Hi there!
Thanks for dropping in!
I’m enjoying a little of my own company today, up in my artroom,
getting on top of the New Design Club projects. 
Everybody who has upgraded to Diamond seems delighted with the  the new A5 format and the new Groovi Club!
And now that we can spread the cost over the year, loads of folks who hadn’t even been members before have now joined in the Clarity Movement! 

Anyway, time for a Groovi Session methinks.
Here’s one I did on Sunday on the box,
using the new Henna Plates.
So first I made a panel, using two of the trails.
Next the letter-boxes.

Yep, you guessed it!
In case you are new to the blog, 
this lovely young woman is my daughter Grace.
Actually, today, we need to all shout GOOD LUCK 
right across the world at her.
She has a big audition today, and I so hope she gets the part.
Bloody acting has to be THE most rejective industry in the world, next to modelling. 
But let’s stay positive and upbeat Mum, 
and get in the groove!
A double-line is good.
Go back and add the extra line. 
As you are going along in the Groovi channel, 
if you lean the stylus up against the edge away from the scallops, you won’t get the little nicks as you go along.

Now take the other Henna Border and fill the background.

Finally, fill the rest of the background with the 
Score and wrap around a funky piece of Gelli Art.
The corner punch works well here, 
because the black card breaks up the busy background.

And there we are.
A little whitework to highlight the border and Grace’s name.
She will be getting ready as I write.
I so hope she is successful.
That said, she is.
The world is her oyster, as my Dad always used to say to me. 
love & hugs,

115 thoughts on “GOOD LUCK GRACE GRAY !!!!!!!

  1. Hope all goes well for her, let us know how she gets on.
    Instalments are a big help towards the cost of the clubs – I couldn't be a Diamond otherwise. Having seen your shows on Monday I must get some corners as soon as I have saved some pennies xx

  2. Hi Barbara, I loved watching you demo the new Henna Borders, so beautiful.

    Fingers crossed for Grace today, surely with all of us cheering her on she must get the part, they would be mad not to 🙂 xxx

  3. Awaiting arrival of diamond. Club and new groovi club also the new design club size is great A5 was lovely surprise. Come onGrace you can get it that break will be well deserved bles you . What a lovely sunny day off to cook dinner as Bob working night better feed him xxx

  4. It is harder when it is their interview than ones own – my daughter has important meeting at 3.15 to sort her future too .Your Grace is stunning – truly a pearl – if she has her mums determination and work ethic I am sure she will succeed jx

  5. Lovely groovi art work. Good luck to Grace. I was dreaming about you last night Barbara. You invited me to your house along with lots of other people. It was very warm and you have lots of balconies and I kept letting my flip flops fall of the balcony. Then we went to the next building which was in a very art deco shape with cream painted exterior walls and bottle green woodwork. It was your hotel called Gray's Tower, then I woke up. I'm not on anything…honest.

    1. Wouldn't that be amazing Julia? I am waiting for Barbara to post the dates for the Retreat (next best thing to the hotel) as I really want to go and we will be travelling to London on our narrowboat and I will have to work out how to get there!! xx


    Lovely art work Barb, think I need to get in the Groovi tonight. Working on a piece hopefully to send to you with my ideas from the Started kit.

    Been bit hectic today trying to find out information — to help Mum "at home" without her having to dip into her savings etc. Does not look good.

    But there again I have to accept these things, being so far away its not easy to sort out. ACCEPTANCE

    Crafty hugs with much love Pen x

  7. I love the new henna boarders going to make the one with the flower that you showcased on hochanda. Good luck to grace in getting the part she is stunning and deserves a big break .

  8. Hi Barbara beautiful artwork. OOh I want the Henna set and the Lace Set but I need the stencil brushes first, what a choice of how to spend limited funds!! Good Luck to Grace today.She is a beautiful young woman.

    1. Hi Donna
      I'm fine thank you, been out to lunch with friends, she didn't open her birthday card so I hope she likes my groovi attempt! Hope you are ok, nearly the end of the week – is it double dance day tomorrow with the start of half term? Xxxx

  9. I I hope Grace finds success, acting is a hard profession, but I should think a lot of fun while learning the craft. One of my nieces is treading the boards, mostly in the north of England and she seems to be having the time of her life. I love the new Groovi borders but having ordered the border storage I can't afford the new plates yet, perhaps I should have done it the other way round xx

  10. I love these borders they are going on the list! Just upgraded to Diamond last Friday, can't wait to get all 3 club instalments this month! I'll have to wait to get these borders though as I couldn't wait to have a spend once I was on Diamond. Maybe next month. Good luck Grace!

  11. Mine came today but I haven't opened the box yet! A lovely card. Sometimes I wish my mum had called me Grace instead of using it for my middle name but it was one of my Nan's middle names. It would have been easier than writing Jacqueline across my exercise books ! Good luck to your Grace, I hope she's successful with the audition and we hear good news soon! xx

  12. Love checking in with the big everyday. Good luck Grace!
    I know this isn't the ideal place to mention but I placed an order on the 2nd and haven't had any further despatch info…. Desperate to get cracking with my new stamp and stencils… I've emailed too but haven't heard anything 🙁

    1. They do take a while to come. Given when I ordered mine and when I received my parcel, you should get yours any day now. I too have never had a response to an email I have sent (and they were very polite 🙂 ) I was quite disappointed actually.

    2. Just a suggestion, but I find that if I need to chase something, I just give them a quick call, not easy to fit in the working day but most effective. The people I have spoken to have been unfailing helpful and always update me on where the order is, including if there is a problem with the actual order. Technology being grand means sometimes stuff goes wrong, especially as it looks like they are transitioning to a new website, always hugely traumatic. On the rare occasions I have chased by phone, they have pulled my order out and sent that day if for example I have ordered as a present or am going on holiday and need it. Your order sounds like there is an issue as I don't think I have waiting that long for anything to come and I order regularly, post office does lose parcels from time to time. Go on, give them a ring, they are lovely people there, number is 01732 868215. Karen xxx

  13. Hi Barbara
    What a beautiful piece of art work, the henna flowers are gorgeous, yes, my order is in!!!! I must have a gelli play to get some funky backgrounds, they work really well with the parchments don't they.
    Good luck Grace, I hope you do really well in your audition. You are such a pretty girl and were so lovely and friendly when I met you helping mum many moons ago. You deserve all the luck in the world
    Take care
    Love Diane xxxx

    1. Hi Diane, your orders in then, doing mine tomorrow couldn't resist those borders, fabulous, also need the hexagon plate. Have to give it a break then. For a little while anyway ha!ha! My stamps order arrived today. Love and hugs Pam xx

    1. Power of the blog is a wonderful thing, powered by your Mum it's invincible! Mums rule OK. Glad it went well and fingers crossed for a positive result. If not, its their loss, they would be lucky to get you. Good luck. Karen xxx

  14. Good luck, Grace! With so many people wishing you well, you are sure to succeed! And if you have half your Mother's determination, we shall be seeing you on the red carpet at the Oscars before too long.

  15. Looks as if I am a bit late to wish you well Grace, so hope you get the part. Barbara you are right to be proud of such a lovely girl, it is hard when they grow up though and we can no longer put everything right for them. I managed to see you do this card on TV and I have ordered the Henna plate. So pretty. I remember doing an art lesson with children in school and showing them how to draw these patterns. I enjoyed it as much as they did. xx

  16. Belated good wishes to a beautiful daughter – she will get there with those looks and brains. What a beauty.
    Groovi blog excellent but sorry not my scene. I am living in the ark as my children tell me – I like pretty, pretty flowers.
    Trying hard tonight to be mindful. I will go back to yesterday's blog. Today I have seen the pits of the justice system. God help us and save us from – sorry – the moronic people I have heard dealing out so called British justice. My apologies but just had to shout it from the roof-tops. I really think I need to get a job in a garden centre and talk to the plants. I do hope my fellow bloggers can see the humour, and anything else they can think of.
    One very disillusioned MOJ employee – good job I am not allowed to go on face-book. It would go viral and I may be sacked. Whoppee – a tribunal beckons.
    Anyway had my rant, back to Barbara and Clarity Towers and all the bloggers. Lots of love to you all for all your lovely thoughts and comments. Tomorrow is POET'S day.
    Anne (Reading)

    1. Anne, I can imagine what you are going through. I used to work for MOJ until (thankfully) managed to take voluntary redundancy when they were cutting back on staff. I am so glad to be out of it and feel so sorry for those of you left to deal with those running the show.

  17. A belated good luck to Grace too, no wonder you are so proud of her and her brother. I love the diamond club and am beginning to get quite addicted to the groovi plates! A great invention X X x

  18. Hi Barbara
    What a lovely project,I have ordered these dies after watching your demos Monday(great shows by the way)can't wait to receive them.
    I'm glad all went well Grace and I do really hope you get what you want.

  19. I have just read everyone of the lovely comments from the bloggers. After my rant, I feel really apologetic. There are really lovely bloggers out there. My good wishes to each and everyone of you.
    Have a lovely weekend whatever it brings. What is the song Sunshine and roses – something like that. Off to get out my groovi.
    Anne (Reading)

    1. No need to apologise dear Anne. Get it off your chest!! I had the same combustion about Donald Trump on facebook the other night and had to declare out loud he is a dangerous wanker!! So there you go. Better out than in xxxxx

  20. I loved this one on the shows, my new folder and borders turned up yesterday, fantastic service and can't wait to try them out. Lovely weekend ahead. Fingers crossed for Grace, it must be so hard, seeing her working so hard and dealing with the amount of rejection professional actresses face and not wanting to go up to the director and shaking them hard and saying do you know what you are missing out on. Hugs all round Karen xxx

    1. Ain't that the truth. When i hear which parts she auditions for, and then watch the film with the actress who got the part, I feel sick every time. But hey! She's in the right building, on the right floor….

  21. Oh Barbara you have really changed my mindframe with your comment to me. I have laughed, and laughed until I cried. I know it is not funny but reading it just made me flip my lid. Still chuckling.
    Many, many thanks.
    Anne (Reading)

  22. Hi Barb,
    A beautiful piece of artwork for a lovely, beautiful young woman who is a real credit to you. I gather from Grace's comment about that things went well so fingers crossed that she gets the part.
    Really looking forward to my henna borders and art Noveau ladies arriving so that I can try them out. Love Alison xxx

  23. Another card I love, those plates are gorgeous and on my list to order. Keeping my fingers crossed that Grace gets the part and so glad her audition went well. You've got a beautiful daughter Barbara, of course you know that and if she's anything like you she'll go far and she deserves too. Beautiful photo of her. Love Pam xx

    I love this card, I love the Henna borders etc, they look gorgeous on the parchment, I love it.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

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