Celebrate with Petites! Multi Step by step projects…

Celebrate with Petites! Multi Step by step projects…

Hi there.
Greetings from Jersey, Day 3.
We have been exploring the island today. 
Elisabeth Castle absolutely fabulous.
We walked across to it at low tide, 
had a potted history of the island and the castle.
Very, very interesting. 
And as soon as it started raining, Dave and I dived into the cinema and watched the new Bridget Jones film.
Very, very good too. 
I do enjoy a pleasant, feel good movie, don’t you?
But Saturday’s blog and time for a little carfting methinks…
Here’s a quickie using the Gel Press Petites and our Petite Stencils, 

Set 2
which have hit the UK like a tidal wave during the last couple of weeks since their launch on HOCHANDA.
And if you think I’m exaggerating, ask Jayne, Debbie, Izzy, Andy and all the others who pick and pack your Clarity orders!
Ready for a little how to ?
Load the square Petite plate onto one of our little mounts.
Ink up the Gel plate with ink using a brayer.
Place the stencil on the card.
Press the Petite Plate down onto the stencil.
Squish down.
Lift off.
New Inks I am using :
Replace stencil over the print,
and brush the same colour out lightly beyond the edge

Stamp a few little birdies and Friendship strategically,
using a black Archival inkpad.
Add a little shade underneath the leafy swirls using a neutral pencil.

Use the brush to dust a vignette in around the edge.

Here’s a random background using the same technique, 

You can go back in over the plain prints using a darker colour through the stencil.

Here’s a more uniform layout…
Light, plain box prints first.

Then back in over the top with the stencil and darker ink.
Really easy to do.

The second box bottom right is done using the Gel Petite directly 
when it still has the stencil print immediately after the first print.  

Looks great when set out

Stamp straight over the top.

Or keep it simple.
Just print ONE double-layer box in the centre of a 7×7 sheet of Stencil card.

Trim back a little..

I decided to use one of my favourite Gel Press prints from a while ago as a background.
 This random print was done using our Ocean Swirl stencil 
and the 6×6 Gel Press Plate + acrylic paint. 
Went a bit bleak in the centre….

But oh what a lovely background it makes!

If you haven’t embarked on the Gel Printing journey yet,
then may I recommend you begin with the Petite Shapes and ink?
An excellent, easy and very diverse artform.
Time to go find Mum and Dad, and have dinner!
Love and Hugs,

72 thoughts on “Celebrate with Petites! Multi Step by step projects…

  1. Hi Barbara. So good to hear you're relaxing and having a great break!
    The petite gelpress and stencils are brilliant and so many uses! Just love them!
    Have a great evening with your mum and dad!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  2. Hi Barbara – sounds like you are all having a great time, so pleased for you all! Beautiful card!
    I want to say a very BIG thank you to Team Clarity! I had a problem with something that I ordered, made a phone call – put the parcel in the post to Clarity on Thursday morning and I had my replacement parcel this morning! You just cannot fault that – such amazing customer service – thank you very much! Hugs Gilly xxx

    1. Hi to all my wonderful blog friends – thank you so much for your lovely comments yet again, what would I do without you!? Both Neill and I have had SUCH a very lazy day – Neill made me a cup of tea and brought it back to me (in bed). Then he cooked 'Brunch' and brought that back to bed, for us both. We watched a bit of tv and then had another cup of tea and more tv. Then had a read, and another sleep and we got up finally at about 4.00 pm! Heaven! We are going out for lunch tomorrow – so no cooking for either of us there! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly,
      I'm so pleased that you've both had a lazy day – sounds as though Neill has been pampering you ! It will do both of you the world of good after everything you've been through! Hope you have a lovely lunch out tomorrow – enjoy! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  3. oh Thank You so much for today's blog. My order arrived today, and I think I had forgotten more than I remembered from the demos using the petites (particularly as I had never been brave enough to use my larger gelli). I have had a little play, but now inspired to try a bit more, particularly as I want to use them with my grandchildren, as they are just the right size for them.

    Have a lovely evening with your Mum and Dad (and I am not jealous – much – of you seeing the new Bridget Jones movie!). Didn't fancy going to the cinema on my own – so shall have to wait until it comes out on DVD – fingers crossed that is before Christmas so it can go on the wish list.

    Right off to cook some dinner, and then back to the petites for a bit more practise. xx

  4. Just love, love this piece of artwork. Just my style. Also anything that includes this alphabet gets my vote. The word chains and alphabet are my favourite buys at the moment. Glad you had time to watch this film. I haven't seen it yet but have heard lots of goodthings about it. Thanks for taking time out of your holiday to blog.xx

  5. Hello everyone, feeling good today after another chemo session yesterday. Apart from popping out to get my nails done I to have had a lazy day. My consultant said at the beginning of chemotherapy that it was a good plan to get your nails done as it stopped the chemo reacting with the sunlight therefore reducing the risk of the nails falling off. Who am I to argue. Love a bit of pampering! xx

    1. Hi Susan – glad to hear that you are feeling good today – great idea getting your nails done, especially as it was just what the doctor ordered! Sending you love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Susan it's lovely to hear today was a good day, what a gem of a consultant suggesting the nails, bit of pampering and all for a good cause. I only read your comment from the other day yesterday, you are a superstar and so brave. Sending you a big hug xxx

    3. Hi Susan,
      Great that you are feeling well today and that you've had a bit of pampering – just what the doctor ordered! What a great doctor – I wonder if they do nails on the NHS! Love and hugs Alison xx

  6. Hi Barbara
    So glad I checked in with your blog today
    Brilliant art works and inspiration to others me included
    Glad your having a relaxing time chilling out with loved ones
    Enjoy the rest of your visit. T xx

  7. Mine arrived today and I just had to have a play, so less(ink) is definitely more. Applying the brayer and ink from the side up the petite eliminates any unwanted stripes. Love them, thanks for bringing them to us. And thanks for the inspiration. Enjoy the rest of your break. Xx

  8. Sounds like a perfick day. I saw the new Bridget Jones film with my crafty bestie, the best laugh I've had for a long time, brilliant film.
    Back to the art, I was very impressed with the shows featuring the gel press petites, got them on my Christmas wishlist. Have a lovely evening x

  9. Pleased to hear Jersey is still treating you well. My best friend is coming up to stay with me for a few days the week after next and I'm planning to take her to see Bridget Jones's Baby which will be the second time I'll have seen it, brilliant film. I can't wait to receive my petites, I keep crafting in my head which is just as well as I am still busy decorating so I must get that finished first.

    1. Hi Julia,
      How lovely that your best friend is coming to stay with you, I'm sure she will cheer you up! Enjoy seeing the film again. Love and hugs Alison xx

  10. I love this demo. I have only got the small round gelli at the moment bought at Maria's class but have used that for some Christmas cards. I'll probably have to wait until the new year for a couple of others but I have your programmes recorded ready. Enjoy the rest of your break xx

    1. Hello all, I hope today has been OK for you. I got some gardening and crafting done and took Dad out to lunch. He is so slow and tottery now I wonder each time if it will be the last one he manages. The care company rang last evening to say they couldn't provide someone for today's calls so hubby had to do this morning and will put him to bed. I am concerned because we are hoping to stay with the family at half term and babysit and there is no one else to do it if he is let down. He won't go into a care home while we go away which would put our minds at rest.

    2. Hi Chris I'm sure your dad enjoyed his lunch out with you. I know what you mean about the careers though, Julian's mum is having problems with her mum too, the careers don't seem to be able to cook basic food! Sending hugs xxx

    3. Hi Chris – it sounds as though you have had a very busy day! It's so difficult to organise care for our parents when they get old and infirm. We had some very difficult years with my Mum. I hope that you will be able to go away and help with the babysitting – which is so important too! Hugs Gilly xx

    4. Hi Chris,
      I bet your dad really enjoyed going out for lunch with you today. Looking after parents is a worry and can be very tying but I'm sure everything will work out. Looking forward to seeing you on a Monday, love and hugs Alison xx

  11. Fantastic blog with the tips on how to….

    Elizabeth Castle is great from what I can remember – they did an re-enactment of a battle with gunpowder and the likes while we were there. Some great photos.

    If you get a chance do go for the Battle of the Flowers on your next visit in August just great.


  12. Such beautiful results from the geli plates. I love my 6 by 6 one and use it a lot to creat backgrounds and to die cut from too. The mini plates are on my birthday list along with lots of new stencils.
    Today was Groovi Scotland with the ever amazing Emma in Tarbolton. I learned so much today that I didn't know already and I am looking forward to finishing off the piece I worked on today. The drive home with Heather was lovely as the sheep were in the fields and the trees are just changing colour and with the low autumnal sun shining the views were spectacular. This is definitely my favourite time of year with all of natures colours on show.
    Sounds like you are having a brilliant time away enjoying time with Dave and your parents creating precious memories.

  13. Beautiful, loving these new plates. Enjoying your travelogue these last few days too.Off to Stamp Magic in the morning, we will miss the Clarity team as always xx

  14. Hi Barbara
    Sounds like you are all having a wonderful time, jersey s such a pretty place. Glad you enjoyed the film, it's great to come out still laughing and smiling. Hope your mum and dad are having a fabulous time. Love these gelli plate images, they look like posh wall paper and that stencil is my favourite.
    Love Diane xxx

  15. Hi Barbara and all blog friends think me and Bob need trip to cinema. Well tomorrow I think will be a geli pay day well over dew really felt inspired and those new stencils needgetting painty and cause the plates . Hope rest of day 3 went well and tomorrow goes well. Today was using my free water colour cause from Hochanda with my grand daughters Rosy and Leannah Katie we tried to get Bobpainting as well but didn't go down well but girls enjoyed it followed by some spray inks good afternoon night xxx

  16. My petite set arrived today so your blog will soon be put to use. Thanks, it's great and just what I need. I went to Jersey with a friend's to celebrate our 40'ths. Loved the place and it's so quick to get to. Glad you're all having a fab time. Love and hugs, Jeanette xxx

  17. These Gell Press Petites are great Barbara and just an infinite amount of designs to make with them. Glad you are having a wonderful time in Jersey and hope you enjoyed your dinner with your Mum and Dad. x

  18. Hi Barbara, glad you're managing to soak up all the sights and history of Jersey. I must look out for the new Bridget Jones' film coming on the telly at some point. It rained here for most of the day, clearing up from late afternoon, sounds like it headed your way.

    Love your prints, and very timely since I got an email saying mine is coming on Monday. Thank you for sharing and for taking the time while on your wee holiday. But I'll need to put them aside and concentrate on Christmas stuff first. Still not managed any craft, too busy with other stuff. But a productive day, got a huge shopping order done of all sorts of things, finished off a couple of things, worked out what my handmade Christmas gifts are going to be and ordered what I need. I never make it easy for myself, what I've chosen to do is pretty time consuming! My laptop did the warning running out of memory thing again today. But worked it out, it's the windows 10 system way of working, it's causing problems for lots of people. I'm keeping an ongoing eye on my RAM usage so I can prevent it from going to a black screen. I've changed a system setting which seems to have reduced the system usage a bit too which helps. I've got space for another 4 RAM of memory, but I'll need to ask my brother where I go online to get the right one, I've forgotten where he said. It must have been the big anniversary update that changed stuff. I don't fancy my chances with my graphics programme at present eh!!!! Internet explorer keeps freezing when closing a tab too, seems another common problem after installing windows 10! I can use another browser though if Microsoft doesn't send out a patch. PC, more trouble than they're worth these days, mine would have been chucked out the window long ago if I didn't have to rely on it!!!! Anyway, a bit more enlightened as to what's going on with it, a bit more organised than I was yesterday, kind of up to date with the shopping, the rest I don't need yet, even bought the cats Christmas while I was at it, Daisy, and my brother's two.

    And bonus, solved Daisy scratching the craft room carpet worse and worse. She's got her own wee carpet now, and loving it, her wee face, scratching it and looking to see when I'm going to tell her off and instead getting love you eyes and praise from me!!!! it's a spare carpet tile, from my first flat!!! Aye, I chuck nothing out that could be of use. In my defence, my last wee pal loved them on her scratch post, I used to screw it through the carpet tiles so it covered the base. daisy never has, she prefers the posts, and my carpet. Don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. I'll need to talk nicely to my garden guy at some point, see if he'll pick me up some cheap ones from somewhere for renewing it. Boiler seems to have been behaving today too.

    Hope you have a great day tomorrow
    love Brenda xx

    So what are we singing at the campfire this weekend folks? I think Susan should get first choice, since she's newest, and my no Nutella pal 😉

    1. Hi Brenda,
      You sound happier today and it seems as though you've had a good day. Scamp won't use a scratching post – we've got them all over the house. What dies she use? Our bed! It's a padded divan – or should I say it WAS a padded divan! She's got it down to the bare wood! Really need a new one but it's not worth it as she would probably ruin it! I'll be so embarrassed whenever we do change it, I bet the delivery men will wonder where they've come to! Honestly, it's a proper mess! It's a good job I love Scamp! Have a good day tomorrow, love and hugs Alison xxx

    2. Thanks Alison. That's what valances are for ;-). Mmmm wonder how I know that, my first cat did the same!!! I've got a wooden bed now, plenty room under it for Daisy hiding, and for boxes of craft too 😉 hope you have a good day tomorrow too xx

  19. Hi Barb,
    Really pleased you're all having a good time. Thank you for posting these step by steps – they will be so useful. I treated myself to one set – square,circle& triangle and I've been playing with them using inks. I love them! Actually like them better than the bigger ones – easier to cope with! Going to try Fresco paints tomorrow I think. Thank you for bringing them to us and for all of the inspiration. Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been as good as possible for you all. Been a lazy day today other than going out yo do the food shopping. Been knitting – determined to get Daves Arran jumper finished hopefully by the end of the week. Just got the front to finish and one sleeve to do, so not too much! Off to bed now so I'll say Night Night to you all. See you tomorrow, love and hugs Alison xxx

  20. Can I say, thank you all, for the lovely welcome after my first comment. I try to read Barbara's blog every day, have to do catch up some times, but not able to read all the comments always. You all appear to be a loving supportive group of lovely crafters. My husband is disabled, and very supportive of my crafting he knows how much it helps me relax. I am lucky to be in good health, had a brush with cancer in 2000,I'm one of the lucky ones. We have a beautiful yellow lab. who brings so much joy to us. I just need more hours in the day, not unlike you all I expect.
    I have my petites now I just need to have a practice, it looks so easy to produce such beautiful results. Thank you Barbara for all your inspiration and encouragement. Goodnight to you all, Joan xx

    1. As a P.S. and a totally different story…….OMG I thought it was mind-boggling enough when my children were doing their GCSEs (the last one 19 years ago) but now my youngest, 35 next month, has decided to do an Open University degree in Politics, Economics and Philosophy!

      This is the first month and he uses me as a sounding board. My head is spinning.


  21. Evening all. Barb I will
    Invest I think in the mini set to get started. Will
    Wait until I have a few bob spare. Then dive in. I think the mini set will
    Be great for me as doesn't seem so dawnting with mini. Hope dinner is nice. Hugs Ali xxx

  22. Love your step by step today, really loved the gelli background you used too, thank you so much. You should have been out enjoying your holiday, but we all appreciate all that you do for us. Enjoy the rest of the time you have left there.xxx

  23. Hi to all my lovely friends here, hope you've had an enjoyable Saturday. I'm up in the midlands at my daughters for the weekend collecting my car that I'm buying from her. After not driving for well over 3 years, she took me out for a refresher lesson, I was so nervous, but all went well. Been out for a lovely meal tonight, very tired now so please forgive me for not commenting on individuals. Hope you all enjoy a relaxing Sunday. Love and hugs, Pam xxx

  24. Hi Morag, thinking of you and Bonnie tonight. Hope you're enjoying each orher! (Up so late as brother suggested we get the quiz books out, and we don't know when to stop! Bed now.) Love, hugs and strokes xxx

  25. Morning, what a lovely project! I used my circle gelli for my challenge card thus month. It had just arrived so it was calling out to be used! Glad you enjoyed the film, it was such a fun one, well worth catching. Xx

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