Jenny Wren.

Jenny Wren.

Hi there,
Thanks for popping in.
Just a quickie today; 
got my daily 400 plates to clean and can’t be slacking now!
A simple Groovi step by step using the new Baby Plates, 
 which I didn’t get to on Monday morning TV,
quite simply because all the Jenny Wrens had flown away!
Here are the 4 Baby Wren Plates:
Absolutely beautiful.
If you’re in the New Groovi Club, 
then you will have the little A5 Baby Plate Mate….
If not, then you will need the new Inset, to slot them in:
 Here we see a square frame, the words Jenny Wren 
in the Octagon shapes, and some foliage….
One of the lovely DT members inspired this card, 
but alas! No name !
Thanks anyway xxxx

Let’s add a landscape in the distance.
The houses in the new large Bird Plate are superb for this.

So this is what we see from the front.

Add a little colour from behind.
I used Distress markers.

Best allow a colour layer to dry, then to add another layer.

Time to attach to card…
Brads do the trick this time.
Lovely little birdie plates!
Oh boy! Did they fly!!!!!

Time for bed. 
Time to just stop and sleep for 12 hours.
love & hugs

71 thoughts on “Jenny Wren.

  1. Beautiful card Barbara!
    The wrens flew away to join all the other stuff that shot out of the door! You should be in the record book for fastest sell out!!!!
    Poor Dave will be busy busy busy again!!!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  2. Beautiful card Barbara!
    The wrens flew away to join all the other stuff that shot out of the door! You should be in the record book for fastest sell out!!!!
    Poor Dave will be busy busy busy again!!!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  3. It shows how good that Groovi system is for it to sell out so fast. Love this Jenny Wren card. I hope you soon manage to catch up and get back to a normal sleep pattern, you all need it. I am looking forward to getting my hands on all those lovely new babies, but I am not going to complain if it takes a while. It just heightens the anticipation. xx Maggie

  4. Love the colours the soft lemon colour the Wrens our beautiful on my want list. Groovi really is an amazing system. I'm struggling with stamping my fingers really don't like putting pressure on for stamping need some sort of stamp press if want something else to invent would be happy to trail it in mean time will struggle onas do love stamping rest up as much as you can will be no counting sheep I bet you count groovi plates jumping in boxes xxx

  5. Hi Barb,
    I bought these plates on Sunday, I absolutely love them. This artwork is beautiful, so well to whoever was the inspiration. Hope you don't work yourself too hard, you certainly deserve some time to yourselves, but I do understand that there's lots of work to be done. Thank you anyway for all of these new products and the inspiration that you give us all. Had a go at picot cutting today around the club plate. It came our surprisingly well although I thought I was going cross eyed at one point! Love and hugs, Alison xxxx

    Morag – will be in touch re coffee after I've been to vets tomorrow and find out when Scamp needs to go back next week X

  6. Lovely card Barb – such pretty colours and a fab layout as usual. I am patiently waiting for my order and shall enjoy playing with them once they arrive. Remember to feed Dave now and again or he might disappear under a pile of babies!! Lol xxx

  7. Hi Barbara
    My wrens are ordered. I have been using my Groovi Club baby plates today. You must be flat out plate making them. I find working smaller is much less daunting. I have a friend who lives in Mid Wales and she has no internet. She has made plans to go to the NEC next week especially to buy Groovi plates. She got the starter set last November. Do you know if there is a stockist near Llandindrod Wells, or if there will be anyone there selling your plates and stamps ? She doesn't drive and is not very good on the telephone. She used to visit me but her husband is unable to drive now and I have no way of getting to her as I have no transport.
    Hugs from Chrid X

    1. Chris would it be easier to order for her and clarity towers would send to her address if you ask or put her address in your order on the net to save her waiting till may just a thought xxx

    2. Hi Sheila
      I am meeting her at the NEC next week. I will see how she feels about ordering from Barbara, or as you suggest I can order for her and have them delivered to her address.
      I hope your are not too tired today. Just take each day as it comes.
      A big HUG from Chris.

  8. I love this demo Barbara. You are always such an inspiration.I will be waiting very patiently for my packages. My Grandma always said that ' good things come to those that wait'. How right she was! xx

    1. Hi Morag – hope that your weather today has been better than ours has – here in Cornwall. Heavy drizzle today, often referred to down here, as Cornish sunshine!! Gilly xx

    2. Hi Sheila, Gilly, Donna, Dorothy,Pam,Diane and Brenda. I hope the rain didn't spoil your day too much. I hope you are all well rested. To be honest I haven't noticed what the weather has been like as I've been in the 'Groove'
      most of the day. I had so many projects that needed finishing off!! So apart from some snipping tomorrow, I'll be all ready to start again. Big hugs to you

  9. I love these plates. Didn't get them Sunday, what a whirl wind show that was!, but I think I will be. I need some more basics before I get pretty, ie the square and round grids, and I loved the drilled holes plate. Well done Barbara, with your snappy sell outs. The look of bemusement on your face was a picture.xx p.s. Also loved the groovi trees. X

  10. This artwork is adorable. Really hoping Mandy will have plenty of the Wren Groovi plates with her as I simply must have them. My mum and I share a love of watching the garden birds going about their business, so as her birthday is in July this would make a perfect card. Thank you xx

  11. Hi Barbara, lovely scene, thanks for sharing. I was going to say hopefully your new laser machines will ease the load, but when I thought about it – that's only going to increase the daily number of plates to clean and pack for everyone! I do hope you manage to catch up soon, so you're all not needing to work so incredibly hard. You must feel like a hamster in a hamster wheel!!! Do you go to bed at night with your head still cleaning and packing Groovi plates? I'm like that, if I'm doing something that's not mind relaxing just before trying to go to sleep my head carries on doing the thing!!! It's so annoying. Sudoku is the worst for me, I lie down to sleep and my head still sees the puzzle and is still filling in the numbers!!! Hope you have a good looooong sleep, with lots of happy dreams. Love Brenda xx

    1. hugs back xx
      I wonder how many husbands/wives come looking for their late home loved one and end up getting talked into cleaning and packing Groovi plates!!!

    2. Hi Morag, I'm just about to do a bit of Groovi (I go to sleep veeeery late), seems Barbara has got us all at it!!! But I'm needing to start from scratch redoing my design, first one not quite going how I want it, me the perfectionist!!!! But at least I'll now have a practise piece!!! A hug back xx

  12. Hi Barbara, This is stunning, I especially love that we can use distress markers on the parchment, I thought they would be too wet for the parchment. These Jenny Wren images are beautiful.
    Enjoy your early night and late morning, time and people permitting.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  13. Happy sleeps! Love the design and colours today – still not enough time to watch your sell out shows, so it will have to wait until I'm back from Italy. Hope you feel refreshed tomorrow and can step off the merry-go-round for a moment. Susan x

  14. Lovely demo, I am also awaiting these plates and others. On the back of what Brenda wrote I have to whole heartedly agree. Work is busy at the moment and I would normally take it to bed but instead I have been doing lots of actual crafting for the challenges and virtual crafting in my mind planning what I'll do when I get my parcel. For that Barbara I thank you.

  15. Hi Barbara
    Hope you've started to recover from the hectic shows weekend,it was all go wasn't it.Everything flew including these wren,fortunately I've ordered these lovely wrens and the brilliant sissors I also ordered another stamp folder which I think is fantastic,it's great having all my stamps to hand and been able to see them without having to pull them out of boxes to see them and they don't fall out off the folder either.

  16. Wow another stunning card I've been using my baby mate tonight using the baby starter plate and I've used my first diamond club plate the other day it's so good to be able to stop and restart when I have recovered my energy .
    Will you be selling the insert separately ?as it would be good if I was using my groovi starter kit and wanted to use a baby plate I could use the inset instead of having to change to my baby mate plate just an idea as would be easy for me saving my energy crafting hugs xxx

    1. Hi Sheila – glad that you have been able to craft today! We had a couple of appointments, so that's been about it for me today. At least I had stored up enough energy to do it! Take care – many hugs on their way to you! Gilly xx

    2. Hi Diane I'm tempted by all of the new baby plates & the new big plates too but have got so much to play with it would be good if I could buy energy to craft with its good that I know I can order anytime as clarity makes them it's having the courage not to put them in my basket and press buy as my basket had over £100 in after Monday's shows do you feel like that too xxx

    3. Sweet dreams gilly no I'm been good playing with my goodies I have already have as cannot justify at present buying more I've hidden my clarity cushions as I must be good 😴 Xxx

    4. Hi Sheila, it really is so hard to go on Clarity and not buy anything! I noticed that the insert and tag plate are on the website on their own. Another must have for you! Take it easy. xxx

  17. Loved these plates as soon as I saw them so yes they will winging their way to me as soon as you can manage it. Love the baby plates. I am making a plan to be Groovi this weekend after I finish my calendar entry. Happy dreams, hopefully not of groovi plates! XX

    1. Hi Donna the poppies are gorgeous, I've got the lace boarders to play with, think it will be next week by the time I get to play! Hope you are ok xxx

  18. Think the wren plates will be on my shopping list at the open days! (Save you postage, too.) We have a Jenny Wren in the garden and another who lives down the lane. Have a good sleep. ;~}

  19. Hi Barbara! I loved these plates too and when I saw 'Jenny Wren' on it, it brought back some very happy memories – as that was what my Aunt used to call my sister (her name is Jennifer) – oh such happy days! Glad to hear that you are planning a good amount of sleep! Gilly xx

    1. Hi Morag – I'm not so bad thank you. I can totally understand how your husband feels, we are currently weighing up the options regarding which treatment to go for!? Hugs Gilly xx

  20. I have ordered the wren plates too, I have a little wren nesting in the ivy in my back yard, and I love to watch it. The ivy is a safe nesting place for a pair of robins, goldfinch, bluetits use a box hidden in there and we usually get blackbirds as well. Last week there was a grey squirrel bounding along the wall, I live in a Victorian terrace on a busy road in Greater Manchester, it's amazing what some ivy and a small rockery can create a home for.

    1. hi Kathryn, I had an awful lot more wildlife and birds visiting/living in my wee garden in the city than I now have in my much more rural garden! Have you tried putting a bird bath on the ground, I used to get frogs and toads coming to sit in it at night! Extra bonus is they eat slugs and snails!!! xx

    2. Slugs and snails? My Nan just used to collect them and put in next doors garden! Didn't believe me when I said they would just come back. Every one she collected was a new one! Xx

    3. Her poor neighbour! Supposedly everything in nature has it's own niche in the ecosystem, but I've never been able to work out what the world benefits from having slugs and snails. Unless you're French of course, but I don't believe they actually eat snails, I think they say that but it's actually a seafood thing!!! xx

    4. Hi Brenda, I would love some frogs and toads, slugs and snails are a big problem, but with one small dog of my own and three puppies I baby sit every work day the only way I can deal with them is to manually collect them. I also put little pots of beer behind some of the rocks. I like to think they die happy in a drunken stupor, I don't like to kill anything if I can help it xx

    5. I'm not able to go out and collect them regularly so I've spent years of trial and error as I too don't like to kill anything. For pots what I found works best is copper tape, the plumbers stuff is cheaper and just as effective, you just need two rows with a small gap in between to make it wide enough so they can't bridge it. Or shocka mat under pots works good. A copper ring round a plant is good but it needs to be a plant with leaves that don't grow over and touch the ground. Also crushed egg shell, but not as effective – you put a solid ring of it round the plant you want to protect. You need to keep topping it up. The birds like to eat it for calcium. I have to have beer traps too as there are just way too many snails and slugs here, they were eating everything in sight, including plants that they never normally touch!!! The ones I collect I put in the garden waste bin (not my own compost bin), they must have a happy life in there!

      They even eat dried cat food!!! Aye, I'm the softy that gives the local cats some of Daisy's food and a tickle, when they ask, even though they've all got homes and are clearly all looked after!!! I give the regular cats names, and the one that comes the most knows what his name here is and responds/comes running if I call him!

      Woodpigeons are the other menace up here, but I've sorted them out too. I got a bird feeder cage that you peg to the ground over the table. It's high enough to hang feeders from, and the smaller birds that you want just go through the gaps. The woodpigeons now only come occasionally to hoover up any seed that's got blown outside the cage – stops the grass turning into a wheat field!!! And they rarely shred any of my plants now. xx

  21. Hi Barbara
    This is beautiful, these little wren plates are wonderful – we have a wren in the garden, she's so tiny, she makes me jump when she pops out from behind a pot! I hope you've finished your 400 plates and you are now tucked up in bed, you do need a good nights sleep. Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  22. Hi Barbara, was just telling my friend about these plates today as she has some wire work birds on her kitchen wall which reminded me of them. I have ordered them so might be able to do a pic for her to hang next to them.

    On the bus today I nearly missed my stop as I was thinking about Groovi plates and wondered if you have in mind for the futures to do a plate with a shoe, handbag and any other fashion accessory that might fit!! I'm sure you must have a long lst of 'to do ' plates though! Hope you get to catch up,with some rest. I suppose you can clean plates sitting down ?! Xxx

  23. Hello Barb, this is beautiful artwork, and the plates are beautiful, definitely going on my wish list for a future purchase. Hope you got the plates done, and got a good nights sleep. Take care. bx

  24. These bird plates are lovely Barbara and am definitely thinking of joining the Groovi club to give if a try. Happy plate cleaning and packing. x

  25. Love the colours on your card Barbara said it before Clarity birds are gorgeous keep them coming love them catching up a bit here chuffed for you Groovi is taking off …take care Dot..xx

  26. Hi Barbara. Not surprised the houses shot out the door as there is virtually nothing out there to use for new home cards….I seem to have had so many to do …. Guess what though….I was so excited but missed buying them. Look forward to a return ! Xx

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