What a Wicked World.

What a Wicked World.

Hi there.
Thanks for dropping in. 
Like so many of you, I woke up to the shocking news 
that there had been an attack on a nightclub in Orlando.
During the day, horrendous details started rolling in; 
the number of victims climbed and climbed and climbed.
Until we reach a verdict: 50 dead. 53 injured.
I am so so sorry for the poor people, families and friends 
whose lives have just been destroyed.
My heart goes out to ALL those affected by this horrific act.
Don’t know what else to say or think.
It is way beyond my comprehension.
Bloody guns. That’s what I think.
Bloody mental Gun Laws. That’s what I think.
Time to take a closer look at the 2nd Amendment America!
I know. This is a craft blog.
I really do know that.
But what kind of a person would I be,
if I just popped on here this evening 
and made a pretty card with flowers and trees?
Both kids live in the States.
One in New York, one in San Francisco.
They both go to nightclubs, and they both have gay friends.
This afternoon Gracie called, most distraught, 
because of the Orlando events.
“Come home, Grace,” I said, “ just come home.” 
“Thinking about it Mum”,  she said.
While we were talking, the sirens were going off in her background.  She didn’t even register them. 
Blackbirds singing in my parents’ garden Vs sirens in New York. 
I know where I would rather be today. And I was.
But now the eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth will start all over again.
Sorry to offload here.
But my oh my. Where will it all end?
No answer required. 
It’s a wicked world we live in, for sure. 
I have to go and get some positivity in my heart.
Go for a walk. 

100 thoughts on “What a Wicked World.

  1. This, together with today's report on the latest barbaric atrocities in Syria, has stunned me. I 'get' that some people are mentally ill and unable to make rational decisions but I cannot comprehend how anyone can make a sane decision to do something so outrageously cruel to other people, especially in the name of religion. The impact for all those individuals, their families and friends is immense and my heart goes out to them all xx

    1. You are the first person who has mention the real cause of this atrocity . Religion . Remember all the wars over religion . Fanatics in the name of any ideology .

  2. Hi Barbara this is such a sad day. I don't understand why the gun law doesn't change. My thoughts and prayers are with all of those affected by this tragedy. Hugs Jackie

    1. Because we don't want to give the government complete control over us where we end up one day in a situation of dictatorship . We are already starting to go that way . Heaven help the USA and all peoples who want to be free .

  3. Hi Barbara – I agree with every word! You are right, there are no words to say! I am so glad that here in UK our policemen don't carry guns as the norm, as it does appear to increase the amount of shootings carried out by criminals. Saying that I fear for their safety and if they do ever have to be armed – should they injure or kill someone – then they seem to be automatically put on trial for doing it. I am amazed – but thankful – that any of them agree to be firearms officers. Hugs Gilly x

    1. If our police didn't have guns they would all be dead . I can't imagine how the police can protect you without a weapon . You must be living in a very safe country

  4. Hi Barbara
    I agree such awful atrocities my thoughts are with the families and friends. I hope Grace and Mark stay safe.
    Sending you a big hug
    Love Diane xxx

  5. Hi Barb,
    This is absolutely awful. I can't understand why the Americans still believe it is their right to have a gun. When will they learn? How many more innocent people will be massacred before they do? It is just insanity to me. I don't blame you for wanting Grace and Mark to be home and safe. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of all of those injured or sadly killed. Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. The issue is not guns , it's Radical Islamist terrorism. Our president fails to recognize this but finds thes atrocities to push his political agenda so he can take away our right to bear arms .We kind compassionate loving responsible gun owners would never pull out a gun and shoot someone .

  6. Don't apologise Barb, we all agree with you 100%. This is a safe place to speak as you feel, without fear of reprisal as you are among your own kind and we feel the same way. God bless the innocent and the families whosee huge loss will ruin their lives forever. X

  7. I know Barbara. I hope your walk helps to give you a bit of time out in your head. I heard about it during the night as it was happening. And we're supposedly the most intelligent superior species! If all these people put that effort into helping and being nice and kind to their fellow human beings wouldn't the world be a much happier and safer place to live our lives in.

    You wouldn't want to comprehend it, it would mess your head up so much. And there's nothing you need to say sorry for, it's your blog, and this is so very appropriate today. My thoughts are for everyone involved too.

    How about every single one if us reading this make an effort tomorrow to show someone a random act of kindness? In our own way counteracting what this individual and all the other bad people in the world have done and are doing. (Mine will need to go on hold for a few days, but I know what I'm going to do) And if everyone asks the people around them to do it too, imagine how much kindness, happiness and love we can spread as a whole.

    love Brenda xx

    1. Oh Brenda what a great idea. Have you ever seen the film 'Pay It Forward'? If you watch it make sure you have tissues ready! It follows the same idea of random acts of kindness. Sending you hugs. Xx

    2. Good idea Brenda. Earlier I thought myself, about yin and yang, and thought only good deeds can counter this evil. We musn't give it energy with anger, we should pour positive energy on the angry fire. I'm with you xx

    3. Maybe we could ask the person/s who receive our random acts of kindness to pass it on, for them to do one for someone else and they ask the recipient to pass it on. See if we can start a chain going? xx

    4. Lovely idea Brenda. Wish there were more people that thought that way. Donna, I love that film Pay it Forward, it's one of my favourites. Glad to hear that Pheobe is on the mend, live Pam xx

    5. Pam, if we all do it and spread the word there will be 😉 xx
      No I've not seen that film Donna, I don't like sad films though, real life is more than sad enough xx
      Sheila, I keep picturing the strange looks you'll get going round giving hugs in the waiting room!!! It'll be very interesting to hear what reaction you get. Hope it's a positive GP visit for you xx
      Thanks Barbara, Diane and Dot xx

      I'm still on the old hard drive. Everything works, it's just a silly wee thing not letting it copy over, but there are other ways to do it, so my brother is away to have a think and work out the easiest/best option to try. But he thinks my old one isn't about to fail imminently anyway, it's not doing what he would expect and the diagnostics come up with nothing. he thinks it's maybe a wee bit slow and that's triggering the warnings. There's still somethin wrong with it, and it will fail at some point, but we've got a bit of time. I've got my homework too – stuff to read and to work out to do with it! Not very well just now, both Asperger's and CFS stuff, so not coping too well. I really struggle when my Asperger's head is like this – system overload from yesterday causing my brain to cease up. My analogy of it is, it feels like a big rock is in my head putting constant very sore pressure on my skull. And things that require little or no thought are squashed between the rock and my skull so I can still manage on that level but it's a lot harder than normal. Anything that needs more thought or retrieved or whatever is stuck inside the rock, and it's so, so hard to try to get to it, and the rock fights back causing even more pressure and pain if I do. This can go on for weeks.

  8. Your blog your rules Barbara – simples.
    Such a mad bad sad world we live in. A bigger tighter hug next time you see your kids – don't let the b******s win!! Much love. Xx

  9. Hi Barbara
    You are so right-it is a wicked world we live in. I have always been concerned about the USA gun laws. The Americans are obsessed with guns. I was only saying to my hubby the other day what awful weapons they are and that if I carried one for protection as many do in the US how easy it would be to shoot a perfectly harmless person if I was startled or afraid. The fight or flight adrenaline rush can take us on either path. I would like to see all guns destroyed and manufacturing banned. I am sure you must be so concerned for Grace and Mark. Try not to worry too much.
    A big hug from Chris X

  10. Nothing to add Barbara, you have said what we are all thinking. Why can't people worship their own God and be tolerant of others, however different they may be? Xx

  11. Barbara my heart goes out to you with your dear children living in America it must be so hard not to stress or worry sending hugs to keep them safe and to help you cope.
    Sending hugs to all caught up in this horrible tragedy so very sad xxx

  12. It is a truly horrific crime, no words can express how one really feels and then we have the complete eejits in France intent on causing mayhem and chaos. I truly don't understand some folk. The world is beautiful it's a shame there are some who wish to destroy it and those who live on it. Prayers for all those affected by whatever hate is going on out there. X

  13. Shocking news again ….. Just look at the stats. on Barb's image above…it is alarming to say the least…and to think that Trump might be president !!!!

    1. This is happening on obamas watch . Many of us here are praying for mr trump because Obama is a dismal failure and fails to even identify the problem of radical,Islamist terrorism . Do you know that mr trump has received more popular votes than any other republican candidate in our history . We are not all crazy but informed and restore our greatness .,blessings Janice

    2. Trouble is it's right wing racists who want who want trump in power and if he gets in I think America is in for an isolated few years because even if the average redneck can't see through the media hate campaign that is bringing this man votes the rest of the world can. History will look back and see Obama for what he is a great man with honour and integrity who was stopped at every turn by a political party who's main aim is to line their own pockets and keep the general populace in a state of fear and hatred towards their fellow man.
      That all said Janice we are all entitled to our own opinion & I respect yours.
      This is Barbara's blog and her opinion and that of most of her fellow Clarity family is that the gun laws in your country are frightening and need to be addressed and that is all. This is not the arena for a political party broadcast on behalf of the republican party, there are more appropriate places for that.
      Brenda's idea of starting a random acts of kindness campaign is the way forward and a way, however small to offset the terrible things that happen on this big old planet of ours. So tomorrow I will go into my local hospital and spend some time on the geriatric ward just talking to people who need some company and if everyone on here does one little thing in a few days the world will be a nicer place to be.
      Barbara i'm sorry for the rant & long post, i'll try to keep it craft-based in future xx

    3. One final comment to Pam .
      I am not a right winged redneck racist and do take offense at that . I support mr trump because Obama has been a dismal failure in our country and in the world . You're country also is having immigration problems and oh poor Germany . Refugees trying to flee their country because of the atrocities of the Isis . We pulled out too soon from Iraq and allowed Isis to gain strength because Obama had a political,agenda . Now the world is being terrorized , not just the USA . I'm awaiting to see the results of brexit.
      Sorry for this but couldn't help myself especially when I read such grave errors . Jan

  14. I read your blog with despair. I am having a bad time at present but nothing like the poor people in Orlando. My daughter, thank God is alive just and its difficult to cope at present but trying and thanking God that she is still with us. Let us have a happy future tomorrow and thereafter.
    Lots of love to everyone out there, happy or sad.
    Anne (Reading)

  15. I cannot believe it but I had not heard any of this. Having been out crafting all day and basically falling asleep when I got home, I had missed all the news. I would not expect you to ignore such a terrible outrage, and I would want my children out of there double quick too. It seems such obvious madness that so many presidents have all failed to change America's crazy gun laws. The trouble is that now none of us can say we are safe from violent attacks and we just have to get on with our lives, otherwise the evils ones have won. Doesn't make the fears any easier to handle, though. Hope you can get some sleep. Lots of hugs. xxx Maggie

    1. Now I am curled up in bed, I have re-read what you were saying. It is not a wicked world. There is a determined minority who are determined to make us feel that way. That is, sadly, true. But there is a huge majority of generous good people, who spend their time helping others. We have to focus on them or send ourselves mad. You only have to look at the generosity of spirit of the people in this blog community who support each other through tragedy and trauma. That is the positive side of us as humans. Night night to you, Barbara, and everyone else. xxx Maggie

    2. Maggie , this has nothing to do with gun laws but our government would like you to think that because if they take away the guns form good honest people than the government will have ALL the control — remember NAzi Germany.?
      This is about the spread of radical,Islam , they hate us ,have said so and intend to take over the world . Sounds like I'm crazy , look at what is happening . All these acts of terrorism have one thing in common Moslim, not crazy Catholic, or episcopalians , or Jews ., and not guns . When guns haven't been used it has been bombs . Where there is a will there is a way. Blessings Janice

    3. From what I have seen and heard on our news, it appears to have been an attack by one mentally disturbed person, who should never have had access to weapons of any kind. It is always hard to understand these things and what we are told is never the whole story. However, I do feel that very few people really need to hold weapons at home and if the right to have them was removed, the risk of them being used in this way would be greatly reduced. I am also not in favour of arming all police officers in this country, partly because there are too many instances of the guns being used to kill and wound those officers. Xx Maggie

  16. Cannot really add more to your or the other comments. It's so hard to focus on the good in the world at such times and there is so much good but sometimes it just doesn't feel like it and it makes you feel very small and powerless. Hugs so you and to all on the blog xx

  17. What terrible, shocking news! Couldn't agree with you more, Barbara and fully understand your worries about your kids and that you'd love them to come home. Just heard on the news how Donald Trump is using this terrible attack for his campaign, spreading more hatred and racism.Can't believe it. Disgusting! My heart goes out to all who lost their loved ones, all injured and their families. Xx

  18. What terrible, shocking news! Couldn't agree with you more, Barbara and fully understand your worries about your kids and that you'd love them to come home. Just heard on the news how Donald Trump is using this terrible attack for his campaign, spreading more hatred and racism.Can't believe it. Disgusting! My heart goes out to all who lost their loved ones, all injured and their families. Xx

    1. Heidi , I must make a comment here in defense of Trump . The news media would like you to think he is racist ,but he has never acted or said anything racist and certainly no hatred
      He wants to something about a very serious problem we have with illegal invasion . We are a huge meting pot here and a welcoming country but we have laws now that are being ignored and the problem grows . He welcomes everyone but the word is it must be LEGAL blessings to us all .

  19. Oh we share your feelings and I know you would love Grace home close and safe, I'd be the same. My daughter is only going to Cyprus for a week on the 25th and I'm dreading it! Doesn't matter what age they are you still worry so much about them don't you x

  20. I'm so sad for these young people again enjoying themselves with all their future in front of them and then evil turns up and ends there life.
    My thoughts and prayers go to them all and there families.
    Cannot believe the statistics on the blog I so agree Barbara time to rewrite the 2nd amendment America so this never happens again.
    Take care..XX

  21. This is absolutely terrible and I can understand why you are worried about Grace and Mark and wish they were here Barbara. When such things happen I always think how would I feel if it was my son… it doesn't bear thinging about! Try not to worry, I know it's a bit trite but statistics would show that it is highly unlikely anything like this would happen to them but we still worry I know. I feel for the families of all these poor people, and we can only hope that the US will finally change it's gun laws. x

  22. Totally agree with all your comments Barbara. My heart goes out to all those people that this has affected. It must be an awful worry for you having your children out there in America. My daughter and her family are going to California in August and I'm really worried. What can we do its their lives, except pray that they'll be safe. Love and hugs to to you. Pam xxx

    1. Hugs to you too Sheila, hope all goes well at the Doctors. Love to all you kind and thoughtful friends, thank you for all your lovely messages. Love and hugs, Pam xxx

  23. Totally agree Barbara, I think even a lot of Amercicans agree but the gun lobby rules the roost with fear. As an Australian we've proved legislation works. I pray for the land of USA and all who rule there, and for wisdom and strength to do what is right.
    I pray for your children and all loved ones in US to be kept safe, may God indeed bless America and open the eyes of the blind who cannot see.
    Shaz in Oz.x

  24. It saddens me to hear you speak about our constiutional right to own a gun . I was going to write a lot but decided not to since this should not be a forum to discuss Americans gun rights . We are a different country and feel we have the right to defend ourselves from anyone who might threaten us or our family . It's very complicated situation and very different than the UK ., we have elections coming soon. And I'm praying that my candidate will win and help to make the world safer .,radical Islamist terrorist have their sites set on all of us , French ,U.K. Isreal ,and anyone who doesn't agree with them .. May God watch over us all . Jan

  25. More Americans have been killed by guns since 1960 than the total killed in all conflicts from the war of independence to Iraq. Still if you feel safer with the right to bear arms… I know it's a different country but how does the right to own automatic machine guns or multiple weapons keep you safe? Two thirds of Americans don't own guns.

  26. More Americans have been killed by guns since 1960 than the total killed in all conflicts from the war of independence to Iraq. Still if you feel safer with the right to bear arms… I know it's a different country but how does the right to own automatic machine guns or multiple weapons keep you safe? Two thirds of Americans don't own guns.

    1. I totally agree with you, Sarah. So many of the shootings have been of people whose own guns are turned on them. If guns and other lethal weapons are removed from everyone, then you are also removing the requirement for violence to protect yourself and your family. Weapons now are becoming more and more sophisticated and do damage way over the top. Xx Maggie

  27. So sad thinking about you worrying about your children , after a good weekend here celebrating with the Queen it doesn't seem possible that this was happening on the other side of the world . God bless all the victims and families x

  28. I agree with everything you say Barbara I know how the worry must horrendous for you with your babies living in America hugs and prayers love June Horrocks xxxxxx

  29. It is a terrible, terrible tragedy Barbara, lives will never be the same. There are too many people in this world who do not care about the devastation they cause to another person or their families. It is so deplorable and unforgiveable that so called 'humans' have created this very wicked world

    RIP to these innocent individuals

  30. It really is appalling but you know what is more appalling is the fear that people will be accustomed to these kind of atrocities and think – oh another mass shooting and become numb to them. I hope this never happens. All those poor families thrown in the pit of despair from one person's warped picture of the world. Let us not forget to love thy neighbour as thyself. Much love Jayne

  31. Hi Barbara,
    you are absolutely right and there is nothing more to say.
    The world gets wicked more and more and more and more people have no respect for each other.
    Rolf xxx

  32. This was the first I heard of it as we have a ban on news on Sundays – I stopped reading when i realised it was about news but have now read it – so dreadful for those involved – so many questions need to be answered. I can see why it makes you worry about your children . I think whenever anything happens we all want our family close . Those poor parents waiting for news . We had a lovely day yesterday celebrating the Queens birthday with a picnic on our village castle – so different from theirs !

  33. Hello Barb,
    You have said all that needs to be said about the stupidity of gun laws in America. It is harder to get a drink than buy a gun!!!!
    Grace and Mark, stay safe.
    Maureen xx

    1. Maureen , this is not correct . A security's check is done and other precautions . One of the problems of taking away the right to defend yourself is that the crazy and the criminals will always find a way to get a gun . The USA is a very large country .

  34. Hi Barbara, Shocking, shocking, statistics, and the most heinous crimes using them. What a terrible World we are living in today !!!
    My thoughts and my prayers go out to all the victims and their families, my heart is breaking for the families still waiting to hear about their children, God only knows how heartbroken they must be.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  35. Hi Barbara, Shocking, shocking, statistics, and the most heinous crimes using them. What a terrible World we are living in today !!!
    My thoughts and my prayers go out to all the victims and their families, my heart is breaking for the families still waiting to hear about their children, God only knows how heartbroken they must be.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  36. I made a comment last nite but it looks like it was removed and I suppose that is for the best . .
    Because I was the only one who disagreed . Guns don't kill people , people kill people . If you removed all the guns the terrorist would use bombs , as they have . No one is safe , it's very sad . Not even the uk or germany or France . We here have the freedom to protect ourselves and many of us value that freedom very much . No responsible gun owner would ever kill 49 people .. We have a very serious problem here with many coming from Mexico illegally and not only Mexicans
    To make our country safe and protect our children as mr trump wants ,is not racism or bigotry .
    My prayer is that the people in authority will be able to stop this but now it seems that these terrorists are home grown . The problem has spread to all our countries that value equality and freedom . It is not a wicked world , but a world where many are living n darkness and stuck in 15 th century radical Islam sharia law . Blessings and I hope this message goes through . Don't be fearful , otherwise they have succeeded . Janice

  37. Thank you for your words Barbara, they are much appreciated by the gay community of which I am a proud member. Until now the discrimination I've face is the loss of friends on learning my sexuality, or verbal abuse, and the horrible time when I had to watch my girlfriend being dishonorably discharged from the British Army, her crime was to be gay. Now I must face the prospect that there are those who wish to kill people like me. As for the USA's screwed up gun laws, think it is time Americans actually read that 2nd amendment properly, and then ditch it.

  38. People kill not guns! Do you think the guns got up and walked to the night club and stared shooting people NO the guns where carried buy a person! Do Drunk cars kill people NO drunk drivers kill people! Do the things in your kitchen make your meals NO you make your meals! When you are cutting something and your finger gets cut did the knife do it NO you cut your finger. Guns are inanimate object they only way they can do any harm is in the hands of people!!!

  39. It would be rude not to mention it . What was also awful were the Tweets on Twitter from haters of Gay people ? Why is everyone so angry? Live and let live ! To come out with nasty comments about the people involved in the tragedy makes them very nasty people, so I am all for the lets make this positive thing, why don't we show our support for people of all genders. X

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