One little house….

One little house….

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Just got back home from the craziest couple of days up at HOCHANDA.
Traffic was reasonable too, so I was home early! Yay!!!!
Pretty much sold out of the One Day Special in the first hour.
And if you have been following the blog, you will know that we have been working night and day to get the stock up to respectable. Thousands of plates. I’m telling you: thousands. 
I was gobsmacked when Alex said that over 80% had sold in the first hour! Impossible, I was thinking. There must be something wrong with the system. There’s a glitch. 
By the time we turned up for the 9am show, 
guess how many were left?
One single little set. 
Not much to work with!
The lovely Groovi Insets and Baby Plates had all gone!
I did manage to do a little canvas demo.
Very simple, but pretty too.
Would you mind if we just do a little step by step of that?
Paul’s coming over with a rake of plates which need cleaning 
and packing this evening.
No peace for the wicked, eh.
But it’s fine. 
We just sit at the kitchen table and have a good old chinwag
while we work.
So let me just recap the little demo of the inset.
Started with the Tags Border, to make the little No. sign.
Then added the picture frame, using the large square nested framer.

Time to set the scene, using the Groovi Baby Wee Shops and Houses.
Just slot the Groovi Inset in the Groovi Plate Mate from the Starter Kit, and off you go!!!


Use the Landscape Plate from the Starter Kit and combine it with the Tree on the Baby Plate.

No. 1 and a couple of birds.
I love making a scene!

Fast forward. 
Colour in with pencils and Distress Markers,
and cut right back using a craft knife and ruler.

Add Double-sided 3mm tape to the black border strip.

Attach to blue card.

Add the blue to the black card, 
and the black card to a 6″ x 6″ Canvas board.
The best thing for sticking is our A6 double-sided adhesive sheet. 

I wrote a little message in the waymarker.
Can you guess what I said?
Just got hit by a wave of tiredness.
Thank you if you watched and bought.
Thank you if you just watched. 
I really enjoyed myself actually.
Alex the presenter is a lovely, lovely woman.
This parchment craft is so new to me, but I am really getting in the groove.
Quite literally!
And the Grid Plates! 
Well, they make you feel like a bonafide parcher!!!
See you tomorrow xx
love & hugs,

83 thoughts on “One little house….

  1. So pleased for you all! I haven't watched all the shows yet but will save them for when I can afford the plates – shouldn't be too long.
    Many years ago we had a big card company called Gordon Fraser based nearby. My neighbour who had 3 small children used to go several times a week and pick up boxes of cards, envelopes. clear wallets, labels etc then in the evenings when the children were in bed, she would assemble the packets ready for sale and take the boxes back the next day. She could work from home and got paid so much per 100 or something. Maybe you could develop a similar local arrangement?
    Keep up the good work all of you xx

  2. The shows where fantastic no wonder it sold out in the first hour you have got a massive groovi following wow how fabulous those baby plates are have a good rest you got extra time at home to chill with Paul polishing and packing the plates Dave must still be on night work catching up with the clarity orders mine will be in soon so much insperation you have given us .sending lots of crafting hugs xxx

    1. Evening Donna Dorothy Diane pam Brenda gilly morag sending lots of hugs your way hope you have all had good days I'm resting today as very fatigued watching Barbara's shows haven't fallen of the wagon yet as waiting for clarity to catch up .
      Gilly hear your teetering on going for groovi don't forget your clarity cushions if you do xxx
      Hugs to all on the blog xxx

    2. Hi Sheila – sorry to hear that you aren't so good today, I have had to rest too – so we've obviously been keeping each other company resting today! I get more tempted each time I watch Barbara 'grooving'! Still just managing to hold out! Special hugs Gilly xx

    3. Hello Sheila, I hope you are starting to feel rested now. I've managed to finish off a couple of projects this afternoon. Snipping is something that's quite easy to do with my feet up! Take care xx

    4. Hi Sheila glad to hear you have been good today, hopefully you will feel like playing tomorrow. I've been colouring today but my groovi stuff was sat on the table calling me all afternoon. Take care xxx

  3. What a show!! Groovi is awesome. I didn't know about sending in my creations. Do they get sent to you or Hochanda? Hopefully you will be back on screen very soon as your demos are so inspiring! Groovi is my new passion. Will be waiting for the next installment. Crafty hugs x

  4. Welcome back! What a weekend. I ordered the inset from Hochanda and the rest directly from you today. I was watching yesterday's 5 pm show this afternoon and was surprised to see you holding my card up! (It was the zentangle type one) that was a boost to morale I can tell you! Looks like you have a busy time ahead! I'm in no hurry as I've still go loads I haven't used yet. Could you slow down a bit and let our bank balances catch up?! I'm looking forward to pricking and intricate cutting ! Take a breather now you were let home early!!! Xxx

    1. Thanks for your kind comments. Gilly, your name was mentioned with some cards too and I assumed it was you – was it? I am looking forward to some pricking and cutting, I had cut around the circles of my card but that wasn't very intricate nor that great either ! xx

    2. Unfortunately no Jackie – it wasn't me! I have yet to take the plunge into Groovi – need to get more on an even keel before I do that. It does look wonderful though! xx

  5. Fabulous shows and what a result. So happy for you and all the wonderful people that helped you get it all ready for us. I'm just really happy to be on the design team as I might have missed out on these gorgeous products. What a absolutely wonderful Base You and Clarity have. Now breathe for five mins and relax xxxx

    1. Thank you all much for the lovely compliments. Very much appreciated. You are all so very kind. I have a busy few days but I will get round to blogging them soon. Oh, my arm is much much better…. A little stiff but a good Groovi workout will help with that. Hugs girls xxx

  6. Wowser….couldn't believe how much stuff sold out today, well done Clarity!!! I hope you get restocked for Ally Pally – it's what I'm saving my pennies for and my tickets are on the way, yay!!

  7. After the weekend you've had Barbara, I would be writing 'Aah! Home!' You must be exhausted, but what fabulous shows! Even hubby was so impressed he bought me the ODW!! Lovely man! What does he get out of it???…peace and quiet lol! xx

  8. Hello Sheila, Brenda, Gilly, Donna, Dorothy, Diane and Brenda. Not forgetting my 'neighbour Alison.
    Hope you're all having a good day. Hugs to you all. xxx

    1. HI Alison. My time is my own apart from Thursdays, so just give me a time and day and I will be there. It will be great to meet you.xx

  9. Congratulations Barbara! Amazing shows and a truly wonderful achievement! Congratulations to all at Clarity Towers! I totally agree that Alex is a very lovely lady, and she is so excited and impressed by everything that you do! It's a joy to watch! I'm not going to tell you to slow down and have a rest – but take care of yourself and have a great 'chatty' evening! Hugs Gilly x

  10. Hello Barbara,

    Saving my pennies for the NEC. As you are home I am assuming there is no 7pm show. I have been out all day so will be playing catch-up on the computer.


  11. Nae worries Barbara, happy to have any blog post from you, and always good to have step by steps here too. I love this card. And it was so lovely to see and feel your excitement and astonishment, you looked like you really enjoyed yourself. And I enjoyed watching. Thank you. I've not got my order in yet, still deciding, head not up for that just now. That's what is good about Clarity – I can take my time as you don't sell out of anything 😉

    Hope you enjoy your blether. Wish I could join you, would be so good to just be with people, good people, and have a blether, (and help out where I could). Hope your head's not buzzing too much so you get a good sleep tonight.

    love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda did you see my appoligie on your comment yesterday about the groovi I had got mixed up and you was right pop over to read if you haven't all ready hugs to you and daisy xxx

    2. Yes Diane Daisy has been a good girl and left the cable alone xx
      I left you a reply to your comment yesterday Sheila, nae worries, we all makes mistakes xx

  12. Watched the shows Barbara, all fabulous items and loved the demos. Amazing that the one day special sold out on the first show!! I will be ordering later when I decide what to get first!! xx

  13. What I have managed to see of the shows they looked fantastic. I like the new plates no wonder they sold out so quick. Well done to you all. Hope you get some rest. xx

  14. I'm catching up with all the shows and send congratulations on the successful new Groovi plates. It will be exciting to begin using the grids and to learn how to do the picot edge, something I've admired for years. Your blog is really lovely and am so pleased to see a little wishing well and lamppost. I had no idea that the Groovi would flourish and grow in such an amazing way!

  15. Hi Barb,
    Well I bet you're pleased to be back home and having a bit of a rest after the frenetic weekend. I'm so chuffed for you, Dave, Paul and everyone at Clarity, you all deserve the praise and success. It's a shame I don't live nearer as I would volunteer to polish the plates and pack them up for you – well not all of them! If you wanted to send some to Durham, I would do them. Anyway, you've cost me a small fortune this weekend as I bought a few yesterday and then bought the trees, the inset, the essentials today. My problem is, I have no willpower! Still they will give me lots of pleasure when they arrive. Could do with you slowing down a bit though now to let my bank balance recover. Anyway, I loved this piece of artwork when I saw it on the show and now that I've got the step by steps I'll be trying it myself. Lovely to see everyone's cards – there were some real beauties amongst them. Thank you for showing mine again – that was a surprise. Hope you can get a bit of a rest, love and hugs, Alison xxxx

  16. Viewed two shows last evening and purchased from both! So pleased I got in quickly even though I had to leave my husband's culinary masterpiece – truly delicious too- to do so, second time round. I'm thrilled for you all regarding the success of the Groovi concept. Guess Mum and Dad will be reprising the garden centre 'hand overs' frequently!!!! ;~}

  17. I haven't watched all the shows just yet but I did watch the one day special launch. Fabulous!! Alex seems to be really settling in to the role now that the nerves have settled and I really like her. I have placed an order today over the phone – lovely young man dealt with me and I'm happy with what I ordered. Make sure to take some time for you Barbara. Xxx

  18. Well done team clarity. I'm not surprise you sold out so quickly all the new stuff was beautiful and so versatile. My husband bought me the hooses and the grids. This morning I phoned in an order and spoke to the new lady, I didn't get her name but she was lovely. With my voucher that I won for my star book I bought the poppy and meadow grass stamps. With the pennies (lots of them) I had saved up I bought lots of groovi plates. If you are going to keep coming up with more lovely groovi plates then you are going to have to employ more people to fulfil all the orders! I bet you will sleep well tonight.

  19. What a great couple of days! It's lovely to have started watching Hochanda from the beginning and seeing everyone relax and really get into it, Alex is a proper star, so enthusiastic of your products the two of you work brilliantly together. Not surprised everything sold out those were houses are fab and all the little extra elements make them so versatile. Just love them. Well done to all at Clarity towers what an amazing team you are. Hope you can catch up a bit now! X X X X x

  20. Great shows and great new products. Can't wait to play when mine arrive. You and Alex were so excited last night which was lovely to see. I gave you a clap when you cut that first cross out of the parchment, you were very brave to attempt it on live TV! XX

  21. Hi Barbara, Congratulations on selling out so rapidly, no wonder though, the baby plates looked stunning. Sadly, I didn't manage to get any.
    I'm loving this card, the parching and the scene is fabulous. I really enjoyed your shows yesterday.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

    1. Hi Donna hope you've had a good day. My lovely friend came round to play for a while, we both enjoyed the lunchtime show. Take are xxx

  22. Hi well done on all your shows Barb I have watched them all, although the 8pm show I had to record …. and missed the deal, so will need to make a shopping list for Clarity Towers.

    Wonderful to see and hear so many fantastic reviews for this Groovi system opens up Parchment crafting for all. Well done you.

    Crafty hugs and hopefully a well earned rest

    Pen x

  23. Hi Barbara
    I predicted an early sell out as soon as I saw those baby plates-just fabulous. You agre so right, it is always a wise move to start small. I am eagerly awaiting my parcels. I got so excited that I ordered twice and there are still things that I must have. I have several projects waiting for a picot edge so I am hoping my grids come soon. You were brilliant on TV and Alex is excellent.
    Hugs from Chris X

  24. What a great weekend of shows. I am not surprised at how swiftly they sold out, they are just beautiful. Yes, I did spend big but my resistance was very low. If I lived a lot closer, I would happily clean and pack and I am sure there are lots of people who would help out. In the meantime, I will be looking forward to happy parcels on their way sometime when you have all had time to catch up. You and Alex looked quite shell shocked at the incredibly fast sell out. I hope you get time to recover. xx Maggie

  25. Thoroughly enjoyed the shows, so pleased that Groovi is such a big hit, I love it too. Good luck with all the cleaning and packing. Looking forward to receiving mine in time! X

  26. Was a very busy show could believe how quick sold out after all that hard work, they do look very good ordered mine direct from you but then sure lot others did to so no quiet life for you all lots moreworkto for you all good that it's taken of so well groovi , fantastic products try to get good nights sleep night night xxx

  27. Wow, Barbara, congratulations on a clean sweep. You looked like a proud Mama when the last show ended. All the shows were fabulous and you did just an amazing job. Learned so many new tips. Glad there is catch up so I can watch all the shows again and pick up even more. It is so much fun to learn Groovi along with you. Hope you don't have to work too much longer tonight and you can have a chance to put your feet up and relax a bit. Thanks so much for all the effort you put into the shows. It really paid off. Have a lovely evening.

  28. I am thrilled with this Groovi system, I really love it and am thoroughly addicted. I used to go to parchment classes several years ago, and although I haven't done any I've still got all my Pergamano tools.
    I think you wrote " home" in the wayfarer sign xx

  29. I am thrilled with this Groovi system, I really love it and am thoroughly addicted. I used to go to parchment classes several years ago, and although I haven't done any I've still got all my Pergamano tools.
    I think you wrote " home" in the wayfarer sign xx

  30. Hi Barbara
    Glad to hear you are home safe and sound, I hope you get a good nights sleep tonight after all your demos and meetings throughout the night! I missed all the shows yesterday so you can imagine my suprise at 9 this morning – what fabulous plates, I'm not surprised they sold out! That's one in the eye for the Groovi doubters, and your pergamano endorsement us the cherry on the top of your cake. Hope you had a wonderful evening chatting dusting and packing but get plenty of rest too. Many congratulations to the whole Clarity team – and your mum and dad!
    Love Diane xxx
    Ps I think the sign probably says Peterborough one way and home the other! Xxx

  31. So pleased that everything was so successful Barbara and at least you had an extra bit of time at home today even if you did end up cleaning plates. I have yet to catch up although I did see your last show before you finished early today. I think your sign should say 'Clever Clarity' as your products never fail to be a hit and you, Dave and the team all pull together which is terrific. x

  32. Hello Barb, well Groovi has certainly taken the world by storm. Loved the shows, and am so pleased they are so successful. Glad you got home early. Love this artwork, I am restricting my purchases for the moment, until I use up some of my stash. Take care and keep the inspiration coming. Bx

  33. So pleased for you and the team, and you got home early which must be such a boost for you. I look forward to catching up with the shows later today, and I think your little sign reads "new home"! Susan x

  34. "Groovi Place!" on the sign lol
    Fab shows, fab products, no wonder they all flew out the door with the wrens!….. I now need those little birds too!!! xxx

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