As they fluttered by…

As they fluttered by…

Hi there.
Good of you to pop in.
Quiet day here.
That’s it, isn’t it. Life goes on.
So on we go then.
But something has to change!
If we always do what we always did,
we’ll always get what we always got.
Monday’s tree is flowers and trees, right?
So here’s a simple little step-by step, 
using a few Gel Plate scraps I had lying around.
Pick the one to use…
Stamp the lovely Butterfly Tree silhouette stamp 
in black Archival ink.
Funny how one image speaks volumes.
Ahh. More scrap paper.

Let’s tear a hill…

It would look good underneath the tree.
Line it up, trim it up.

Once it is cut to size, spray mount it.

Attach the other scrap to a piece of double-sided tape 
and punch out a moon. Or a sun.

Add a little colour and set in the sky.
I dropped the orb underneath the tree,
to add to its distance.

Yes. Change is needed.

Trim the edges,

and mount on black card.

and they fluttered by, on the wings of change….

Love & hugs,

99 thoughts on “As they fluttered by…

  1. Beautiful Barbara. I love this stamp as is is versatile and I have used it for many occasions from sympathy to congratulation on getting to university.
    Just spent finishing off my card from Emma's class on Saturday and I am really impressed at what I have created with her guidance.

  2. Hi everyone, a wet day here, I stripped the bed and came back up here to change it. Suppose I'd better get on with it otherwise I know what will happen……yes we'll get to bed tonight and it will unmade !! Hope everyone has a good day x x

    1. Hi Jackie – same wet weather here again today! I know just what you mean about forgetting to make up the bed again, until you decide to go to bed for the night! Been there, done that! Hugs Gilly x

    2. Jackie I would love a pound for every time I've done that! Yes wet here a friend dropped in for lunch and it looked like she had swum to my house rather than walking across the road!! Xx

  3. Hello Barbara. A lovely card for today. As you say just what is needed! I have been away for the weekend, and only just read yesterdays post. Like so many others, I was unfortunate enough to lose a close family members at the hands of another person. So I know only too well how the poor poor families of those who have died and badly injured will be impacted, not for months or years, but for the rest of their lives. I totally agree with everything that you said. My thoughts too are with the families of those affected. Love and hugs xxx.

  4. Hello all my lovely dear friends. I'll tell you all about my great weekend away another time. Love and hugs to you all. Sending special positive thoughts and love to Anne and her daughter, and Pam. I hope you've all had a good weekend xxx

    1. Hi Morag – so sorry to read that you have personally suffered, due to the wicked actions of someone. Hope that your weekend away was good, look forward to hearing about it later. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Morag, and ladies yes I know what you mean life is so cruel at times where are we going. You just have to try to get on with it all. This blog has given me so much I feel I know you ladies and you all have given me a lot to be thankful for. Hope you have all had a good day even though the weather is still pants! ! Have a good evening going to complete some cards tonight as the days are getting near to birthday's etc. Hugs to all. Lynn xx

    3. Hi Morag good to hear you had a lovely weekend away. Sending you a hug, events like this bring back memories don't they xxx
      Lynn sending you a hug too xxx

    4. Evening morag welcome back ,sad to hear of the trauma your family has suffered and still do ,our life's traumas stay with us each day of all of our life's we just learn to channel I do in my craft sending heartfelt hugs xxx

  5. I wasn't sure where you were going when you tore that hill, but it's really effective. I so love the butterfly tree stamp – one of my all time favourites x

    1. Hi to my lovely blog family of friends – we have got rain here again today. I have to say that the plants have really perked up, and yes – it was needed, but it seems as though it's here for the rest of the week. So sad for those people who have just come down for a holiday. Not done much today, mainly resting with Neill, who is not too well at the moment.
      Pam and Anne – sending you healing thoughts! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Get well soon Neil and Gilly keep resting. Yes weather is soggy isn't it but the garden does need it, just wish the rain had waited until I had cut the grass, it will be a meadow at this rate xxx

    3. The positive is the plants are doing well at the moment. Sorry to hear Neill isn't feeling too good. You're doing well to rest. We've had a lazy day, the only activity of any note was changing the bed. I'm watching a second football match of the day and admiring the colours of their boots if not a lot else ! xx

    4. Evening gilly hope Neil feels brighter soon pleased your resting with him .
      We had lots of rain here mind you I do like it cooler than hot .i watched two wood pigeons bathing in the pools of water made me smile then later in the day two great tits where feeding at the new feeder with the nuggets in so beautiful to see Iyesterday we had the grey squirrel in the conifer bush trying to reach the feeder but couldn't so funny I love nature hugs xxx

    5. Hi Gilly,
      yes its been miserable here today too. Sorry to hear that Neil isnt well, hope he feels better tomorrow. Glad to hear though that you've been resting. Dont want you having a relapse. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  6. Hi Barbara, I love this, not only as a piece of artwork, but also in how thought provoking it is. Thank you for sharing. Hope your head is not in as much of the dark place it was yesterday, for some of the time at least, as yes life does have to go on. The evil among us on this planet win otherwise. That doesn't mean we stop feeling for and caring about the victims, and those who face danger. Hopefully yesterday's atrocity will also act as a lesson in making people think about what they should be giving importance to in life, how lucky they actually are in life. Sadly, in my experience, those most in need of this lesson won't! Take care, love Brenda xx

    1. I did my random act of kindness too, brings a smile to your face doesn't it making someone happy. Hi Brenda hope you've had a good day. Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx

    2. I too did two random acts of kindness at the Drs and it made me feel better today .no Brenda I didn't hug people in the Drs 😱sending hugs for you and daisy xxx

    3. Thanks everyone xx

      Hope you're passing it on Julia, by now doing another random act of kindness for someone else. I hope everyone is asking if the recipients will pass it on by doing their own.

      Mine may need to wait as it looks like my garden visit is going to need rescheduling due to the forecasted rain.

      Why don't we make this a regular thing, like once a month we make an extra effort on top of what we would be doing for others? I can remind us at the start of each month if you're up for it?

      You can work up to giving out hugs Sheila 😉 How did you get on with your appointment?

      No improvement yet Donna, thanks for asking. But in comparison to what some people are going through I'm not complaining

      Thinking of you Pam and Anne, and Anne's daughter.

    4. My appointment went well thank you just waiting to see the consultant at hospital to get the help I need for the rheumatoid arthritis Got bloods on Thursday so fingers crossed the nurse gets it this time xxx

  7. Wonderful art work and thoughtful provoking words.

    Accept the things I can not change, the things I can and to know the difference …. Comes to mind.

    Love that punch for the moon.


    1. Hello Donna
      Hope you've had a good day, was it wet playtime? I've just bought some ink for the printer so I can print my picture out and play catch up. Have a lovely evening, hope Phoebe is feeling brighter now xxx

    2. Yay, joining in with the colouring. Yes thanks Phoebe is getting better day by day. We have had to resort to the cone of shame a couple of times though, she is not impressed! Xx

    3. Hi Donna,
      I've really fallen behind with my colouring!! Pleased Phoebe is doing well. Poor thing having to endure the cone of shame – give her some big hugs from me. Sending love and hugs to you too, Alison xx

  8. Beautiful, beautiful artwork. What an inspiration you are.
    I took myself off to the mess of a craft room and hey! I managed to do Paul's hummingbird demo. I am so pleased. Obviously not as good as the master but I managed to inter-change the plates. I love that guy. Ofcourse you as well Barbara. Took me to another little place away from the present stresses.
    Love to you and all the bloggers.
    Anne (Reading)x

    1. Hi Anne,
      Good to hear that youve lost yourself in Groovi today – it will do you good. I bet your finished piece was lovely as well. Sending love and hugs Alison xx

  9. Hi Barbara
    What a lovely piece of artwork, fits the mood perfectly. This butterfly stamp is beautiful, suits any occasion. I have scrap envy though 😀. I hope youve managed to have a chat to Grace today, tell her we are thinking of her . Have a lovely evening with Dave.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello my lovely blog friends, hope you've managed to stay dry today, it's been really soggy here then sunny the next minute. Looks like it's an evening of football on tv so I might get my groovi out and switch off for a while. Sending hugs all round and a special hug for Pam xxx

  10. Love the butterfly tree and Change is so appropriate after yesterday. Wish I had scraps as nice as yours. Hope Grace is feeling a little better now and you too, it's so shocking. Having a bad day today not feeling too well, but putting things in perspective it's nothing compared to how those poor people in Orlando must be feeling. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  11. Love to all my blog friends, hope you've had a good day. Haven't been feeling too well today, so won't say much except thank you all for your thoughtfulness in thinking of me, Take care all of you and hopefully I'll be able to join in tomorrow, hugs to you and everyone on the

  12. Hi Barbara, This is stunning, you have some fabulous 'scraps' and the butterfly tree stamp is gorgeous, and the sentiment 'Change' is perfect going through the moon. Fabulous !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  13. Hi Barbara, This is stunning, you have some fabulous 'scraps' and the butterfly tree stamp is gorgeous, and the sentiment 'Change' is perfect going through the moon. Fabulous !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  14. This is a lovely piece of artwork after yesterday. I'm working 40hrs this week instead of my usual 20hrs and it's my day off today so this afternoon I decided to start my masculine challenge card again. I completely lost myself in crafting, it was great and I managed to do a card which I have now emailed in. Job done and feeling chilled.

    1. I'm not wanting to argue with you, I just feel too strongly the need to voice my opinion on all your comments to us. I very strongly disagree with you, I feel, as do many people, that you don't fight violence with violence, that only makes you as bad as them, escalates it, and causes even more death, destruction and misery. Not one of us has the right to harm or kill a fellow human being, only God has the right to take life. You say your right to own a gun in America is free choice, and a law against it is dictatorship. Well I think every human being on this planet should have free choice to be allowed to live their lawful life in peace, and without fear of being harmed and killed. Free ownership of guns, as clearly demonstrated in America, takes away that. The purpose of a gun is to kill, there is no other purpose for a gun. So by you saying everyone has the right to own a gun, then you must also be saying everyone has the right to use it to kill, or at least harm, as it serves no other purpose. No one has that right other than authorities such as police and only then if faced with a situation where there is literally no other choice but to shoot.

      The reason very few of our police every carry guns IS because we have had laws against people legitimately owning guns for many years. That ensures there are far fewer around, and the only people seeking a gun are the worst of criminals, i.e. the absolute minority. Therefore there are far less deaths and gun related incidents and far less need for our officers to be armed. It's simple! Your way escalates the probability, our way decreases it. And we get to live in a society where we don't have to fear being shot, you don't. Your way allows evil creatures including that one on Sunday to legitimately buy and have a license for a gun! Our way prevents it, and makes it extremely difficult for anyone to get one illegally. You say if your right to own guns was taken away it would be bombs instead. Well I hate to inform you, but your right to own a gun hasn't stopped them bombing, and flying planes into your buildings has it!

      Pity help the world if Trump is elected, and I'm not the only one thinking that, by far. Earlier this year there was a petition with over 586,000 signatures asking the UK government to ban him from the entering the UK, and a debate in our UK Parliament followed!

    1. Hi janice,
      it's a spray adhesive. Crafters Companion do one called Stick and Stay(permanent) or Stick and Spray ( repositionable). Hope this helps ,Alison

  15. Hi Barb,
    Another lovely piece of artwork wuth a thought provoking sentiment. I love the butterfly tree stamp and also the stencil – really useful. I certainly wish i had such lovely backgrounds! Can i just ask a question. Did i hear you say a while ago that you were getting covers for the lightpanel or did i dream it? If you are any idea when? Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi to all my lovely blog friends,
      Well, today has been very miserable up here, so it was a morning of housework for me -ugh! This afternoon i finished off my masculine challenge and then my guest designer piece for next month's challenge too. I dont know how the Design Team cope with the pressure! Still i got them finished and sent off so just got the calendar one to do now. My knee has really been playing up today do I'm giving my TENS machine another outing! Im trying not to take the Naproxen all of the time. I think the time is near for another knee replacement, but I'm trying to last out for as long as possible. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xx

    2. Hi Alison I do hope your tens machine gives you some pain relief good that you have got your challange done and your design one also healing hugs xxx

  16. I was so sad and down in the dumps today with all the bad news till Daisy came for tea after school. She is six on Saturday and I have promised to make her a bright red silky circular skirt to wear at her party. We cut it out and fitted it, she was so excited it cheered me up. I am trying not to think about sewing the hem. As you say, life goes on xx

  17. Was listening to the song 'Groove is in the Heart' – some great lyrics that apply to Groovi, others not so much, tune not the best – but it you are quick you can just get Groovi is in the Heart, in the beats. I was wondering about adapting some of the other lyrics to suit. I have made a start.

    The chills that you spill up my back (how about 'the skills that you fill in my head')
    Keep me filled with satisfaction when we're done (Think this can stay as is)
    Satisfaction of what's to come
    I couldn't ask for another
    No, I couldn't ask for another
    Your groove, I do deeply dig
    No walls, only the bridge, my supper dish
    My succotash wish
    I couldn't ask for another
    No, I couldn't ask for another
    Groove is in the heart, Groove is in the heart
    Groove is in the heart, Groove is in the heart
    Watch out!
    The depth of hula groove
    Move us to the nth hoop
    We're going through to, Horten hears a who
    I couldn't ask for another
    No, I couldn't ask for another
    DJ Soul was on a roll
    I been told he can't be sold
    Not vicious or malicious
    Just de-lovely and delicious
    I couldn't ask for another
    Someone's in this torso (yeah)
    Hot! Gotta deal you wanna know (wanna know)
    Dee-Liteful truly Dee-Liteful (liteful)
    Makin' it doin' it 'specially at show (show)
    Feeling kinda high like a Hendrix haze (haze)
    Music makes motion moves like a maze (maze)
    All inside of me (side)
    Heart especially (yeah)
    Help of the rhythm where I wanna be (c'mon)
    Flowin' glowin' with electric eyes (ha)
    You dip to the dive baby you'll realize (yeah)
    Baby you'll see the funky side of me
    Baby you'll see that rhythm is the key (hmm!)
    Get get ready with it (with it)
    Can't can't quit it (quit it)
    Stomp on the street when I hear a funk beat (beat)
    Playing Pied Piper
    Follow what's true
    Baby just sing about the groove (sing it)
    Groove is in the heart
    Groove is in the heart
    Groove is in the heart
    Groove is in the heart
    Groove is in the heart

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