Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday!

Hi there!
Happy Mother’s Day!
Happy Sunday!
I hope your day is going as well as mine;
we have had the best show ever here this afternoon!

Makes all the shift work and extreme weeks well worth it.
Couldn’t do without the Clarity team though.
Muchas gracias guys!!!

I have been pedalling away with Paul for a couple of days, gearing up for this weekend’s shows.
When we finally surfaced yesterday afternoon, look what was waiting outside the kitchen door for me!!!

What a lovely bouquet!
Grace is a good girl xxx
And Mark was on the phone first thing from California, 
sending love.
So I’m a very lucky lady.
I remember when we were kids,
if my brother had been a bit of a herbert,
my Mum would tell him at random times of the year, 
that it was Mother’s Day.
And off he would trot obediently,
and come back with a bunch of flowers, or chocolates.
Not just once! He fell for it several times.
Or maybe he was just glad of the opportunity to
show his Mum he was a good boy really, and that he loved her.
When I called her this morning, on the way up to Peterborough,
Steve was already at Mum and Dads.
He was spending the day with her. She loves that. 
And he took my little pressie for her along too. 
So yes, once again, I count my blessings. 
All is well in Gray world today.
Grace may be in New York, and Mark may be in San fran,
but hey!
We don’t have them to keep them, do we?
And they know where I am.
We always talk about invisible elastic bands, 
which ping them straight back to me. 
I hope you enjoyed the earlier shows on Hochanda, but if you missed them you can watch them on the Hochanda by clicking the link HERE

Don’t forget, I will be back on your screens later this evening at 8pm with a Groovi Baby One Day Special and again tomorrow at 9am, 12pm, 4pm and 7pm.

Much love x 

89 thoughts on “Happy Sunday!

  1. What brilliant shows today Barbara. You looked so relaxed and happy, it was great to see. You totally annihilated my 'set in stone' shopping list though! hahaha! I just had to have the Texture Plate and the gorgeous Flourish Frame. Thank you so much for selling them separately as well as in pairs. So what with those, and the panel box set and my 'daft to miss out on…brushes'. The grids will have to wait until next month. I'll just have to carry on with the metal ones for now.
    Well I'll go and get settled ready for your 8pm show. Hugs xx

  2. Loved the shows, they were fab and every time I watch you Barbara, I learn something new, feel inspired and can't wait to get Groovi. Was so happy this week when my gold membership packs arrived – I have next week off so am going to practice, practice, practice – Love the Baby Groovi mate by the way. Love to you and the team x k – ohh must buy the pricky pads!

  3. Good evening Donna, Dorothy, Sheila, Pam, Gilly, Brenda, Diane, and every one else who visits. I hope you have all been able to sit or lie comfortably to enjoy the shows. Happy spending xxxxx

    1. Oh you have all been naughty whilst I've been a good girl – well we've had Julian's mum over for lunch and cake and an afternoon of board games so I haven't seen any of the shows! I've got them recorded though so tomorrow is catch up time! Xxx

    2. Hi Morag – I did see the shows, weren't they fantastic and Barbara was amazing and so excited, with good reason! Sheila, I love this blog too! Hugs Gilly xx

  4. Smashing shows, learned loads, spent some dosh, no reluctance there! Have a great one at 8, I have recorded it's as bedtime for me, up before the larks tomorrow. Much love and THANK YOU! Xxxxx

  5. Barbara what have you done to me! I'm a "Grooviaholic" . I was lucky enough to get some clarity vouchers for Mother's Day so I'll be getting the new pricking plates for sure . Have a lovely show at 8 and enjoy your evening x

  6. Oh Barbara you've had me glued to the screen again, fab and inspiring demos as usual. I am now clock watching until the one day special ! i can feel my bank balance depleting already !! X

  7. Hi Barbara, it was so lovely to see you happy and excited, and relaxed, if that's possible while being excited, but it's what I felt from you. What good kids you have, but then they wouldn't be any other way having you as mum :-). Beautiful bouquet.

    I've managed to watch a lot of your 2 earlier shows, and waiting to see your next one before deciding what to buy. Unfortunately most of the Groovi plates and borders I want only come in a pair, so those will need to wait until I can build up the strength /courage to do a phone call to get the singles. But there's plenty else on my list to choose from 🙂

    Hope you've brought plenty stock with you to last for 24 hours! 😉
    Best wishes for the rest of your shows

    love Brenda xx

    1. I did say I hoped you had enough stock!!!! 😉
      I'll be falling big off the wagon tomorrow, once I decide what to buy first. Not got the expertise of landing like the rest of the CHA have so I'll be needing a loan of the airbag suit!!!
      Watching all your Groovi-ing has got me in the mood for doing a bit more of my design using just the starter kit 🙂
      Hope you sleep well xx

    2. Hi Brenda hope yi managed to watch without chasing Daisy fae the cables glad yir in the mood fir a wee bit Groovi will fling ma cusions our the bridge when av made up ma mind maybe the morn here's yir cuddle..xx

    3. Hi Brenda, glad your plan worked and you were able to watch the shows. I hope Daisy enjoyed watching them with you. I will throw a couple of cushions up for you. 🙂 xxx

  8. I love love love all the new stuff – oh my bank balance is soooo gonna suffer. Lovely flowers from Grace and good on Mark for remembering too. Gosh you are all gonna be sooo busy. Xxxx

  9. OMG Barbara, what a great launch show 80% gone already! I'm so chuffed for you and Clarity. I have my order placed so will patiently await my order. Better get your tap shoes on for tomorrow. XX

    1. Aye, maybe there's been reports of earthquakes in the UK to the BBC!!!!
      Sheila's awfie quiet, maybe it's her, maybe every time she climbs back on the wagon to come here she falls right off again 'needing' something else!!!!

    2. Evening all did you see your stunning card Donna I saw mine on the 8pm show wow so happy as Barbara was so complementary even though I'm only on the first base .
      I haven't fallen of the wagon yet didn't want to crash clarity web site groovi hugs to all xxx

    3. I haven't caught up with the 5pm show yet but I saw your card on the 8pm show. Beautiful work. Arrr Sheila, someone had to be at the bottom of the wagon to help with the trampoline! Don't worry I will hold it for you when you need it. Xx

    4. Hi Donna – is it beans on toast for the rest of the month? I've missed out on the shows but hope to play catch up tomorrow when I come back from the optitians ( might be able to see too!!!) the trampoline sounds like a good idea xxxx

  10. Lovely flowers from Grace, You are so right, we do not get to keep them but so long as they are happy and healthy then that is fine. I have been blessed today as i have spent the day with two daughters and future daughter-in -law. Brilliant. Will catch up on shows tomorrow, hope they went well. x

  11. Hi Barbara
    Great shows.OMG so many new plates to choose from,I'd buy them all but not able to.I'm going to have to think about this then place my order,maybe watch all the shows before making my mind up.I must say you haven't made it easy have you.Some fantastic samples shown

  12. That was an unbelievable launch show. Shall we see you back tomorrow morning? I am not surprised at how fast those beautiful little plates flew out. They are just so special. Go and get some sleep, Dave and Steve – you are going to need it, I feel. We had a lovely family meal today with Bec and her family and her mother-in-law, and tomorrow my son is coming to take me for lunch. I need to keep out of the way of my bank manager for the rest of this month. Sleep well, everyone. xxxx Maggie

  13. So pleased you have enjoyed your mother's day and that your shows went well. I'll try to watch some of the recordings tomorrow when I have a little time. Those flowers are just lovely! Susan x

  14. Hi Barbara, Lovely pressies from your Daughter and Son, you are blessed, I hope your Mothering Sunday was good when you weren't on tv !! I loved your earlier shows, I've recorded the 8pm one but couldn't resist looking on the kitchen tv at 8pm to see !! they looked fabulous. I will be enjoying the recording first thing in the morning.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening. I'm looking forward to your tomorrow's shows.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  15. Hi Barbara
    Brilliant shows. I want it all!!! I ordered the grids and tools plus a few more plates earlier and now I am off to your shop to get some babies. Will they fit in my Groovi Club plate mate? I am getting the baby mate and the houses of course. Have a restful evening. I am looking forward to tomorrow for lots more demos and guidance. You explain everything so well.
    Well done to you and your team.

    Hugs from Chris X

  16. Hi Barbara, loved the shows today. I've just joined the Groovi club. Can you tell me please does the insert plate come with the initial parcel. Didn't know what to do today about buying it. Had to sit on my hands and I only ordered on Friday. Hope you can help before they are all sold out. Xxx

    1. Hi, the insert goes with the normal sized plate mate. And as far as I can tell the numbers on it are the same size as the letters on the normal plate mate. You're baby plate mate and plate with the first Groovi instalment has the alphabet and numbers and shapes at a reduced size. You can order anything anytime on Barbara's website, all the plates are made in-house so they'll never sell out. Hope that helps (and I've made sense, not confused you more!!!!) xx

    2. I think the groovi club just comes with the starter kit if you join the diamond club you get a baby mate and baby plates but if you want to make your groovi mate fit the baby plates you need the inset that's how I see it but I'm sure if you ring clarity towers they will clarify it for you as they are so helpful in explaining things . Xxx

    3. Thank you. I'll wait to see what I get before I order I think. Is it a smaller plate mate.or just the insert as there are no pics online to show what you get xxx

    4. Hi appoligies for putting up the wrong information I have got totally mixed up i was in the stamp & stencil club (gold club) and bought the groovi starter kit when it first came out then when the groovi was add and we have the diamond club I got the stamp stencil groovi baby mate so it will be the baby plate as Brenda and sue said appoligies again I will blame my CFS as I do forget a lot of things now and do get confused 🙃 Hugs xxx

    5. It's alright Sheila, don't worry, no one has bought anything they didn't want or anything, so all ok xx

      Sunset Bay, if you watch the wee video on this blog in January called –
      "Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend. Or is it Mate?!!!"
      That shows you what you get with your first Groovi club instalment. Hope that helps xx

  17. Hi Barbara,
    I was a bit shocked because of Mother´s Day??? Thought I forgot something…
    Here in Germany Mother´s Day is on the 8th of may…
    Your shows were great but I had a lot of trouble today watch them on the internet.
    Rolf xxx

    1. Evening Dorothy had my daughter and granddaughter visit today with my presents then watched recordings of groovi then watched 8pm show live so in bed now resting .did you fall of the wagon ? Groovi hugs xxx

    2. Thank you Dorothy my daughter and granddaughter came with my presents so I was on catch up hochanda then watched the 8 pm live now planning what I can order for Easter for my groovi I said I don't need anything else then up pops some more I cannot have chocolate with my diabetes good job or wouldn't get my groovi 😊 Hugs xxx

  18. OMG, I can see the credit card taking a bashing at Ally Pally next month with so much Groovi stuff to buy………….good job the Mr is into it as well – we can go halves now, ha ha

    Happy Mother's Day Barbara, lovely flowers from Grace xx

  19. Evening Barbara wow what fantastic shows so much insperation you oozed groovi happiness as did the hochanda presenters what are you showcasing tomorrow as you've nearly sold out which is fantastic your flowers are stunning from grace and mark so caring to ring also your brother going to see your parents with your present too they must be so proud .i know I am as you showed my card and that made my Mother's Day groovi hugs rest tonight see you tomorrow xxx

    1. Hi Sheila – I loved your card, well done you! I'm so pleased that you have had a good day with your family! I really enjoyed the shows, and my hubby said to me 'Are you going to be a parcher?' and I said 'not yet'. He looked at me and laughed, he knows me too well! I feel that it won't be long now! Many hugs coming your way – Gilly xx

    2. Hi Sheila sounds like you had a lovely day with your daughter, I haven't stopped all day so can treat myself to a lazy day tomorrow xxxx

  20. What great shows! And great new plates especially the pricking ones! Looking forward to trying to do a bit more! My bank balance and space to put everything is shrinking though! Lovely flowers from Grace. I had some flowers and an orchid plant from my step sons and an Easter egg from my fur babies – I think hubby fancied some chocolate! Look forward to tomorrow's shoe if there's anything left – hope you have plan B up your sleeve! Or will we see some song and dance ?! Xxx

  21. I saw the 2pm show which was fab but I was working this evening. I came home put my pj's on, poured a glass of wine and settled down to watch the 5pm and 8pm shows on catch up but hochanda must be having problems as they weren't working. Never mind, I'm not working tomorrow and have arranged my life around the shows. Looking forward to it.

  22. Hi Barb,
    Brilliant shows today, i just loved them. I did order quite a few things – the grids, the wee houses,the baby birds and the butterflies! I really wanted everything but will have to wait until my bank balance recovers!!!
    Really lovely bouquet from Grace and great that Mark called you too. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow if you have any stock left that is. Love and hugs, Alison xxc

  23. I look forward to your blog every day but this is the first time I have felt compelled to comment. Your shows today were fantastic and I bought the ODW as it looked like it would sell out in the first hour! Your and Alex's excitement was brilliant and it was great to watch. Thank you to you and all your team, especially Dave and Steve who now have to work nights to keep us all happy, I mean fulfilling our orders lol. xxx

  24. What a great day, loved all the shows and I've been wanting to get my Groovi out all week but there always seems to be a more pressing task to attend to. But finally tonight, whilst watching you, I got out my stuff and had a play, after all it has been Mother's Day, so I earned a little play time. I was also itching to have a go with my lovely new tin of polychromos I treat myself to as it was my birthday Wednesday, they really are class, thank you for introducing me to them. X

  25. Hi Barbara! Your shows were amazing, and you looked so very happy and relaxed, and seemed to enjoy every moment. It was wonderful to watch your excitement, not to mention that of the presenters! Alex is such a lovely, enthusiastic presenter! Congratulations and hugs Gilly x

  26. Hi Barbara
    Oh no, it sounds like I've missed some amazing shows today but they are all recorded so I can catch up this week.Grace is such a sweetie sending flowers and the lovely Mark phoning his mum, they are good. I've had some beautiful flowers and a face time chat with Emma, it's the first Mother's Day she's been away but as you say , you gave to let them go. I hope you are having a lovely rest tonight before the fun starts again tomorrow.
    Love Diane xxxx

  27. Re Mother'sDay, Barbara – it's all about 'roots and wings.' Roots for stability and wings to fly, which parents give unconditionally to their children. This used to be part of my address to my Reception class parents introduction and some thing I built on throughout the year. Just passed on the first of a whole heap i.e. a large bootful of teaching resources to an ex pupil this afternoon. So pleased they will be put to good use.
    Managed to take in two shows, brilliant as ever and orders have been placed.
    Rest well. ;~}

  28. I've had a lovely day too, my son bought me the pricking grids and the butterfly plates. Then I decided I needed a few more, so placed another order. And then tonight I've placed yet another one for the wee houses set. I think I need another album xx
    Great shows, loved your demos, you have mastered the snips brilliantly, lovely picot edges xx

  29. Hello Barb, what a lovely surprise for Mother's Day, you are blessed with such lovely Children. Hope all the Mums had a great day. Loved your shows, have not caught up with the 8pm show yet, but will hopefully between todays shows. Fabulous demos and samples from the team. Have a great day all. Bx

  30. Hello Barbara

    Have just caught up,with the 8 pm show! What a show,stopper,that was, your joint enthusiasm was palpable and very infectious! The one day special is a MUST HAVE. Those were houses have become my favourite stamps but the groovi system makes them so flexible. I simply love them, will,look forward to seeing today's show and am sure you will be very creative. So glad you managed to enjoy mother s day too, aren't our children special. I spent yesterday with my three lovely girls all together for the first time on Mother's Day for a long time.
    Thanks Barbara for such a great show and such a fantastically intuitive system. Enjoy your day today……..

  31. Morning Barb, you must be absolutely knackered, I can honestly say that your shows yesterday were some of the best I have ever seen, nothing phased you, even the pricking and scissors (which you did a treat), so I have placed my orders and can't wait for them to arrive so I can have a play………now best go and have a shower ready for todays shows.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  32. Fantastic shows – it just shows that every one wants to get in the Groovi. And to have a sell out so soon !!!

    Barb you are on the TV now as I write and you are just fantastic.
    Crafty hugs Pen x

  33. Just managed to get one day special, phew. Barbara it's gone mad today, you know you have them working nights, I think you need to get them to lengthen the days and nights so you can keep up with orders. Fantastic, I am so pleased for you all. Have all the shows recorded, can watch in peace now I have my wee houses on order. Have to say I can see Hochanda is on a complete roll, with catch up, you of course, Creative Expressions, imagination, Leonie and now Crafters Companion, perfect. Much hugs and love Karen xxx

  34. Loving the Groovi system and have nearly every plate released so far and love my Groovi baby plate mate that came with the first Groovi club shipment. I was wondering Barbara if there are any Baby themed plates in the making as make a lot of Baby cards and think Groovi parchment designs be ideal for fresh delicate baby cards..,if not please could you consider these designs in near future pleeeease?! 😃👍

  35. Loved all the shows, great to hear from the sales that so many are groovi addicts!! I await my March membership parcel from you before I
    place my next order with you, but already it is in three figures!! Thanks and best wishes to the Dream team keep up the good work, love your ideas and products.

  36. seen parts of the shows brilliant as always ,have ordered pricking plates and tools .must rein in spending and save money for the Crowborough open days got my tickets through cannot wait xx

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