Monday’s Blog with Love…

Monday’s Blog with Love…

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in!
Just in between TV Shows,
so thought I would have a quick chat to you,
and upload this morning’s demo.
It really is a very simple one,
using our new and very delightful
Wee Houses and Wee Shops.
(You can buy them as individual stamp sets or combined with our stamp storage system Special Offer £27.98)

Let’s take a selection of the Wee Houses and Wee Shops which are already mounted on our Mini Mounts,  a piece of our 7×7 Stencil Card and build a street using a Black Archival ink pad.

When stamping, stagger the row of houses and shops to give it some perspective. Take the words “Hugs & Kisses” from Word Chain 15 set of unmounted stamps and stamp above the street. Then place the “kissing couple” from the Wee Folk 1 set of unmounted stamps in front of the street.
Next, use a black micron pen and draw a ribbon at the top and bottom of the image to frame it. 
Good idea to practice on a piece of scrap paper first!
I love the monochromatic look, 
but a bit of colour will change it completely.
I have used just one red pencil, starting dark at the points of the ribbon and getting lighter (applying less pressure on the pencil) as you move towards the middle, giving the effect of the light catching the ribbon.
Now let’s use the red pencil to add some colour 
to the Wee Houses and Wee Shops
Trim your work back so that it sits better.
Now take a black Sharpie and a ruler and edge your work.
Mount onto another piece of 7×7 Stencil Card and then onto a larger piece of black card
There, doesn’t that look great,
and this design will work for so many different occasions!
Right, better get back to it – I hope you are enjoying the shows.
Big Hugs & Kisses,

98 thoughts on “Monday’s Blog with Love…

  1. You must be exhausted, outstanding shows today. You are a gifted teacher and I always learn a new technique and find an inspired idea. I love the wee houses and shops. Have fun on the next show. Excellent.

  2. I'm enjoying watching your shows today Barbara as well as the ones I've recorded from yesterday, thanks for keeping me company! I'm feeling a bit sad and lonely as Christmas is over and they've all gone back to work/uni xxx

  3. Taped them all and am now enjoying them at my leisure, with coffee and biscuits! Love the new stencils, techniques, and wee stamps. All fab, as usual. Thank you! Kx

  4. I'm having a ball watching your shows and not surprised everything is selling out. One more show this evening and then I really must get some of my wee jobs done.

  5. Loved your shows & demos, Barbara. Very much think I will be making a purchase, & trying out some of your demos. Thank your for your step by step it's much appreciated. X

  6. Loved the shows today. Nice way to spend the last day of the holidays, watching you as I get the school stuff organised for tomorrow and tackling the sock mountain too. I managed to pair over 50pairs of socks!
    Next on the list is to get the Christmas stuff away so I can get my craft stuff back out to play with all my new crafting goodies.

  7. Hi Barbara! Thankyou for sharing this one! I couldn't watch this morning as I was back to work! I also can't record on my freeview TV… I wish Virgin would get Hochanda. Anyway I did catch you on the 4pm show and will be watching you in a bit!
    Brilliant show that I watched! I love the little houses and all the wee series are just so useful!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  8. Hi Barbara! Thankyou for sharing this one! I couldn't watch this morning as I was back to work! I also can't record on my freeview TV… I wish Virgin would get Hochanda. Anyway I did catch you on the 4pm show and will be watching you in a bit!
    Brilliant show that I watched! I love the little houses and all the wee series are just so useful!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  9. Loved this earlier today..this couple always remind me of Amanda and Mark. The girl with the dog always reminds me of Lynne too…and the old couple on the bench….well that's me and Bob lol.

    I missed the 4pm but I got it recorded so can watch it later. Just getting sorted to sit and watch at 7

  10. Loved this earlier today..this couple always remind me of Amanda and Mark. The girl with the dog always reminds me of Lynne too…and the old couple on the bench….well that's me and Bob lol.

    I missed the 4pm but I got it recorded so can watch it later. Just getting sorted to sit and watch at 7

  11. Wow. Not only have your prepped for all the shows today and yesterday, but you've found time to update your blog with a great demo. Wish I could have seen it live – I'm at work till 8pm, so no chance. I only came to your blog to say thanks for the great peg and cracker game – New Year's eve was hysterical!

  12. I've loved all the shows and am looking forward to the 7pm show. I've ordered already though – great news on sell outs

    Thanks for sharing this as your blog post as I was trying to take notes as you were making it on tv but the notes aren't good as I was watching so closely

  13. Not been able to see shows today as grandson has been here for the day. They are recorded though. Wonderful card, love the new little houses and shops. Hope last show goes well, I will catch up tomorrow. xx

  14. I caught half of the 4pm show and the others are recorded. Loving the demos and ideas you are giving us hour by hour. One more show to go then you can lay down for a week! Well done Barbara and the DT team the samples are wonderful. Xx

    1. Hi Donna, Sheila, Diane, Brenda and Dot, happy Monday to you too Donna, hope you had a good day back at work. Everyone enjoying the shows? I too hope your pains are easing Sheila. Love & hugs to you all. xxx

    2. Evening Donna & pam thank you for your kind words I manage to put together my clarity blog challenge card with toms help bless him and sent to sazzle just now .
      I've been resting watching Barbara on hochanda wow so much inspiration going to order the wee shops and houses tomorrow just cannot resist I can keep them with my other stash till the pains are more controlled.
      Hope you have both had good days hugs xxx

    3. Hi Donna Pam and Sheila. Hope you had a good day back at work Donna. Good to hear you have been resting Sheila, isn't Tom a sweetie helping you get your challenge card ready. Pam hope you are ok. Oh dear, cushions were needed today, we shops and houses forced themselves onto my order when I phoned for my sisters Grooie plate! Haha. Sending hugs all round xxxx

  15. Fabulous Barbara and these wee houses and wee folk make a fantastic card, and even more wonderful with your clever framing and hand drawn lines coloured and shaded to perfection! x

  16. Hi Barbara, watched the one morning show today, brilliant, all the others recorded. Houses and shop stamps are beautiful, will be ordering them this week with things from your sale. Amazing cards from your design team. So pleased you have done so well selling out of a lot of your products. Ready to watch your last show. Safe journey home you must be so tired, don't forget me time & rest. Live and hugs. Pam xxx

  17. Hi Barbara – not been able to watch the shows today, so have recorded them all! Looking forward to seeing them later. Love the card that you have put on the blog – amazing once again! You really are a very clever lady, and kind to us all too! The only thing that you are unkind to – is our finances!! But you are forgiven for that xxx

  18. Lovely artwork, really effective with the touch of red, really like the colouring effect you achieved in the ribbon, must practice that.I'm still making my way thro the shows as work got in the way today x

  19. Fantastic shows today, Barbara. It was good to see some old techniques along with the new. Hope you have a safe trip home whether it be today or tomorrow. Mxx

  20. Hi Barb,
    Fantastic shows today and really good that you had so many sell outs. Loved the last show when you got back to winging the basics! Matt's face when you were doing the brayered landscape was a picture in itself- he was awestruck!! Well done and thank you, love Alison xxx

  21. Just catching up with the 7pm show. I'm amazed at what you can do with the limited items left in stock. The fairies are the only wee folk stamps that I don't have; I have all the word chains. Great day's demos. Looking forward to next month already.

  22. fantastic shows – you certainly know how to demonstrate with limited items. Really beautiful artwork. going to spend again tomorrow – cannot help myself with such lovely stamps
    Lots of love
    Anne (Reading)

  23. Barbara so much inspiration I've enjoyed every show even the last one when you went back to basic as everything sold out you deserve a sell out your crafting products are the best
    So much to learn oh how I love the wee houses and wee shops they remind me of bruge I have wonderful memories of bruge so I'm going to buy them tomorrow will ring my order through using some of my gold voucher I keep looking at your card it's stunning
    Have a well earned rest but I think I heard you say your flying to the states to meet Ken to plan your Ken & barbie show looking forward to that show in February hugs xxx

  24. Loved the shows I caught between work calls cant wait to try some ideas when wages say yes again (could be a while as poorly car again) love the wee stamps want to get my hands on the trees + foliage ones xx

  25. I need to watch the last two shows as the gasman came to fix my hot water system and then I was on the phone during the last show. So I will finish finding my kitchen and then settle down with a nice hot drink to enjoy the programmes in peace. What I have seen so far, the shows were great. I love to watch when you are winging it, Barbara. I put my first order of the year in to Clarity so I am looking forward to getting the new products. Safe journey home. xx Maggie

  26. I've been glued to Hochanda for your shows today. I loved ALL your demos and the samples were just brilliant! I haven't done much stamping, but those wee houses and shops are going to change that. Also want to see what I can achieve with my Brushos and the Landscape Masks. Absolutely love your Hugs and Kisses card and I've been practising drawing and colouring that ribbon. Getting better – not good, just better.
    Tonbridge Sue

  27. Hi Barbara, so glad the shows have gone well. Unfortunately I've not been able to watch them today or record them 😔. This is a striking image – thanks for sharing it. I also second what Debby Berry said about you being a gifted teacher. Have a safe trip home xx

  28. Hi Barbara
    I've had a lovely day today watching you, so a big thank you. I've watched 2 and recorded two as I had to go out but the ones I watched I was glued to. I've really enjoyed you getting back to basics and what a lovely presenter too (Mat?) his delight at your work was so genuine it made me smile. I got the ironing lined up tomorrow to watch the last show but with the sell outs it could be interesting! Love this card – I'm going to practice this ribbon as it looks wonderful. Safe journey home and take it easy tomorrow, you must be exhausted.
    Lots of love
    Diane xxxx

    Hi Brenda hope you and Daisy are ok and you aren't caught up in this awful flooding xxxx
    Hi Dot hope you are ok too xxxx

  29. Hi Barbara
    Brilliant shows and thank you for sharing your talent. Almost totally sold out too. I did enjoy your demo with the brayering. This method of producing beautiful art will never go out of fashion. The results are wonderful and the ingredient list is small.
    Crafty hugs from Chris X

  30. I finally managed to watch the last two shows, and thoroughly enjoyed them both. I was so pleased to see you making backgrounds from the ink left on the blending mat. I have a stash of mop up sheets, which are brilliant for all sorts of things. Now, I need help! Now Paul has found your phone I need to find one of the handsets. I can't see it in any of the usual places. Safe journey home. xx Maggie

  31. Unfortunately it was back to work for me today so all programs have been recorded. Love the wee houses and shops though. My daughter in law gave me a Clarity gift voucher for Christmas so I think it might be time to use it!

  32. This is really beautiful, Barbara, I also love the simplicity of the colours, congratulations for today, you did a great job, Nice to see the relationships with the presenters developing too.
    Love Jim's design on those wee houses, had a nice shopping spree today with my birthday money and the bonus of 4 episodes of HOCHANDA to watch I could not have asked for more X X X

  33. Have thoroughly enjoyed the last two days of shows. I could tell your head was elsewhere at times on the first show but that's because I read your blog and watch so many of your shows. I am sure others would not have known but I remember the feeling myself on the first day back in the school staffroom after an eventful holiday!
    I am sure you are right about remembering to go back to basics sometimes rather than always trying to be complex and innovative. I really enjoyed your last two shows as they reminded me of techniques and you seemed to be having a brilliant time1
    Saving the pennies so that I can order again soon xx

  34. Hi Barbara, I'm a stamper at heart so I have really enjoyed the shows today. Bought the wee houses and trees and the storage system.Can't wait for them to come. Thank you for all your hard work

  35. Have had a great day watching all your shows today so happy for you with the sell outs but not surprised enjoyed the winging it last show just can't beat a brayered Barbara landscape always love seeing you do them.
    Hope your home safe now and chilling by the fire. Can't wait to see the Barbie and Ken show color bursts and Clarity stamps match made in heaven'
    take care… Dot.xx

  36. Missed all shows, so sorry – but have a good excuse as, having braved the floods, have been at my mum's – she is 89 today – and despite arthritis and Park's – she's still as sharp as ever! Birthday card was a Groovi and insert a ribbon finish as per above. Keep on craftin'. Xx ;~}

  37. Oh how brilliant and thankyou so much for showing this . I notified hochanda that I tried soooo hard to watch online but the ocean seems to be getting in the way or is it my router . Oh poor me ! . Help ,does anyone have any idea ??? .
    Also these wee houses etc are soooo cute !

  38. Hello Barb, love this artwork, I think you have just given me an idea for hubby's Valentines Day card. Still catching up with the recorded shows, they are fantastic, great demos, and fabulous card samples from your design team. Take care. Bx

  39. Have so enjoyed all the shows but particularly like it when you wing it! You seem to be in your element & produce great things from nothing. So good to see you brayering again you really are inspirational & must be totally exhausted xx

  40. Really enjoyed your shows yesterday. Looking forward to my order turning up so I can have a play. I'm also looking forward to what you have in store for us next month. Hope you have a safe journey home. XX

  41. Brilliant shows Barbara watched them all, reminds me to go back to basics as when I first started, got to get panning stage ready first then I will be working hard on the good old ways, just waiting for houses to arrive I think they are great, more shows like this please

  42. As always, really enjoyed your show on Sunday despite the internet playing up and dropping out 🙁 Sadly, couldn't watch any of your shows yesterday as I wasn't home and as a stamper those would have been the ones I'd have been most interested in. Only being able to watch online I can't record any shows so hopefully they will be repeated soon! Hope to see some more stamping on your Sunday shows again, too xx

  43. Great shows Barbara – watched a couple live, and have recorded the others. The demos were fab as were all the samples from the DT. Now I just need to tidy my craft room and I can start stamping myself! Susan x

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