . May I suggest everyone try it ! Great fun so much better than fighting the crowds here in the USA .

  32. Hi there, Barbara and team! Just like to say thank you for the great sale. I couldn't stop butting things into the basket 😀 (20 items in total) I am still going to have another look later😉
    As I see it I've been stuck in the house for the past 5 weeks and only been out three times in the wheelchair in the past two weeks. I've been missing my craft groups so I thought I'm going to treat myself 👍
    The website is great so thank you all and I'm just going to sit back and wait for my happy post. Xx

  33. So Anne says that you are a millionaire in terms of inspiration etc. I say you must feel like a millionaire because of the love coming back to you from all your fans.
    Me included. ❤️��

  34. Afternoon Barbara, I am loving the new website and had another peak, not decided yet what else I should get so will have another look later. I hope you folks are well and you enjoy the rest of your day.
    Linda xxx

  35. FAb sale Barb and lots of stencils coming my way. I do love that there are no sell outs and the free postage on top. Thank you for being such a genuine, honest person. It really does put Clarity out there as such a great brand. Enjoy your weekend xx

  36. Hi Barbara
    Hope you've had a lovely day with your mum and dad, I'm sure the Clarity team worked well today and they will be delighted to see you in there tomorrow rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in ( how many company bosses do that! ). My mum used to wear hats, they really suited her. Emma now lives in a hat – it's that cold in Aberdeen! When I see her in them I have a little smile because she's quite like my mum. I must drop hints to julian to remind him to go on the website to order my Christmas present. Have a lovely evening.
    Love Diane xxx

  37. Hello, I agree with everything you stand for Barbara Gray! 💖
    I ordered the pencils Monday for parchment craft and stamping. Then yesterday and today made two more orders. Although I have to think carefully about what I buy, it really is a good deal.
    Love n hugs

  38. Hi Barbara, We went food shopping this morning and the car outside temp was -3 deg, we also had fog, the fog has stayed for most of the day and the temp hasn't increased one iota, it's a brrrrrr day. I don't like hats but I definitely wear one hahaha, I'm loving Paul's !!
    A brilliant Sale and my 5 tins of pencils arrived this morning, yippeeeeee.
    Enjoy your time with your Mum and Dad.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  39. I placed my order last night. I just looked at the stamps and stencils then once I had finished I saw the Gray sale button which list 47 pages of everything in the sale. Guess what, yep, I'm going to have a look at all 47 pages just in case I've missed something.

  40. Hope you had a lovely day with your parents Barbara. Ordered again today as decided to buy some groovi for my granddaughter for Christmas. I'm sure she will be over the moon when she gets it. Well done to you and all your wonderful team for making it all go so smoothly. The temptation to order even more is killing me. Clarity Rocks. Love and hugs,Pam xx

  41. Hi to all my lovely friends on here, hope you are all ok and have had a good spending spree, as I have. Lovely to see you on here Dot, been missing you again. Did you have extra cushions like I did. We'll all be like kids waiting for Santa while we wait for our parcels to arrive. Love and hugs to you all, Pam xx

  42. Hello Barb, what a lovely blog post, so pleased that everything is going well with the website. It is a great sale. I hope you had a lovely time with your folks. Well done to all the Clarity team for the support of the sale. Take care all. Bx

  43. Brilliant exp on new website, worked excellently, no hiccups, well set out and clear, and above all, thank you for the genuine sale! Thanks again Barbara, you and your team seem to be flat out all the time.

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