Gray Friday is GRAYT!!!!

Gray Friday is GRAYT!!!!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
It’s manic here at Clarity today!
I am so so happy to report that the new website is working brilliantly.
All Jim’s hard work has paid off.
There are a few little gremlins and there’s always room for improvement, 
but the key thing is that it isn’t crashing as soon as there’s a bottle-neck at the front door!
33% off everything Clarity-branded.
Not left-overs, not clearance,
no no no.
(except the Lightwaves – running low again!)
Add your Clarity member’s discount on top – 
and what you have is a proper, bonafide sale!
Postage Paid too.


In all my years of Clarity, 
I have never experienced teamwork like this.
You have to be here to feel the vibe. 
I am so enjoying work today!

Not just because the phones are ringing off the hook 
and both websites are rammed with shoppers!

No, there’s much more to this than money.
I think you get me. 
How lucky am I to have a crew like this. 

Got to get back and help really.
Break’s over!

Love and Hugs,

106 thoughts on “Gray Friday is GRAYT!!!!

  1. Just logged on and used the new website. Wonderful, went through very smoothly. Easy to navigate, so well done to all of you. Thank-you for the wonderful offer I could not resist a little purchase even though I spent rather a lot at NEC. Now I am off to see if I can sort out how to use the new phone I have had this morning. Might be quiet for a while. Hope you get some rest this weekend. xx

  2. Just back from Debenhams having bought some new suitcases in their sale, then promptly spent everything I saved on Clarity goodies! At least now I have an old suitcase to store it all in, away from prying eyes. Website worked really well too – great job Jim!!! Thanks for such a generous sale Barbara – can't wait for the postie to come with all my purchases x

  3. My order placed too. Well done Jim, the new website is super fast, and I love the fact that the confirmation shows a map,of my address, is this in case I forget where I live ha ha ??

  4. Fab new site, Barbara. And fantastic sale! I'm telling no one how much I've spent (especially not him indoors), but I can already see the horror on my bank manager's face… Ha. I don't care. Happy Christmas to me! 🙂

  5. Hi Barb,
    Really pleased that everything is going so well – I bet you are relieved! It's also good that you are enjoying the day surrounded by your fantastic team – I bet the donuts helped! Thank you for such a brilliant sale although my bank manager won't be thanking you. Love and hugs to you and the team not forgetting Jim, Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you're all having as good a day as possible. Needed the cushions today! Spent far more than I intended but the offers were just too good to miss! Love and hugs to you all Alison xxxx

    2. Hi Alison – I wasn't going to spend today however …….!
      My excuse is I am spending the money saved by suspending my gym membership while I recover from my hip being done and that I will have something to do when I am laid up xx

  6. Hi Barbara, glad to hear Gray Friday is going so well for you, and that you are happy. Thank you for your amazing generosity. I've now got lots of presents to me, and caught up on the boring bits needed too. And yes, I get you. Love Brenda xx

    1. Thanks everyone, hugs back xx

      Wow Barbara and Team Clarity, my pencils and bursts order just arrived a short time ago. How amazingly speedy is that. Thanks so much xx

      At least I don't have to feel guilty of all my Clarity spends now that I'm climbing aboard and taking my seat on your arty train!!!!!

      Meant to say, anyone needing some help navigating the new website, please just ask and I'll see if I can help you. Probably help to have the answers here for everyone else who is stuck to know too.

    2. Nice one Brenda! Ooh, I do really hope a package with a certain flying boy arrives tomorrow, there are 3 on the way! Enjoy your colourful weekend with your new goodies xx

  7. So glad all is going well. Didn't realise how much was on the website and how much I needed!! I had problems logging in (me being technically challenged,not the website) but I phoned my order and Jeanine sorted me out.Thank you Jeanine. Thank you also Barbara for such great offers this week. My Spectrums Noirs arrived yesterday, I have looked at them and stroked them but not had a chance to use them yet. I have got to finish knitting this mermaid tail and sew up 2 jumpers before I can play. Happy shopping everyone x

  8. Great website well done Jim, it was handy to be able to sort it in various ways too! I've made my purchases but will no doubt be back as I'm bound to have forgotten a must have. Well done everyone ! X

  9. Hi Barbara, So glad to hear you sounding happy again after a tough few weeks. Really pleased with the new site. I was one of those up at 1.30am waiting for you to go live. having tried ordering a bit on the old site and then moving to the new one the difference is stunning ( and I thought the old one was good) Hope we don't drop the gallery though. Brilliant work Jim I know how tough your hours have been. Hope you can find a darkened room to lie down in soon!. Your products are brilliant as are your whole team and although your experiences at the shows haven't been great for you take heart that for this newbie crafter the experience on the other side is brilliant. All power to you and your team and good luck coping with the rush.

  10. Super new website and easy to navigate well done all of you. A genuine sale!! I have put my order in, and it worked fine. I love the map, too! I haven't had the email confirmation yet but am happy to wait for that. Keep up the good work all of you xx

  11. Glad sales are going well web working loved the life feed gotthere just after finished hope will see more great seeing inside clarity towers wow how many groovie plate just amazing loveand hugs back to Nanny day care Jonah up from his nap end of peace sending hugs xxx

  12. So glad for you that things are going so we. From what I have seen and experienced, I reckon that the Clarity team, every one of them from those whose work we see on tv to the most junior backroom person, is the very best. The standard of what your fantastic team produces is just brilliant. Janine and everyone on the phone are so patient and understanding when we get it wrong. I put my order through this morning just before going out, and it was so easy to order and then get back to where I was on the list, a real bonus built in by Jim for us. My only problem was totally down to me, trying to put the wrong email address with my PayPal password – 4th time lucky. Hope you can all find time for a break. Thank you to all the team. xxx Maggots

  13. Well done to you all. Had the pleasure of building up my Groovi stash and I am so grateful for your generosity with discount. So good to see a genuine sale going on and the efficiency is amazing.

  14. Wow placed my order on the new web site no problems apart from what shall I have. Not everything but all on my wish list (until tomorrow) 😁

    Crafty hugs and well done Clarity Team xxx

  15. Hi Barbara.
    Firstly well done and thank you to Jim on building such a wonderful new website, so so much easier to use and clearer to.
    But the biggest thank you has to go to yourself for bringing us all the fab items and also for the Gray Friday deals.
    You sure do have a wonderful team behind you, when you ring up nothing is to much trouble for them, I had a problem with one of the plates I bought the other week so just phoned to see if anyone else had the same trouble, the lady I spoke to sorry can't remember her name does parchment herself so understood what I meant she said she would sent a replacement one out to me, I hadn't asked for one, it came the day after .
    Quite a few other companies could learn a thing or two from you and your team.
    It's no wonder you have been nominated for so many awards this year.

  16. Hi Barbara.
    Firstly well done and thank you to Jim on building such a wonderful new website, so so much easier to use and clearer to.
    But the biggest thank you has to go to yourself for bringing us all the fab items and also for the Gray Friday deals.
    You sure do have a wonderful team behind you, when you ring up nothing is to much trouble for them, I had a problem with one of the plates I bought the other week so just phoned to see if anyone else had the same trouble, the lady I spoke to sorry can't remember her name does parchment herself so understood what I meant she said she would sent a replacement one out to me, I hadn't asked for one, it came the day after .
    Quite a few other companies could learn a thing or two from you and your team.
    It's no wonder you have been nominated for so many awards this year.

  17. Sitting in a lounge at heathrow waiting for my flight to Hong Kong, visiting my daughter Anne managed an order before leaving. Hope the postman will find a neighbour to leave them there. But my groovi plates going with me ready to make some crackers for Christmas. Hope all goes well today . Xxxxx

  18. Good to know all is going well – stayed up until website went live thinking it would be 'quiet' as people would be in bed (I dare bet they weren't!) No worries everything was running perfectly apart from me and my indecisive meanderings…decided I'd just add everything on my list and take it from there…nearly fainted when I looked at the total (despite the fantastic prices/discount)!!!! Anyhoo two hours or so later had finally trimmed my basket down to half it's original but still pity the postie when he delivers my parcel! Aah well, it's nearly my birthday then three weeks later it's Christmas and lets face it… crafting keeps me relatively sane – rofl!!!! Hope everyone's enjoyed their shopping and got themselves some lovely treats. Mahoosive thanks to the Clarity Dream Team again especially Jim who must deserve a medal for sorting the fab new website! Xxx

  19. Well would you like a funny story of this afternoon. I am off work sick but summoned up the energy to put in my Clarity order – brilliant offers. I chugged through our system and got to item 10. Husband put the screw driver through the burglar alarm and could not stop it. What did he do – switched off the electricty!! Needless to say the computer went phew! I swore like a trooper. All that ends well – got my order back, how I do not know and spent HIS money! I will be so pleased when the order comes, lots of lovely goodies – I could have gone on all night. Well one cannot take it with one!
    Happy weekend to everyone out there. Big thank you to Barbara and the team. Hope Dave reads what silly men do – he wouldn't do anything like that.
    Love Anne (Reading)

  20. Woo, hoo! Order placed and new website worked smoothly YAY! Well done everyone at Clarity for all your hard work keeping us Clarity addicts happy! Good luck with the picking and packing. Xx

  21. Hi bloggy friends, just sent my order in managed to get a few stamps that I was missing from next years calendar…how organised am I? I do love browsing and I found some new stencil designs I must have missed. Poor postman! Xx

    1. Hi Donna great minds I got all what I needed for next years calendar blog challenge if Barbara is doing it but if not it's good to have the inspiration to follow hugs for you and phoebe xxx

    2. My intention is that once Boxing Day is over, I am going to settle down with my calendar and do all 12 months worth before the end of January. That way, I stand half a chance of getting my entries in for at least one challenge. xxx Maggie

  22. A big thank you to you Barbara for the wonderful grey sale and all at clarity towers for all your hard work and dedication,Jim your a ⭐️️ The new website site is brilliant I placed my order no problems .
    Just one question is there a way to save what's in the basket please hugs and smiles xxx

    1. Hello dear blog friends Always in my thoughts I've ordered from the grey sale cushions away for now I had to take things out my basket as was spending too much but got till Sunday to be naughty again hugs and smile to you all xxx
      Dorothy sending an extra special wee hug missing you xxx

    2. Sheila, if you have the stuff added to the cart when you are logged on, when you log off, and then log back on it's still in your cart. I don't know how long it stays there for though xx

    3. Thanks Brenda I had put about 15 things in my basket when I went back in I only had 4 so just went back putting them back in my basket wasn't a problem but just thought could do with a save basket make it easier for me .

  23. Hello Barbara, I was going to post at the end of the day anyway to say what a fabulous team you have at Clarity but both you and the above contributors beat me to it! I rang Clarity earlier in the week to see if 2 stamps I wanted were still available as I couldn't find them on the new site. The wonderful lady on the phone was so helpful, above and beyond. She checked that they were still available and would be ok to order them today. She knew exactly what I was talking about which is probably more than I did. I rang at lunchtime today and spoke to the lovely Louise. She was just fantastic. She recognised my name from the blog and previous orders which made me feel at home. Much laughter ensued as she sorted out my order for the 2 stamps that didn't appear on the new system. Success. I said I would place my full order on line later when I have finished looking. As I had had such a friendly time placing my earlier order I rang my second order through instead of going on line. I spoke to a wonderful lady again-Jeannine. I had a fairly long order with varying numbers of some of the items and she was so patient with me and also understood exactly what I wanted. I know I have gone on a bit but I just wanted to say what a difference it made to my day. Please thank Louise, Jeannine, Jim and the team but especially yourself.xxHave a fantastic, successful weekend.xx

  24. Love the new website so much quicker than the old one – put my order in and purchased extra due to the discounts…….loving it. Wish other crafty websites would follow suit, still their loss is your gain as only bought from you today. Thank you and your team so much xx

  25. I had a good look at the website…..OOOOHHH, so much on offer!! I wanted it all!!! But I restrained myself, ordering only the things I needed….. lol….if you believe that, you'll believe anything!!! Thank you, Barbara, and all the Clarity team. Jo xxx

  26. I haven't commented on the blog for ages but wanted to say what a great job on the new website. So easy to create new account and when I logged in all my details, past orders and that I was a Diamond member were there waiting for me. Amazing job Clarity people! So easy to order, love that the images are larger. I saw a few people had been moaning about it, so I just wanted to say that as far as I'm concerned amazing job by all! As usual can't wait for my order amazing offer!

  27. Hi, Barb, love the new website, very navigable and placed my 'Gray Day' order. This afternoon, I became a Granny again for the 5th time. I'll never forget this particular birthday as being on 'Gray Day'. So, had to celebrate by placing an order on the new website! So, in a way two birthdays! Thanks Barb and your fabulous team xxxxx

  28. Hi Barbara well my friend what can I say but well done you and Clarity and your fantastic team our Barb please can you help me give a big shout out to your team member JANINE hopefully my lovely that's your right spelling name ..THANK YOU SO MUCH you are a credit to Barbara and Clarity and to understand my wee accent that you said you loved what a diamond Barb she's a keeper …love

  29. Stayed up until 1.30 am to get my order in (had to go out early today) but was sad the moon masks aren't around any more. Managed to get everything else on my list though!! The site was wonderful -fast and accurate. Well done to the site makers.

    1. Janet, the moonmasks are part of the Landscapes Clarity Mask Set- ACC-MA-30150-XX. If you search on that info, you should find them. If not, search on masks, and that set came up on Page 2. Hope that helps. xxx Maggie

  30. Hello Barbara, me again. I know I went on a bit long earlier but I forgot to mention how impressed I am with the new website. I have been browsing it since it was set up and spent all day today on it. Although I placed my orders by phone I found it so easy to use and get the codes I needed. The pictures are so clear which is a great help. Congrats to Jim.xx

  31. New website was so much easier to navigate. I loved the live views of Clarity Towers today what a fab insight into what goes on behind the scenes.
    Hope the Clarity elves aren't too stressed! Xx

    1. Live view of Clarity Towers? What's this I've missed??

      Spent the morning browsing the website and drawing up my list, then phoned through my order because I had a gift voucher to spend (yes, I've finally got round to spending the voucher "I" won with Gary's limerick about the frog's legs!!)

      Big thanks to Paul for the calm and friendly telephone manner – it was a real pleasure doing business with you! I'm sure it must have been a hectic and stressful day, but you would never know it from the voice on the end of the phone – reminds me of a definition on a mug my old boss gave me – "Peace: it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart"

  32. Am I at the cows tail or what? I haven't even got a wish list never mind put an order in. Looks like the new website is the way to go so I'd better go and press some buttons.

  33. Great website and loved spending a huge amount on great bargains. Well done all and good luck over the next week!. I reckon a few glasses of wine tonight and then start getting the boxes of joy ready to send!! Can't wait for mine.

  34. Hi
    Just wanted to say that I had fantastic customer service from your team at Clarity today. I called to make my order and the guy on the phone was so helpful and friendly, something that you do not always find elsewhere.
    Thank you, you made my day
    Blessings always x

  35. Hi Barbara
    I had a quick look at the new website yesterday and it is lovely, easy to follow and lovely clear images, well done Jim. Sounds like you've had a fun day all mucking in and helping. Hope you find time to put your feet up! Love Diane xxx

  36. Normally read the blog every day, but been busy with work for the last three days and missed any announcement about the Gray Friday sale, but stumbled across a mention of it on the Facebook Groovi artists show and tell group, so had a look and without a wishlist promptly parted with over £100… we'll that's my Christmas present to me sorted out for this year….that'll teach my OH to pinch the remote and leave me to surf the net!

    1. Just hope they never learn. The Bro's got his tv night, Lord of the Rings pt 3. End result = another order. Pity we don't have a joint bank account – he should think himself lucky i've already got his Christmas prezzy! Mind you he put £100 in my account for mine as he knew sale was on. Well, that disappeared without trace in 10 min – followed by considerably more. Sitting on hands now. xx

  37. Thanks Barb, yes for the sale, the website etc. But also for the facebook setup. It's made the last 24 hr such a sociable, funny time. A brill idea! have a BIG hug! xx

    1. Not sure if you have had an answer, but give the Clarity office a call if there is nowhere to enter a voucher code on the website and give them the voucher number and they will process your order for you.

  38. Hi Barb, well the new website was brilliant when I di my little bit of shopping yesterday. So well done to all the Clarity team, crew, family, and long may it continue. Bx

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