Life is puzzling sometimes, isn’t it….

Life is puzzling sometimes, isn’t it….

Hi there.
Mindful Wednesday today.
Well I have been scrambling all day to get ready for tomorrow,
doing battle with bull, and letting it get to me too. 
Then Wurka and Hollick dived in, 
because they saw an opportunity to redo the lounge.
So quite frankly, I doubt there’s much I can bring to the party today, other than a card. Or something.
Sometimes it’s best just to switch off and get with the hands.
Here’s a little something which is planned for one of the hours tomorrow… just about sums up my head today!
It started out like this:
and ended up like this!
But that’s the way it goes some days.
Nothing that a decent meal and a good night’s sleep won’t cure.
It’s that old H A L T thing, isn’t it.
Hungry – Angry – Lonely – Tired
Tick any one of the above and a personality change takes place.
Tick all 4 like today, and the lid’s off. 
I suppose we have just been going hell for leather at the Trade Show all weekend, then yesterday was way too long.
Maybe it’s the low after the high.
All that buzz, all that business.
Yin and Yang.
So I am going to decide what to wear tomorrow, 
pack a bag and get up to Peterborough.
We have good days and growing days;
today was definitely a GROWING day.
“Where’s all your gratitude Gray ???”
Ok Ok … I’ll write my gratitude list before I go to sleep tonight. 
Five things. Five things to be grateful for. 
That won’t be hard. It’s already working actually….
Tomorrow will be fine. 
Love & Hugs,

104 thoughts on “Life is puzzling sometimes, isn’t it….

  1. Dear Barbara , l would love to be inside your head, for the days when you think there is a mess you are still able to write a blog that many of us wish we could do on a Good day . You must know how special you are but just in Case there is a wee bit of doubt ,—- go to the mirror and look at that beautiful face and tell yourself some lovely words like " I love you you brilliant work of art ' love and joy now and always from me to you . Oh yes, I almost forgot that applies to all you beautiful people out there wherever you may be . Jan 😘

    1. Thank you all for your kind words and yahoo !!!!! I'm so excited. ! I won't have to set my clock for 5:30 am . Thanks to the dear soul who said the hochanda now has catch up time . I've been asking then from the first launch . Can you all hear the alleluia , hallelujah choir in the background .,it's late there for you but for me it's just about time for a nice glass or two of wine . Cheers 🍷😘🎉

  2. Recorder all set for tomorrow and you and I both know it'll all be fine – it always is – you are so good at what you do, that's why xx

    Set recorder as out shopping for my Anniversary pressie – in Peterborough as well, 45 years, where has all that time gone xx

  3. Where do you get your energy Barbara. Sometimes, I just get exhausted reading about all the things that are on your plate. Please try and take a break once in awhile so you don't burn out. Had a sneak peak at Hochanda today and saw the puzzle pieces. Think they are a great idea. Would love to make some puzzles for my grandchildren. The possibilities will be endless. Have already set my alarm for 5:30am Canada time to see your first show. This is huge for me as I am definitely not an early riser. You will be fabulous as always tomorrow. I will be watching.

    1. Cathy I was watching HOCHANDA today and apparently they are now on catch up tv. I don't know if that will help you but I do admire your dedication to Clarity! Xxx

    2. Thanks Diane, that is awesome news. It wasn't showing earlier today. It will make it so much easier for us on the other side of the pond and it is also great to be able to see a repeat of the show.

  4. Evening Barbara, me thinks it's time to chill. You are a pro, the TV will be fine, take a few hours off and relax xx

    Puzzle looks wonderful as I'm sure the rest of your samples will 🙂 xxxx

    Much love

    Kim xx

  5. It will be a fantastic show tomorrow we will all be cheering you on have tried to send in emails but don't get to show anyway good nights sleep and all will be fine sweet dreams xxx

  6. Hi Barbara, hope can put your feet up soon, have something to eat and rest. You work too hard, I know you enjoy being busy but please be kind to yourself. I'm looking forward to having your company tomorrow, have a big hug xxx

  7. Just remembered to set recorder for tomorrow, can't wait. The puzzle looks intriguing so look forward to watching. Stressful couple of days myself as car completely packed up after breaking down on a very busy road in the dark last week. Garage rang husband yesterday to say car unrepairable and to arrange to get it picked up off their forecourt. Husband in a panic over what to do, I was stuck in London and now carless with several business appointments for next week or so needing a car to get there. Hey ho it never rains but pours! Time for a little Groovi me thinks, transport and cars can wait. Mum's day card in preparation, time for a wind down. Yep, definitely focus on the things we can change and let the rest sort themselves. Hope you have a chill out evening Barbara. Much love and hugs to all. Karen xxx

    1. Groovi session put it all in perspective. Used new Henna borders in a panel like Barbara did for her Grace one. Loved it, well chilled now. Thanks for the hugs, right back at you. Hope you are feeling better and hospital goes well. Karen xxx

  8. Your honesty is refreshing. I hope you get a chance to relax this evening. I've arranged my day so that I can watch the first two programmes but I'll miss the last one due to me working. I received my diamond club stuff today and read the newsletter – wow, I'm well impressed with what you are impressed with. Everyone else will need to read the newsletter!

  9. Looking forward to the shows, will have to watch my recordings as I will be at work. Extra treat to see you twice in one month! After tomorrow it must be time for you to put your feet up, that will help to calm the mind. XX

    1. Evening Donna I will be on catch up with the shows too as at hospital tomorrow finished of a groovi card tonight as needed to be in post tomorrow sending crafting hugs to you xxx

    2. Hi Donna hope you've had a good day. I've got the shows on record and will be sprinting home from my chiropractor appointment to watch the first show! Xx

  10. I'll have to record the shows but I look forward to seeing this jigsaw. I love this hen and cocktails and the wonderful colour scheme that goes so well with them. Make sure you have a relaxing evening when you get to Peterborough. Love & hugs Jeanette xxx

  11. I am out during the first show and I shall set recording going before I cannot trust it to behave. I had my Happy Post this morning and I love all three (not giving the game away), especially the stamp – perfect. I know that your professionalism will kick in and take you through the show, despite those pesky Worka and his friend. Have a safe journey and a great day. xxxx Maggie

  12. i had a growing day today too. 2 of my colleagues accepted to speak at a venue for GPs and then both buggered off on holiday and left another coleegue and myself with the hot potato. standing in front of some 180 GPs and trying to get them to see things from your point of view is no mean feat i tell you. i think i borrowed your wurka and hollick too as i don't think i had felt as insecure for ages. so we can have a support group any time, hugs xx

  13. Barbara – please do take care, I'm afraid that you are working too hard – which I really can understand. Try to make some 'you time' soon – as I am concerned about you. Please don't make the same mistake as I did. I pushed my body beyond it's limits and I ended up with CFS/ME some 15 years ago. The first time that I saw my current specialist – she said to me that I was obviously a 'high achiever' as lazy people didn't get CFS/ME. It goes without saying that you are a VERY high achiever! Obviously we are all looking forward to your shows – but I think that I can speak for the others in saying that we care about you, and you are more important to us. Sorry, lecture over!! Take care, hoping that you have a really good day tomorrow – hugs from Gilly R x

  14. No wonder you're having a bit of a downer. All that needs doing at the same time. Perhaps though you may consider changing your HALT to:
    H.. HAPPY Which is how you make so many of us feel
    A.. APPRECIATED Which you certainly are.
    L.. LOVED By so many…countless.
    T.. TRANSFORMED So many lives.

    As for the 5 things to be grateful for: For are definitely one of my five xx

  15. You do sound blue. Probably something to do with anti-climax after the successful show and awards then having to up sticks again. Must feel like a treadmill sometimes no matter how much you love it. Hope you feel better later. Tomorrow will be fantastic.
    Tonbridge Sue

  16. Just wanted to say hi to you Sheila! I hope that you have been resting again, and that you are ok today. Good luck at the hospital tomorrow, I will be thinking of you! Lots of crafty hugs from Gilly xxx

    1. Thank you so much gilly I will take your hugs and wishes with me I did a little on my groovi tonight and I got my groovi folders in to my felt clarity bag they are brilliant I've got about 5 now just shows how much I love clarity lots of hugs comming your way xxx

  17. By now I hope that you have arrived safely in Peterborough and you can have a relaxing evening.

    Looking forward to the shows tomorrow. All will be astonishing you always amaze us.

    Sending big squashy hugs xx

  18. I'm so excited to see those puzzle templates and what you and the team have done with them! Hope you enjoy the shows tomorrow, and I'm sorry to hear you're so stressed. Just so you know, when I count my blessings you are amongst them :o) x

  19. Oh blimey what a day you've had! Can only be better tomorrow showing us stamping and jigsaws – can't get a lot better than that except those new baby plates of course! My husband said yesterday what have you got in those folders, just a few Groovi plates I cry! Little does he know how many! I'm going to have to stop him watching the shows
    So he doesn't work our quite how much my groove folders are worth !

    I hope W & H have left the building and you have an enjoyable to day tomorrow. Looking forward to it xxx

  20. Aw Barbara, you really do sound down and like you don't know what to do with yourself. Sounds like you've crashed back down to earth with a massive bump after all your happiness and excitement of the past week. Grace, your awards, your brilliant trading weekend, it's all still there, you'll get the happiness back. Hopefully your shows tomorrow will help raise your spirits, especially as Leonie is there now, she could cheer anyone up. 🙂

    And then Barbara Gray REST please, and do something fun and relaxing.

    I do love your jigsaw, it looks amazing. And I love those bird stamps too, not bought them yet, but then I must have a massive list of want/need but not bought yets with not crafting very much. I need to start making a new list me thinks.

    I'm off to set the recorder and get it moved into the living room, before I forget again!

    Best wishes for tomorrow, hope your shows go the best yet for you. I should be able to watch your second and third hours on my laptop so see you then
    love Brenda xx

  21. Oh Barbara, sorry to hear you are feeling like this today. I am constantly amazed at all that you get through and even when you aren't feeling good you still find the time and the energy and the inspiration to bring us your blog page everyday

    I won't get to see you on Hochanda tomorrow as i'll be at work and I don't have a record function on my tv – pleeeeeeease ask Hochanda to do a 'catch up' option for their tv programmes

    I hope tomorrow goes well. I KNOW you will be fab – no question about it; and so do you if you really stop to think about it

  22. Wow wow wow I received my diamond package today wow wow wow to all 3 stamp stencil baby groovi by your news letter no wonder your feeling like you are you are doing far too much you need to take a long earned rest with Dave please I would not like you to come down with CFS/ME I was told mine came due to all the life trauma and trying to hard work wise so please give yourself a break don't beat yourself up your only human not super woman sending big hugs your show will be fantastic it always is your wonderful clarity products sleek for themselves appoligies for telling you to take care of you xxx

    1. Evening Diane sending hugs did you get your flights booked xx
      Evening pam hope your ok how's the pain ?xx
      Evening Dorothy wee hugs comming your way xxx

    2. Hi Sheila it was an exciting envelope wasn't it – can't wait to play! I've been trying to work out flights today now we have worked out which weekend works best for Emma. Trying to juggle cost of transport to London for cheaper flight or flight to Edinburgh which is cheaper and train the rest of the way! I hope you get on ok at the hospital tomorrow and they can sort out an operation for you soon xxx

    3. Diane hope you get best prices and a lovley journey to see your wonderful daughter thank you for your kind wishes for tomorrow I will take all your kind thoughts with me special blog friend xx

  23. Hi Barb,
    Hope you've had a safe journey up to Peterborough and that you're having a restful evening. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow and have recorder set. So sorry you've had a rubbish day and that Wurka and Hollik have muscled their way in again. I really feel for you and hope that you can have a break soon with Dave to recharge those batteries, would hate to see you making yourself ill. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

  24. Yin and yang, high and low, action and reaction – all received and acknowledged without judgement, all a part of the tapestry (or puzzle), all necessary for each other. You do an amazing amount Barbara, I couldn't believe you were back on the telly after such a huge weekend – and for three hours! Please tell me you've blocked out at least three days of the diary to catch up soon – nothing more taxing than a novel and a hammock. That's my prescription!

  25. Hi Barbara
    Hope you manage to settle your busy brain before tomorrow.
    Sorry to here Ken Oliver won't be hosting the shows with you,I was really looking forward to some of his techniques with the Colour Burst powders.I do hope the legal matters get sorted so he's able to host with you soon.
    I'm so looking forward to tomorrows shows as they always lighten my days,really enjoy watching all the demo's you do.
    Have a safe journey and enjoy the shows.

  26. Hey Barbara, we all love you! You're doing exactly what you did last year,and what did you promise yourself? Slow down and give yourself a bit of a break.W big hugs!Wxx

  27. Hi Barbara
    Hopefully you are having an early night and worka and holic have been sent packing. It dies sound like you need a break, how about booking that flight to see Grace for that cuddle. The shows will be fantastic tomorrow, wonder if you are on with Leonie. Go with the flow and the time will fly – those jigsaw pictures look amazing. Thank you for the newsletter and goodies, there are some good things going on.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  28. Thank you all for keeping me company up to Peterborough. Just ate a mountain of fruit and veg. So good for you! Then dip it all in a great big pot of spicy houmous. Not so good for you! Blew the doors off my calorific budget….and so to bed xxxx

  29. Ok I need help, I resolved to do the monthly challenge, I have done 4 but got struck down by flu, which has now left me with bronchitis but I am still looking after grandchildren after school plus puppies, which are both cute and demonic at times. I think I have a good idea for this months challenge but every time I try it ends up in the recycle bin. How do you get back your mojo. Help xx I am running out of time.

  30. Barb you need a rest. Tomorrow will be just fabulous as always. What you have to remember is that everyone just loves seeing you do your stuff on TV. You are letting work get the better of you and you need to take some time to smell the roses. Delegate a little more – you know they can do it!!! Looking forward to the shows tomorrow. Much love Jayne

  31. Hello Barb, we are all behind you, we love the inspiration you bring, the insights you give us along with the laughs. Just be yourself, but most of all get some me time. Looking forward to the shows today. Take care. Bx

  32. After all the hard work of the last few days hopefully you will be able to give yourself a bit of a break when today is over as I'm sure you need it Barbara. I have just watched you and have really enjoyed your show and love the idea of using stamping together with the Groovi, and looking forward to seeing you again later. x

  33. Hope the shows are going well, i am in the big apple till sunday so i have recorded and will watch while jet lag circles, the perfect pick me up! You do so much for so many. Thanks Barb. Love you xxxxx

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