Paint under the fingernails!

Paint under the fingernails!

Hi there,
Thanks for popping in.
Sorry we sold out of the Word Chain ABC 
on HOCHANDA this morning!
Many many thanks for watching and supporting if you did;
I just wanted to drop in and upload the basics of the painty demo 
I did with Hayley at lunchtime.
Here’s how:
Cut a piece of stencil card down to 5″ x 5″
and load a brayer with a little Cheesecake acrylic Fresco paint.
Walk the brayer across the card, to build an undercoat. 
Once dry, stamp a house, or a barn or a church or any one of the little houses, shops or buildings you fancy into place,
using a black Archival ink pad.

Now it’s time to start walking the brayer through various 
acrylic colours on the craft mat,
then transferring to the card, building a backdrop.

we’re headed in this general direction:
Why 2 ? Why not 2??
The trick is to NOT apply pressure to the brayer,
to simply walk the brayer over the card with various colours,
allowing the colours to dry inbetween times.

Don’t worry about getting paint on the mask; 

it scrapes off really easily with a finger nail.
Now I’ve just got a blue finger nail!!

Get some white paint and load a mini blending tool.

Dab the blending tool through a piece of punchinella

Frame with a black Sharpie pen and ruler.

Must get back!!
Got to figure out a strategy!!!
Love & Hugs,

149 thoughts on “Paint under the fingernails!

  1. Great shows, my HDMI is working a treat! I really loved this demo with the paint. Want to play with that, maybe tomorrow although I'm hoping it works with my system 3 paints as I haven't got any of the Fresco paints yet. Can't wait to play with my new goodies! XX

    1. Afternoon Donna did you use the system paints for your calendar challenge as its stunning I've got some of them but have got some fresco paints too I've been crafting a little today I've restarted my April calendar challange hope it turns out better than my first one or I won't be entering this month .crafting hugs are you crafting In between shows I found them so relaxing xxx
      Like you cannot wait for my wee goodies to arrive

    2. Hi Sheila, no I used some of my cheap ones, acrylic but very watery. I want to invest in some of the Fresco paints as I like the colours. I bet your calendar project will be beautiful when you finish it, I had to smile when I saw your challenge entry was a puzzle too. XX

    3. Hi Donna I bought the small set of system paints that Barbara use to sell as I didn't know how I would like paint then bought a few fresco paints got about 6 I think you don't use very much it seems to go a long way I like the snowflake as it good for making the snowflakes .great minds for the jigsaws they are good to make arnt they are you back at school soon ? Hasn't the holidays passed quick not that it makes a difference to me with been medically health retired I miss work though xxx

    4. Hi Donna, got back from the wedding last night, it was fabulous. Disappointed not to be able to see Barbara's shows. Hope you had a great weekend, how could you not when you had all those shows to watch. Bet you are well pleased to have this week at home to craft. Love Pam xxx

    5. Hi Donna, I was wondering about the system 3 paints too as I don't have any of the fresco. I retired through ill health from Nursing about 6 years ago and I still miss it! You are so right about crafting being a great way to keep busy. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. xxx

    6. Hi Pam, glad to hear you had a great time at the wedding. Lots of shows to catch up on now. Xx

      Hi Morag, it should work, can't see why it wouldn't unless the system 3 are too thick? I shall have a play and let you know! Xx

    7. Hi Donna – sounds like you are planning on a fun week! I can understand how you would miss work – like Morag and Sheila, I had to finish work through ill health too. Carry on enjoying the best of both worlds – Gilly xx

    8. Hi Donna,
      well it seems like youre hsving fun. Unlike the rest of you, i retired because i wanted to. I taught for 37 years and although i loved it, i was tired of all the target setting, paperwork, analysing results etc that the job had become. I loved being with the kids especially my Year 10 and 11 groups,, but the beurocracy of the job was wearing me out. I was off school for 3 months when i had my knee replacement and saw what life was like outside of teaching. This was the first time i had missed school in all my career. I remember going to Whitby in February and thought it wss shut – there was nobody there! It was wonderful! I had only ever seen it in school holidays when it is heaving with people. So i decided enough was enough and retired in the summer 3 years ago and i love it! Getting back to crafty things, i love the fresco paints and really enjoy using them . I think Ive got about 25 of them now. Enjoy playing with your goodies, love and hugs xxx

    9. Hi Donna
      Oh I must get my paints out and have a play! Fell off the wagon this morning and ordered the garden birds, I waved as I bounced past the campfire 🙂 enjoy playing and getting messy xxx

  2. Wonderful! I did enjoy this demo. Congratulations on the one day special sell-out. Obviously the Freeview outage had no effect upon the sales of Clarity's fantastic products. Love, love, love the new wee stamps (so difficult to pick a favourite) and the new word chains and the alphabet are splendiferous. I'll probably buy it all over time. Thank you.
    Tonbridge Sue

  3. Well done on the sell out. I'll not be tempted if there are none left! Will try to catch this afternoon's shows, and I love this demo with the paint – very cool. Susan x

  4. Fabulous that you sold out on your first show this morning quality sells and clarity is pure quality the farm using the wonderful large stencil was stunning loved the set in the tin how stunning that was too . I have bought all the new wee sets the new alphabet set is on my wish list with the groovi tits .looking forward to the next two shows the last two today where brilliant so much insperation crafting hugs Barbara xxx

    1. Afternoon Donna Dorothy Diane Brenda gilly morag Julia Alison sue55 thinking of you all I've been crafting this afternoon redoing my April calendar challange hope this one turns out better than first one I made,lots of hugs dear blog friends hugs to all on the blog xxx

    2. Hi Sheila, the wedding was lovely. Shattered today. Hope you are feeling better and keeping to your crafting and resting routine. Wanted to do the last calendar challenge but was so late starting then it turned out a mess. Haven't even tried a canvas yet so don't hold out much hope for this months, but you never know. Love Pam xxx

    3. I hope you're happy with your Calendar Challenge Sheila. I'm sure you would be the only one who thought your first attempt wasn't suitable. We really are our own worst critics!
      You'll need to get some rest now. Take care. xxx

    4. Sheila, I'm sure your canvas isn't as bad as you think. Remember not to waste the first one, with acrylics all you need to do is put another base layer of paint onto the canvas and start again. I'll be having a go when I receive my canvases and I'll be using the system 3 paints. I think this one will be quite difficult.

    5. Hi Julia what if you use fresco paints can you paint over them or if I paint with system 3 will that cover fresco paint it's only one canvas I got the set when they was on sale so it's not a problem to waste one xx

    6. Sheila, I think you can use either as they are both acrylic. System 3 has a more traditional to them but fresco has a chalky matt finish to them. Fresco has some translucent finishes so don't use them if you want a full cover but getting a hint of what is underneath might be just the job. I've just had a look at the challenge blog, there is Donna's and three more now. It think they look amazing, so impressed.

    7. Hi Sheila – so pleased to hear that you have been able to craft today, in between the shows. Good luck with your Calendar challenge, I haven't seen today's shows yet as we didn't get home until nearly 8.00pm Many hugs, Gilly xxx

    8. Evening Sheila glad your able to have a wee painty time bet that first canvas was brilliant don't be to hard on yourself..hey listen to me I always think mine are rubbish compared to what guys can do…love Dot.xx

    9. Hi Sheila it's good to hear you've been crafting today and getting messy. I've been out to lunch with friends today, 4 hours chatting! I finished my friends little groovi flower card before I went. Xx

  5. Just watched this demo on playback on Hochanda. Love it. Do the System 3 acrylic paints work for this? Was persuaded by our daughter to buy the alphabet this morning. Looks like I got in just in time!! All the new wee sets are great too. My wish list just gets longer and longer! Keep up the good work, Barbara. Great shows 🙂 Mxx

  6. Loving the shows, love all things Wee, especially the sheep, just had to be the first things in my basket. And strangely drawn to your speaking German although I didn't understand a word of it.Congratulations on the sellout

  7. Afternoon need to use catch up watched most of 9 also need to etch lunchtime one oops time for next show for 4 pm emailed show yesterday against I'll didn't get read out will you have letters at alley pally hope so as coming Sunday must go watch and then catch up xxx

  8. Hi caught some of the shows ,catching up on some now …well my head kept saying no no no my heart said yes ..heart won ordered the alphabet set lol at least it's pay day Friday ….

  9. You were right about die Bremer Stadtmusikanten. There is a statue of them by the cathedral in Bremen. Donkey, dog, cat and cockrel. They chase robbers from a house as they mistake the animals for various monsters. I spent a year in Bremerhaven in the late 80's and visited my former exchange partner and her family in Bremen regularly.

  10. Loved the 4pm show Barbara, so good when you go back to stamping basics & you look so relaxed with the lovely Charlie. Well done!

  11. I must admit to being upset at the Free view situation but happily watched all the shows on my laptop and it was perfect, I even watched the 12pm show on Catchup so no problem xx

  12. Afternoon Barb, well I have been watching you …. so very pleased … using the catch up on Hochanda. Tried to watch as you were doing but it kept on buffering but on Catch up much better.

    And a bonus was 2 shows recorded last night / early hours on FreeView.

    Love the blog and have been trying to use the brayer and paints on canvas today. You say you have paint under your fingernails … I have permanent marker – bright pink – all over my fingers. IT LEAKED !!! Can I get it off – nope.

    JUst a question – is anyone else still waiting for their March Club Diamond goodies? I am…..

    Well best get on with tea – looking forward to seeing the other shows later tonight when Dennis has "his programmes" on and I can watch you on my tablet.

    Crafty hugs to everyone Pen x

    1. Still waiting here, but i know the payment was requested the other day (got the email) so i'm assuming they're in the pipeline. (How dare there be bank holidays!!) I did wonder if mine might have been put aside to come with the two orders i placed from the blog sale days. That would make a lot of sense for clarity.

    2. Hi pen I haven't got mine yet either but Barbara did say on the blog she was putting our membership badge in for ally pally that doesn't matter to me as I cannot go to any of the shows or retreats with been mostly house bound and we would have them in 14 days I made that the 31st March but then we have had the Easter holidays I didn't know if we was getting March April together I'm not personally bothered as will get them when they arrive I know Barbara said she is hoping to get back on track by May which is not far away and she has been so busy with all that's going on at present usually some one on the blog says they have got there's but no one has commented recently .dont know if this helps xx

    3. I haven't received mine yet either Pen, so maybe none of us have. Didn't know about the membership badge and I'm hoping to get to Ally Pally on Sunday. I thought Barbara said they should get the Design Club goodies out by the end of March but may have got that wrong. Been looking back on the blog to see but not found it as yet. I'm sure they'll be here soon, they must be so busy with all the orders.

    4. Well that makes me feel better, and as been said it's been a busy time for Barbara and the goodies will arrive when they do.

      Its a shame but I can't get to ally pally last time was 36 years ago !!!!

      Just going catch up with the shows on catch up.

      But watching the lambs running up and down our fence in the field next to us.


    5. Ah that sounds lovely Pen. Gosh 36 years ago were there papercraft shows then? I love Ally Pally, to me it's one of the best shows there is. Hope you had,a good

    6. Hi Pen, I too can remember Barbara saying that they would be late because of the Membership Cards. They'll take as long as they take! Haha…did I sound a little like Barbara there! Haha!
      We'll enjoy them when they come. xxx

    7. Hello all. I emailed clarity towers as I thought my March club goodies had gone astray. They are being mailed this week with new members cards, seems there was a glitch in the system. I'm sure they are worth the wait xc

    8. Hello all, I received an email from Clarity just before the end of March apologising that the club goodies would be late as Barbara was waiting for the member cards to come from the printers.Also to regularise all members accounts. Maybe the emails got posted into spam folders? I am sure they will arrive soon!! x

    9. i think the way Barbara has been running on that mouse wheel these past months we are lucky to get them bless you you can only do what you can do and I don't mind waiting all firms have glitches and when it arrives it will be worth the wait xxx

    10. Barbara no need to say appoligies some things are out of your control I don't know how you keep up with it all you have my admiration get some rest you must be shattered wow all the shows where fantastic xxx

    11. Hi Pen,
      i was just about to say that mine hadnt come either, then i noticed Barb's commrnt apologising. Can i just say that i dont know how you are coping with everything thats going on at Clarity Towers. I will wait for as long as it takes and will enjoy my envelope whenever it arrives. Love and hugs xxx

  13. Sadly not seen any shows but will use catch up to view later. Love your demo here and remember doing something similar at the retreat last year. Glad you are selling products well shows how popular they are. xx

  14. Great shows and delighted to get my first baby groovi today. Sure I will buy some more this weekend.
    Also big thank you for the newsletter. Good to be a club member.
    Lots of love
    Anne (Reading)

  15. Hi Barb, I was totally inspired by you today and have made a card with my Groovi Stamp kit. Really happy that you have had a successful show – will get the alphabet stamps when you have some more. Looking forward to seeing the team on Saturday at Ally Pally!! Hugs xx

  16. Winced when I saw the cost of the alphabet but then thought, 15% off! free postage! well! it would be churlish not to buy them. How easily I can be persuaded!!!! Haven't placed my order yet as I 'need' to look at the other new items – just in case you understand! I don't have any addicts cushions so I may just go 'bump' (again……)

  17. This looks great so must have a go. Naughty me hasn't even used her Fresco paints yet. Still unable to get Hochanda catchup, did get the sound earlier but cant even get that now. Still thank you so much for blogging some your demos. Love Pam xxx

    1. Sent you message further up Sheila. Got a lot of exercises to do. Was sleeping better with the pills but I seem to have got used to them don't really want to up the dose and feel like,a zombie again in the day, will see how it goes.xx

    2. Sorry to hear Pam that you're not sleeping. As a long term insomniac I can empathise with you. It's definitely worse since I retired! do all of my tv watching and a lot of crafting during the night. So I seem to live in a permanent state of exhaustion!
      I hope you enjoyed the wedding! xxx

    3. Hi pam pain drags you down doesn't it and if you cannot sleep it's not good either hope you can get some catch up sleep glad you went to the wedding and had a good time pain free hugs xxx

    4. Hi Pam – sorry to hear that you are in pain, it really drags you down, added to which not sleeping = not good! I hope that it improves soon for you! Hugs Gilly xx

    5. Hi Pam,
      sorry to hear you're not sleeping. Im hopeless if i dont get enough sleep do you havr my sympathy. Hope tonight is better for you, love and hugs xxx

    6. Hi Pam oh I'm so glad you had a good time at the wedding, just what you needed, sorry to hear you haven't been sleeping properly though, that's not good. Look after yourself xxx

  18. I wondered where the alphabet stamps were (not surprised that they sold out) when I managed to catch part of this afternoons show which I really enjoyed. Have recorded all of yesterdays but have to get my hands on the T.V control to watch them. Thank you Barbara I love watching your shows.

  19. Hi, Diane, Brenda, Dot, Morag, Alison, Sue57, hope you had a good weekend and managed to watch Barbara' s shows. We had good weather for the wedding hope you did too. Love to you all and to all Barbara's crafty

    1. That's ok Pam – I have just put a message for you slightly higher up! I did have a good weekend thanks – watching tv and a little bit of Groovi practice, hugs Gilly xx

  20. Loved your stamping shows, the art work by the design team was amazing. I would love to know where I can buy the positive and negative (if that's the correct term) magnetic sheets, so I can steal the idea for my grand-daughter.

  21. I've thoroughly enjoyed all of the shows. The artwork has been amazing and your relationships with the presenters is great, especially Charlie. Now that I've seen all of the shows I'm off to the website to place my order. Sheila said 'you can't take it with you' so if my husband complains I'll blame it on Sheila, he he! I don't smoke, don't drink much, don't go out partying but I do eat chocolate and am craft/clarity obsessed.

    1. Did you write that last bit Julie…or did I!! Haha! You definitely could have taken those words directly from my mouth! Hugs xxx

    2. I've noticed I have a lot in common with quite a few bloggers, we crafters must have certain traits. If you guys are anything like me I feel sorry for you.

    3. Hi Julia – I also love chocolate and cake and crafting, and now very recently becoming a Groovi addict! I think that we are probably encouraging each other – so it's only going to get worse, as far as I can see! Still, as Sheila quite rightly says – you can't take it with you! Hugs Gilly xx

    4. Hi Julia gilly morag I don't drink don't smoke don't eat cake oh yes I'm a CCA your very welcome to join me i don't mind you blaming me Julia I've got lots of reasons I need my crafting goodies it makes life bearable oh that reminds me can we have a teddy baby plate please just for me to hug xxx

    5. You don't eat cake Sheila, can you hear the shock in my voice. There was me thinking that I should go into hiding – chat to my friends but try and ignore Barbara so that I don't spend any more money. Mmm, that's not going to happen (only kidding Barbara). My girls would say YOLO – you only live once. Crafting is therapy, even just looking at my stash feels good. A teddy bear plate, yes, I wonder what else we could ask for.

  22. Hello Barbara, another sellout!! I'm not a bit surprised they are fabulous products. I've bought more than I could afford really haha! but I've already suggested to hubby that the alphabet will be the perfect birthday pressie. Not till September, but it will be worth the wait. It will take me til then to use everything I have ordered over the last few weeks!!
    I've enjoyed every one of your shows and your demos. You were absolutely brilliant. Even hubby sits and watches now, so I'm blessed! Hugs xxx

  23. Hello Dorothy, Gilly, Brenda, Alison, Diane, Sue 57 and all my blog friends. I've just about caught up with my crafting..well almost! So just need to get the sewing machine out for a couple of days, after which I can just play, play, play!
    I hope you're all getting plenty of play time and plenty of rest in between. Love and Hugs to you all. xxx

    1. See told you so Morag. My sewing machine is on the kitchen table, I did a few jobs last week and still have a couple of things I want to do. Just altering clothes, I bought a long sleeveless button up top for £1 which is very nice but I need to shorten it a bit for it to suit me.

    2. Hi Morag – I'm most impressed that you are going to recover a chair and stool, have you done this before? Have fun with your new goodies when you get them! Hugs Gilly xxx

    3. I recovered the cushions on two sofas last year for my daughter. She was pleased with them! But it was something I vowed I would never do again hahaha! So I must be daft!! xxx

    4. They say you're as old as you feel! So going by that, my age can range from 18yrs…to 98 yrs hahah! I wish I could say I was somewhere in the middle..but alas!!!!! xx

    5. Hi Morag,
      I'm well impressed with you recovering chairs and stools. I can't get to my sewing machine for all my overflow craft stuff thats on top of the cabinet. I had a bit of an overspend too. Good idea though about the alphabet for your birthday. I'll just have to tell Dave that they are an early present from him and he owes me the money!!! Lovecand hugs xxx

    6. Hi Morag, finished a groovi cyclamen today it looked really cut and made a great small card, hope my friend likes it. I have to ask my daughters permission to use her sewing machine – mine went up in smoke a few years ago fro shock at being used! Xx

  24. Hi Barbara – congratulations on your sell-out! It just goes to show that you didn't have anything to worry about. One of the things that I love about you, is that you seem totally unaware of just how clever and talented you are! All of us here knew that we would not be the only ones to make whatever effort was required in order to watch you. Having said that – don't ever change, we love you just the way you are. (I think there's a song with that in!?!?) So please, take a little breather and enjoy your latest success. Hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi Alison, Diane,Dot,Brenda, Jackie, Sue57 and Chris M – I am sure that you have enjoyed the shows and I would guess that you just might have put in some orders too!! I haven't seen today's shows, but have recorded them, as I have been out today with my hubby. We went to our favourite fish and chip restaurant overlooking the Harbour in Falmouth and we even had some sunshine too! We had a double celebration – my birthday and also our wedding anniversary. We got married in Falmouth – so it was really nice to be there today. After lunch we had a ride up to Pendennis Point and just sat in the car – looking out to sea. It was beautiful with the sun shining on the water. I hope that you have all had a good day too, hugs Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly…Happy Birthday to you tra la, Happy Birthday to you tra la, Happy Birthday dear Gill…y, Happy Birthday to you. tra la la la la Not forgetting…Happy Anniversareeee!
      I'm so pleased you've had a lovely day.xxxx

    3. So glad you had a very special dear blog friend you both so deserve the sunshine happy birthday / anniversary lots of special hugs xxx

    4. Happy birthday and congratulations. Just the sort of thing we like doing to celebrate. Got a backlog on my wish list so I put an order in last week and have added things from these shows to the bottom!

    5. Hi Gilly,
      Happy birthday and Happy anniversary too. Sounds like youve had a fantastic day, really pleased for you. Yep you are right – did buy lots! Love and hugs xxx

    6. Happy birthday and happy anniversary to you both, sounds like you've had a wonderful day, love Falmouth, haven't been there for ages, and fish and chips always taste so much better by the sea. Xxx

  25. Hi Barbara,
    saw your shows today and as I said before:
    Du machst das mit links (english translation: You do something blindfold)
    You gave me a new idea when showing this artwork here today in the show: I want to try the brayer with distress inks and a little water for a background…
    Don´t know if this works??? But I will try it soon…
    Thanks for giving us inspiration in your shows
    Rolf xxx

  26. I love this walking the brayer with the acrylic paints and the colours are wonderful Barbara and this new alphabet is very popular of course. I hope you will be taking it easy tomorrow if you can. x

  27. Hi Barbra,
    Managed to get the alphabet last night and boy was I glad that I did as it had sold out by time I got around to watching this mornings show. Great demos – love it when you get to stamping. Did I miss something as it appears that the last show was a repeat. Hope you have arrived home safely and will have a bit of a rest tomorrow. xxx

  28. Evening Barbara Hope you have your feet up now shows were great got a wee parcel with some of my bloggy sale buys today all that lovely packaging must take time on its own.
    No stress the night sleep well..xx

  29. Hi Barb,
    Congratulations on the wonderful shows and yet another sellout one day wonder. There you were worried that business would suffer brcause of Hochanda being off air on Frreview. We all knew differently!! I watched yesterday's shows on my ipad and the early show today but have others to catch up with yet. Put my order in last night for the alphabet and so pleased i did. Hayley seemed really pleased and impressed with this demo and im not surprised, it's gorgeous. Hope you can get a bit of a rest now, love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi to all my lovely blog friends,
      well it seems as thogh we've all needed the cushions. Really looking forward to playing with my new goodies when they arrive. Had a lovely day today – met my sister and cousin in Northallerton and went to Betty's for coffee and cake ( does that sound familiar Morag?) For those of you that dont know, Betty's is a wonderful posh coffee shop – they have them in York, Harrogate and Northallerton . The cakes are gorgeous and the surroundings beautiful. Only problem was i got back home two hours later thsn i said i would and Dave had made risotto for tea which was ruined!! He'd had his at least but ive got some grovelling to do now. Still had a lovely day. Love and hugs Alisonxxxx

    2. Oh Alison, I hope you are forgiven, the cake shop sounds wonderful though – must ok out next time I'm that way! I had a 4 hour lunch today, so much to chat about and so much laughing to be done! Xx

  30. Hi Barbara
    I was doing a happy dance for you this morning when Chariie said there were sell outs as I knew how worried you were. I think we should have a guess how many units we took with us to hochanda competition, I'm sure we would all be amazed at the quantities! Love this arty piece, it will look good on yout art room door. Sleep well tonight and try to find some down time tomorrow.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello my lovely Brenda, hope you have been ok. Have you managed to watch Barbara today, the shows I've seen have been brilliant hugs for you and Daisy xxxx

    2. Thank you Diane, saw bits of Barbara's lunchtime and afternoon shows, but I'm going to watch them all on catch up. I was hoping Hochanda would repeat them between midnight and 4 am for us freeview viewers but that was too much wishful thinking!!! Glad you had a lovely afternoon with your friends. love Brenda xx

  31. Hi Barbara, so pleased to see you had a sell out. That cheered me up today. And glad to see you got let home early for good behaviour too!!! I'll need to watch the other shows today on catch up, not having a good day today. I did see this demo though and loved it, thanks for blogging it too, that helps a lot. I'll try and remember this one for when I get to the point of trying my first canvas. Nae worries here re March's diamond club, I'll wait as long as you need me to. You all work so hard.

    I hope you sleep well and manage to get some chill time to recover before Ally Pally.

    thank you, love Brenda xx

  32. Hi Barb, what fabulous shows, great samples from the team and brilliant demo's. Love this little piece of artwork. When I am able to I will order the alphabet from the web site. Hope you get a chance to have a rest when you get home. Thank you for all the inspiration. Take care. Bx

  33. Loved the shows. Yes I couldn't resist the alphabet stamps, as I love the word chains and their quirky style. Like many, I was wondering where my goodies were for the club, but I quite understand the delay, so thanks Barbara for clarifying why. Xx

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