You are Brilliant!

You are Brilliant!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in!
It’s Tuesday and the sun is shining through the trees.
I came away from the NEC last night, 
to get home and crack on with TV prep.
Thursday 11am 3pm and 5pm.
Those are the 3 three hours I have to prepare.
So here’s a step by step I plan on doing,
which I have obviously done!
I weally weally have to quack on, 
so please forgive me for wobbing the Telly Stash.
And anyway, it’s always good to have a photo step by step.
Here’s a new set of stamps which
we are launching on HOCHANDA on Thursday.
Isn’t that perfect?
I see a little photo of somebody special in the frame too. 
But this time I wanted to pack loads of techniques into one demo.
Stamp the images out using Black Archival.
(There’s a superb chequered frame which goes with this set too….)
Cover up the elements with their masks (also included in the set)

Make a masking tape frame
and tear a hill mask.

Brayer in the grass using Bundled Sage and Mustard Seed.

So now you’ve got this….

Moon mask in the sky. Let’s make an orb.
I cut an aperture out of a sheet of copy paper to 
protect the area around the artwork.

Mustard Seed on a Clarity Stencil Brush

Touch of Mountain Rose round the bottom, 
to give it that 3D effect.

Now you’ve got this:

Cover up the orb with its mask and dry brush a little yellow into the sky. What I mean by Dry brush is don’t re-ink the brush!

Now get rid of the Easel mask. 
We need the OTHER easel mask.
In fact we need the OUTSIDE of the other easel mask. 
All clever stuff.
Wait till I show you on telly on Thursday…

So I have masked the outside of the easel, 
then made an aperture to protect the artwork, (white copy paper)
and then added the hill mask to the little picture. 

We need a mini moon!
Use a make-up sponge to create a little scene.

Out with the Wee Trees and Wee Grasses….


Now for the Wee Trees.
Remove the masks on the brush, tube and palette first,
but hide the easel.
(I think I’ll do the trees etc earlier on the box…)

Add a splash of colour to the palette and the paint tube.
Remove the masking tape and all the masks.

Funk up the edge with a Micron pen,

and colour in the overlaps.

If the writing is a little too black, 
add a little coloured pencil over the lettering to tone it down.

Now for the drop shadow, easel and tree shadows. 

Mount on a complimentary colour card.
Hey Pwesto!

Must press on.
Hope you like it.
See you tomorrow.
love & hugs,

84 thoughts on “You are Brilliant!

  1. Love this set. Can't wait till it is on the Clarity site so I can order it since I'm in the USA. Barbara you are such a creative and inspiring person. Congratulations on the awards

  2. I have the easel stamp and I said to my husband the other day wouldn't it be good if I could do a mini image on the easel of the background and this is what you have done. It's a bit like watching Eastenders and wondering why they never watch Eastenders, if you see what I mean.

  3. FANTASTIC — love the art work. Looking forward to seeing you on the TV will have the recorder going.

    Think it must be time for you to slow down a bit Barb, and have a cuppa.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  4. Wow, I love this card. It reminds me of my very first entry to the challenge blog back in March 2013, only I didn't have that lovely sentiment, or the foliage, or the masks!! I had to cut mine by hand!!! In fact that was the reason I started blogging, to take part in the challenge!
    Have a great show on Thursday, I will be watching (then I will get back to being a Groovi chick). Hugs xxxx

  5. Wow, this is a brilliant work of art. Thanks so much for sharing the step by step with us. It is always wonderful to see how things are put together. Will do my best to watch a couple of the shows. Times aren't great for me with the time change in Canada and can't record when watching on the Internet. Hopefully, if things ever slow down a little for you (which I can't see happening) we will have a You Tube Tuesday again. Congrats on the new awards. They are well deserved. Have fun on the telly on Thursday. You always do such a fantastic job.

  6. Wow, I love this card. It reminds me of my very first entry to the challenge blog back in March 2013, only I didn't have that lovely sentiment, or the foliage, or the masks!! I had to cut mine by hand!!! In fact that was the reason I started blogging, to take part in the challenge!
    Have a great show on Thursday, I will be watching (then I will get back to being a Groovi chick). Hugs xxxx

    1. Evening Donna late today Tom had a tidy up of my wee stamps and word chains onto clarity blocks so now in boxes easy to find as the folders are to big and heavy for me to lift was very fatigued so ended up having to go to bed awake now so time to blog hope you have had a lovley day and enjoyed the cinema last night crafting hugs xxx

  7. Just love this Barbara, looking forward to Third. I received my Diamond club pack today but have to wait 4 weeks til my broken arm mends so will just keep looking at it til I cam craft again…..frustrated! !

  8. Barbara, you are a brilliant work of art in all ways, in my book – one of God's gifts to the world. This art piece is brilliant too, I love it. Your thinking outside the box with the words is so spot on, and would touch anyone on the receiving end of such a sentiment.

    Please factor in wee breaks for yourself, please. We don't want you getting worn down and ill.

    love Brenda xx

    1. Hello Brenda I hope you are ok. Have you had sunshine today? Our bulbs are shooting up, daffs are out hopefully Spring is on the way! You will soon be out in the garden again. Xx

  9. Love this card and the words are good too. I am working on Thursday, but will record the shows to catch up on later. I am enjoying having more time to be creating more cards and plan also to make some quilts. (Got a couple to finish off too). Take care. x

  10. Hi Barbara
    Wow this is amazing, what fabulous stamps and stunning artwork. The little picture on the easil is fab, you really are clever. Make sure you get some rest time in amongst the prep. I must set the recorder ready for Thursday.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxxx

  11. Hi Barb,
    Very clever, I love it! I have the original easel and paintbrush that you demoed using a photocopied picture of your Mum when she was young and used a teaspoon to burnish it. I thought was so clever! This is a true work of art and I really like the sentiment stamp too – just finishes off. Love Alison xxx

  12. Love it will be watching live as cannot record come on virgin hate missing shows Nanny duty a Thursday so hopefully will be watching in between singing wheels on bus what fun. Hope things calm for you after this week hugs Joy xxx

  13. Wasn't too sure where you were going with this, but the finished result is fantastic. Hope you are enjoying being creative and don't feel under too much pressure – it will be fab no matter what and sometimes a really simple design can be just as inspiring to us mere mortals! Susan x

    1. Hi Sheila! Hope that you are still resting and enjoying some sunshine today, that always makes us feel better – doesn't it!? Lots of special hugs, to my special blog friend! Love and hugs Gilly xxx
      Just had a thought – is it today you were going to the hospital? xxx

  14. Fantastic piece of work from a brilliant artist. Can't wait for Thursday. Going for an MRI in the evening so your shows will get me through the day nicely xx

  15. Another masterpiece barb ,your imagination is endless ,thank you for sharing it ..received my Diamond pack today love it roll on Friday when I can catch up on the shows and play with the new goodies. Have a good evening

  16. Fabulous project Barbara. I don't know where you get all your brilliant ideas from but it must be a really really big place!! Lol
    Set to record all three shows as I am in Birmingham for 2 days on a course so will have to watch at a later date. xxxxxxxx

  17. Love the art work, Barbara and the step by step. Looking forward to seeing the stamps on your show, recorder set. I can feel a purchase coming as my husband loves painting and this set would be ideal for a birthday card for him..

  18. Evening Barbara wow stunning piece of art so looking forward to all the shows got them recording as will be seeing the breast surgeon at the breast clinic Thursday afternoon will look forward to watching them all big crafting hugs xxx

  19. Lovely artwork! Looking forward to the shows. Feeling pleased with myself this week as I've now entered both Clarity Challenges by blog! Hubby started his radiotherapy today so thought I'd have a positive week! One day down only 38 to go! Xx

  20. Hi Barbara
    This is fantastic,absolutely love it.I remember you placing a picture in the easel using nail varnish.I tried it once didn't work out so well,would love a tutorial on this technique again if possible.
    Looking forward to Thursday.

  21. Hello – I already have two different sized clarity easels and paint brush, plus the multiple art stamp set – how do these stamps fit in with these size wise.

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