My best friend……

My best friend……

Greetings from the NEC!
Another  super busy day, filled with arty crafters, familiar faces and much fun.
It was almost time to call it a day, when these two lovely Welsh ladies, 
Anne and Jan with a plan,
came by and rounded off the day nicely with a giggle and a banter.
The signal here is no good, so I will have to keep it short and sweet again.
Here’s a little demo I did at some point today,
using my best friend, the boy in flight, 
and my current fave trick with the lace and the Gel Press Petites.
If you were ever looking for a stamp which works brilliantly every time,
Then my best friend is a must have.

Brushes, Post-Its and a brayer too of course!

But at the very top of my best list is this little lad.
Where I go, he goes.
And tomorrow he’s coming out to play with me…
Love & hugs,

45 thoughts on “My best friend……

  1. nice to see you again today. Massimo felt so proud of the coaster you gave him. he went round showing it to anybody who would listen to him. it turned out to be a great day and for once got home rather relaxed instead of super stressed, hugs xx

  2. Hi Barbara, sounds like a good day. I think your best friend is just perfect too. Would never have thought of using him with the lace, but it works eh. How do you come up with all these ideas, putting things together that shouldn't work, but does? Thank you for sharing, and for taking the time out to blog for us. Hope tomorrow is at least as good for you. Love Brenda xx

  3. Hi Barbara
    I can see how that stamp is your favourite. I am going to have a Clarity day tomorrow. I have new goodies to play with. So pleased that it was a good day for you today. It was very quiet yesterday. Hubby was pleasantly surprised by my 1st attempt at a watercolour. Not quite a Monet yet, but who knows!
    Hugs from Chris X

  4. This boy in flight looks fabulous with the background lace Barbara, who would have thought it. Glad you have had a good day and hope you have managed some relaxation this evening. x

  5. Like this little lad and his sister too – both are on my wish list. Really like the 'gelli'lace trick -it makes a great background for so many different stamps. Have a good day tomorrow! xx

  6. I have to say to if ever I'm stuck this is my 'go to' stamp especially for male cards no matter the age – a definite must have stamp. Hope you have a good day to tomorrow xxxx

  7. Ditto – love the little boy, he is so versatile. Sorry not to be at the NEC – work calls – courts only shut Sunday, Good Friday and Christmas Day. What do they say "No peace for the wicked" – I must be one of them! Have a great day anyone going to the NEC – send me some goodies!!!
    Anne (Reading)

  8. Lovely that you are meeting up with so many old friends. I hope to see you using these little gel plates on Sunday did not get chance on Thursday. Looking forward to my second trip. xx

  9. Hi Barb,
    I also love this stamp and have used it loads. Really loving the lace with the petites too. I wouldn't have thought of putting the two together, but now I've seen it, I might just have to give it a go. I need to say a really big thank you to Team Clarity as well. I got a lovely parcel today, my build a wreath plates and extra plates . I was well chuffed that they had come so early. Guess what I'll be doing this weekend! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  10. Hi Barbara
    This is beautiful, who would have thought the lace would work so well behind this stamp. This stamp is one of my go to ones too, had to buy one for my brother in law too because he loved it so much and wanted to learn how to make Barbara hills to put behind it. Good to see you are having fun and meeting up with many friends. Sleep well and have a good day tomorrow.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello dear blog friends hope you all have a good weekend. I was watching Barbara doing the blackwork wreathtoday, Julian sat down to watch too saying that's beautiful. He thought I should get a couple of the plates because they made lovely cards – bless him, they are already ordered 😇😀. Sending hugs xxx

  11. Lovely seeing you Dave and your team today. Brilliant demos of yours and Pauls and Make and take with Maria. The stand looked great. Hope you had as good sales as I had good spends ha ha!! Can't wait to play with all my goodies, especially the geli petites with the lace and the build a wreath set. Stopped off at our Son's on the way home so not long got in. Hope the weekend goes well for you, love and hugs. Pam xxx

  12. Hi to all my lovely bloggy friends, hope you are all well and have had as good a day as possible. Thank you Diane and,Alison for my messages yesterday. Late tonight but it's been a good but very long day at the NEC so goodnight to you all, sleep well. Love and hugs Pam xx

  13. Loverly to see you and the dream team yesterday . Nec was asorbing in both creativity and money, but a crowning moment for me, you were just saying hello to me when a lady said I need inspiration with leaves! And straight up there you were teaching, coaxing and it appeared learning yourself, Just awesome to witness (again). Thanks for sharing Love you Barb xxx

  14. Hello Barbara

    My friend and I had a lovely time with you, Paul, Maria and the rest of the team yesterday (Friday). Spent a lovely 45 minutes doing a make'n'take.

    THe boy and the birds is one of my favourite stamps too.


  15. Hello Barb, looks like you are having a fab time meeting so many people. Love your little piece of art. Hopefully will have some time to play this weekend. Take care. Bx

  16. Hi Barbara
    Meeting you yesterday at the NEC was the highlight of my day. I have been watching you on YouTube trying to learn how to Gelliprint. Yesterday you took the time to show me a technique using lace and a couple of ink pads, with stunning results – I can now see the purpose of Gelliprinting. When I got home I had a go myself with the lace and inks and the results were beautiful – will be playing with them again today.
    You are a truly wonderful artist and educator – thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. Morning Barb

    I am so disappointed we are unable to visit the NEC this year as I so wanted to see you create your magic with the gel press, to mention just one!

    Love the artwork, the background is stunning

    June x

  18. Morning Barbara, So glad you are having a good time at NEC and meeting lots of lovely peeps.
    I'm loving your artwork here, and the lace looks fabulous, a brilliant tip.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  19. This stamp can be used for lots of occasions and this one is a gentle one, think I'll have to get a piece of the lace. I'm waiting to order my next lot until I come back from holiday. Found out yesterday that another Groovi member will be on the same cruise as us ! Xx

  20. Hello Barb,
    I'm in trouble too as my laptop has a virus so using my Kindle so I don't infect anyone. Typing with one finger and one eye is no fun!! Prescription after cataract op was incorrect so another lot of specs on order.
    Today's artwork is fab and I must get these small gellis as soon as I've paid this months C/C bill!!! Hope you have a busy weekend at the NEC.
    Maureen xxx

  21. Bit late conic I here was out for a evening out with Bob early celebration for our 40th anniversary December was a great meal fireworks rounded of with the tribute band of Madness great night out we really need to go out for us time more so plan is to make it regular did us both good only down side Bob was up early for work hope your day is going well and the boy sure is a great stam like the girl to xx

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