Hello there.
Good of you to drop in on this mindful Wednesday.
This is the day when we look at why we craft 
and how we handle what life throws at us. 

How is your week going?

I have been having a good day so far.
Jim came round and we finally put the Trade Catalogue to bed 
in readiness for the NEC next week. 
This is the big GB Convention, when all the craft-shop owners and business people gather together. We have a big stand this year.

Just for the record, we didn’t wrap the book up and tuck it in under the duvet! To put something to bed  in the printing/publishing world means to complete work on something and send it on to the next step in production – in this case the printers. 

Yay! Looking good. 
Mind you, I had that down as taking an hour this morning!
Just tie up a few loose ends I thought, cast my eye over the layout.
Sheeshkebab!! These things always take much longer than you anticipate – especially if you want to do it proud. 
But the graphics, the code names, the descriptions – it goes on and on and on! And then you get lost in the look and the feel of it…
Jim’s done a grand job thus far, but it still took today to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Once it was clear that this job was going to take a lot longer than anticipated, I simply accepted that all the things I had planned to do today would just have to be shunted to tomorrow.
And tomorrow’s jobs have been moved to Friday. Easy.
With the exception of our blog, of course!
So I just settled in to spending the day with Jim.
He’s such a smashing bloke. Very clever. 
It was a pleasure working with him.

Actually, when I think about it,
Acceptance is the key to all my problems today.

I think that’s the key to a calmer life, you know.
Not the shunting! The acceptance that this is how it is today. 
Things take as long as they take. They always do.
And there was nothing on my to-do list that an extra day 
won’t solve. 
No babies being delivered, nobody being collected from an airport,
no live TV shows. Easy Street. 

As Confucious say, “You can’t push the river”.

Next, I have cancelled what was on the original agenda this evening, because Paul and I want to go through the next three TV proposals; then he can put them to bed tomorrow!
 Again, rather than fight it, I choose to accept that it will be nice to spend some time with him and Dave, sort the work out, 
and have supper together too. 

It’s the state of mind which defines the play, not the activity itself, isn’t it. 

So whilst all my plans today have completely gone out the window, the things which will have been done (by the time I put myself to bed!), were more important today.

There was a time I would have been getting my knickers in a right old twist – and I may again tomorrow!
But today was fine. 
 In fact, I’d go as far as to say I really really enjoyed it. 

Oooh I say!

I also enjoyed my reaction, if you get what I mean.
It’s so refreshing to see that I can react well.
There’s definitely been a shift since we moved over to HOCHANDA, you know. 
Long may it continue!

One more thing: yesterday, I was buying some bits in the local farm shop on the way home, 
and ran into one of my old neighbours from years ago.
Have seen her for donkeys!!
We were chatting in the shop doorway, and out of nowhere, I said,
“Shall we go in the tea room and catch up properly, Julie?”
That’s big cheese for this old Workaholic ! To just slam the breaks on and get off for an hour, instead of dashing on.
Tea with an old acquaintance. How normal is that ?!

Then I called Dave and asked if we could have a work-free evening when he got home. Not to talk about it at all. 
So we didn’t. I had to consciously think about it, and several times had to stop myself, because our habit is to discuss work nonstop. 
Boy did I sleep well!
And I insisted on making him breakfast before he shot out the door this morning. I think if I don’t try to change things, they won’t change, will they.

If you always does what you always did, 
you’ll always get what you always got.

But I must go now. 

Supper for the men and a little laundry.

Love and hugs,

82 thoughts on “A C C E P T A N C E

  1. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous post today. I think you have made all of the correct decisions today – long may it continue! I hope Werka and Hollick don't reappear for ages! It must be really great to know that you have someone as enthusiastic and dependable to fall back on ( not literally of course) and also Maria. Have a good night, love Alison cxxx

  2. Well done! You need to keep at it now. As you begin to realise that the world won't come to an end if you change schedules, take time for yourself etc, the better you will get at it. I just need to convince myself now!! Enjoy your evening, Barbara. Mxx

  3. wise words, Barbara. Sometimes a simple readjustment of priorities is all it takes to relax and enjoy the moment. Unfortunately the complete opposite is also true and far more usual in my experience!!
    Have a great evening xx

  4. Oh how lovely to read that you have finally seemed to calm down and accept what you have to at times..a erythromycin fitting word for what has happened to me today..I can't do anything about it so I am just accepting it and shall work around it…Its lovely to catch up with friends especially with a cuppa ..somehow the conversation always seem more comfortable and not rushed as you are satisfied down…enjoy your eveningxx

  5. Oh how lovely to read that you have finally seemed to calm down and accept what you have to at times..a erythromycin fitting word for what has happened to me today..I can't do anything about it so I am just accepting it and shall work around it…Its lovely to catch up with friends especially with a cuppa ..somehow the conversation always seem more comfortable and not rushed as you are satisfied down…enjoy your eveningxx

  6. Afternoon Brenda, Sheila, Diane, Pam and Dot. Out at the cinema later so no craft tonight. Not sure what I'm seeing as my sister booked it and won't tell me what it is. I think I should be worried! Xx

    1. Hi Donna, we went to see Dad's Army today ! That was a good bit of mindfulness and not thinking about anything but what I was watching for 90 mins, even though it was a simple story. I suppose I was thinking of the characters and the cast and how they matched up to the originals! Enjoy whatever you see x x

    2. Hi Donna enjoy your evening – I hope the film is good! I've just finished a groovi card for my friends birthday, I'm secretly quite proud of it but there's no one here to show it to! Oh well, I've taken a photo of it. Let us know what film you see. Xxxx

    3. Hope you enjoy whatever you're seeing at the cinema Donna. Lovely to go out with your sister, miss that so much. I managed to salvage one of those cards last night it turned out well in the end, so very pleased. So only wasted the one. Love Pam xx

    4. Film was good, better than I was expecting. We saw Pride and Prejudice and Zombies! It was certainly all those things, darkly funny in places and made me jump so much in others! Acceptance was key, as I had said I didn't want to see it as I love that story. That is why she booked it without telling me. Worth a night out though. Xx

  7. Good sounds like you getting a life balance, important for you and Dave. I have had to accept that I do not get through all the jobs I intend for each day, body is slowing down a little even though I don't really feel any different. Still 21 in my head!! Bit manic here anyway at moment as we are trying to make enough room for Greg and Amie to move in. Well it was nice for a short while to spread all our belongings amongst the rooms. Rang to place an order today, what a lovely team you have, so pleasant and helpful. Enjoy your evening. xx

  8. Very wise words today Barbara! I love your Mindful blog day! And I will accept that tomorrow I will be back to work but tonight I will play!
    The thing that drives me to accept my lot is that you never know what tomorrow holds for any of us so we should live for today!
    Enjoy your evening with David and Paul! Can't wait to see what you have got in store for us! Love and hugs xxx

  9. I am proud of you, Barbara, Such a very healthy and balanced way to cope with the stresses of life. It is great to see Worka and Hollick being sent on their way. Life did get a bit manic here yesterday when I discovered that a brake caliper had seized, but the job is now done and sorted safely. Although I had a courtesy car till today, I still could not go out as I could not unlock the door of the car till lunchtime today, but that commitment was easily put back till another day. Used the extra time to do my challenge card for this month and finish some parchment cards using the starter kit. I will try to get those into the post tomorrow. Another couple of boxes ticked with minimum stress. Just need to settle down tonight to find and book accommodation for a couple of weekends away coming up soon, one by the sea. I am looking forward to walking along the sea front before breakfast and before bed, even if it rains. Have a lovely relaxing evening. xxx Maggie

  10. Well done you a bit of you time for change bet your old neibour was thrilled and enjoyed the time and for you and Dave a free evening to relax the icing on cake a good night sleep with no things popping in your head . Good to be spontaneous sometimes always another day I realised a long time ago hi to Dave and Paul finally went diamond yesterday know waiting for groovi post hugs Joy xxx

  11. Hello Barbara

    What a lovely post today. I have a friend who has taught me so much about acceptance. She will be 87 this year and 45 years ago, aged 10, her daughter was diagnosed with a life-threatening heart condition. Life for her had its' usual ups and downs until seven years ago. Since then her husband died, she was diagnosed with chronic lymphatic leukemia, her daughter finally lost her battle with the heart disease, my friend was diagnosed with skin cancer, breast cancer and, in the last couple of weeks, a deep vein thrombosis. All of these illnesses can be sorted but her strength of character in dealing with all this is amazing. Her mantra through all this is 'if you can do nothing to change things you just have to deal with them the best you can'.

    Sorry I have waffled on today but I am so proud of her and she gives me so much inspiration.


  12. I love your blog Barbara, especially the Wednesday one, you talk so much sense, in fact you are the only person I know who does, I feel I have known you for years 🙂

    Have a lovely evening,

    Julie xxx

  13. Hi Barbara, it is really good to read about your 'Acceptance' today! It seems to have worked a treat for you today. I think that I too, am finally coming round to this way of thinking – it's been a very long time coming for me!! I do love to have a plan – which always includes a list – or maybe 2 or even 3! However, I am finding that if I can't proceed according to the 'plan' and need to change and 'go with the flow' things invariably end up working out better that way! In the past I have fought against it, and when looking back (with hindsight) it would have been better to have gone with the flow. Thank you once again for your 'Mindful Wednesday Wisdom'!! Gilly xxx

  14. How lovely to read your blog today, it's my stop the world I'm getting off for a few minutes time every day. Nowhere near as busy as you Barbara but nice to stop for a bit just the same. I'm glad you had a catch up with your friend , you work too hard and should relax more often . Xx

  15. Hi Barbara, A very 'enlightening' post today, I am so glad your 'acceptance' is working for you, and having a 'catch up' with your Friend certainly helped with that too. I really need to start 'accepting' things that I can't change, I need to start meditating or similar, as my mind never wants to let up, it keeps re-hashing everything and then I get anxious and so begins the 'vicious circle'.
    I hope you have a lovely restful evening.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  16. Hi Barbara, A very 'enlightening' post today, I am so glad your 'acceptance' is working for you, and having a 'catch up' with your Friend certainly helped with that too. I really need to start 'accepting' things that I can't change, I need to start meditating or similar, as my mind never wants to let up, it keeps re-hashing everything and then I get anxious and so begins the 'vicious circle'.
    I hope you have a lovely restful evening.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  17. Lovely blogpost today!

    Acceptance is such an important part of our lives. We would all be less stressed if we could accept that perfection isn't on the cards. It's fine to strive for the best and to do our best, but we should never make ourselves miserable when life shows us that happiness can be found in life's little moments of humanity.

  18. Good for you, Barbara. I am proud of you for stopping for a tea. I struggle with that myself. I always feel the need to shuffle off to other places I need to go or tasks I need to do, and I also think that the person I run in to has to do the same, so I never stop and enjoy the situation. I need to take your lead and try it. Interacting with our fellow human beings is more important, especially old friends and especially these days with so many electronic ways to separate us, in the guise of "social" media and the like. Your quote at the end is one I tell myself often, and certainly one I need to continue to! Thank you for the continued inspiration. (I see Groovi is being featured on Blitsy!)xo, Cynthia

  19. You wise old sage Barb! You know what they say – take time to smell the roses. I do love a tea room. One of my favourite hobbies. Tidied my craft room today after the mayhem of Christmas and feel better for it. You forget just what crafty stuff you have hidden away. Found I have doubled up on various things because they were out of sight out of mind but the hoarder in me thinks you need to hang on to everything even if you have more than one of them i.e. stamps and masks! Then I made a card for my son to give his partner for Valentines in the newly acquired space. My head feels clearer for the tidy. I don't know where you get all your energy from Barb with all these trade fairs to get ready for and TV shows and the general running of the business, let alone do the washing as well!! Much love Jayne

  20. Yes acceptance is a great word, harder to do of course. I was having a put the world to right conversation with one of my staff today. I have been on jury service recently and was shocked and upset by what the children involved seemed to have taken as normal way of the world, but my colleague pointed out that it was ever thus with each generation bemoaning that the older one did not understand them. More importantly did I feel mankind had moved forward, progressed, and I do. So if I thought things were bleaker and childhood shorter and that I did not understand what the world was coming to, and accept that this was a time honoured cry of the older generation to the younger, did I feel that we had not progressed since e.g. the 50s? I had been talking about the programme on TV yesterday about a family going back to explore our leisure time in each decade since the 50s. The wife was experiencing the shock of how a housewife spent her time in each decade, mainly in the kitchen. It made me realize how far the roles of women have changed and how many more opportunities I have compared with my mum's generation and hopefully how many more the next generation has. My conclusion was that life has changed and for the better, at least for me. It made me accept that things happen I might not understand or like but that in balance, good things happen and people can grow and develop, we tolerate more, we learn more. So finally I can accept the experience, learn from it and move on. Acceptance, great word, must know keep practicing it. Much love to all. Karen xxx

  21. It's great that you are having a bit of 'me (and Dave of course!) time'. I still get in a bit of a panic if I've got something to do and forget I'm retired and it just doesn't matter I'll get around to it. Today me and hubby went to the pictures at 12 noon (we actually had some company in the cinema too!) to see Dad's Army. It was a good mindfulness 90 mins of escapism.

    I wouldn't fancy making that bed in the pic! Is it made of books?

    Good news about Hochanda ! A wise move I think. xxxx

    1. My friend went to see Dads army today in the day and although retired herself said her and her husband looked around the cinema and most were older than the cast ! The result was they laughed all the way home at the doddery way the cinema emptied – making dads army look like boy scouts

  22. Glad you took charge of your day – after all you are the boss. I was told once to work smarter not harder or longer take control of your work or it will take control of you. Sometimes a break means we recharge mind and body and work more efficiently. Would you have had the stamina to work efficiently with Paul if you had been slogging non-stop?
    You haven't mentioned problems with your neck recently, I hope it is feeling better xx

  23. Acceptance!….What a great word Barbara. Without that lovely world my life would be totally up the pole. With it I am able to look for a little joy each day. I always find something! Perhaps a kind word, or a smile, or just seeing or reading something beautiful. Quite often on this wonderful blog.
    I hope you have a good evening. I wish for everyone here.. a little joy each day! xxx

  24. Wise words Barbara – I have begun decluttering my house – not just redistributing it – we have lived here 10 yrs and clutter has accumulated – I accepted that I need help and decided today to order The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever
    by Marie Kondo – 4 friends were given it for Christmas and recommend it – well actually 3 recommend it – the 4th has lost it amongst the clutter !! Enjoy your supper with Dave and Paul – you are so lucky to have their support jx

  25. Great post today Barb. Yes you have got it quite right. Time for yourself too…how lovely to have tea with an old friend. I bet it made you smile inwardly and outwardly, lovely xx

  26. Fab thoughtful post today! Acceptance is a difficult thing – since I got ME/CFS over nine years ago I've been trying to accept the 'new me'. Still not there but trying! Craft helps! So glad you took time for yourself today in between being so busy! xxx

    1. Well Chris – I can totally empathise with you there! I have been living with CFS/ME for 15 years now, and although I have come a very long way towards Accepting it – there is some considerable way to go. This is the reason that I got into crafting too, as I found that it helped to focus on what I could do, instead of what I can't. The main problem is limiting what you do in 1 session, and taking sufficient rest in between – still don't get it right. Haven't done any craft for a while, but am planning my husband's Valentine card – so only a few days left to do it now. Oops! take care, Gilly xx

  27. A great blog and so timely, for me at least. Here we are in the 21st century and still those who are in the 'caring' profession throw a curved ball. No, not my mum's carers but some of the support services. For five-plus years now, I have held the opinion that within our care system, although all the dots are there, they seldom join up and we, ourselves, have had experience of this only this week, hundreds of miles away, so these many experiences are not confined to one area of the country. Acceptance – yes, that things can go awry from time to time – but when vulnerable people are concerned, I will be fighting all the way! ;~}

  28. Acceptance is a very apt word for today. I have at last got around to stripping grotty vinyl wallpaper from the kitchen walls. The intention was to get this done before Christmas as it was long overdue and needed to be done before we had new flooring in the kitchen. I had purchased new materials and paint, but obviously when my husband died in October everything went on the back burner so to speak.

    However, today the urge to start it took over. "Start" being the operative word – long gone are the days when I could decorate a room in a couple of days (including stripping wallpaper and putting new up), but I have accepted my limitations (well the bones are complaining slightly) and it will take a while longer. I didn't get as far as I wanted, so the utensil and pot racks have been cleaned and put back on the wall for the time being, until I need to take them off again for the next stage. As you say acceptance of the situation. But I will get there and before the nicer weather arrives when I shall want to be out in the garden. So half the walls are stripped, and the kitchen is "sterile" again so I can make my granddaughter's cake for her birthday on the 14th.

    I am thinking positively – I can do it as I want have accepted that as much as I hate the fact that I no longer have a hubby around now requiring feeding or needing a cuppa etc at a certain time, I can be flexible as to when I eat or tackle the DIY. I know he would be pleased that I have now got around to tackling the job. (and it is keeping me out of mischief!)

  29. Hi Barbara
    Lovely blog today, I do like Wednesday's. Just think a couple of years ago you would probably gave juggled the brochure with other things and done half a job but taking the time today you know it's right. I expect it was nice just spending time with Jim too – hubby did that with his boss the other day, asked a question about something that led away from work and they just sat and chatted for a couple of hours. At the end they both said how nice it had been. I have to say I liked your 'how refreshing' comment on Monday it made me chuckle- yes definitely a good move.
    Enjoy your evening with Dave and Paul and talk about life as well as work.
    Love Diane xxxxx

    1. Hi Diane, bit more positive than yesterday thank you. Messed up two groovi cards that I'd done a lot of white work on when I coloured them, but saved one today. So a happy bunny. Love & hugs Pam xx

    2. Oh that's so annoying Pat, but I'm glad you rescued one. I made a bookmark last week and put 18 on it freehand then realised the 1 was the wrong way round!!!! Xxxx

  30. The acceptance rings true with me as does the way I react. At the end of September, I resigned from one of my jobs, the one that was bringing me down and it also was causing me to stress and have panic attacks. I had had the job for nearly three years and for a long time I didn't realise how it was affecting me and my family. Now I work less hours and feel free from anxiety. Importantly, I haven't had a panic attack in months, nor have I felt overwhelmed or cried as it is too much. I have accepted that I have more time and less money, but the job I have now pages a higher hourly rate so I can still balance the books as long as I don't spend too much on new products. I just need to use more of what I already have, and look forward to all my diamond club items every month.

  31. Acceptance…something to contemplate whilst I have a long bath later. Acceptance and 'good enough' are concepts I have trouble with, a lot of it is to do with my childhood but that's another story. I am a terrible list maker and box ticker but I'm not as bad as I used to be. Work in progress.

  32. Good Evening Barbara, Dave and Paul – I do hope supper and a good old chin wag have been productive yet enjoyable – am sure it has!
    Barbara – your day sounds much like mine is every day! since changing my job last year to become a Project Manager – my day is constantly about shifting things about and re-negotiating who does what and when etc. In fact we have moved to daily 'Stand Up' meetings where the technicians tell us PM's what they achieved yesterday – what is outstanding and why and then we (all three of us) decide not the new priorities for the day and moving forward through the remainder of the week! It works well for us and makes you re-evaluate what is really a show stopper and what can wait! So I can really identify with your blog today!
    Enjoy whats left of your day

    Much love Kim x

  33. Well done Barbara, we all need to accept what we can't change, think I may be getting there, then backtrack. Not all the way back though. So that's a start. That was lovely bumping into a neighbour you'd not seen in a while, glad you made the effort and went for a cuppa even though you were so busy. You'd have kicked yourself if you hadn't I'm sure. Great blog today love the mindfulness. Makes us think what we can change for the better. Love and hugs Pam xx

  34. Hi Sheila hope you are well and have been resting. Haven't seen you on here today so hope you are doing something nice. Love and hugs Pam xxx

    Hi Brenda and Dot, hope you too are both well, hope you've had a bit of sunshine to make you feel better like we have had today. Love and hugs Pam xx

    1. Hi pam pleased to read you had managed to retrieve one of your cards I've had a day in bed sleeping trying to hard again to craft I'm finding now I can do far less and it's so frustrating not to craft sending hugs xxx

    2. Oh Sheila, try to be patient with yourself. Do little steps as you tell Brenda. Doesn't mean you'll have to do that forever. I do feel for you as when you feel a little better and feel like crafting you get into it and forget how it affects you. Trouble is you suffer for it. Do you think it's only women that do that. Hubby tells me off as if I go out on the garden I get absorbed and do too much. Can't do any at the moment anyway. Sending a gentle hug xxx

  35. How wise you are Barb – I always get such a lot from reading your Wednesday blog…..you make me look at myself and consider how I might improve in my thinking. Thankyou. Love Beryl X

    1. Your so right Dave after what happened to you last year it's so hard to sit and watch others work around you but you and Barbara are a fantastic team and have a fantastic team around you so time to chill with each other hugs xxx

  36. How happy I am to read your blog today – your friend must have been delighted to have a cuppa with you, I'm sure Jim is so chuffed that his boss thinks so much of him (and tells the world), and tomorrow is another day! I didn't get several things off my list today, but it was a beautiful day, so we took a long walk along the river instead and just enjoyed living in such a beautiful city where you can see the snowy hills in the distance – go on, ask me again if I miss living in London? Susan x

  37. thank you Barbara for this clarity blog accepting the life I have now is hard my crafting is my life now but when you read on this blog I feel I'm not alone in life's struggles sending hugs to all xxx

    1. Bless you Sheila! I also spent most of yesterday in bed – still it's just the way it is, it's always a good thing to speak to other people who are in the same boat. I do agree with you that it is hard to accept how life now is for us, but we can't afford to waste our precious energy in fighting against it. Special hugs to you – hoping that you will see this posting. Gilly xxx

  38. Hi Barbara
    I have been so much happier since trying to accept things that have happened rather than letting them take over in a negative way. I am still campaigning for fairness and justice though, but accepting little hiccups that disturb my plans.
    I have just watched the last of your Monday Groovi shows which was brilliant. I am looking forward to the next chapter in the Groovi story.
    Hugs from Chris

  39. Morning, Acceptance is the key for me every day. I am powerless over people, places and things… and I have am having to accept this almost daily.

    Having problems with Mum, the Carer is leaving in 2 weeks time and Mum is saying she can-not afford a replacement. So we are having a "family" meeting end month to try to make her see this is not the case. Acceptance.

    S*d the inheritance !!!

    Crafting to do, to keep me in the right mind set, and thank goodness for craft, blogging life and friends.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

    1. You are not alone – I am having similar issues with Dad but I am an only child so no others to help me out. He now qualifies for support from Social Care services but over a month after applying they are still taking us round in circles. I have written a letter of complaint but how a nearly 92 year old would cope alone I don't know.
      Like you *** to the inheritance!
      Keep smiling keep crafting xx

    2. How I empathise with both of you. My mum spent an extra eight weeks in hospital as she had the 'wrong' postcode. A place in a halfway house care home had been arranged and she was dressed and ready to go but as her GP practice tied in with the South of the county, the place was denied as the home was within the borders of the East and whilst the North and East areas work together, the South and East don't! How silly is that? Off down to see her today and get some necessary communication going. ;~}

  40. Some really good thoughts for today Barbara and how we have to accept situations and the way we react to them is crucial. Sometimes we run ourselves ragged trying to fit more things into one day than is humanly possible, and by accepting some things would have to be left for another day you finished your day in a much calmer and happier way, which has got to be good, and I bet today you will have started with a much clearer mind and found tackling some of the things left from yesterday went much more smoothly. My husband has quite a big voluntary job which takes up quite a lot of his spare time but he says that he tries not to think about it for a couple of hours before bedtime otherwise he lays awake thinking about things, and so the next day he feels tired and doesn't tackle it as well, so it makes sense that we all need time out. Great for you to catch up with your old neighbour and have a chat over a cuppa too. You need to keep this going and also give yourself and Dave more meaningful time together, life's too short!! x

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