Funky Phone Cover Inspiration….

Funky Phone Cover Inspiration….

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in again.
Last day on the island, and the sun is shining for us.
It’s been a good break for Dave and myself as a couple too;
it’s often hard to see the spot you’re standing on, 
if you know what I mean.
Good to step away and take a look at where you’re actually headed. We have made some good decisions between us and I am really looking forward to getting home now.

First thing when we get back is a blimming diet!
We have been eating non stop!!
This morning I was already slowing down though.
There does come a brim-full point, doesn’t there!
Check out the phone though…
Proud of my phone cover!
Following on from yesterday’s step by steps 
using the new Petite Gel press plates.
Remember the one I made on telly, 
inspired by clever Andy Duggan?
Let’s have a quick recap….
This is after all supposed to be a craft blog!
And Sunday’s blog is after all, supposed to be a step by step!
Cut a piece of card to fit your phone cover.
Andy sent me a blank. You can get them cheap as chips on Amazon if you were thinking of making a present for somebody….
Lay the new wonderful petite stencils
down on top of the card, like so:

Spread green and yellow Fresco paint on the rectangular Petite plate with a brayer, and press the painty plate down on the piece of card and the stencils. 
(same as we did with ink yesterday, but this time with acrylic paint)

Take a make-up sponge and rub brown and yellow Artistry inks (dye-based) over the painted strip. You will see that the ink catches in the areas where there is no paint.

It literally stains the card but wipes over the paint.

Take a dark brown dye based ink and rub it onto area here and there, to add a really aged look.

Cut the card to fit the frame and around where the camera sits.

Tomorrow we will take this one step further and I will show you what to do with the remants of paint left of the petite plate. 
Very cool, I think.
But now it’s time to take a drive round the island
and spend a day with my parents.
Love and Hugs,

135 thoughts on “Funky Phone Cover Inspiration….

  1. Brilliant Idea Barb. Have to say think you look like mummy But have Daddies nose. Me and you both with the diet ( although i look like a need to go on one you don't lol ). Enjoy your last day and have a safe journey home. Hugs Ali xxxxx

  2. Wow Barbara, that looks SO good! Pleased to hear that you are having such a good time, and yes – I do know just what you mean about there coming a time, when you just don't want to eat anymore! Safe journey home! Hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi to all my wonderful blog friends, the sun is shining here and we are looking forward to going out for lunch! That's the only thing that we have got planned to do today, Neill is insisting that I get some rest. He is already being good, so no need to stop him from doing anything that he shouldn't. He keeps thanking me for standing by him through the last 8 weeks! As if I wouldn't have!! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly, you and Neil are an inspiration to us all.
      Hope you have a wonderful time having lunch and both take it easy.
      We all at and by our man and friends and family when we need to so lots of hugs and love to you both.
      Have a lovely day.
      Lots of love Lynn xx 💖

    3. Hi Gilly, have a lovely lunch. I'm cooking for an extra 3 today was supposed to be 4 but grandson is playing in a second football match this afternoon. Too much I think but I'll leave that to their proper Nan to deal with, she's already had a moan to me this morning that he's over doing it but when you're young you do don't you. ! I've got to send him back a doggy bag ! xxx

    4. Thank you all – yes we had a lovely lunch thank you! I have to confess that I did have a dessert, in spite of needing to lose at least a stone! It WAS a celebration after all, Love and hugs Gilly xxx

    5. Hi Gilly the diet can start tomorrow! You two deserve a lovely lunch after the stressful 8 weeks or more you have had. Hope all goes well at the hospital tomorrow xxx

  3. That looks really lovely, Barb; gonna give it a try! I need a new cover for my phone. Only problem is, I don't have the 'Funky Island Stencils'! Oh dear, have to nip over to Clarity Towers and purchase some!
    Enjoy the rest of your relaxing stay on Jersey with your lovely man and parents. Angie xx

  4. Great idea re the phone cover, I've seen Andy's in the flesh, looks fab and I love yours too. Must try it out. So pleased you have enjoyed your trip, have a great idea, you sound revitalised after your mini break, maybe we can all learn from you xx

  5. Hi Barbara, these stencils are so lovley what a lovely idea for our phone covers. So much scope with thsee products.
    Have a good last day with your mum and dad and not forgetting Dave.
    Safe journey home.
    Lynn xx

  6. Hi bloggy friends, hope everyone is well. Weather doesn't look too good so its a crafty afternoon for me. Phoebe will be asleep on the sofa so I should be able to get something done! As long as my crafty brain comes into the craft room with me…… Xx

    1. Hi Donna very wet and soggy here today too in between bouts of sunshine! Why did I bother to put the washing out! Hope you got dome crafting done, I was in the groov. Sending hugs xxx

    2. Yep crafty brain was switched on, managed to do my calendar card. Used some cut and dry foam in the end and it sort of did the job! Tried baby wipes but no luck. Enjoyed the writing part needed a bit of practice but I think I will use that again in my art journal. In fact the hardest part was sending the email to Paul! It keeps bouncing back and I have checked and re-checked the address and it is right, then my other one came back too. Have tried again and fingers crossed they haven't come back………..yet! Not sure what to try if they do. Xx

    3. Donna if you scroll down on the blog challenge part just passed the entry's for this months challenge then another 2 photos from last months challenge by the design team then there's a e mail that you can click on hope this helps pleased you did your calendar challenge xxx

  7. Hello Barbara

    As important as it is to have 'me' time in a busy life, it is more important to have 'you and me' time. If not looked after relationships can get trampled on and lost.

    I am so pleased you have all had a good time and a break from the norm.


  8. Glad to hear you've had a lovely time and relaxing too. I'm looking forward to our cruise now as that will just be me and hubby which is unusual these days! Have a safe trip back, hope it's easier than going as that seemed to be a problem ! xx

  9. Hi everyone, well we're one down for lunch as just been told grandson is playing another football match this afternoon. Got to send a doggy bag back for him. His crackling wont be so crackled by then though ! Meat is in and we will eat when it's ready as they're not coming until 2.30 ish. Said we'd pick them up so they can have a drink, it's only 10 mins in the car and I'll take them home. Better go as I can hear my timer is pinging – need to turn the overn down! Have a lovely day everyone x x

  10. The phone cover is a great idea Barbara and love the photos of you all. Glad the weather is good and enjoy your last day with a lovely drive. x

  11. I love the cover and I love the tips for using acrylics with inks. I got some fresco paints at Leyburn and when I am on top of the Christmas cards I intend to have ago. Safe journey home to all of you xx

    1. I hope everyone is OK today.
      See you tomorrow Alison and Morag. I'll check in her about 10 am tomorrow and will leave a message if I have any problems (hope not) xx

    2. Hi Chris. I'm so very sorry but I'm not going to be able to make it tomorrow. All the stuff I've been doing this week has today came back and whacked me!!! I'm jiggered, so Hubby has put his foot down. I know he's right but I am so disappointed. So please can we rearrange for after your holiday? Love and Hugs xxx

    3. Hi guys. I have an idea. Why don't we start a private facebook group, so we can meet and talk about more personal things in a closed room rather than on my blog, which is a very public place . It is also supposed to be a craft blog, and I think we need to bring it back to that, if that's ok with you. Xx
      If you think the Closed Facebook community group is a good idea, please email me your facebook name, so that I can invite you to join the group. If you aren't on Facebook, it's really easy to sign up.

    4. Hi Chris,
      Hope you managed to get some of your Christmas cards done today. Do you still want to meet or wait until Morag is better – it's up to you. Love and hugs Alison xx

    5. Let's wait until Morag's better.
      Barbara I don't do facebook but I see your point and it would be a great idea for those who want to join. Perhaps I could email you with my mobile number and you could pass it on to Alison or Morag?

  12. Hi Barb. Enjoy your last day on Jersey. Love the phone case idea, unique & original works of art. I'd just need reassurance that the card was not in contact with the phone as I know mine can get warm sometimes. Maybe one of my blog friends can help. Barbara, your mini-break seems to have cleared the mind and I look forward to watching your new plans come to fruition. Have a safe journey home. Love to all, Jeanette xxxx

  13. Your parents must be so thankful to have such a caring attentive daughter. I am sure they in turn have been caring and attentive parents. What goes round comes round as is said. Glad you all had a good time.

  14. What a fabulous idea. Love your take on it – so vibrant and fun. Ooh decision making – dates??? 😀😀😀 Enjoy your last day with your Mum, Dad and your Man!! Xxx

  15. Enjoy the Jersey scenery on your last day – I always think it's a different pace of life over there. Have also made a few game-changers this weekend so just have to start things moving, now. Safe journey home. ;~}

    1. Hi Sheila, how are you? Not had much time to blog as I've been busy with a number of cards for specific people and requested subject matter in a short space of time; getting there though. Will write more soon. ;~}

  16. Looks like you've blow a few cobwebs away and had a good feed, what more can anyone one want. Enjoy the rest of you time on Jersey.

    I forgot to tell you all that I was offered a full time job on Friday. I mentioned to my work that I would be looking for some more hours. I currently work 20hrs and as someone else in my department has handed in there notice I saw an opportunity to get some of her hours, I was hoping for 28. My manager came back to me and offered me full time doing a different job. I was shell shocked as they don't generally offer full time hours to non management. My first thought was that I don't want to do full time but then I was extremely flattered as he said they don't want to lose me and at the end of the day I will need to work full time to be able to get by on my own.

    1. Julia – that's great news! Yes I got a better paid full time job, in preparation for when I went my own way. It's great that they don't want to lose you too! Can't promise that you will meet a Neill – but I can promise that your life will be SO much better and I am sure that you will meet someone who will treasure you! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  17. Hi Barbara, lovely family photos, looks cold though, but good the sun has come out to shine on you all for your last day. It's decided to make an appearance here just now too. I could eat the tomatoes in your breakfast, but that's all, and I'd be looking very longingly at your bread and butter!!!! Maybe something good comes out of all my food allergies!!!😉

    Thanks for this step by step, much appreciated, and even more so that you're taking precious time out your holiday to blog for us. I love your artwork, and Andy's idea, thank you Andy too. I remember your excitement showing us on telly, I even went onto Amazon right after to see if I could get one of those clear frames for my tablet, but they don't seem to make them for tablets. Just bought a boring black case for it, but living in hope you'll come up with a way of personalising that too 😉 I don't have one of those posh phones, mine is the cheap rubbishy mobile as it just gets used to text, and very occasionally someone phones me on it instead of the landline.

    So, what I need to know is what else can I personalise? I'm desperate to personalise something. Come on everyone, thinking caps on, what else can we personalise like this? I'll start, my suggestion is coasters, the ones you can put photos in (boring, I know), but will they not be a good size for the baby gelli plate mini artworks? Did I tell you yet, mine is coming tomorrow😉 I'm sure I'm not the only one running out of handmade gift ideas! So what else can we personalise both for ourselves and as gifts? Answers below please! (sad eyes begging smiley faces) For your reward I'll let you watch Poldark tonight 😉😉😉😉

    Hope you have a great last day in Jersey Barabara and co
    Love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda
      I had some tatty old coasters, the sort with papery pictures on the front. I sanded them down lightly, painted them with Gesso and then stamped and coloured them with inks and mica powders. Gave them a coat of varnish when I'd done but not sure I needed to xx

    2. Hi Brenda,
      I'm going to do some coasters, probably with Groovi inserts ( like Maria did on Hochanda once), or with some artwork done with the petites. I also did a set of little drawers that I used at school to put pencils, scissors etc in for the kids to use – I painted them with the Fresco paints, stamped various designs and then painted these. Used Mod Podge to seal . They now sit in my craft room filled with ink pads, Sparkle pens etc and look really cheerful. When I was in Crafters Companion shop, they do all sorts of MDF things to decorate – I'm thinking of a perpetual calendar. Love and hugs Alison xx

    3. I think acrylic paint sticks to virtually anything Brenda, so I'm going to have a go at personalising some empty coffee tins, and hope to be able to use them for home-made Christmas goodies and sweeties. There's some great bottle art too, making pretty decorations out of old pretty shaped bottles, with other embellishments. I love up-cycling! x

    4. Hi Brenda now my daughter personalised her iPad case with pictures of album covers she printed off the computer. It lasted quite well going in and out of het bag. I can't remember what she covered it with but it was possibly just pva glue. How about cushion covers, I wonder if fabric paint works with the gelli plate. Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx

  18. Great step by step Barbara. Love the idea of personalising mobile phones etc. Looks like you have been lucky with the weather even if it has been chilly. Enjoy the day with your parents and Dave.
    Love and Hugs
    Linda xxx

  19. Enjoy your last day on Jersey with your parents. Sunny here now bit crisp though. Glad you have had some quality time with Dave. I have been to parchment class with Patricia White this morning, Maggie Craner and I are learning a lot of techniques. Really enjoying the challenge. xx

  20. Sounds like it's been a great time for the family all round, and Jersey obviously beautiful. Hope your journey back better than the outward, meanwhile I've taken up the limerick challenge:

    There was an old girl on a plane
    Who thought she was going insane.
    The flight was so rotten,
    And crafting verboten,
    Her knickers wound round, yet again!

    Sincerely hope the above remains fictional for you. Welcome back hugs xxx

  21. Hello my lovely friends. I hope you're all having as good a weekend as possible. I do wish I could show you some photos of our new little addition. Bonnie is so gorgeous. I was thinking about putting some photos on my empty blog, only I wouldn't know where to start. Brenda, would you have any ideas please??
    I have really overdone things this week, so today I've gone down like a balloon. Alison dear, as I've explained to Chris above. I won't be able to make it tomorrow. I'm so very sorry.
    How is this for a co-incidence? When we picked Bonnie up yesterday her Mam was with her…and it turns out that she is called Penny. Of all the names it could have been!!! We took it immediately as a sign that Bonnie was 'meant to be'. It feels like a home again anyway. Well, back on the couch for me! Take care and love and hugs to you all. xxx

    1. Morag, this is another good reason to start a little Private Facebook Page for us, so we can share more personal things on a non-public site. Let me know your Facebook name and we can get the ball rolling! X

    2. Hi Morag,
      Well talk about a coincidence! I bet little Bonnie is gorgeous. Sorry you can't make tomorrow but don't worry, we'll make it another time. You take care my friend and look after yourself. Love and hugs Alison xx

    3. Hi Morag – not surprised to hear that you have overdone it, we are all guilty of that from time to time. Please rest up and enjoy your new little one – I will also email Barbara with my Facebook name! Lots of love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  22. Hi Barb,
    I'm sure you don't need to go on a diet! I loved this demo when you did it on Hochanda. Very cool! I'm so pleased that you did the step by step for us. As I said on Brenda's comment, I'm thinking about doing some coasters either with this technique or Groovi, thought they'd make nice little stocking fillers. Thank you for the inspiration. Hope you all have a safe journey home. Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been as good as possible for you and that you've been getting crafty. That was my idea, but migraine put pay to that! Christmas cards will have to wait for another day. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. Hi Barb,
      I can understand that you want the blog to be a crafty place. However, I don't do a Facebook, but It won't stop me coming here. I'll have to figure a way of contacting bloggy friends, love and hugs Alison xx

    3. Sorry you have a Migraine Alison, they are beastly. What a good idea for coasters, I'll pinch oops "borrow" your idea and coat them with Mod Podge for protection. Hope you soon feel better

  23. Great idea Barb – sadly my phone doesn't have this sort of cover, but yours is really lovely. I like the idea of a private facebook group, and wonder if we could share projects on it as well as private messages? Might be less intimidating for some people than entering one of the challenge blogs. Jo set one up for the Clarity Glasgow group and it works really well x

    1. Precisely. The private facebook page will be more interactive. You can of course share photos, projects and ideas, which isn't possible on this blog. X are you on facebook?

  24. Hi Barbara I loved this technique when I saw you demonstrate it on TV. I think the Petite Gellis are not so intimidating as my larger one which is still not unwrapped! Have a safe journey home. xx

  25. Just been catching up as was MIA getting things sorted for my first ever Craft fair yesterday so firstly belated 'Happy Birthday Helma' hope you had a really special day; orchids are amazing the colours and shapes all fascinate me; happy to hear you and Dave are having some quality 'together' time and managed to clear minds, have great new ideas and also made some plans for the future. I also think the closed group is a good plan and look foward to joining in there too as whilst I love reading what everyone's been up to here the closed group will be 'more liberating' in lots of ways due to its privacy and a great place to share our personal woes but also our highlights which is always a good thing and so inspirational to others! Safe journey home without the hiccups you had on the outward journey.

  26. that is such a cool pressie idea! now what i'm wondering is: do you buy a transparent sleeve and put it inside or is it stuck on outside?
    glad the trip has been productive, hugs xx

    1. Hi Theresa, it's a see through frame to fit your phone, and you put the artwork inside that and then clip the frame to the back of your phone. If you put your phone make and model with the word "cover" into Amazon search it should come up with something suitable for you to see. Hope that helps xx

  27. Hi Barbara
    The phone cover us brilliant, I love the way the paint repels the ink and fills in all the gaps. I did chuckle when your phone rang on tv. Looks like you have all had a wonderful few days, the pace of life in jersey is really good for slowing you down and helping you have Clarity in your thinking. I hope the staff are ready for your return to work!! Safe journey home.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends, been doing a bit of groovi today, the light box is worth its weight in gold, I could see all the lines so clearly on the poppy wreath. I must dash, poldark is waiting for me! 😀. Sending hugs xxx

  28. What a great idea might just have to try it out cheers Barbara
    Glad you have enjoyed your time away but it is always nice to come home
    Safe journey to you all T xx

  29. Evening Barbara loved what you showed on yesterday's blog and today's also I was amazing watching you on hochanda doing all the demos .would you be able to blog the jumper one please if you can .
    I don't do face book but wish you well setting it up for everyone that does . Safe journey home xxx

    1. Hi Sheila, if you go to the search box and type in Dave's jumper, it finds a blog dated Tuesday 16th December 2014 titled Knit your own. It is a blog containing a YouTube video of Barbara using the jumper set. Hope that helps. Xx

    2. Hi Sheila dear. You can open a facebook account in any name. I have quite a few in pet's names, in order to allow grandson to play games that needs friends safely. So you culd be completely anonymous and use it only for Barbara's new group. xxx

    3. Good morning Sheila! Sorry I missed you last night – but you are always in my thoughts. Thank you for your kind comment, and I shall certainly take your hugs with me today. I hope that you are not in too much pain at the moment, sending you many caring and supportive hugs, love Gilly xxx

  30. I have, obviously, just been on Amazon having a look…. can't find a cover for my phone, think it's too old, but have just bought one for my mum's new phone. It was so cheap it was rude not to! So she might be getting a selection of covers for Christmas! Glad you've had a good break and some distance. Safe trip home x

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