Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Well, here it is –
the last of the 24-hour Blog Blitz Offers:


This is a WHILE STOCKS LAST event for sure!
We already have always had a very keen price on these items,
but from now until midnight tomorrow those prices are being reduced radically again.

We have loads and loads of colours, 
but we will switch them off the website as they sell out.
So the longer you leave it, 
the less colours there will be to choose from!

 All Distress Pads 

£4.50 £3.15
+ 10% Gold Club Member £2.84
+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £2.68

Postage Paid UK Mainland. 


and all Distress Reinkers
£4.00 £2.80

+ 10% Gold Club Member £2.52
+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £2.38

Postage Paid UK Mainland. 


So that’s it.
We’ve had an amazing sales week thus far,
and it’s only officially just about to begin !!

Midnight tonight, 
the doors open for our 
of all things Clarity.

The new website has been freshly painted and decorated,
the kettle’s on and the heating is set to low. 
We hope it goes well,
we have done all we can to ensure a pleasant shopping experience.


If there is a power cut and the lights go out, don’t panic!
We’ll be in the office from 6am to flick the switch 
and get it fired up again. 

But now it’s time to go visit a dear friend.
See you tomorrow.

Love & hugs,


  1. Thanks for the update Barbara! I hope you have a successful Black Friday, ordered my alcohol inks and Yupo yesterday, now to see what DI I haven't got. Enjoy your evening.
    Linda xxx

  2. Hi Barbara, thank you for yet another amazing offer.

    Your new website looks great, and, from my experience of new websites going live, I haven't noticed any of the issues I normally expect to encounter. Of course there will always be teething troubles, things programmed to go one way and go another, or hit a dead end etc. If anything should happen after midnight, or the system crashes, I hope EVERYONE has the human decency to be understanding, and recognise the huge effort Jim, you, Clarity has put in to making this new website and making it work so well. Yet again Clarity comes out on top for effort and thoughtfulness for all us customers. Well done Jim. And there's always the old website to fall back on, share the load if needed. Again something I have never seen done before when companies change websites. I hope all goes well for you and Clarity over the weekend.

    Hope you have a lovely evening with your friend.
    Love Brenda xx

    1. Hello Brenda sending hugs to you and Daisy. I'm just going to sign into the new website so it's all ready for Julian in the early hours so he can go Christmas shopping. Xxx

    2. Morning hen you got that fire Doon there stocked up bring some spare cushions for me since your using yir springs have to brought any flapjacks mind keep yir pal one this might take me a wee while.
      Cuddle for yi…xx

    3. New website working brilliantly Barbara and Jim 😊. Very, very easy to navigate through, very quick, excellent quality images, layout excellent too. I think you've cracked it Jim. Hopefully other companies will take note and follow your lead xx

      Hi Dot, didn't think you'd resist!!! xx

  3. How lovely to have such a wonderful blog to come to. Lots of offers, excellent service and the best inspiration out there.
    I am so disillusioned today. I found out that a so called reputable company is selling dies made in China, whilst another reputable company has had the same name for its dies (made in America) for many, many years. The e-mail received from the latter read "It is rather unkind that…….. …….. is using the same name but nothing we can do about it" I am quite shocked. What an utter rat race.
    I remember some mindful words "Every loyal obedience to the inner call of duty, every attempt at speaking bravely the thing that is within one's own heart, every attempt to utter kindness and goodwill bring us into connection with the whole history of the upward movement of the world. etc. (H Spencer Lewis)
    I think Barbara and the bloggers would agree with my ramblings. Clarity stands for Clarity and not conning her friends and customers.
    Sorry, I am not allowed to go on Face-book, where this should probably go but felt so strongly about this subject. I do not wish to offend anyone, just point out that truth and honesty is the best policy.
    Lots of love and I hope forgiveness from my bloggy friends out there.
    Anne (Reading)

    1. Dear Anne I don't do face book so thank you for sharing clarity is an amazing company no one does it better sending you lots of hugs to know I care xxx

    2. Hi Anee,
      I don't do Facebook either so like Sheila, thank you for sharing. I think Clarity's quality is unquestionable and we all know where it is made. Just a brilliant company. Love Alison xx

  4. Hi Barbara & ladies hope goes well from tonight onwards.
    I will be the last to get on the website as lots to do over the weekend.
    Hope there are still some items left on Sunday.
    May just get my order in before the sales closes at midnight Sunday.
    Have a good weekend all and don't spend too much money !!!!!!!.
    Such a daft thing to say hugs to all.
    Lynn xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends! Just managed to get some internet this evening. We are enjoying our time here in Spain – it's been a beautiful day and we were able to have coffee outside. In one of our favourite bars/restaurants. Had a beautiful sunset tonight and the forecast is looking good for tomorrow. Enjoy your spending – hugs Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly, so glad you are enjoying your holiday and that the weather is being good to you. Hope your journey went well for you and Neil and that it didn't take too much out of you both. It was lovely to converse with you the other day on the Facebook chatline. Big thank you to Barbara. Love and hugs, Pam xx

  5. Hello Barbara
    What another great offer, the prices are fabulous. I hope all goes well tonight, Jim is a happy bunny sitting drinking his coffee and munching his biscuits leaving his hair intact. I'm hoping there will be some Christmas shopping done by my lovely husband. Have a (hopefully) relaxing evening.
    Love Diane xxx

  6. Ha ha ha – knew I should have paced myself, but put in a big order yesterday for the alcohol inks, so need to hide my purse until tomorrow. Now I have to make a plan on how I can hide the parcels when they arrive! Hope you had a good time visiting your friend x

  7. Great offers this week Barbara, thank you so very much. Joined the new website today after Janine sent me a link which made it very easy. Have to get cracking and look at the website to see what I need in your Gray Friday sale. So pleased the alcohol inks came in the sale as I have quite a few but definitely needed more. Hope you manage to relax with your friend a while before all hell breaks loose with the sale. Love and hugs, Pam xx

  8. Happy shopping everyone, hi all you lovely blog friends. Hope you've had a good day. Off to finish a few groovi cards tonight. Then look at the website to compile an order for tomorrow. Good luck everyone hope you manage to get all you want. Livexand hugs,Pam xxx

    1. Evening dear blog friends thinking of you all my cushions are ready my I pad is charged credit card is going to get hammered if tom doesn't lock it away 😂 See you round the campfire owls and owlets hugs to you all xxx

  9. Hi all. Trust all necessaries are at the ready – credit cards, cushions, lists, charged internet access – as we gather round the campfire at the mudnight hour. Good luck everybody! xx

    1. V happy to Barb, I can understand it's a huge effort Jim's making. Not to mention the 6 a.m start tomorrow at Clarity Towers! I know I won't be alone in being mega impressed and appreciative of all yours and everyone's efforts on our behalf! Hope you all get some sleep! Meanwhile, never been so excited about a sale – possibly tragic, but true, love, hugs and get the coffee and chocky bics xx

  10. You do tempt me. Think I need to check my inks and just go for it! Might mean that I buy a stamp less tomorrow, but can't resist distress inks. I have most of them so hope I can complete my collection tonight!
    Hope you enjoy your evening with friends. It is always nice to spend time with friends and set the world to rights!

  11. Hi Barb,
    Yet another fantastic offer but as I've already got these I'm saving my pennies for tonight/ tomorrow! The new website is great but at least we've got the old one to fall back on if things don't go to plan ( hopefully that won't be the case) Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you're all ready for Gray Friday! Had a mixed day today! Went to a Christmas Wreath making course which was really brilliant and am so chuffed with my wreath – although I have to say the parchment Groovi ones are easier and more gentle on the hands! My friends and I then went to a hotel for coffee and I managed to lock my car keys in the car! One of my friends had to drive me home to pick up the spare set – couldn't believe that I'd been so stupid! Anyway going to get the cushions ready by the campfire, love and hugs Alison xxx

  12. I've been good all week (and was too slow on the bursts!) but this got me – I bought a few reinkers when they were reduced before, and I've had to add a few more colours now! Fingers crossed for the new website – coincidentally it was midnight exactly when I logged on, so I took a peek – slight delay, which might be just as well for my bank balance and sleep tonight!

    But I'll be back tomorrow!

    Hope you had a good time with your friend x

  13. CONGRATULATIONS BARB, AND ALL AT TEAM CLARITY! New site worked a treat, really easy search, quick and did the discounts no prob. Thank you so much for all the work to achieve a stunning result. Not to mention the huge savings. Wish I could drop in with cream cakes for all! Love and hugs, Lynne xx

  14. Hi Barb, another great offer, looks like there have been quite a few purchases already. Off to check out the new site. Hope the gang enjoyed the donuts. Have a great day all. Bx

  15. Morning our Barb everything working braw up in Bonnie Scotland would Dot miss this not on yir bloody Nelly or anybody's Nelly that is.

    Any doughnuts left for a wee bloggy pal.

    Good luck Barbara and the Clarity team my wee auld eyes loving the new web sight
    well done Jim good one son.

    Love ..Dot…xx

  16. Ordered before 8am to be sure but no need to panic. It's never been so quick & easy to spend so much!!! Great job Jim, well done. Will probably be back before the weekend is over. Have a great day at Clarity Towers & enjoy your treats xx

    1. Meant to say if you are working through a list like I was & you are not so good at tryping like me if you just put the numerical part of the item code in the search bar & it finds the item for you, no need to put in all the letters & dashes! Love it Jim! Hope it helps you order quicker xx

  17. Hi Barb,
    Well done to you and Jim. I put my order in just after 8am and everything worked brilliantly ( too well in fact as I kept ordering!!) . The only thing I found a little frustrating was that once I'd added an item to my cart and clicked continue shopping and then Gray Friday it took me back to the first page so had to scroll through to get to the page I was on. Just a minor thing which didn't stop me spending a fortune! Thank you for the brilliant offers. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Most websites do that Alison! Really don't think it's something to bring up here especially when it's so unnecessary! All you needed to do was to click on "x" at the top right of the basket window, and then you're exactly where you were when you clicked to buy. Much better and easier than all other types of website browsing/buying.

    2. Yes, but there's no need for complaining is there, especially when it's somethimg most websites do! Has Alison complained to all of them, and in public too…. How about asking questions instead – "does anyone know if there is a way I can close the basket without going back to the start" for example! Isn't that a much better way! Doesn't that make a much better, happier life/world for all! How do you think Jim will feel if he reads Alison's nitpicking! Try being on the other end of constantly being put down over nothing things….

    3. Brenda,
      I'm sorry if this upset you, that wasn't my intention at all. It wasn't really a complaint as I think the website is excellent. I'm obviously not as website literate as you and didn't know I had to click the basket window x. Now you've pointed it out I will know what to do in future. I will repeat what I said , well done Jim & Clarity , love Alison xx

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