Poinsettia – the first red flash of Christmas

Poinsettia – the first red flash of Christmas

Hi there!
Sorry, but the signal here is dire.
So this blog is going to be short n sweet.   
After a long day 1 at the NEC, I really am struggling to stay awake!
It was fun though, and great to see so many familair faces.
Very quiet I must say. Although we were kept hopping on the Clarity Stand, the hall was much reduced in size and very uncrowded compared to usual.
So how about a super simple, ultra-quick little card,
Using Jayne Nestorenko’s fabulous Christmas Floral stampset.
Stamp the pine needle stamp and the Poinsettie
 in Library Green Archival ink.
A red Poppy Promarker is just the ticket 
for that velvet Poinsettia red.
No shading required! Just a solid red.
Season’s Greetings from the Christmas Word Chain Set.

Round the edges with the chisel end of the Promarker. Done.

Sleep tight.
Tomorrow’s another day.
Day 2 of 4 in fact…..
Love & hugs,

48 thoughts on “Poinsettia – the first red flash of Christmas

    1. I missed out on that, Rachael, thanks to the traffic on the motorway. However, I am determined to get there at the weekend. I felt that the aisles were a little wider than normal which made getting round much easier. xxx Maggie

  1. It was very noticeable that there were two areas of the show that were very busy, the Clarity stand and the SAA section in the art area. I suspect that quite a lot of people turned round and went home when they realised how long it would take to get there in the motorway chaos this morning. Did you get to see Bob's plaque today? A beautiful marriage of ideas and skills. See you again soon. xxx Maggie

  2. It was very quiet today compared to usual. Clarity stand looked great and lovely to see you all. We spent most of our time in the art section today as I wanted to get Fred interested in starting to paint again. Think I achieved what I set out to do. Back on Sunday with my girls for my time. xx

  3. Had a great day at the show today, managed to get a place on one of Maria's make & takes & now need to get my petites out to play with the lace. Thought it better for getting round the show with the wider isles, perhaps people were put off by the show in July when it was so busy they had to stop entry for a while as it was like sardines in a can. Hope the next 3 days go well for you & the team

  4. Hi Barbara, another lovely christmas card idea, and simple too. Thank you for taking the time to share it with us. I, for one, much appreciate your effort to still blog and demo for us while run off your feet on your show stand and exhausted. I do hope it gets busier with customers for you the next 3 days. Hope you sleep well. Love Brenda xx

  5. Hi Barb,
    Lovely card with gorgeous stamps. Sorry to hear today hasn't been as busy, but at least from what you say Clarity was doing well – no surprise there. Hope the rest of the show goes well. From a customer point of view, I think I'd be happier if I could move about easier! Hope you manage a good night's rest. Love and hugs Alison xx

  6. Love that beautiful red poinsettia and simple but very effective design Barbara. I think probably tomorrow will be busier at the show as many people will have been at work today and unable to visit the show, and more people are willing to take a day off on a Friday to extend their weekend. Anyway have a good day tomorrow and I hope you manage to get a good night's sleep tonight. x

  7. I have the Groovi poinsettia and have made some cards with it using Maria's painting technique, it looks lovely as a stamp too.
    I hope you stay busy over the next few days, I am sure trade in general there will pick up xx

  8. I've finally managed to write on here tonight. I've been reading most days but once we got home it has been very busy with gardening, washing and shopping.
    There was a letter waiting with an appointment for a pre op assessment in two weeks then I will be getting a new hip so jobs around the house have become more urgent!
    Love and hugs to you all xx

    1. Hi Chris, glad you've got an appointment to start the last wee while to the new hip. Hope the to-do list is getting smaller without too much discomfort. Love and hugs xx

  9. Yes I noticed how much reduced the show was this year, must say I thought the price of the ticket had gone up more than usual. Might be I only just noticed it more this year. However on positive side, Clarity stand was fantastic, loved Dave's new Groovi bags, inspired. As I was supposed to be (working!) at another show, could not do one of the make and takes but great idea. Hubby asked when I said smaller show if this was beginning of the end of these kind of shows. I hope not but do understand how much work and expense they are for you as suppliers and they are expensive to attend, especially with NEC £12 parking fee. These days of online and YouTube and craft channels has changed the market and maybe the place for a mega (mixed) exhibition is going. That said it will be sad not to be able to meet up with you at NEC each year but just have to sort out a Midlands Clarity Open Day. Hope tomorrow goes well and proves it is just Thursday that is the blip. Much love Karen xxx

  10. Just wish I could be there! Glad the Clarity stand is busy, and I bet I'm not alone in having an ever-expanding Clariry Christmas wish list. Good luck to the whole team over next few days, look after each other, love and hugs xxx.

  11. Hi Barbara
    This is beautiful, jaynes stamps are so good they look amazing with one inkpad and a promarker. I hope tomorrow is a busier day at the show. Night night sleep tight.
    Love Diane xxx

  12. Hope you are having a busy day on your stand, although it will be tiring. Love this design, especially as I don't need to worry about shading! Have fun meeting and catching up with everyone.xx

  13. Hope you had a good nights sleep, and that tomorrow is a busier day. It must be so disappointing for everyone who made the effort to set up stalls to have a poor turnout. I had a go at the type of card you demoed on TV with the brushing around the post it note – so effective! I'm really pleased with the result, and as it's flat the postage will be reasonable too. Thanks, Susan x

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