Groovi Girlfriends …..

Groovi Girlfriends …..

Hi there,
Thanks for popping in. 
it’s been a full on Clarity Experience 
over at Hochanda today!
All tucked in and ready for more tomorrow.
9am 12noon  4pm and 7pm.
This is the plan every month, 
so I this Monday One Day Special idea goes well!
Here is one of the demos I did today.
I was really struggling to get going in the first hour!
Just couldn’t get in the groove, if you’ll pardon the pun.
Letterbox from the Starter Kit first, 
to spell out the word.
Added the lovely Lily next,

then Rosie, holding hands though.

Oh. This was where I made a right Horlicks of it!
How hard can it be to line up the frame?!?
Good job I did have a Here’soneIdidearlier!!!

Moving on swiftly!
I added the dots to the dress 
and was fully expecting to puncture the parchment.
I mean, blimey!
If I can’t figure out which line to trace,
tiny white dots were going to pose a real challenge!!
Black card underneath may be a cringe for the purists;
blimming handy trick on live TV 
when your head is on a Plane to America!

Large dots round the outside.

Oh and a landscape in the background.
The thing about Parchment art is that it takes as long as it takes.
You can’t rush it!
And you can’t just keep doing the basics every month,
so you want to make it interesting, which takes longer.

Happy with the lineart.
Now comes the colour.

I used Distress Markers.
I find they aren’t too wet for the parchment,
and they give a fabulous blend. 
Quick too….

I clamped the artwork underneath the Groovi Plate Mate, 
so I didn’t have to lean on it too much.

How clean and crisp it looks on black.  

I love the way you can completely change parchment 
by changing the backdrop.

See the cling film inky background?
Very subtle.

Both the clingfilm Clarity Card and the Parchment are A5.
So It’s easy to use them together on black card, 
using our corner slot punch.

There we are my friends.
A quick recap.
Tomorrow I hope to be more with it.
Stamps, Storage and Wee House & Shops.
I think the houses and shops are excellent !!!!!
love and hugs,

80 thoughts on “Groovi Girlfriends …..

  1. Great shows, even the hiccup with the lines. It shows people that everyone makes mistakes and it is only a piece of card or paper after all. I love those houses, as you probably guessed, and cannot wait for those to come and the stencil too. Have a good sleep and we will see you in the morning. I have to get up early anyway tomorrow to chase British Gas as I have heating but no hot water. They had better not come while you are on though. Night night. xxxx Maggie

  2. Thanks for blogging this one, I hoped you would, I'm going to copy this and send it to a couple of people I know! I will try the distress markers next. It just shows you're human – I still have to double check which side I'm supposed to be doing once I've removed it from the plate to have a look !! the amount of times I've done something back to front as well…….. Great shows and I'm recording tomorrow, will probably catch some of them but not sure about 9 a.m. as didn't sleep that great last night so hope to catch up a bit tonight!

    Looking forward to seeing the new things tomorrow and, as for those, new stencils, wow! they are magnificent! Where do you keep thinking it all up from?!

    Good luck for tomorrow, not that you need it x x

  3. I've got to be honest your hiccup with the lines made me feel much better as I sat down this afternoon to have a play with Groovi and despite only being the second time I'd used thought I'd try and do a sentiment so I could make my mum a birthday card. Let's just say It didn't go well! If I messed it up once I must have messed it up 4 times. Decided just to do a Groovi pic without a sentiment in the end! Think I need more practice and to remember it's not a race! Love the art in today's blog I aspire to that.

  4. I've just watched the second show on repeat…wow, the wee shops and houses are great, my head it spinning with lots of ideas and my credit card has just run away! Can't wait until tomorrow.

  5. I love this design, I'm not very good with inks or parchment but I'm very tempted to start buying the groovy system I really love the effect it's so crisp, maybe a few more blogs will convince me to try it.

  6. I loved your shows today, put dinner on low so we could eat after, chilled out with a cheeky couple of drinks while watching (also recorded) – I have the Holly groovi already. I've done a wishlist from the show and already mounted up a lot and that's without watching you tomorrow, help…………good job I got cash for Christmas, eh. Can't wait to see you tomorrow, night night xx

  7. Missed the beginning of show so missed this demo rest was fantastic what is the Email to get one through to show have tried few times but never Gets through to show have goodnight sleep God bless sleep tight see you in morning Katie sends her love hugs from us both too xxx

  8. Hi Barbara, love this card. Haven't seen the shows yet but recorded them for watching later as was expecting my daughter to pop in but she didn't turn up, so a bit disappointed. Never mind she must have had a reason. Be watching some of tomorrow's shows though and recording all of them. Have to check my groovi plates can't remember if I have Rosie or the other girls.Love & hugs. Pam xxx

  9. I really enjoyed your 2 hour show Barbara – my husband was most complimentary about your artwork too!! I recorded the later one, and will watch again tomorrow. Don't be too hard on yourself – we adore your work, and when you make a mistake you are always able to find a way around it – which is SUCH a big help for all of us! xxx

  10. Hi Barbara
    Thank you for finding the time to blog after your very busy day at Hochanda. The shows went well . You did good girl. I am just catching up with your one day special show. I have a very long shopping list but it will have to wait a while. I have ordered the mega mounts. I hope all goes well tomorrow.
    Hugs from Chris X

  11. Barbara I enjoyed all the shows ,so much inspiration, and those wee houses and wee shops are so wonderful
    The stencil set is stunning too my wish list just gets longer ,at the moment I'm really struggling with the pain in my hands wrists and elbows so going to have too leave my crafting for a while till I have had my first 4 acupunctures had 2 2 to go then I have more spread out I did some colouring on my parchment to send in for this months blog challange wow the pain and swelling so I know I need to reassess my crafting now .
    Looking forward to tomorrow's shows it wonderful to watch you demonstrate xxx

    1. Evening Donna enjoy been back at work tomorrow will be thinking of you xx
      Evening Diane
      Evening Dorothy hope your card arrives soon
      Evening Brenda
      Hugs to all on the blog xxx

    2. Oh Sheila that's such a shame, I know how much you enjoy crafting. Would the pens work better than the pencils for you with colouring? Julian and I sat and watched the show and we liked the solid colour they gave. Take care of yourself xxxx

    3. Oh dear that is not good. I would go for pens too as you don't have to press as hard. Failing that you will have to train your partner in the art of colouring. Hoping the pain won't last long, sending hugs. Xx

    4. Hi Diane I used the distress markers they go lovley on the parchment it's the athritic pain and fibromyalgia my hands swell up too so cannot bend my fingers but I can still blog on my I pad my crafting is all I have left now got lots of stash to craft with I'm not giving in just need to rest them more very frustrating hugs xxx

  12. Barbara , if you had difficulty — IMAGINE this ! I'm here in America with a slow router or whatever the hell,is the problem it is with my computer ,trying desperately to watch one of my favorite women in the world . , had my hubby move the router ugh and tried everything . Well the only thing that worked is the glass of sherry I'm drinking right now . Love you and clarity . Sleep,tight. And as my dad would say —- " don't let the bed bugs bite " joy now jan

  13. Hi Donna, Diane, Sheila, Brenda and Dot, hope you've had a good Sunday. Feel much better today thank goodness. Hope you're out of pain with your hands Sheila and being able to craft. Good luck for work tomorrow Donna. Have you all fell off the wagon, did you have the cushions out? Love and hugs to you my friends.
    DOT, sorry didn't see that you asked about the diamond club until I read through the other days comments again.
    The diamond club is all three clubs, stamps, stencils and groovi combined. Each one is £60, so £180 for all three, the advantages are the sales twice a year for all, plus free postage with orders over £10 and 10 per cent discount with being in two clubs, also free postage the same as being in both clubs but 15 per cent discount being in all three clubs. Plus you get the folder needed for each club and the groovi mate to start you off. Oh also the size of the worksheet each month is changing to A5 and will be a concertina folded one that will have more room for pictures etc. Fantastic aye!!! Love Pam xxx

    1. Hi Pam, left you a message above – glad to hear you are feeling better today. I'm going for diamond too, I'm going to ring tomorrow and order the Groovi for my sister too. Xxxx

  14. I have just finished watching the two hour show, it was brilliant,thank you. I've just started to get into groovi as bought myself a starter kit & a few extra plates in the Gray day sale. Looking forward to your other shows. My wish list is getting longer.

  15. Loved the shows, including the line hiccup… thought you were trying to create a maze lol! No really I often do daft things like that so it shows that we are all human, an easy mistake to make if you lose your mindfulness (which must be very easy on live TV) so please don't worry about us…you did warn us anyway. Great shows all round with a variety of products that should please everyone. I'll be recording tomorrow's shows as I'm back to work but I look forward to watching them later. I'll be popping over to the Clarity website to make an order soon. Hope you get a good night's sleep, that the show's go well and that you have a safe and smooth journey home. Night night, Jeanette xx

  16. Lovely shows today Barbara. Really looking forward to tomorrow. You've prepared so much, thought you were going to take it easy. You are good. I'm sure it can't have been easy sharing your time with craft and more importantly family, this week. Fx

  17. Loved the show Barbara. I could tell you were struggling at first though because you didn't fininsh your sentences – always a sign. Gelli plate demo really got me enthused to use mine (after 2 years)

  18. Hello Barbara

    It happens to us all and people learn from mistakes just as much as from perfection. If only what not to do, lol.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the shows and looking forward to tomorrow.


  19. Great shows lots of new ideas. I loved the use of card between the parchment and the soft side when doing the white work. This is the bit that still brings me out in a sweat in case I go through! Have ordered NY new wee stamps. All the shows tomorrow are on record. Xx

    1. Hi Donna
      I hope you have a good day back at school tomorrow and your inset day isn't too tedious! Just think of the lovely recorded shows when you get home xxxx

    2. Oh I know, yawning all day! It will be freezing too as the heating isn't on over holidays! Now Diane I'm going to say two words to you…………….calendar challenge???? You jumping on in? Xx

    3. Hope you strapped your cushions on I put all my things I would like now in my basket but after colouring with my distress markers I emptied it out again I wanted to join the diamond club but know it's not a good thing to do at present my gold club runs till June I think so can see how I am then depressing it is but I can still blog and see what the CCA are up too hugs xxx

    4. Oh I'm sad for you as I know your crafting is important. Let's hope the acupuncture works with the pain and the swelling goes down enough for you to be doing something crafty. How are your feet? Maybe you could take up foot painting 😉 Seriously though I really hope things improve for you soon. Keeping my fingers crossed. Xx

    1. Hi Donna knackered enough flinging the buns never mind cabers!
      didnae even know if Brenda got her willies on in time never mind there's always next year.
      Mind put yer vest on the morra that was a quick 2 weeks …xx

  20. Hi Barbara
    Loved your two hour show today, we sat and watched it as the rain poured down! I like Charlie with you, he's so excited by what you produce it's infectious. Love the new stencils, it's inspired me to get my gelli plate out again. We had a good chuckle at your Horlicks outburst but it shows you are human just like us. I've got you on record tomorrow so I don't miss you whilst at the optitions – varifocal contact lenses arriving – could be interesting! Sleep well tonight and hope all goes well tomorrow. Drive carefully on the way home.
    Love Diane xxxx

    Hi Brenda hi Dot – have you got the cushions plumped up and ready ? Like the look of the houses and shops stamps xxxxx

  21. Hi Barbara
    Enjoyed every minute of the shows today but is it just me but I never even noticed any Horlicks you must have covered it up well.
    Brilliant addition to the wee stamps loving the wee houses. Well done Jim. Barbara and the design team all the samples were just amazing.
    See you in the morning sleep well..take care..Dot..xx

    1. Evening or Morning noo Brenda sorry aboot the predictive text above but bet yi's yer cuddle back ti the school run the morn Amy will be glad she's been asking last 2 days where's the taxi good sign she likes it there….take care..Dotxx..

  22. Hello Barbara
    Loved watching the shows on Hochanda today and have set the tape for tomorrow. I really love the wee houses and shops stamps and really, really loved a lot of the DT samples. How inspiring. I hope you continue to cover a balance of stamping, stencilling and your new Groovi Plates as I am more the first two as I am still getting to grasps with different effects and techniques as I am still quite new and am missing your demos for these. Welcome Wee Houses and my order is in the pipeline. Thank you Barbara. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's shows.

  23. Good morning!! Thought yesterday's shows were great and will be recording today's ones as I'm back to work after the Xmas break.

    I didn't spot the blip – in fact, I wondered how you manage to make it look so easy as I'd made exactly the same mistake earlier in the day!

    Have a great day xx

  24. Morning Barb, I was mesmerized with your show yesterday, was annoyed because Hochanda kept cutting out and I got that synchronising swirly thing going round on the screen so missed some of the comments but I got the gist of it, I so love the Groovi and watching what you did was amazing. I am also really pleased that Linda Page has joined your Design Team, she is a very clever lady and you are very luck to have her, looking forward to seeing more groovi's from your DT.

    I have a question and not sure if this is the right place to ask it but I will try anyway. I don't have the spectrum noir pencils or the distress ones that you use but I do have some alcohol based ones that are made by Nuvo, I have tried a little bit of it on some parchment that I had mucked up and it seemed to go on nicely and didn't crinkle, so was wondering if you had tried them and if it worked for colouring, I have so far ruined 2 creations by using the wrong stuff, promarkers are too wet. I do have the Derwent Inktense crayon pencils, not sure if they would work. Any help you can give would really be appreciated.

    I love watching your shows and check out the blog every day, may not always comment but take note of everything you say.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

    1. Hi June. I too am learning to be Groovi as Santa was kind to me! I am no expert but I have found if I use light pressure when colouring the dab with kitchen paper I am getting quite good results with Promarkers. However if I colour large areas the results are streaky. I hope this helps & I will watch for other replies with great interest. Good luck! Lynne x

    2. Hello June and Lynne. Re promarkers. It you apply with the chisel end, use your finger to smudge or a bit kitchen roll. For the finer areas, use a paper stump with a bit Dorso oil to blend or shade. I use promarkers all the time. you can use any waxy pencil. If I am doing larger areas l apply the Dorso oil first then colour then blend. Hope this helps…..Oh you only need a little amount of Dorso and fold the kitchen roll into a point, apply Dorso to tip of roll. Hugs xxx

    3. Hello June and Lynne. Re promarkers. It you apply with the chisel end, use your finger to smudge or a bit kitchen roll. For the finer areas, use a paper stump with a bit Dorso oil to blend or shade. I use promarkers all the time. you can use any waxy pencil. If I am doing larger areas l apply the Dorso oil first then colour then blend. Hope this helps…..Oh you only need a little amount of Dorso and fold the kitchen roll into a point, apply Dorso to tip of roll. Hugs xxx

    4. That's very helpful Emma thank you so much. If my parchment work ever looks like yours I would be very happy but I'm enjoying learning! Xx

    5. You will have to share pictures of what you make….it's the law….well a request. I love to see what everybody makes. Everyone sees something different in the Groovi Plates, it's do nice to see. Hugs and Happy successful crafting. Xx

  25. Hello Barb, well the shows were just super, loved the demos, and am very impressed with how you did the parchment images. Love the new large stencils. Will have to record the shows today, as am back at work. Take care and hope they all go well. Bx

  26. Loved your shows yesterday. Looking forward to todays shows, I have them all on record. Just trying to decide which sets to buy and which my bank account will allow me to buy. Good luck with the shows today.xx

  27. Brilliant show yesterday afternoon, loved watching Charlie with you, he seemed a bit over excited like my golden retriever, which I found very endearing. I loved all the gelli plate demos and you have really prompted me, (along with Paul cos I watched his shows that I had recorded) to make a proper start on using the groovi plate, which I really enjoyed doing yesterday afternoon. The little houses are so cute, can't decide what to go for next, such a long wish list now

  28. Good morning Barbara, hope you slept well. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your Sunday shows. I love you & Charlie together, such enthusiasm & gentle humour. Fantastic artwork to drool over & an ever growing wish list – just need a lottery win to buy it all! Good luck for today, sadly can't watch live but the recorder is set xx

  29. Just finished watching you on Hochanda, and naturally have treated myself. I need organising, but it was the cute wee houses that pushed me to rush to order. I heard you mention that you were planning a double act with Ken Oliver in the future to showcase both your stunning stamps and his colour bursts…..ooh I am trembling with anticipation.please let us know in advance as soon as possible when this is planned for, cos I really don't want to miss this teaching session. Looking forward to the rest of your demos today xx

  30. Brilliant shows yesterday I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets in a muddle when tracing around the squares. I'm looking forward to all of today's shows good luck

  31. Hi Barb,
    I enjoyed the shows yesterday and although you felt as though you were struggling, it didn't really show. I did have a little chuckle about the blip but it just shows you are human and also that even professionals can make mistakes which can be encouraging for beginners. The end result was fantastic though. I love the one with Holly. Enjoyed the second show with the Gelli plate – that town stencil is brilliant! Looking forward to the shows today and I'm sure they will be brilliant. Loving the wee houses and shops ( really liked Maria's town) . Love, Alison xxxx

  32. Enjoyed your shows , I the gelli plate and stencil show , was lovely seeing you making mistakes,,, as I make so many lol,,. Good luck for today's,,.
    Love Annie,,,xx

  33. Morning Barbara, I thought the shows were just fantastic yesterday and have you on the TV NOW and recording. Recording is a must so that I can "study" your demos again.

    Useful tips and ideas too.

    Crafty hugs and with you today Pen x

  34. Fab card! Watched the Gelli plate show yesterday, awesome! Have the shows recording today as in bed poorly! Just going back to sleep hoping sore throat will have eased when I wake up! xxx

  35. I really enjoyed your show and watching you develop the art work step by step. I didn't spot that you weren't in the groove in the first hour – you always look so 'at home' in front of the camera; it really is a pleasure to watch you work and learn from you

  36. I enjoyed the shows yesterday Barbara. The Groovi boards are becoming a firm favourite for me as I love the look of parchment but don't really want to spend endless hours with a pricking tool. I like the fact that I can produce neat artwork with the Groovi board and then add as much or as little pricking if I so wish. I had to purchase the 3for2 offers and am looking forward to replicating the card you did above. I may try doing a bit of pricking on the dress where you used the ball tool for variation. It will also be useful to be able to create some borders around my artwork. I find that a soft foam mat works best for pricking and a hard surface for embossing. That way I don't accidentally damage the Parchment Paper. Thank you, Crafty Tash

  37. For someone who "couldn't get into the groove" on your first show, your card is fantastic. I've loved every single show which are all safely recorded. I've even got hubby watching today…which means he now understands why I need to spend!!! x

  38. I was away so unfortunately missed your shows Barbara but sounds like they were wonderful as usual and Charlie is so sweet and enthusiastic and you are great together. I think the ladies are beautiful and the blue you have used for the background is just perfect. x

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