Hi there!
Thanks for popping in today.
It’s all go here at Clarity Towers!
The phones are ringing,
Jeannine is in full swing…
even Laurent her son is helping!
Debbie, Paul and Steve are picking for England
and Izzy’s up to her waist in boxes!
Plenty of laughter here,
Ooh I say !!!
Steve and Dave are gooning about, making miles of Groovi plates!
Oh. And building a new machine room 
ready for mega expansion next year….
And Jim?
Yep, Jim’s here too.
He’s working on a brand new stencil design…

When I came in this morning, 
you should have seen their faces when I announced,
“I’ve had an idea.”
2 minutes later, we’re all on it.
Here’s the plan.
The Gray Super Sale runs until midnight tonight.
I have been reading all your comments,
about sitting on your hands,
trying to resist,
wanting to come back for one more look,
shall I shan’t I shall I shan’t I ….
So here’s what I think.
How about I make you an offer you can’t refuse,
just to tip the scales?
On top of the 33% blanket sale, 
and in addition to your gold and diamond member’s discount,
what if we pop an extra something lovely in your Sunday order?
Would you go back then?
If you go back in to the Gray Sale
– old website OR new website –
(whichever you feel most comfy in)
 and spend another £20 before midnight,
(after discount)
we will send you this brand new, fresh out of the oven,
never been seen before,
very beautiful and extremely useful – not to mention seasonal –
extra long and lovely vine stencil
rrp. £5.99
Drawn by our Melanie, 
and just waiting to be pulled into production. 
It won’t show up on your order.
We will simply include it when we pack your 
Let’s keep it simple:
ANY SUNDAY ORDER OVER £20 (after all your discounts).
So if you put your order in this morning and it was £20 +, 
you’ll receive the beautiful stencil too. 
Love & Hugs,


  1. Hi Barb,
    Ooh you temptress you! That stencil is gorgeous! Great photos, lovely to put faces to names and to see everyone so happy at their work! The sale has been brilliant – I hope it has been financially beneficial for you too. Hope you had a good time with your Mum and Dad yesterday. Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today is good for you all. Just off to do some Groovi inserts for my coasters and plan out a card for Dave. Later on Alison's taxi is back in business as I'm off up to Newcastle Airport to pick up my Sister and brother in law back from their latest jaunt to Switzerland – it's a good job I love them! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xx

  2. What a wonderful weekend! It really is rare to see a true sale, and this certainly is one. I'm afraid I'm now going to have to be very 'disobedient' one more time hahaha! Hugs xxx

    1. Hi Morag, do you remember me from back a few years when I started doing parchment. Ronny (daisymae, from Utah) We did swaps together and you helped me with other things too. Have thought about you often.

  3. Oh Barbara, what are you doing to us. Are you santa in disguise?!!! Well, confession time, guess what I've just been doing, making another basket of goodies, all treats this time. Didn't get as far as checking out, but it's all still sat in my basket. Can I resist, what do you think….

    Glad to see your happy team. Looks a brilliant place to work. I know exactly what you mean about their faces when you say you have an idea. How do I know that, because I get the same from my garden guy when I say I have an idea!!!! We've learned my ideas tend to be not so simple as they first seem!!! 😉 All in fun though, he's always up for a challenge and to make things happen for me, it's usually me needing to be the sensible one! Only the other day he was asking me if I'd gone soft, because my christmas tree plan for this year is far simpler than he was expecting!!! It's ok, I reassured him I haven't gone soft, I've plenty other plans for when we get the chance to get stuck into my garden properly…

    Hope today continues to be a happy one for you all, and for everyone here too
    Love Brenda xx

    1. thanks Sheila, hugs back xx
      I gave in, and did a p.s. order. Well it doesn't feel so bad thinking of it as a p.s. to my first big order, rather than a separate one… 😉

    2. I just hope Barbara now comes up with ideas on how we get all our new stash into our already filled to the rafters craft rooms!!! I think I've reached my limit on reorganising working!!!! Hugs back xx

      An extra thank you Barbara, for giving us all a happy weekend, a wee break from all our personal troubles and the troubles in the world. You truly are one of the special people in the world xxxx

  4. Morning Barbara! Now you've only gone and made my mind up for me, I was only thinking this morning that I really should get some more parchment as it's such a good deal and then I read your blog offer so I will now have to do this order secretly 👍 Thanks for the extra gift, have a good day. Xx

  5. I've been in Four Times and ordered, OK now it's gonna be FIVE TIMES. I had an idea like you today Barb …. I've emailed you incase you like x Loving the sale, thank you for your generosity it's great Barb. Your staff are amazing. I ran a business with my late darling. I learned that I was only as good as my staff and they were only as good as me xxxxx

  6. Thank you Barbara for this extra special offer. I was up til 1am going through the new website incase I had missed anything. I have a new list ready to place an order. It is so nice to see everyones happy faces and have a behind the seens peak at Clarity Towers. Makes me feel as if I know the team personally. I hope you had a great day with your mum and dad yesterday. xx

  7. That is a gorgeous stencil! A must have, as hubby said. I placed one order with Jeanine on the phone earlier (I had problems setting up the account and she called me back twice to make sure it was all okay – such wonderful service!) but have a further list to order online – this has clinched the deal! So lovely to see behind the scenes, hope the smiles continue! A really busy weekend for you all, but having fun with your co workers makes such a difference. Well done to everyone!

  8. Sorry – card maxed out. Bread and jam until pay day. Really great offers none the less and big thank you to all your lovely crew – they do look so happy.
    Best stamps etc in the world (I went on my daughter's phone and looked at face-book) So pleased I am not on it – there are some dire comments and totally unwarranted. I have never, never been introduced to any stamps that are comparable to the quality of Clarity.
    Lots of love and laughter
    Anne (Reading)

  9. Temptress! Sadly I can't go back for more, as I just took advantage of a few empty days in my booking diary to book up a pre-Christmas long weekend in Edinburgh. Still, it's my birthday in January, so I'll hang on til then x

  10. Hello Barb, thank you for a super offer, but I dare not go back for more as we have just been out Christmas shopping for 4 kids and their partners and 4 grandchildren. Enough said? I look forward to what I have ordered arriving. It was a great event, and looks like many people have been back several times. Take care all. Bx

  11. Dear Barbara will my will power hold out ??????? A beautiful stencil so lovely to see the clarity tower crew hi Jeanine lovely to put a face to the person who answers the phone and is so helpful.crafting hugs to you all xxx

    1. Afternoon dear blog friends always in my thoughts sending heartfelt hugs .my cushions are away do you think they will stay away I've got so much clarity I haven't used yet do I need more 🙃 Xxx

  12. Wonderfully tempting offer Barbara… so difficult but have been spending a lot this weekend, sensible head has to prevail but know there will be lots of takers. Love your photos and although extremely busy they all look happy, shows your way of working and valuing your team really works. x

  13. You are evil Barbara keep tempting us all. Lovely to see all your team looking happy in their work even if they are doing a weekend. It has been great to have a sale that is genuine as well. so much rubbish about. Thank-you for all the offers xx

    1. Barbara got me again today, Lynne, but I do need to be restrained this time as I need 3 new tyres before Christmas. By the way, I found my purse as soon as I got home – exactly where I thought it was, in my coat pocket! Doh! xxx Maggie

  14. How lovely7 to see some of the faces behind the scenes. You sound very bright and happy which is good. Having spent in the week and on Friday I just can't order again, I still have our son's birthday (21 Dec) and Christmas presents to get as well as grandson's birthday (7 Jan), but it's a very generous offer on top of a generous discount xx

  15. Love the stencil I have been good so far couple bits but that's all. Well okay may be back need more parchment A4 for making the stars nearly made first one just got to tape together think the hard bit will post when finished making daily all one for Christmas as long as can get them together enjoy your evening hugs Joy and Katie xxx

  16. Great photos.Seems everyone is enjoying their work 🙂 I normally ignore Black Friday but your offers were too good to resist ;=) Your brand new stencil is lovely too but sadly, I can't go back to buy more as with Christmas and so many birthdays in DecemberI just can't afford any more Clarity goodies 🙁 Einen schönen 1.Advent. xxx

  17. I realised that the old site has more stamps on it than the new one and I was wanting some more verses so it would have been rude not to have taken you up on you generous offer today.

  18. Hi Barbara & ladies, was away to friends this weekend. Tried to place an order what a bodge I made of it instead of waiting till I got home .
    But since I came home I have sorted it out. Only a small order but may have another look! !!!!!.
    what a fab team you have , love the picks of you all.
    such a big thank you Barbara for all you do for us.
    looking forward to what is going to come in the new year.

    Hi ladies hope you are all well, nice to see you again Morag, did miss you.
    It seems you all have ordered so we should be busy trying out all our goodies.
    Wonder what is in store for Easter!!!! Only trasing! !!
    Have a good night. Hugs to you all. Lynn xx

    1. Hi Lynn hope you had a good weekend away. We treated ourselves to the good food show at the NEC on Friday which was very good. Back home now so must gently remind hubby about my Christmas present! Xxx

    2. Hi Diane, glad you had a good time not been to that one but love the gardeners world live in June, that has the good food show on as well good show.
      We went to Nottingham to the Christmas fair great day with friends. And to Belper on Saturdays a good weekend was had by one and all

      Hugs as always.
      Lynn xx

  19. Hi Barbara
    What a great blog today, I like seeing the faces behind the names and everyone looks so happy, what a great place to work. I bet they loved you thus morning but what a beautiful stencil. Right I'm off to poke hubby and drop some more hints about my list!
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends hope all is well. Might just drop a hint about the bottle of whisky I treated hubby to on Friday, I don't want him to miss out on saving money 😀Sending hugs xxx

  20. Hi Barbara what are you doing to us? Fab stencil. I go through the website adding to my basket, glimpse the total, then start taking things out down to the things I just need! An enjoyable but sadly futile and tortuous exercise as I don't get paid till next week. I'll have to send my now nicely concise list to Santa and hope! Great to see the pics of HQ. Keep up the great work. Best wishes AliJ x

  21. I did do a second order last night, and now another offer to tempt us, but alas I shall have to sit on my hands and resist, still, not got long till Midnight! Thanks for a great generous sale. Love the pictures of the team. Janine xx

  22. You definitely are a temptress Barbara, I'd not got around to reading your blog until now as we've had the family down, but had made my 5th order this week late this afternoon, well since Wednesday, so yipee I will get the lovely stencil. Great photos, really nice to see behind the scenes and seeing you all so happy. How excited I'm going to be waiting for all my goodies. You really do go that extra mile for us all, so do all your team. Thank you all so much. Love and hugs, Pam.xx

  23. Hi to all my lovely blog friends, hope you are all ok, sounds like most of you've fell off the wagon as many times as I have. Boy what a sale. Ordered the colouring bookmarks for our 4 Grandchildren today amongst other things, got the groovi traveller for the 2 that I'd got groovi for so they'll be able to keep it all together and won't drive their Mum's mad by leaving it all around the house. Wish it was so easy getting presents for the rest of the family. Love and hugs, Pam xxx

  24. Oh ya wee devil Barbara have been swithering all day to put in another wee order in well guess what oh aye..wee new stencil coming my way soon.
    Lovely to see wee pics of the lovely Jeanine and the happy team thanks for a great sale and it's OK just put all my pencils,ink pads and the rest of my goodies in one big parcel and don't worry I like beans.
    Nearly count down time …..Love Dot..xx

  25. Love that new stencil but sadly (as I've already knocked off £100 when my OH asked how much I'd spent – naughty I know and not something I would normally do!!!) I've had to resist….. doh! I think when my parcel arrives I'll have to head hastily for my little craft room and lock myself in so he doesn't see me unpack it all, either that or can anyone recommend a good divorce solicitor? lol!

  26. Thanks for a great sale Barbara. I bought mostly all Christmas Groovi stuff as its so hard to come by here in the USA. I watch Hochanda on my laptop and see all your new product and wish I could buy. If you have any clout with them please tell them to bring their show to the US!
    Your sale was just what I needed to be able to get a few things direct from you. When I got my confirmation on my order it said it may take 28 days! Hope its a lot sooner than that as I wanted to make some things for Christmas! Could kick my self though as I forgot to order the Cracker groovi plate. But I do have a question for you, do I need to have the Tudor house groovi to be able to make the gingerbread and the other cottage? I kind of got the idea that I do from watching the Hochanda show but I couldn't see it listed on your shopping site.

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