Monday. Groovi Flower power !!

Monday. Groovi Flower power !!

Hi there!
Good of you to drop in.
It’s our Borders Storage One Day Special on HOCHANDA today,
with 3 beautiful new Groovi Henna & Background Borders on offer.
Here’s a little step by step I did earlier!!
The secret is to look at the plates and single out images.
I want to make a flower on its own…
Add the stalk, and some leaves,

perhaps a second little flower from the centre of another 
larger Henna bloom will do the job.

Now let’s build a frame and add a word or two….

Happy Birthday!  Bloomin lovely!!

Close the frame using the square nest.

Add a little funk around the border…

Whitework makes the flowers pop.
Remember to use the soft side of the blue mat underneath.

Colour in from behind, and the job’s a goodun!

Simply cut out and mount on pleasing card.

Must dash!
Love & hugs,

93 thoughts on “Monday. Groovi Flower power !!

  1. Guten Morgen Barbara,
    die neuen Groovies sind einfach spitze, ganz ganz toll.
    Für heute wünsche ich Dir ganz viel Spaß bei den Sendungen und wenn nichts dazwischen kommt, werde ich sie mir alle anschauen.
    Viele Grüße sendet
    Sabine aus Berlin:-)

  2. Gorgeous. I've hoovered the lounge, the postman has just been and there is a clarity box – could it be my diamond stuff? I've got a cup of tea and I'm parked in front of the TV. Heaven.

  3. Hiya Barbara. Just watched the shows so far on catch-up…….brilliant. I know the others will go just as well. I love this floral design, very Groovi. The design teams have certainly done you proud!!
    Missed being a part of it but hopefully will be back to full design mode soon. Hugs to all. Xxx

  4. Loving all the shows Barbara & the inspiration. Congratulations to everyone who sent in cards made using the starter kit – inspirational & beautiful x

  5. Hi Barbara
    This is beautiful, I loved this boarder when I saw it at 9, isn't it useful. Think I might have to have a look at that! The boarder storage is good too . Thank you for the tips on lining up words, it all makes sense when you say it and do it at the same time. I was nearly late for the opticians as I had to see just a bit more! Enjoy the rest of the shows, I'm sure once you've got one under your belt the rest just flow as you relax into them.
    Safe journey home tonight.
    Love Diane xxxx

    1. Hi Brenda, hi Donna, hi Pam , Hi Dot, wow I'm so early today! Hope everyone is ok and feeling crafty today. Donna I hope the children weren't too bad with the wind. Sending hugs all round xxxxxx

    2. Hi Diane, late tonight went out to a Chinese for their New Year. It was brilliant as they had the Dragon. The food was great too. Watched all the shows but one, but they are all recorded. Be needing the cushions later as intend to get the new border plates and storage. Did some Groovi this afternoon, hope you managed some too. Dreadful weather here too, thunder and lightning through the night as well as the wind and rain. Love Pam xx

    3. My cushions were needed! The lace boarders and the henna flowers forced themselves upon me! Were you all naughty too? I tried the poppy wreath in the afternoon so I've got that to play with today. Xxxx

  6. Loving the shows so far have things to do so watching bits here and there. Waiting for an order to arrive so will not be able to buy any more yet but my list is growing!!
    Love the idea of a border plate mate. I left two borders attached for a couple of days so hubby had to get a potion from the garage to get the sticky off and I've just done it again – oops!

  7. Such a pretty, fun design! Hope the shows are going well – I'll watch the recordings later. Sadly I've been up a ladder trying to clear a down-pipe – I know what I'd rather be doing!!! Susan x

  8. I just have to post again. Sheila I love your card with the fallen leaves. Gilly that sunburst is fab. I've also seen Donna B's card, Alison Metcalf's, Anne's and so many more. It is just fab to see what you guys have done. I feel so proud of you and you should be proud of yourselves with what you have done and being able to have your work viewed on the TV. Well done.

    1. Thanks Julie, mine was an interpretation of the view from the Queens garden in Palace of Holyroodhouse House in Edinburgh looking over to Arthur's Seat ( or supposed to be!!). Love Alison xxxx

    2. I too loved all your cards made using the starter kit, great inspiration for us all. Saw Sheila's, Alison's and Gillys, haven't seen Donna's or Anne's yet, but still one to watch, but they are all recorded so will watch again.

  9. Lovely shows as always.
    Just had a thought, it has just occurred to me that I get more ideas on how to use your products by just anticipation eg – I have ordered the sunglasses set and here are my 'notes to self' to try out with them; different sized text in the lenses (like reading glasses); Marilyn, Elvis, James Dean etc.; Cyclops from X-men; reflections; Dame Edna add on's; bi-focals; other beach bag items; cool book mark; selfie-style on photos of pets. That's just so far. Interesting isn't it.
    PS you look great! (as in fab)

  10. Beautiful as always – I am currently watching you on Hochanda as I type – just thought you said you wanted to avoid BUM marks – think I need my ears checking ………… hope all the demoing doesn't hurt your neck xx

  11. Gorgeous new border plates and storage Barbara and your artwork with them is tremendous and love the colours too. I am watching you at the moment and have so enjoyed this hour! Will try and watch you later too. x

  12. beautiful art work Barbara the border is a must, just watched the 12pm show and had the 9am on record too so just watched that one also so looking forward to the next two .the inspiration is fabulous its amazing what the groovi can do .
    A big thank you for showing my card how proud I am to be included I had some tears it's so lovley to see what other groovi crafters has made everyone needs a groovi crafting hugs to all xxx

  13. Hi Barbara
    Loving the shows. It's very good to get help with the placement, especially for me as I can't get anything straight. The new borders are just a bit different and the samples show how versatile they are.
    X Chris

  14. Hi Barbara – great shows, great products and great talent from you, as always! Hope that everyone on the blog is keeping safe. Here in Cornwall we have got horrendous winds at the moment, the wooden arch in our garden has been smashed and blown away – and we have been advised not to travel anywhere unless we have to. So we are sat in front of our fire in our cosy cottage – watching tv!!! Love Gilly xxx

    1. Thanks Dorothy – yes Cornwall is very lovely, and we get used to extreme weather. It's because it is very narrow and has the coast all around us – but it's a very special place xxx

  15. Hi Barb,
    Have just watched your last show and how chuffed was I when you showed my card!! Mind you I do feel quite humble when I've seen what the others have done – they have all been fantastic – well done to everyone.
    This artwork is gorgeous and I will give it a go once my order arrives. Love the Art Noveau ladies as well ( waiting for them too!!) . Off to make a coffee ready to sit down and watch the next instalment. Love Alison xx
    Ps forgot to say, shows have been brilliant! Xxx

  16. Wonderful programmes – you look lovely. Great demos. I am struggling with the borders. Tried to do the frilly circle – well what a mess. I will keep going if it kills me. Will watch the re-runs as still feeling crook. Going to spend my salary this month on groovi, groovi, groovi.
    Lots of love
    Anne (Reading)

  17. I have managed to see some of the shows, brilliant as usual. Love the new plates, my Diamond package arrived today, happy. Well done to all the fab creative bunch of ladies who have had their cards shown on TV. Wonderful designs. xx

  18. Barbara I so wish Virgin would have Hochanda on. I have to watch you on the internet but I can't record it. I go to work and so I miss some of your shows.
    I have sent a comment into Virgin but had no reply.
    I'm sure you were as brilliant as you were yesterday.

  19. Ordered mine last night, so Clarity will be busy with my three orders! Got home today and my diamond package was waiting!! How exciting. Will watch all todays shows for ideas over the next few nights. Xx

    1. Evening Donna thinking got enough then out comes the lovley henna borders teetering on the wagon wow loved your card on the telly 3 orders hope you had your full clarity suit on ☺️

    2. Hi Donna, not quite yet Donna, but made a list for in a few days time. Awaiting a second sales parcel, so thought I'd better wait for that first. What are we like, it's that Barbara's fault tempting us again. The Henna borders are too lovely to miss. Love Pam xx

  20. Hi Barbara
    Love these new plates and have place my order,can't wait for them to arrive.
    I've enjoyed all the shows and demos and you've given plenty of ideas,just a shame the shows have to end.

  21. Managed to catch some of your shows (sky box doesn't like rain or wind and keeps telling me there is a fault even though Sky says there isn't!). It was lovely to see the samples and to see you demo.
    Well done to everyone who had samples on the shows.

  22. Loved all your Hochanda shows Barbara and they were so inspiring. I particularly loved seeing the art work just using the starter kit as at the moment that's all I have UNTIL the postman arrives with my new goodies 🙂 I was feeling frustrated that I did not have a flower pattern to make a card then I saw what others had come up with and WOW how clever are they! Off to craft now as I feel so inspired. Thank you x

  23. Hi Barbara great shows and plenty Groovi tips the borders and plates just get better and better.
    So chuffed for the girls that got their starter Groovi cards shown they were all fantastic.
    My Diamond Club parcel came today stamp stencil and baby groovi I'm so happy, Thanks Barbara for making it so affordable for me.
    safe journey home…Dot xx

  24. Dear me Barbara, are you trying to bankrupt me? I missed some of the shows as I was sleeping, but what stunning plates. ( Ok I work nights, I'm not being lazy). I managed to resist, but my nerve broke with 5 minutes to go. What I saw of the demos and the examples of work we really lovely, and I thought the idea of seeing work by customers along side the work of you talented team refreshing and inspiring. So now looking forward to my deliveries from Hochanda, and my baby plate from you. Ooh life can be good. X

  25. Hi Barbara,

    Watched most of your shows on Hochanda and loved them. Had to buy the starter kit and the border plates with storage. Can't wait to try this wonderful craft. I have a friend who does parchment and her work is stunning. Never thought I could do it but your Groovi plates seem to make it achievable. Thanks for developing such a great product.

    Can I ask a question please. What pencils did you say were the best for colouring? Can you use alcohol markers?

    Thanks again x

  26. Stunning card Barbara, loved your shows, still have one to go and you looked super. So inspiring, enjoyed the tips you gave us and examples you showed, weren't the designs brilliant using the starter kit. Some very clever people, wouldn't have had any of those fantastic ideas. They all did you proud. Love the new borders, on my list and the storage for them. Hope you got home safely. Love Pam xxx

  27. Hello barb, this is really lovely, beautiful colours. The shows were great, and have been recorded for reference, samples were superb as always. Looking forward to my Diamond club package arriving, hopefully will be today. Have a great day. Bx

  28. Morning Barb, oh wow I was so engrossed in the Groovi shows, and no matter how many times I see you demoing I still learn something new, had to order the one day special and 2 of the borders that I didn't have, I think I have all of them now, brilliant idea about the storage folders for the borders, I hope when mine arrives that it is not damaged like the original starter kit ones were (which is a real shame).

    The design team did you so proud and what about all the lovely ladies who designed creations just using the starter kit, I was in awe of them when I saw them on the PC (not got freeview on my TV). I so wish that Hochanda would be accepted by Virgin Media. Anyway I digress, I see such beautiful creations from the design team, wow and I am looking forward to seeing the next stage with the snipping scissors…….I hope you are practising.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

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