Charmed, I’m sure! A step by step ….

Charmed, I’m sure! A step by step ….

Hi there!
Good of you to pop in this morning!
After the trip home from hell last night 
on the M25 and the Dartford Bridge, 
it’s okay if I don’t see another Motorway for a while!
The trucks were double-stacked all the way, 
lining pretty much the entire orbital. It was surreal. 
Thank goodness Dave came up by train to drive me home;
I would have parked up on the central reservation 
and gone to sleep!
Needless to say, this morning I’m no use to man nor beast –
so I shall just offer up a step by step project from the weekend’s events.
Using the oh so elegant Charm Stamp from this set
Mount her on a XL Clarity Mount, and
stamp her onto a piece of our Stencil Card in Black Archival.
Place the Paris Mask underneath her toe.
New York
Monument Valley
Alpine Forest
Add the tiny detail in the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomph,
I think it is…

Cover up the top area with a piece of copy paper.
Using one of our Brushes and the Plum Archival
sweep some colour into the city area.

Now add some Black Archival, sweeping downwards. 
Easy does it.

Using a make-up sponge and a piece of paper, 
dab in some contours.

Next cover up the city with the positive part of the mask,
and mask the girl off too.
I am so happy that these intricate dancers now come with their masks!

Add the large moon mask from the Landscapes Mask Set.
Castle & Bunting
Hills and Mountains
Start sweeping the Black Soot ink across the sky,
using the moon as a starting place.

Colour in the girl.

Add a drop shadow to her, using grey and black pencils.

Trim the card back to a pleasing size.

Add Seedless Preserve to our Clarity Blending Mat 
and work it into the mini blending tool.
Gently and gradually add a lovely vignette to the artwork.

Double-mount it on white card.
White on white is so elegant.

There we are.
All done.
I love this artwork.
I think that the four elegant dancers are the most beautiful Claritystamps Mel has ever illustrated for us.
I’ll even go as far as to add a little bling in the corners!

Got to go.
Got a business to run 

love and hugs,

105 thoughts on “Charmed, I’m sure! A step by step ….

  1. Just lovely. Really enjoyed all the shows & learnt lots, thank you. Try & take it easy today if you can as you must be exhausted. Love & hugs xxx

  2. I expect you are tired after all that hard work. The programmes were awesome, especially the demos. Also made my day when watching a re-run to see my card. I was "cock-a-hoop". It certainly was a real tonic. What a lovely idea to show "others" cards.
    Thank you so very much. You are good for the soul and the mind.
    Lots of love to you and Dave, indeed everyone at Clarity Towers.
    Anne (Reading)

  3. Hi Barbara – I don't suppose that I should say that this artwork is 'charming' – but I just couldn't resist!! I will be very quiet now, as I can hear the groans!!! Sorry! Bless Dave for going down to you, to drive you home! Hope that you feel better soon – hello and hugs to everyone. Gilly xxx

    1. Hi Donna – no we have been fine since thank you! Today has been calm, but the clouds have now gathered and we have had some snow showers this afternoon. Went down to look at the sea this afternoon, but at the moment all is calm. I believe that we are due Storm Jake in the near future! Fingers crossed all will be well! Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly, I like a good groan! Good one. They are forecasting some of that funny white stuff over the weekend. So wrap up warm and take care xxxx

  4. Great artwork Barbara. I enjoyed your stamping shows in Sunday. I wasn't able to see the others – though I've no doubt they were great as always. Will the ballerina masks be available separately? Hope you soon recover from your trip home. Hugs to you and Dave xx

  5. Loved watching show learnt lots glad Dave came to drive you home you must have been shattered long couple days. Try to get some you time today early finish may be nice relaxing evening can here you say haha you joking but you must rest up lots love xxx

  6. Hi Barbara glad Dave drove you home, traffic after such a busy weekend is all you need! Fab shows as always, watched them all, I was shouting at the tele when you had the groovi border the wrong way round, which mad my hubby laugh as I am in no way an expert!! Love the artwork, really pretty. Maybe relax a bit now, although I guess the creativity is just fighting to get out!! xx

  7. Great programmes as always. I really enjoyed seeing all the lovely artwork from your blog followers and I'm not saying that just because mine was shown – but I AM tickled pink and hubby's reaction when I played it back to him was great as he was astounded. He didn't realise I had entered because I didn't tell anyone in case it didn't get shown.
    Your products and your teaching have transformed my card making beyond my expectations and I'm so grateful, thank you xxx

  8. stunning card, Barbara, love the idea of dancing on a skyline…

    Would love the dancers with german words as well.
    But easy for me to put an "E" behind CHARM and ELEGANCE is easy to understand.
    I would have problems to fiddle GRACE and BEAUTY into german ;-))
    Rolf xxx

  9. I've still got some shows to watch, although I have ordered the folders and borders not knowing what you did with them! Lovely project today.

    At least the sun is shining today and the wind has dropped but it's blimmin cold and I'm off out to lunch for the second time this week and it's only Tues!


  10. Morning Barbara, I loved watching you demo this on tv, the finished card is stunning !! and Thank You for this step by step tutorial, very useful for us who have terrible memories (a senior thing haha !!).
    I hope you have recovered from your horrendous drive home, well done Dave.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  11. Wow Barbara no wonder you needed Dave to drive you home your two days where astounding all that energy and inspiration you make a wonderful pair so thoughtful of each other I know your back to work but do try to have a tea and biscuit break .
    Thank you again for taking my card to show on hochanda it made my day special it's wonderful to see the stunning cards made by your friends and customers your design teams are mega stunning.
    Thank you to you & dave & all at clarity towers they always go that extra mile xxx

    1. Afternoon Donna Dorothy Diane pam Brenda thinking of you all today did you hear the little bump just couldn't resist the henna borders had my clarity cushions on crafting hugs xxx
      Crafting hugs to all on the blog xxx

    2. Oh yes my cushions were on well and truly strapped tight! Loved your Groovi card, exciting to see all the new ideas. Hope you got plenty of rest in between falling off the wagon! Xx

    3. I've managed to do some groovi enjoyed doing it as its so relaxing manage to do a little stamping but knew I was pushing it so resting now .
      Your card was stunning so much work you had put into it xxx

    4. Hello Sheila, I had a big grin on my face when I heard your name, so I can imagine yours was huge! Yes I fell off the wagon too with the henna flowers and the lacy boarders – lovely aren't they. Have a good rest so you can groovi tomorrow xxxx

    5. Congratulations from me too Sheila – glad you have been able to do some crafting today and well done for knowing when to stop! We don't always get that right do we?!? Hugs Gilly xx

    6. Hi Sheila, glad you felt able to do some groovy today and knew when you'd had enough, to rest. Gives you an incentive getting in the groove. Your card was lovely Sheila. I did a little today but after all the white work made a mess of the colouring. Start again tomorrow, mustn't give up. Love Pam xx

    7. You must not give up pam did you colour with crayons or distress markers ? I find the distress markers are the best
      Thank you blog friends for your lovley messages you make my days special lots of hugs xxx

    8. Don't give up Pam! Give bookmarks a try, small enough to practice skills but they don't take too long so if it goes wrong its not so distressing! How do I know this I wonder? Xx

    9. Thanks I won't give up, just walked away for now. I did use distress markers but they seemed too wet and didn't cover evenly. I had a go then with the spectrum noirs but could see all my strokes, in the bin now. Will try again after some practising. I did a card just before that one, and was really pleased with it, different colours though.xx

  12. I enjoyed the shows Barbara, infact I always enjoy the shows! You are my weekend Tonic! I have a parcel being delivered today from Honchanda and I can only think it must be my Groovi plates. Can't wait to have a play.

  13. Loved all the demos. I've ordered the new border storage, henna borders, art deco lady borders and the new ocean swirls border set so I am glad that you brought out the border storage. I only had one border slot left in my original storage files! Try and relax, if only for the rest of one day. I'm really glad that you shared this card in particular, as it was one of my favourites. Although I didn't send in a card yet for the groovi starter set, I so enjoyed seeing everyone's work. I couldn't get over the imaginative ways that people used the smallest elements from the plate mate. Well done everyone whose work was shown. I look forward to seeing more next month.

  14. Loved all the shows, and thought there was a special magic in the ones you did with Hayley – the friendship between the two of you just shone out. Glad that Dave was able to go up to drive you back; it must have made a huge difference.

    Still working on my Groovi starter sample – will get there in the end! Loved seeing the work that the others have done.


    1. Ruth I agree the shows with Hayley were lovely, just like two friends crafting at home – she was genuinely touched by the bookmark too. Xxx

  15. Watched you do this on tv, Barbara, thank you for the step by step as promised. Great that I can come on here to refresh my memory of how to do it. Your journey home sounds horrendous. Building up a good selection of your stamps/stencils now so no excuse for not having a play. Joined the gold club last month so I can look forward to more goodies each month. Love to read all your thoughts, musings and to hear about your travels on here. Best wishes Alison Bates xx

  16. Beautiful artwork Barbara and so enjoyed the shows but can understand why you are feeling tired today. How good is Dave to come and drive you home as the M25 is the worst road ever as it is always full of lorries! x

  17. Hi Barbara, just had to leave a comment to say I loved watching all your shows Sunday/Monday. I was so taken with the above project that I just had to order everything to replicate it. Thank you for taking the time to explain fully the process. Lol Lynne m x x x

  18. Loved all the shows yesterday – you are so inspiring!!!!! Bet you are cream crackered after being on for two days, good job the chauffeur came to collect you – have a good rest to come back bouncing with more ideas and goodies xxx

  19. Love the artwork, grey and pink always look stylish. I managed to catch one of the shows on t'internet as it isn't on Virgin cable tv. I thought it was well done, with good close ups of the demonstrations, so pat on the back for Hochanda, not bad for a very new channel. After reading about your hectic weekend it took me back to an earlier time in my life, deep breath, close your eyes, let it go. Big hug xx

  20. Hi Barbara, hope you're managing to fit in a rest today. It's been lovely watching all your shows on Sunday and Monday, I've still got a couple of Groovi shows to watch this afternoon. There's so many Groovi plates I would dearly love to have and the lovely new Henna borders are going on the list, it's my new favourite hobby 🙂 take care, Julie xxx

  21. What a great two days I've had watching your shows Barbara. I learnt something new from each one. I do hope you are going to be able to have a lovely restful evening to just be able to chill out.

    I would like to thank the lovely lady who manages your Design Clubs for sorting me out so patiently today. I had managed to totally confuse my orders and ended up being the first one to join the 'Platinum Club'!!!!! That consists of one Stamp, one Stencil and TWO Groovi clubs!!lol! I inadvertently ordered the Groovi twice when I upgraded to the diamond club! xx

  22. Afternoon, great shows yesterday couldn't resist the new borders and the storage folder for them. I was so pleased to see my Groovi work on the 9am show I watched it last night and made a very funny noise when you held up mine! So many different ways to use the starter kit, great idea! Xx

    1. hopefully, I need to get my calendar challenge card finished off ready to send in. Not much to do it but other things needed finishing first. I have started my other challenge card as well but have thought of something different, just need to wait for my new stamps to arrive. XX

    2. Hi Donna I saw your card, it was lovely. I hope you got it recorded. You were another big grin moment – it's lovely to hear familiar names! Xxx

    3. Cannot wait to see your calendar challenge and blog challenge your groovi on hochanda was brilliant so unusual with the way you used your boxes xxx

    1. Hi Donna, somehow I missed your card, will watch again. All the cards I saw I thought were brilliant. You fell off the wagon then, hard job not to with all the lovely stamps and plates. Haven't ordered as yet but on my list.Love Pam xx

  23. Love this project, and one day I'll remember to add a drop shadow to my own work to make it pop! Sorry to hear your journey home was so awful, but how lovely that Dave came to drive you home. Still have recordings to watch, so that will hopefully be a treat for me tomorrow. Susan x

  24. I managed to see more of the shows than I thought I would. All wonderful as usual. I have a nice order to place tomorrow. Would it be possible to just get the masks for these dancers as I already have the stamps. Glad you got home ok. we have always been very lucky on M25 when visiting Crowborough but I know it can be bad. xx

  25. Barbara I just loved this when you did it on the show so glad you've blogged it as cant record the shows.
    I was just thinking you have some beautiful art already for the 2017 calendar.
    What a sweetheart Dave was to come and drive you home he's a keeper Barbara make an honest man off him soon..Dot..xx

    1. Hi Dot
      Oh I missed that, I will have to re watch all the shows again!!! 🙂 I liked the trick with the ink, it looked gorgeous. Take care and keep warm xxxx

    2. Hi Dot, hope you're well. Can't understand, I watched all the shows but somehow missed Donna's card and about the coloured parchment and ink trick. Wonder if I missed one or dosed off. Love Pam xx

  26. Hi Barbara
    I hate motorways. I suppose they are a necessity in today's world. Everyone is always in such a hurry. It's a blessing that Dave could drive you as you must have been tired after the TV marathon. I did enjoy the shows, especially the Groovi borders. It's such a clever system and has revolutionised my crafting.
    Hugs from Chris X

  27. Hi Barbara
    What a lovely chap Dave is coming to drive you home after your exhausting weekend. By the last show you could tell how tired you were at the end. I hope you enjoyed it though and the sales were worth the tiredness. Glad to hear you got home safe and sound. This artwork is beautiful, shame my daughter gave up ballet years ago! The Paris skyline is fabulous.
    Have a lovely evening and enjoy your pancakes!
    Love Diane xxxx

    1. Hi Diane and Brenda, hope you are both well. My granddaughter gave up ballet last year, she's doing synchro swimming now instead, that stamp would have been ideal wouldn't it? Weather a lot better today, even had sunshine this morning, wind picking up now and really cold. How you doing Brenda, try and join us. Love Pam xx

  28. Hi Barbara, this one is brilliant, loved it when you did it on the tele, thank you for doing the step by step for us. Loved all the shows, lots of inspiration. Hope you've had an easier day today, must be tiring doing all those shows. Lovely of Dave to come to take you home.Love Pam xx

  29. Loved this on the TV and all your shows the inspiration was fab as always and all of the design teams cards + the starter kit cards what a great idea that was, lov lay to see everyone's work too.
    You did such a great job Barbara, must be very tired by the end, we do appreciate it! Love the groovi system more and more as I use it more often. Sleep well! X X X

  30. This is just fabulous! loved all the shows, loads of inspiration… Not allowed to buy for a while as I am getting married in eight weeks, but one that's done, I will be stocking up again!!!! Glad you got home safe, hope you can have a rest for a few days now. Love, Ruth

  31. Hello Barb, I love these stamps, and they are topping my wish list at the moment (until you tempt me with something else. this artwork is beautiful. Glad you got back ok. How lovely of Dave to come fetch you. Take care. Bx

  32. Hi Barb,
    Sorry I didn't get to comment last night but ended up in bed with migraine. Feel like I've got a hangover this morning but that's life! Love the ballerina stamps and really like what you've done in this step by step – love the colours you've used too very atmospheric. So sorry you had such a horrible journey home but how lovely of Dave to travel up to Peterborough to drive you back home – what a treasure! The shows were brilliant but I knew you were tired by the end, especially when you decided not to do another demo!! Hope you can relax a bit now, love Alison xx

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