What a Day! Great News xxxx

What a Day! Great News xxxx

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in!
What a day!!!
The signal here is dire, so I cannot stay long.
But I did want to tell you the best news!!!
We got two more awards last night, to put next to our Best Blog Award:
Best Stamp. And Best New Product!!!!!!! 

Thank you thank you thank you for voting for Clarity and Groovi!!!
And then today we had the best trading day ever ever.
Blimming unbelievable!
but now I have to drive back to Kent, because there’s so much to do back at base!!
3 hours of live TV on Thursday which I have to prep for, so best get down the Motorway!!!
Have a lovely evening!
Love and hugs 
Barb xxxxx

122 thoughts on “What a Day! Great News xxxx

    1. Evening gilly not done nothing today just rest, thank you for your message you left me last night it helps a lot lots of hugs dear blog friend what would we do without dear Barbara's blog xxx

  1. Barb this is absolutely fantastic news, the awards are so, so warranted, congratulations to you and everyone at Clarity. I am so, so pleased for you all.

    Looking forward to Thursday and the new plates.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  2. Hi Barb,
    Many, many congratulations on these awards – greatly deserved. Well done to you, Dave and all a Clarity, brilliant company. Looking forward to the shows. Have a safe journey, love Alison xxx

  3. Wonderful news, and well deserved! Obviously Groovi was the best new product, but would love to know which stamp was the 'best' one – they're all fantastic! Take care. I'm very much looking forward to Thursday's live shows.
    Tonbridge Sue

  4. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Congratulations on the new awards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    well done – well deserved

    Congratulations to you, Barb, and the whole team for sure.

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Congratulations on the new awards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rolf xxx

  5. Congratulations to you all at clarity .. Well deserved. Will be at work Thursday so shows are programmed in to record …..have Feb diamond club goodies been sent out yet .Got Friday off so can play !!!

  6. Congratulations Barbara, but we all knew you would win, especially with the brilliant new Groovi system 🙂

    Hope you're not too rushed off your feet getting ready for Hochanda.

    I'm glad you had good results at the show too, well done xxx

  7. Congratulations Barbara, Dave, Paul and all at Clarity towers. Well Done…and well deserved…
    Hope the motorway is kind to you, safe journey….hugs…xxx

  8. Absolutely delighted for you and all your team – it's great that all your hard work has been recognised by the industry too. We all know that you're the best, of course!!! Safe journey, Susan x

  9. Well done all of you!! It s well deserved because Groovi truly is a brand new inivitive range, they can bring out all the dies and boards they like it's all variations on a theme, this is new and as far as I'm concerned FABULOUS

  10. Absolutely thrilled for you all. Well done and truly deserved. Groovi really is revolutionary and genuinely something new.
    Also, I hadn't realised there were shows on Thursday – so this week is looking up!
    Ruth x

  11. Hi Barbara
    What fabulous news and very well deserved by you,Dave and the Clarity team. Congratulations to you all. Fantastic news about the sales today too, really pleased. Drive carefully and take time to celebrate with the team tomorrow. Love Diane xxx

  12. So well deserved! Congratulations to you and all the Clarity Team! It's an absolute pleasure to work with all your products and to have such an inspirational team to learn from! Thank you xx

  13. Fantastic news and well deserved, saw you and your stand today on the PaperArtsy periscope blog. Looked great, made up for not being able to get to show as car broke down last week in middle of nowhere in pitch black. It's still in garage, feeling it's going to be an expensive repair. When are you on Hochanda with Ken Oliver, I remember you saying you would be doing a master class with him after the show. Don't want to miss it. Safe journey home and well done. Much hugs Karen xxx

  14. Brilliant news and very well deserved. Clarity is a wonderful team and it is so good to see you getting such success. I doubt if any of us are surprised at the Groovi winning, it is just so good. Congratulations to everyone. Do the team back at Clarity Towers know how much work is coming their way? Make sure you all get plenty of rest. Love Maggie. xxx

  15. Congratulations Barbara, well deserved awards. I so glad you and the Clarity team's efforts have been recognised yet again, it must give the whole team inspiration. Sounds like they are going to need it to cope with all the new orders.

    Posting this from my hospital bed as I was admitted again with pancreatitis on Wednesday night. I was at the Sage concert hall in Gateshead just 2 songs into the main band's song list when the pain became too much I handed my wife the car keys and went to find a taxi to take me to A&E. Well, I didn't see any point in her missing the band she's been following for about 30 years. Well I was admitted again. Had my first food today since Wednesday. It was most welcome!

    BTW, she did meet me at A&E when the concert finished. :-). xxx

    1. Thanks ladies, the pain is gone but still waiting to escape hospital. Will have to have gallbladder removed at some point, just wish they would get on with it. Was due to go to Cape Verde in 2 weeks but too risky so my wife is taking a friend… Grrrr. Xx

  16. Wow Barbara, amazing news. You must be overflowing with happiness and pride right now. What a week you've had, first Grace getting the film part when you thought she'd lost out again, and now more awards and best ever trading day 🙂 I'm so pleased for you. There are still good things happening to good people after all…
    Congratulations to all at Clarity
    love Brenda xx

  17. Many, many congratulations. We all knew the Groovi system was the best thing since sliced bread!! Hope you have had a good journey home. Sleep well tonight. You deserve it. X

  18. Brilliant Barbara, how fabulous for you all. Great that you had such a good day trade wise, the products are all wonderful and you and the team present them so well. Hope you had a good journey home hugs xx

  19. How fantastic to win two more awards Barbara, so well deserved for you, Dave and the team, and so pleased you had great trade sales today as well. Safe journey home and try to have a little break before the next onslaught! x

  20. Well I have always said that your stamps are the best on the market so the award is rightly deserved. Although I haven't purchased any Groovi I can see that this too is a remarkable product as it has opened up the word of parchment to everyone. Very well deserved and congratulations to all at Clarity. Much love Jayne

  21. Brilliant, well done Clarity! I'm so pleased you got best new product how could you not!? So very well deserved! You are an inspirational company all round, from staff at Clarity towers, all the wonderful design team and of course Barbara leading the the way. (Not forgetting the behind the scenes support)What a long way you have come from those early days, but always on the forefront of new ideas and developments. So proud to have come along with you!wxx

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