Sunday Step by step and time for Reflection.

Sunday Step by step and time for Reflection.

Happy Sunday!
Thanks for dropping in.
TV Day today.
If you aren’t going out, and you haven’t got any plans,
or rugby’s not your thing,
then why not tune in to HOCHANDA
Freesat 817(24/7)  •  Sky 663 (24/7) • Freeview 39 (6am-9pm)
I shall be getting inky 2-3 pm and 5-6pm
We decided to split the hours, because it’s just less stressful.
Here’s a step be step guide to one of the projects 
I will hopefully get to at 5pm;
sometimes it’s cool to get a snapshot breakdown….
Reflection time!
Stamp the Elegance Dancer onto the 8×10 Gellplate
using Black Adirondack/ dye-based ink.
Flip the plate on the matching Megamount and place the girl on our large 8.5″ x 11″ Stencil Card.
Flip it back, rub the back of the card and pull the first print.

Provided you positioned her right, there will be plenty of room for the ghost print, the second print.

There she is.

split them up, and stamp the upside reflection into place,
this time using a Black Archival.
Place the mask which comes with the stamp 
over the image above the water.

Add a moon upstairs and partition off with masking tape.

Using a brayer, roll an undercoat of Juniper across the sky.

Now roll Denim in from the top.
This combo of colours is delightful.

Pull in colour from the edges with a make-up sponge.

And now let’s switch ends, and do the water.
Shuffle the mask up, add a little denim and then add the moon.

Add more Denim to the brayer, roll the inky brayer over a sheet of screwed up paper, and roll the brayer over the water area.

Remove all the masking tape.

Colour in the girl’s leotard with a matching pencil,
both above the water and in the reflection.

Now come the 3-D bit.
Using grey and black pencils create a drop shadow 
underneath the letters of the word ELEGANCE.

Amazing how a little drop shadow can create so much depth!

Run a black Sharpie around the edges 

Mat and layer.

All done.
Now if I can remember all this on the live art show, 
it’ll be a miracle !!!

Time to go figure out what to wear….

A leotard and tights?
Well now… that might increase the number of viewers!!!
Love & hugs,

84 thoughts on “Sunday Step by step and time for Reflection.

  1. Sadly I shall miss the shows as out in Spain just now. On your recommendation visited Córdoba, Granada and the Alhambra. Thankyou for lifetime memories. You see, you have such an impact on people's lives. xxx

  2. Morning Barbara, I have all your shows set to record, and hopefully I will be able to watch too (as occasionally the recorder doesn't work). I love this tutorial and will be eagerly watching you demo this. Gorgeous !!
    I saw Maria yesterday at the Craft Show at Event City, she was doing a brilliant job with the Groovi.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  3. Morning Barbara, I have all your shows set to record, and hopefully I will be able to watch too (as occasionally the recorder doesn't work). I love this tutorial and will be eagerly watching you demo this. Gorgeous !!
    I saw Maria yesterday at the Craft Show at Event City, she was doing a brilliant job with the Groovi.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  4. Have a good one,or should it be two? Will miss the first of your shows,need to sleep after night duty,but, I'll catch the second hour. I'm very happy you have decided to split up the presentations, otherwise I'd have missed both. Also looking forward to seeing what is in store at 8 pm. X

  5. Beautiful Barbara, I think I need a Gelli plate just for reflections. By the way, I have been assured that the rugby fits right between your two shows, although I was told that even if it didn't "Barbara has priority"! Looking forward to seeing you on TV later, Caroline xx
    Caroline xx

  6. Hi Barb,
    Love this reflection step by step and I'm positive that you'll be able to do it on to with your eyes shut! Really looking forward to all of the shows today and tomorrow. Have to admit I've had a sneaky look at the Groovi kit and it's brilliant – I won't spoil the surprise though! Suffice to say that my order will be in as soon as they're come live on the Clarity site. Love Alison xx
    Ps leotard and tights would be interesting!!

  7. Leotard and tights might be a little chilly in the studio and goosebumps and nerves, oh, no! Looking forward to your shows set the recorder. Thank you for the step by step. Love Alison xx

  8. This is gorgeous. I can't wait for the shows. What a vision from Linda. Leotard, tights and your Harley! Brilliant! Imagine the looks on the faces of your Hochanda colleagues!!

    1. Yes John & I now will have a longed for stencil brush for each colour family! What with the Clarity winter sale & now this I better put in some overtime! Hope you are feeling better today x

  9. That would be fun to watch! Lol!
    I love this technique, and with this stamp it looks beautiful. You are so right (as always) the drop shadow makes all the difference.
    So looking forward to all the shows coming up.
    Amanda xx

  10. Yes I'll be tuning n. Hope everyone didn't miss the Clarity bargains on create and craft this morning to top up their stash 50% off. Mini mounts for £5 too good to miss. Got my Groovi club stuff yesterday loving my storage folder and baby plate mate can't wait to get started x

  11. Beautiful reflections. Looking forward to watching your shows today. Hubble and son are going through to Edinburgh to visit my daughter and go to an American football game at her uni, so I get an afternoon of craft before they come back to watch the Super Bowl tonight.

  12. Don't forget the leg warmers. I'll miss the two evening shows as I'll be working – petted lip. However, I don't work on a Monday but I've got lots to do so I'll be running around like headless chicken in between shows 'cause I'm not going to miss them.

    1. Hi dear blog friends just sat ready for the 5pm show must have my clarity fix I've been naughty as just done a very little bit of stamping but been good now resting because body says I have too hugs xxx

    2. Hi Sheila, oooh what have ou been stamping? Good to hear you are taking it easy and relaxing – good thing Barbara is on so you can enjoy watching whilst you relax. Take care xxxx

    3. Wow how much I enjoyed the groovi show so looking forward to tomorrow's shows
      How fabulous showing the art work that your friends and customers have made the first 4 are stunning so looking forward to seeing more crafting hugs xxx

  13. Hi Barbara, just watched your first show and really enjoyed it! It was especially good to see you do the canvas – in action on tv, although I really loved seeing it on your blog recently. You were brilliant on the tv (as always) – and I loved your outfit!! Perhaps you had your leotard on underneath, or are you saving that for the 5.00pm show!!! Love Gilly xxx

  14. Oh Barbara please stop tempting me. I now need to save up for Mod Podge & canvas pack! Loving show one now have to watch the rugby but might just go upstairs & play..!

  15. Hi Barbara
    Just watched the 1st show. You were brilliant and I loved your outfit. The poppies and grasses will be joining my Clarity Ccollection. The samples were beautiful so well done to the DT. Looking forward to the next show and the One Day Special.
    Hugs from Chris X

  16. Really enjoyed your first show, but have had to record the second on so you're probably doing this demo live on TV as I type! Lovely outfit by the way – classy and comfy. X

  17. Brilliant step by step today, love the reflection ones. Been too nervous to try but will do soon. Missed your first show but all ready to watch the others. Should be able to watch the one I missed if they repeat it. Fingers crossed.xx

    1. Hi Dot hope you are ok. I've set the recorder for tonight, three times in one day I gut just be a bit too much for Julian. I'm going to enjoy watching tomorrow too! Xxxx

  18. Hi Barb,
    I thought you'd be wearing leotard and tights!! What a disappointment ha ha.
    Have seen the two shows so far today and they were so helpful and artistic, I really enjoyed the canvas demo. I'm now waiting for the 8 pm show. Great news, I've figured out how to record them with our new fangled box.
    Maureen xx

  19. Well what a lovely Sunday have really enjoyed the two shows so far looking forwards now to a Groovi hour hope you've got your cheese and pickle sandwiches with you see you in a bit…xx

  20. Hi Barbahra
    Well we both loved the first show today, Julian thinks we need to try some canvasses ( note the Royal we!). I've recorded your next two shows, rugby and dinner got in the way, so I can watch tomorrow . You looked lovely, had a little giggle at the thought of the leotard and tights – Victoria wood did a sketch in leotard and tights many years ago, very funny – and brave!!! Have a lovely rest tonight and we will see you tomorrow
    Love Diane xxxxx

    Hi Brenda
    Hope you are ok xxxxx

  21. Fabulous shows Barbara. I so enjoyed all three today. Am visiting my Mom on Monday so unfortunately will miss those shows. Looking forward to you blogging some of the artwork you did. You looked lovely as always and loved the outfit. More products to add to my ever growing collection. Any chance you might be doing a "Groovi Border Mate" so we don't have to use tape all the time. Think that would be wonderful. Enjoy the rest of your evening after your long day.

  22. Just logged on to see what the One Day Special was, you read my mind as I was hoping you would produce specific storage for the border plates as I have run out of room for them in my Groovi folders and doubling them up in causing a strain on the pockets. They will definitely be finding their way into my basket, I expect the new poppy and meadow grasses will find their way in too as poppies are my favourite, just done a bookmark with the Groovi ones for a belated birthday pressie next week. Have recorded all the shows for a binge watch tomorrow between work sessions, can't wait. Sleep well. Karen xxx

  23. Hello Barb, well the shows were just fantastic, looking forward to todays as well. Fabulous items, my hubby saw the first show with the dancer stamps, his comment was, wow those are brilliant stamps, I did mention that I don't have them yet! Take care, hope Monday goes well. Bx

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