Ally Pally looming…..

Ally Pally looming…..

Hello there!
So good of you to pop in.
I wish you were here!
You’d be cleaning plates and packing stamps 
before you could take your coat off!
In the run up to Ally Pally this weekend, 
we are ever optimistic that things will come together…
Looking a little bit sparse at the moment, mind!
We’ve just raided Jayne’s TV/trade stash
so all is not lost!!
The stencil section’s currently in the lead,
with a pretty good selection.
Stamps not so convincing….
The Groovi Section definitely needs a little TLC….
My brother and I have been in the warehouse trying to 
rustle up something to sell,
but I think it’s time for a cuppa, because he’s losing it.
And he’s also starting to get a little clingy….

But seriously folks!
The Clarity Crew are once again going like the clappers 
to get us up to speed by Friday.
Most have gone home now – 10 hours is plenty.
But as usual, the same faithful few are here until the bitter end.
Lovely Lisa on cleaning and artboards,
dapper Dave on coffee round, 
and general all round goodness,
Paul on Groovi Production
(he definitely pulled the short straw!)
Lauren on Word Chain Stamp packing,
Steve on Van loading and entertainment,
and last but not least my buddy Jim,
on graphics and signage.
We haven’t done a retail show since last November,
so we can’t find a blimming thing !!!
And tomorrow, I have to prepare for a TV Show (1 hour)
 which is being streamed live from Ally Pally at 1pm on Saturday,
so I can’t even help here, which I am unhappy about,
but most here will be secretly relieved about!
Tell you what though – the new Groovi plates being launched during that hour are splendiferous!
Shall I give you a peek?
Hang on….

Yep, we’ve gone Japanesey!
I just think that Parchment art and blossoms and Geishas 
are a veritable match made in heaven.
So please pardon me for no writing a mindful blog today,
but I really have to focus on bloggy Wednesdays,
and today was a warehouse & price-guns kinda day.

So I will press on, and get back to it.
Tick a few more boxes here before I go home….

love & hearty hugs,

130 thoughts on “Ally Pally looming…..

  1. Certainly seems to be all hands to the decks. I know from what has happened in the past it will be alright on the night (or day in this case).
    My NDC goodies arrived today, they are fantastic. Thank you x

  2. It's all go with the team then getting ready for Ally Pally. So looking forward to it on Sunday. Love the new groovy Japanese plates but they'll have to wait a while so many mire to get first. My NEC envelope arrived today too, absolutely spot on, love them all. Thank you. Love Pam xxx

    1. Hi Pam
      It's a lovely envelope of goodies isn't it. Have a lovely time on Sunday and just a take a little cushion with you, have it ready as you go up those steps at the front – don't do a me and fall flat on your face!!! Xxx

  3. Beautiful Japanese groovi plates well done to all the clarity team you can only do what you can do Barbara is it going to be on hochanda the hour with clarity and time please so I can record or watch it .i would like to say a big thank you to clarity towers for the fast turn around of my wrongly sent punch I received the right one today that's what I call service xxx

    1. Evening Donna Dorothy Diane Brenda pam gilly morag Alison sue55 thinking of you all hugs to all on blog hope your days have been good ?
      I've had a crafting day today I managed to complete my calendar challange and e mailed it in wow it was a challange this was my 2nd attempt so all entered in no changing mind now .its always good to craft going to take my groovi to bed soon and have a play might even do a little colouring xxx

    2. Hi Sheila, must say I have been religiously doing these new exercises and my back is so much better, but it was starting to ease before that. Still keeps waking me up in the night though when I do eventually manage to get to sleep. You've done well to get your challenge in this early Sheila. Enjoy your groovy tonight and the colouring. Got soaked today the showers were really heavy. Take care.Love Pam xxx

    3. Hi Sheila, gosh you've done well to get your calendar challenge done already especially as it was your 2nd attempt. I haven't even got round to getting my canvas out of the cupboard! Been to Newcastle today to buy a new pillow because for a week and a half I've woken up with a stiff neck and feeling more tired than I went to bed. I also think that's what gave me the migraine last week. Anyway I've splashed out on an expensive pillow so hopefully I will eventually get a good night's sleep. . Love and hugs Alison xx

    4. I started my first one beginning of March I'm not quick really I start very early .
      Hope you have managed to get warm after getting soaked I feel for you been in pain isn't good .
      Alison hope your pillow helps we got some Hypnos ones when we got our new Hypnos mattress they are brilliant hope yours helps as when our body's don't get enough rest we suffer so sending lots of hugs xxx

    5. Hello Sheila
      You sound much brighter today. Well done getting your challenge finished and e mailed in, you are doing well. Enjoy your parching and colouring xxxx

  4. It will all be worth it! Thankyou for all your hard work with the club stencils; stamps and groovi plates they are totally awesome (my grandson aged 3's answer to everything)!
    I ll see you at Ally Pally, my first time X X X

  5. Ooo it's all go there! I wish I could time travel and I'd be there to help!!!
    The Japanese plates are gorgeous! Really looking forward to seeing what you do with them!
    Love and hugs to you and all at Clarity towers! Xxx

  6. Ooo it's all go there! I wish I could time travel and I'd be there to help!!!
    The Japanese plates are gorgeous! Really looking forward to seeing what you do with them!
    Love and hugs to you and all at Clarity towers! Xxx

  7. Good luck, everything will get done I'm sure! Those new plates look stunning, hmmmmmmm already down to bread and jam this month so maybe it will just be bread now! Xx

    1. Hi Donna, got caught in a shower absolutely soaked. Hope you've had a good day crafting. Hoping to do a little bit tonight. Got my goodies today We'll worth waiting for. Love Pam xxx

    2. Hi Donna, it's been quite nice here today but really cold and the wind is bitter. Did get my Clarity envelope so I was happy. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

    3. I will fetch the butter see you at the camp fire xx
      Just made a mess of my colouring on my card oh well will have to start tomorrow again body is telling me to rest xx

    4. Hi Donna
      I've got some bendy veg in the fridge, I'll make soup and bring it along, we won't go hungry don't worry 😀. It started to drizzle when I was out for my walk today and lashed it down when I got home – definitely April showers today! Love Diane xxx

  8. Oh my word Barbara, you sure have your work cut out for you but I am sure you will be all ready come the big day. Good luck with the show and loving the look of these new parchment plates too.
    Best wishes
    Linda xxxx

  9. Oh how many of us would like to be there helping. The new groovi plates look great. Looking forward to the show and still working my way through last weeks shows which are brilliant as always. I have received my Gold Club today thank you and already have so many ideas for using the stamp and the stencil. It's like having a birthday present every month.

  10. Good luck Barbara and gang for the weekend 🙂 xxxx. I want to say a big thanks to Barbara for spending some time to explain how to use the brayer on the Monday 12.00 Hochanda broadcast. I could not get away from the stripes and put my brayer to the back of the drawer but now I know were I was going wrong so out the Brayer again xxxxx

  11. I think there are lots of us that would pop in and help out if only we lived closer! I am luuuuurrrrrving those Japanesey plates too. Stunning. Keep up the good work but do take care of yourself and each other too. Xxx

  12. Hi to the ladies who we're so kind to me yesterday after my very big mistake I made . Dare I say the new Groovi plates look wonderful. Have a great day at the show this weekend if you are going. Many thanks ladies. Lynn xx

  13. I am sure that you will have an amazing time and it will all come together as always. Exciting that you will be broadcasting live on Saturday! I am sure that it will be a success. Enjoy your prep day tomorrow – I will be p!aying with my clarity March enve!ope which arrived today.

  14. I am sure that you will have an amazing time and it will all come together as always. Exciting that you will be broadcasting live on Saturday! I am sure that it will be a success. Enjoy your prep day tomorrow – I will be p!aying with my clarity March enve!ope which arrived today.

  15. Would be there helping if I didn't live in North Yorkshire. You could do working holidays like the national trust!
    Off to the railway museum in York tomorrow with the family _ that's if we can ever get them to bed tonight!

    1. Hi Chris, hope you enjoy the museum. Dave and I often pop in there when we go to York. I love the Royal carriages – so fascinating. Love Alison xx

  16. Oh no Barbara not more wonderful Groovi plates. I so so want some of the new designs. Take care of yourself, your team are marvelous working like they do.Hope Ally Pally goes well, sure that it will. xx

  17. Hi, Diane, Brenda, Dot, Alison, Gilly, Morag and Sue55 (is that right) hope you've had a good day and not got caught in a shower like I did. Had to change right down to undies.(ha ha!). Just going to do an hour of crafting before Grandchester. Got my goodies today so well pleased. Love to you and all on this

    1. Pam there's nothing worse than getting wet down to your undies in the rain. Have a hot toddy tonight, we don't want you catching a chill xxx

  18. Hi Pam,
    I so enjoy Grantchester and am looking forward to it later on. I hope you were back in the house when you were stripping down to your undies lol!!! Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  19. I think your blog is quite mindful, in that you stayed with your priorities for the day and shared them with us – sometimes ticking the list is what keeps you in the present. Got my NDC envelope today and also my parcel of Clarity goodies, so at some point I will disappear into my craft room and put some of the "stuff" on my desk into the lovely new folders x

  20. Hi Barbara, I can understand how it would be difficult to be very mindful when you have your hands full! What a great team you have. I'm another one who would gladly give my time if I lived nearer. Your new plates are gorgeous. I know everything will go well for you at Ally Pally, with your fabulous Clarity stuff, how could it not!
    My wonderful NDC arrived today, I can't wait to play with it. Plus I got my first of the three Clarity Packages that I've recently ordered. They are such a joy. Hugs xxx

    1. Hi Morag,
      Yes my envelope arrived today but not had a chance to play yet. Just waiting for all my other goodies now. Hope sewing is going well, love and hugs Alison xxx

  21. Hi Barb,
    Certainly looks like you've all got your hands full getting ready for Ally Pally. If I wasn't so far away I would definitely come and give you a hand. The new Japanese Groovi plates look fabulous so looking forward to seeing the demos with them. My Clarity Diamond envelope came today and I am so pleased with all three goodies. Thank you so much – well worth waiting for. One little question, is there going to be an open day at Catterick this year or just Crowborough? Love to everyone at Clarity, Alison xxxx

  22. Hope all goes well at Ally Pally. My Diamond package arrived today, as did my wee farm and village stamp sets so I have a fabulous crafting dilemma; where to start!!!

  23. Ok Barbara ,
    I'm taking a deep breath in , and a deep breath out , repeated several times . That's for you and your crew since there is no way you have time to meditate . Ok now don't you feel lots better ?
    Remember — joy now ! Jan sending calm and peace across the pond .

  24. Hope all goes well at Ally Pally. My Diamond package arrived today, as did my wee farm and village stamp sets so I have a fabulous crafting dilemma; where to start!!!

  25. Hello Dot, Brenda, Diane, Alison, Gilly, Pen, and all my blog friends. Two clarity packages today, NDC and the first of my goodies. Aren't the NDC just gorgeous!!! But now I have a dilemma…which do I play with first!!!
    Back and seat of chair and stool cushion now finished, just got the arms to do then finished!!!! Might have to have a break tomorrow as my hands are twice the size they should be! But I can't get past the thought, sooner I do it, the sooner it's finished. This time I mean it….NEVER AGAIN!!!
    Love and Hugs to you all. xxx

    1. Hi Morag, sorry about your hands, but just think the sooner it's finished the sooner you can start playing with all your new goodies! Love Alison xx

    2. Oh Morag your hands sound so sore, I would suggest a wee groovi break but that's not going to help your hands either. Love Diane xx

  26. WOOHOO!!! Oriental Groovi!!!! I wish I could get to Ally Pally, but it's too far away for me. I am sure you will have a fabulous time there, and I will be glued to the telly on Saturday lunchtime! Clarity rocks! 🙂 Jo xx

  27. I to wish could help you got my gold club today fantastic as usual . I coming Sunday so if anything can do will hands cannot stand but can sit and help lots love Joy and Katie xxx

  28. What a hard working bunch you all are. Hope you get your prep for the live show done. Love the Japanese themed groovi plates. Will definitely have to get these. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the live show. Love and hugs, Jeanette xxxx

  29. Well love if I lived round your way I'd be round to give you a hand, but sadly……… Also just checked the trains from York to Ally Pally this weekend but engineering work on the Hertford section means going the long way round so I'm taking a rain check as they say (mind you, there is a library sale here at home – how can I miss that)?
    Hope you all have a super time – tell Dave I've finally found the wood poem I was going give him last year – I can type it out and send it if you like – it's for folks who have wood and wood burners (it's a bloke thing!)
    Maggie (York-ite)

  30. I'd love to help as well but I'm not sure how long it would take me to get from the Highlands to Kent and I really should go to work tomorrow. More new groovi plates…how many plate can a girl have?

  31. Next time give me a shout and if I can I'll happily give you a hand. The new groovi boards look great, can't wait to see what everyone creates with them. Good luck to everyone for the weekend. Hugs xx

  32. That Japanese theme looks fantastic Barbara and I'm sure everything will work out by the weekend. I look forward to seeing you live from Ally Pally. x

  33. Good luck team clarity, if I lived closer I would be more than happy to roll up my sleeves. Like you've said before Barbara, teamwork makes the Dream work. Glad you have your brother there to make you laugh, very therapeutic xx

  34. Evening Barbara I think this wee blog is a bit mindful everyday just taking our minds off all our stress and wee pains.
    My Diamond parcel came this morning and like I said worth waiting on hope you manage to get enough stock sorted for Ally Pally and great
    your Dave and Steve keeps you smiling through.
    And ohhh the Japanese plates there for me sooon as, any chance off a lacy fan (sorry when you've time) ha ha ha when's that she say's…xx

    1. Hello dot, I noticed I was following you down, you were running a big quick so I couldn't catch you up!! Hope you've had a good day today, it's been rather wet down south xxx

    2. I'm not that well just now, and it was my monthly garden visit today too, but it stayed dry, just windy and very cold. been chilled to the bine since! xx

      Dot are you on windows 10? Apparently there's hidden video capture software in the programme. For us recording Barbara's shows on our laptops. I've got to upgrade very soon, keep putting it off. I'll see if it's any good when I do and let you know. The free one I downloaded is pretty rubbish quality on playback. xx

      hi Donna, hi all my CCA friends xx

      Hi Barbara, Glad to see you're still smiling. You and your team always somehow get there in the end. I'm sure everyone going will have a lovely time at your stand and have their cushions plumped and their suits blown up ready for falling off the wagon bug time!!! I wish I lived nearer you, or you could send boxes of stuff up here for me to clean /package up or whatever. I'd do it for free. It would give me something to keep going for, a purpose. Hope you all get a good sleep tonight. Love Brenda xx

    3. I'm so sorry that you're not well Brenda. I hope though that you managed to get some of the jobs done in the garden that you were worried about. I have windows 10 on my desktop so I'll have a look tomorrow to see if I can find the video capture and check it out for you. I hope you are now warm.Take care. Sending a big hug. xxx

    4. Hi Brenda sorry yir not to good get the cosy jammies on and a wee hot water bottle see if yi can shift that chilly feeling. Hav'nt got the windows 10 still got no.7 as I didnae like the look off 8 wee Ian's got 10 the free one and it looks no bad but I will hang on till I see what you think thanks for thinking about me when yir no to guid.
      Take care here's anither Dot.xx

    5. Thank you everyone xx
      We got a few jobs done, no grass cut though, so it's going to be another month at least before that can be done.

      Dot I'm still on windows 7 as I didn't fancy 8 either. It'll make it easier for me helping you with yours. I'll let you know how I get on, that's next week's challenge if nothing else comes up before then.

      Dot, and anyone else stalling on doing the upgrade to windows 10. I got a window come up saying they've scheduled the upgrade for Sunday. Clicking on the do not schedule bit at the bottom doesn't work. Instead if you choose the reschedule option, change it to another day then click ok. Then you get an option to change or cancel rescheduled date, click on that and choose cancel scheduled upgrade. That cancels it totally, and you're back to the normal windows 10 upgrade reminder window.

      I'm guessing this is what happened to you Donna, why yours upgraded itself. Naughty Microsoft clearly trying to force it on us!

  35. Hi Barbara
    Oh if only I lived nearer I would come and help you with polishing and packing like a shot – and bring cake!! It's good seeing behind the scenes, especially as you are all still smiling and laughing. I'm sure everything will come together ready for Saturday and your tv show will be amazing. Keep smiling and make sure you sit and drink a cup of tea once in a while!! Take care
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Brenda I hope you are ok today, we've has proper April showers here, torrential rain one minute and sunshine the next! Sending you hugs.
      Love Diane xxx

  36. Not fair! Those new Groovi plates are awesome and I want them , but I haven't had chance to order the ones from the weekend yet! All in good time. Have a great weekend. X

  37. I think there may be a fair few of us who'd be happy to help out for payment in groovi plates…..
    Really interesting to see behind the scenes, I had no idea what a groovi laser machine might look like, now I know! One day, when you've got some time (!!!!) I'd love to see how your stamps get made!
    Hope it does come together, and you have a great weekend at Ally Pally.

  38. Just what I need-lovely oriental Groovi plates. They are on my wish list. I would love to come to Ally Pally but it is a bit too far for me. I am working on a plan to come to one of your retreats. All the best for the weekend. I will be watching the live broadcast.
    Hugs from Chris X

  39. I looove the new groovi plates; they are gorgeous

    Best wishes for Ally Pally – I hope you have a very successful show with some fun in there too

  40. Hi Barbara
    Gosh it takes an awful lot of organising for these shows,your all so busy.
    Received my diamond club goodies today,absolutely gorgeous just finished the Daisy project and thoroughly enjoyed it.Tomorrow I'll do my take on the stamp projects.I think this months goodies are my favourite so far.
    Wishing you a successful fun weekend.

  41. Hi Barb, wow, what a lot of effort for the show. You have such a great group of people in the Clarity Crew. Hope you had a good sleep, and that everything gets sorted. Love the new Plates, and also the Club stamp, stencil and baby plate, can't wait to do something with them. Take care. Bx

  42. Morning Barbara and all the Clarity crew, you must be tearing your hair out, I wished I lived nearer and I could help, I would so love to do that believe me I would be in my element. Oh the new plates are out of this world, I have got to have them, hopefully you will have them at AP PLEASE.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  43. Morning All, well here I am and what a day / weeks you have had Barbara and Clarity Towers. Thank you so much for my March Goodies which arrived yesterday and the news-letter. It did make me chuckle…and people are strange.

    Been a few days of stress now with Dennis Father, who had a fall – locked in the house – so had to go charging over to open up and see if an ambulance was needed. Think it was the Fire Crew if we could not have got him up again. I did assess the situation making sure he was ok to move. Yesterday phone calls from him saying he could not light the fire – to keep him warm.

    And on top of that Mum is still doing too much and now saying she does not NEED any help after her stroke. Although I have said S**D the inheritance.

    And me – had to go to the Drs to get a lump on my forehead looked at – spot which wont heal… "yes could be skin cancer but nothing to worry about"

    But to put it all into perspective…. this too shall pass… what will be will be… I am powerless over people places and things…. and the sun is shinning this morning.

    Off to the Village Hall Coffee morning with my cards. Have an order already for a 90th Birthday card… 🙂

    Thanks for all of you today. It means a lot to me to have a chat. Happy blogging.

    Love the Goovie plates….something to put on my list.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

    1. Oh Pen, what a time of it you're having. I really feel for you. I hope you managed to take your mind off all your troubles for a wee bit at the coffee morning. And that you got lots of sales and orders. At least having orders to fulfil will help you to focus on something else, and be some Mindfulness for you. Thinking about you, love Brenda xx

  44. Oh, Barb, you make me feel worn out just reading what hoops you are having to jump through to get that stand sorted! I hope you have enough stock, because you have to sell a lot to get your head above water. Very best of luck, I wish I could afford the lovely new groovy things, you seem to be concentrating on those more than anything, but stamp versions would be lovely too!

  45. Wish I could be there helping… I'm good at polishing plates! (I have a taste for Dave's coffee too). Wish you all energy, luck and lots of love in the hope it helps!

    PS… I adore these new plates, just wish there was more time in the day to play with them! X. Have an excellent show xxx

  46. Well, I don't know how you're all doing this so soon after the excellent and successful shows on Hochanda. All I can say is that you must be super-humans! Hope all goes well. The Groovi Plates look stunning and are sure to be a hit.
    Tonbridge Sue

  47. Wow Barbara. Wish I was going to Ally Pally. You and the team are doing a great job. The sneaky peek is my all time favourite theme. The new designs look AWESOME. Hope it all goes well. xxx

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