A Moment of Clarity….

A Moment of Clarity….

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
As promised, here’s a little step by step of one of the projects from TV this weekend.
Surprisingly, despite the absence of Freeview, we still managed to sell out very thoroughly within a couple of hours.
which just goes to show that you lovely peeps 
have either all got Sky – 
(highly unlikely!)
or you were prepared to figure out a way to watch!
Thank you.
The HOCHANDA Crew also work so very hard, 
and were all cheered up by the sell out!
So again, thank you.
Now for the little demo.
I am having a day off, doing a little housework today,
so won’t woffle on too much….
I really enjoyed this one!

Worn Lipstick on Clarity Blending mat 
and work into Mini Blending Tool.
Cut back a sheet of stencil card to 5″ x 5″
Starting at the side, starting working the ink onto the card 
in circular movements.
No, I don’t mean sway your hips to the music!
Load some Peacock Feathers. Nice colour.

The Mustard Seed is a good third colour.

Spritz a little water into the little saucer and soak up a little water with a clean mini blending tool.
Set it to wait while you cut up the piece

into 2.

Press the wet circle sponge onto the coloured card, 
hold down and lift.

Blot your sponge, add fresh water and go again, and again, and again.
In Photo-World, this is call the Bokeh technique.

(this is top grade, beautiful for brayering and overlays too)
lay out and compose whatever word you are spelling out with your Brand new Word Chain ABC
(A Must Buy, if you can)

Using a black Archival, 
simply transfer your design to the Bokeh Background, 
using your tracing paper/vellum template as a guide. 

Round the edge with a black Sharpie pen and ruler.

So simple.
So effective. 
Love & Hugs,


125 thoughts on “A Moment of Clarity….

  1. Blimey….I'm first up. I'm so glad you gave us all the 'heads up' to find a way to watch and buy the alphabet word chain. I really need it to construct some foreign words (like au revoir) so I am really chuffed to have got one. I watched your demonstrations on the Hochanda catch up. Thanks again (or should that be merci beaucoup!)
    Maggie (Yorkite)

  2. Great technique. It really makes all the difference to a simple piece of card. Good to see the word chain as an alphabet option. Carol

  3. A fantastic technique Barbara and really striking. Glad you are at home today and don't do too much housework it's bad for the constitution. x

  4. Hi Barbara, this is great must have a go at this. Like other's caught up on most of the shows all great. My March club items arrived today look so much to the postman coming each month and having a lovley supprise . Was made up with my daisies Groovi plate. Keep up to the good work. Kind thoughts. Lynn xx

  5. I take the Jo Brand approach to housework – "F**k it, that'll do!!" Day in the garden today after hearing tests this morning. Its a whole week of adventure and fun – eye clinic with OH monday – he has shingles in his eye (ouch!!) hearing tests today, vet tomorrow, then dentist on Thursday!! Must find time to place some Clarity orders – and pay my credit card bill!!!

  6. My club items haven't arrived yet so please don't let e cat out of the bag!!

    Love the colours in this design and a simple one too which would,be just as good with Happy Birthday on it. I've ordered from the site today – cushions placed again girls!!

    Hope you've enjoyed a housework day Barbara and not over done it. I managed the ironing today xx

    1. Hi Jackie – hope that things are going ok at the moment for you. I need to do some ironing – maybe tomorrow! Enjoy your goodies when they arrive, Gilly xx

    2. Hi Gilly and Sheila, we're ok thanks, now in single figures on the days left for hubbys treatment. Only 6 days after this week! I went for the alphabet 😉 xx

  7. Good to be reminded that simple can be lovely. So pleased with the club goodies but have to wait till family commitments are fulfilled before I can play. Have watched most of the shows one way or another and made notes instead of watching recorded programmes.
    With two lively grandsons staying the house is looking very lived in at the moment but we wouldn't have it any other way.
    Hope all you blog friends had a visit from the postman today xx

    1. No worries you haven't said what they are! As I've just posted somewhere else by the time I open the envelope I'll have forgotten what they are ! It's only the plate that I've read about so the rest will be surprise and Batbars letter is always fun!

  8. Saw you demo this yesterday and really love the result. I've only done Bokeh with white ink but this is so effective. Hope you get some rest today, and I'm looking forward to my envelope arriving maybe tomorrow? Susan x

  9. I am working my way through all clarity programmes that I recorded. Got them on free sat. Love how the alphabet letters fit together. They are going to the top of my would like list I am glad that most people were able to watch you and that you had your usual sell out, you make such happy shows.

  10. Great technique, loving the colours…..knew I'd find a way of using my Sharpie pens………got club stuff today, thanks….all looks great and card just in time for Ally Pally xx

  11. Love it, really bright and vibrant. When I found out the freeview signal was being cut my first words were "but what about my Clarity shows!" So off to the local store I trotted and brought myself a new HDMI cable so I could plug in and watch on the TV. Bit of a bother and the freezing and buffering were a pain but I managed to see most of the hours live and used catch up to see the ones I didn't. No way I was missing your shows! They always say 'where there's a will, there's a way'!! Really enjoyed the shows and had to laugh with the farm puns! Can't wait to play whenmy new things arrive. I have been playing with my paints this afternoon. XX

    1. Hi Donna, pleased you've had an afternoon playing. It was a housework day for me and then a run into Durham this afternoon to pick Dave up. He must have forgiven me for yesterday because he arrived at the cat with a strawberry Mille Feuille ( my favourite) from Patisserie Valerie bless him. I'll never lose weight but what the heck! Love and hugs Alison xxx

    2. Evening glad to know you have been crafting with your paints my hand has swollen up after yesterday's crafting so I just indulge myself reading my clarity club goodies as they arrive today you won't be disappointed xxx

  12. Wow what a great end to a tiring day at work ,my club items have arrived love them and I have been chosen in the top five for the challenge ,never expected that thank you …loved the shows at the weekend .need to save some money now for the open days and workshops …stunning art work as always Barb

  13. Wow what a great end to a tiring day at work ,my club items have arrived love them and I have been chosen in the top five for the challenge ,never expected that thank you …loved the shows at the weekend .need to save some money now for the open days and workshops …stunning art work as always Barb

  14. Hello Barb,
    Congratulations on your shows. It comes as no surprise that there were sell outs, I'd have been more surprised if there hadn't!!!
    My club items arrived today and are gorgeous, thank you.
    Maureen xxxx

  15. Hi Barb,
    So pleased that the shows were such a success for you – not sure my bank manager will feel the same mind you. Very envious of those lucky people who have received their club goodies already but I'm very patient and know that they'll be here soon for me to play with. Hope the housework wasn't too bad. Like ve and hugs, Alison.xxx

    1. Hello to all my blogg friends,
      Hope you've all had a good day . Finally got my iPad sorted out with yet another download which seems to have fixed the freezing thankfully. Been a wet day here today although it's nice now, so hope it's been good for you all. Off to eat my cake now , love and hugs, Alison xxxx

    2. Forgot to put glad your husband spoilt you today And you had a good time at Betty's the day before I once had a special birthday treat at the Harlow Carr one a lovley table with a view over the gardens lovley memories xxx

    3. Hi Alison, mmmm my favourite cake too. Hope you enjoyed it. Glad you got your iPad sorted. We've had a good day apart from a shower late afternoon. Love Pam xxx

    4. Hi Alison – pleased to hear that your hubby treated you to some lovely cake. I have just had a piece of my birthday cake! Hubby bought one for me – I can't remember when I last had a birthday cake! It's yummy – hugs Gilly x

    5. Hi Alison. Yummm! Valerie's cake! Where's my Chocolate Mousse!! It would only have meant a 10 min detour haahaa.
      I hope you enjoyed it anway! I used to go to Harrogate quite often with my work and it was always Betty's for a treat before the trek home. Love and Hugs xxx

  16. Evening thank you for blogging this Barbara so lovley I'm going to give this a go when I Finnish my calendar challenge if you find the time could you please blog the one using the wee church and ribbon effect box to put your alphabet in I do want this set with my 15% off its a brilliant price but just bought all the new wee stamps from this weekend so waiting to get my cushions out another day hope you mannage a little resting today after your mammoth weekend xxx

    1. Evening Donna Dorothy Diane Brenda pam gilly morag Alison sue 55 thinking of you all crafting hugs to all on the blog
      I received my clarity envelope today wow wow wow that's all I will say as I love mine to be a surprise and don't want to disappoint anyone's monthly surprise thank you Barbara for all the wonderful insperation and the newsletter hugs xxx

    2. Hi Sheila, great you got your envelope today, Glad you haven't spoiled it for us and kept the surprise and anticipation going. I just love reading the newsletter too. Hope you've had a good day and that you are enjoying doing your challenge card. Don't forget to have a rest in between. Love Pam xxx

    3. Hi Sheila – I hope that your hand recovers soon. Sounds as though you have enjoyed a craft theory day today instead of a practical one, special hugs Gilly xxx

    4. Glad you enjoyed your birthday cake gilly ,hi pam its my calendar challenge first one didn't turn out well so restarted another I've entered my card challange as I did a jigsaw hugs xx

    5. Hi Sheila. I hope your hand is settling down now. Get plenty of rest. I love my Diamond to be a surprise too. I'm pleased you've received yours…means mine will be following shortly. xxx

  17. Evening love doing this effect didn't order the alphabet set as hoping you will have it at Alley Pally Sunday just what need they look fantastic. Hope you have s lovely peacefull evening in your lovely clean house lots love Joy and of cause Katie xxx

  18. So effective I love this, managed to grab an alphabet set, can't wait to play. thanks for sharing, Hope you managed to enjoy some sun on your day off. Lots of love xxx

  19. Love the step by step today, so bright & cheerful and another technique that I hadn't seen before. Have managed to watch some shows on the Hochanda website today. Brilliant Barbara, as were all the design team cards and the cards made using just the groovy starter kit, wow they were amazing. The new alphabet stamps look brilliant too. The New Groovy plates are must have. Do hope you won't run out of stock at Ally Pally like you did on Hochanda, will have to try to be early on Sunday traffic permitting. Still got some shows left to watch so an exciting evening for me. Hope you didn't spend too long on the housework and that you managed some me time. Love Pam xxx

  20. I have not seen the shows but will catch up. So busy here in Bishop Household as we have son and fiancee living with us and grandchildren tomorrow, one of them staying till Friday. Retirement, what is that? Love the look of the alphabet chains and so much of the new Groovi items. I want want. Got my NDC envelope this morning and it is another winner. Already booked for Open Day and Retreat. So looking forward to those, more cake do you reckon. xx

  21. Hi Diane, Brenda, Dot, Gilly, Morag and Sue57. Hope you've had some Sun today and are all well. Had fun myself watching Barbara's shows on the computer just now. More to watch later. Love to all on the blog. Love Pam xxx

    1. Hi Pam – yes we have had a beautiful day here! It's been a rest day though, after all the fun yesterday. Hoping to do some more Groovi practice tomorrow. hugs Gilly x

  22. this is so lovely. i need that set but will get it at ally pally now. i couldn't watch at all as i have a precarious internet connection through a dongle so can barely look at some websites, hugs xx

  23. Fabulous project! I always watch Hochanda on my laptop, – dead easy, just google Hochanda TV and you can fo straight to the shows and watch whatever you want….Who needs freeview or sky for that matter….

  24. Hi to one and all, please accept my apologies for letting you all know what was part of the club package for march. It will not happen again. Many apologies. Lynn

  25. Very lovely. Still practising my groovi – seem to be totally addicted. Also spoke to a seasoned parcher today – she is buying groovi plates now. So looking forward to Ally Pally and buying Clarity goodies and seeing everyone.
    Love Anne (Reading)

  26. Hi Barbara – I really enjoyed watching you do this on tv. Hope that you have finished the housework – but I expect it's quite nice to just do something like that after a hectic few days on tv! Don't overdo it, I trust that regular cups of tea and some cake have been the order of the day too! Hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi Morag, Diane, Dot, Brenda, Pen, Sue57 and Julia – I hope that you have all had a good day, preferably with some crafting involved too! It's been a day of resting in bed for me, after our wonderful day yesterday, but that's fine. It has been a beautiful day here, and I am hoping to do a little bit of Groovi practice tomorrow. Have just had a cup of tea and a piece of my birthday cake – yes, hubby bought that for me too, bless him! Hugs to you all, Gilly x

    2. Hello Gilly. I'm not surprised that you need to rest today. I'm up to my eyes in pins and fabric ready to cut out tomorrow. So a bit daunting really!!!! More cake!! You and Alison both haha! I hope you will be feeling better tomorrow. xxx

    3. Hoi Gilly. Yrs lovely having the boys just wish I could keep up with them!
      Luckily Dad is here too. Sadly our daughter had to work but we get to visit them next week so will have time with her when the boys are at school xx

    4. Hi Gilly good to hear you've been relaxing today, it's been one of those days where things have gone wrong so I will start again tomorrow. Enjoy your groovi day tomorrow, might join you on that one. Xxx

  27. I've done the bokeh effect with white ink and Jo's bubbles stencil. I wonder if the water method would work with the stencil, something to try out. I placed my order last night – garden birds plates, all the new wee stamps, the alphabet chain and more. I wasn't sure I could justify the cost of the alphabet stamps but I started thinking of all the cool words and phrases I could do so I pressed the buy button. I received my club goodies this morning just before I went to work, they are fab.

    1. Hi Julia wow you did use your cushions didn't you enjoy when you get all your goodies I'm very tempted for the alphabet and the groovi birds too but I've put them on my wish list got so much I haven't played with yet hugs xxx

    2. Couldn't resist those garden birds Julie, aren't they lovely. Think we might all need to upgrade to beanbags rather than cushions if Barbara keeps this up!!! Xx

  28. Hi Barbara , I just spent the most wonderful afternoon catching up on hochanda . I learned so much , retention is a challenge in my maturity . I'm hoping that just maybe one day all these stamps will be available for members sale .
    You are just delightful to watch and I can't imagine your fatigue at the end of the day Thankyou thankyou so very much . Love you , hugs and kisses and joy now . Janice

  29. Oh I LOVE this demo Barbara. The possibilities with this technique will be endless. Thank you so much. I hope you've fitted in some relaxation time somewhere during the day. You so deserve it. Hugs xxx

  30. Hello Dot Brenda Pen Diane and all on the blog. I hope you've all had a good day. I think you just may be exhausted with all of your retail therapy over the past couple of days! xxx

    1. Hi Morag,
      Hope the sewing is going well. Have to say, I think I've eaten too much cake in the last couple of days, mind you they were gorgeous!! We'll have to have another visit to a certain shop in Durham again when the kids go back to school. Love and hugs xxxx

    2. Hello Morag lovely start to the day with my Clarity envelope but I've spent the afternoon trying to restore emails that managed to vanish from my phone! Very tedious. Enjoy your sewing xx

    3. My club envelope arrived today😀Made myself wait until after lunch so that I could open it and enjoy it in peace! Which I have done – and it reminded me of other stamps I 'need'.

      Cushions at the ready girls!

  31. Hi Barbara, I absolutely love the 'Bokeh' effect, and I love this technique to achieve this effect too, very clever. I hope you have had a good day.
    I got my Diamond package today, beautiful.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  32. Hope the postie brings my 'Diamonds' tomorrow – good to know they're on their way! Received my Flower Heads stencils today and, fingers crossed, 'Alphas' might arrive tomorrow… now just need to save up for next month's offerings… can't resist a good bargain and while I said that birds aren't really my thing, love what you did with them so they've been added to my ever-growing list of 'needs' – lol! Got to try the 'Bokeh' background too!

  33. I loved watching your shows and this demo in particular; I would never have thought of making a background like that – thanks for the inspiration once again

  34. Hi Barbara
    This is lovely, I've got to learn to go for bright colours like this and trust they will work together. The water circles look fabulous, I've seen you do it with white ink before but this is interesting too. Thank you for sharing this tecnique on the blog. I was so happy when you had sell outs, you could tell by the look on your face it was such a relief to you but it's nice to know the hochanda team were holding their breath waiting for it too. It feels like you are all one happy family there which is lovely. Hope you've had a good day chilling.
    Love Diane xxx

  35. Love the effect. Will need to try it out tomorrow once I have done some much needed housework!! Or at least enough tidying to create space to craft at my table and enough washing and ironing to last until the weekend!
    Really looking forward to receiving my club envelope and playing with the contents as I have lots of time to craft this week.

  36. Hi Barb, loved this demo, have seen it done with white ink, did not think to use water with DI. Hope you are resting up a bit after the shows. Take care. Bx

  37. Good morning Barbara,
    very effective… indeed.
    You gave me a great idea for my A4-size backgrounds and I tried it now: I give two different distress ink colours directly from the pads on my craft mat and sprayed a little bit of water on it.
    I used to put the card into it which was always to splodgy.
    Now I take the coloured water drops from the mat with the brayer and give it on to the card which makes a non splodgy very soft background in seconds!!!.. Love it!!!
    Thank you very much.
    Rolf xxx

  38. Loving this technique, Barb…..unfortunately, couldn't watch it or record it either – no Freeview :-(. Hope they get this sorted quickly as I much prefer to watch on the telly 🙂
    Going to give this a try, though.

    Hope you're doing well, might see you at Ally Pally (but I really shouldn't – I spend too much!!)

    take care, Liz M xxx

  39. Where there's a will there's a way! Despite my 'smart' TV only allowing a partial picture to load there was still enough to be watchable. Other shows I viewed on PC. One of your shows was repeated overnight so I recorded that which happened to be the one with this step-by-step bokeh technique. I've always wanted to know how to do this! Thank you.
    Tonbridge Sue

  40. I am one of the unlucky ones, can only view Hochanda on Freeview. So it is nice to know what I am missing. However, it does mean my credit card is having a holiday.

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