Tuesday’s Blog – A TV Art Showcase

Tuesday’s Blog – A TV Art Showcase

Hi there!
Good of you to pop in.
I have been soooo tired today!
Way too old for all that winging it and thinking on my feet !
But the first of our monthly One Day Specials 
certainly went down a storm yesterday on HOCHANDA, 
our new Arty TV Home.
Thank you for supporting, watching, cheering and buying.
Here’s the one I did in the final hour, when we had nothing left to sell, except some Claritycard, 
some Speedball Brayers, 
a Clarity Blending Mat 
and a few Wee Fairies!

I just had an idea.
Usually, when I say that at work, 
all the Clarity elves and fairies run for the hills!
But today, I think they too were too tired to flee!
Anyway, it involves YOU, not them!
The Groovi Starter Kit goes on the TV 
every single time we showcase anything Groovi.
Whether it’s with Paul, Maria or myself, 
the Starter Kit is obviously the key to the Groovi journey,
and is presented on every hour. 

We do have a good selection of artwork to showcase the Starter Kit, created by our very talented Groovi Design Team.
But I was thinking….
So many of you have the Starter Kit.
How about creating just ONE lovely piece of artwork 
and sending it to me, to be shown on TV?
That way, your artwork may get to be aired on TV,
(I say may because if we get hundreds, it may not!!!)
and viewers see what other Groovi Artists are doing,
We will even start a Groovi Gallery on the Thinking With Clarity Website, where your creation can be displayed. 
Remember Tony Hart ?

Be sure to put your name on the back, so we can give you full credit for your artwork, too.
(age optional!)
Much love always,

70 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Blog – A TV Art Showcase

  1. What a lovely idea Barbara. I wish I had the groovi kit. Shouldn't grumble though I got the wee trees from my son and just got the houses from me.
    Hope you are having a well earned rest. You deserve it, you were fabulous as always. I love watching you demo you are fab. Enjoy the rest of the day.
    Amanda xx

  2. What a lovely idea, I bet you get a mountain of pictures! I have a dilemma now, do I do my challenge card, my calendar challenge or my groovi first………….. Hmmmm. Rest up and catch a breath, you deserve it. Xx

    1. Evening Donna congratulations on been in the top 5 in last months blog challenge very well deserved your card was stunning .
      Oh how busy you will be crafting and entering all the challenges and the Groovi one also cannot wait to see your entries hugs xxx

    2. Thanks, a nice surprise for a Tuesday! You have sent in one more than me at the moment, still time to do the others with plenty of rest in between! I will get crafty after tea. Xx

    3. Enjoy a crafting evening I'm at acupuncture tomorrow afternoon plus Drs hope I can craft a little to join in better to focus on craft than how poorly I feel xxx

    4. Hi Donna Hi Sheila
      Well done Donna getting in the top 5. , I haven't looked at the blog challenge, it sounds like fun. Sheila I hope the acupuncture helps tomorrow and you get some relief from the pain. Love to you both xxxx

    5. Hi Donna and Sheila, well done Donna being in the top 5 in the challenge blog. Hope your day at work went well. Do hope your pain will ease soon Sheila, have you had acupuncture before? I had it years ago because of a very painful foot I remember it did work, but can't really remember how many I had before it felt easier. Hope it works for you soon. Love and hugs. Pam xxx

    6. Thank you Donna and Diane for your support on here
      I gave myself 20 mins tonight to do a little groovi it felt good baby steps each day you never know I might make a card to enter groovi on the tv hugs xxx

    7. Hi pam had 2 sessions 3 with tomorrow's I get 4 in total one a week then more spread out can only give it a try even if it gives enough relief to craft .im on very strong pain tablets slow release and medicine for top up for my CFS fibromyalgia and athritic pain what with my diabetes thyroid depression and now cataract in my left eye .my crafting and my clarity blog friends and the blog crafting challenges here how it helps me so much each day when you read on the blog how other crafters have their struggles I look at how lucky I am in many other ways hope it's ok to write this xxx

    8. Dear blog friend you are what keeps me here they are so many wonderful crafters & blog friends who help me through the tough days the clarity family the blog challenges the inspiration and all the help I wonder Barbara when you started this blog how much you and the clarity family have given to us your clarity followers lots of thank you hugs xxx

  3. I loved watching your shows on Hochanda. For me they have the balance just right. Leaving you to do what you do best, the presenters showing their enthusiasm, without interfering and in awe at your amazing work, even when you are winging it. I ordered the folder direct from you… Had to restrain myself until i'm working full time again … But will be soon hopefully! X

  4. I loved this card Barbara. It's brilliant what YOU can create out of nothing. The presenter's look of amazement was wonderful to watch. You've definitely got yet another fan there.
    No wonder you're exhausted, I hope you'll have a little time for a break. It's going to be so good having this once a month. Thank you just for being you.x

  5. well, I've got the Groovi kit and oooooddllessss of other plates. Have I used them? Not a jot, not a bean, not even a sausage!! Didn't manage to catch any of the shows yesterday – husband to and from hospital with 'complications' following cataract surgery in early December. Had hoped that 2016 would be a better year health wise but it doesnt seem to be thus far! Still, early days…….

  6. Oooh what a great idea and I haven't packed my groovi starter kit away yet either. Will see if I have time to have a play before it gets boxed up ready for moving day
    Jackie x

  7. Great idea! Just posted my first ever attempt with my groovi on Facebook . Can't believe how calming it is so ill defo send one to you X shows were fabulous as we're all the products. I especially liked the stamp storage binder x

  8. Wow Barbara I enjoyed all the shows you rest up with a lovley cuppa and a nice piece of cake
    Love all these ideas you come up with I've just ordered my wee houses and wee shops how you showcased them was fantastic also the cockerel set in the members sale used some of my voucher that came with my stunning card xxx

    1. Hi Sheila, sent you a message up further. I'm ordering the cockerel set and the houses and shops too, plus a bit besides while it's in the sale. Have to have a bit if a break then or I'll be in the dog house.xxx

  9. Wow you have thrown down the gauntlet there. Now I am imagining your Clarity team snowed under with post to open. They probably have run for the hills by now. Think I might have a go though, just need to think of something that has not been created already. Thanks Barbara. Hope you get some rest tonight. xx

  10. Hi Barbara this is stunning it is amazing what beauty can be created with so little. I am getting more and more tempted by the Groovi starter set – I had better not tell my husband our house is disappearing under craft supplies. Take care thank you for the inspiration. Hugs Jackie

  11. Fabulous idea. I will have to get mine out at the weekend. Back to work tomorrow so no time til then. It was a fabulous day yesterday. I enjoyed all the shows; any 'winging it' demos certainly weren't obvious!

  12. I like the idea of art with just the starter kit, I love all things Groovi but am nowhere near creating beautiful pieces like the experts. I am collecting all the plates I take a shine to for now just need some spare time to work on it. To say I am long since retired I seem to have less time now than when I was working, or does it just fly by faster?

  13. Great blog as ever – will have to get my thinking head on. I loved the programmes albeit not having a proper signal and you were so near (I was in Hunstanton – think there would be a strong signal). You were perfection! – so calm and collected and inspirational to the last few minutes. Off to look at the Feb sale on the web site.
    Lots of love as ever
    Anne (Reading)

  14. You wing it wonderfully bet you are tired some take it easy days hopefully for you . Brilliant idea will have ago on this challenge have been thinking watch shall I take to play with on our little clarity East Midlands retreat would be great if you could join us for some fun so may be I will do one challenge will there have done the monthly challenge for a while what with the home move them new bathroom kitchen to be put in so all done bedrooms and hall way still to do in spring. So craft time . Mathew mated me laugh last night when you got out shaving foam thought he was going to burst with excitment so pleased you let him have ago could seem him after show playing away with shaving foam xxx

  15. That takes me back Barbara, I used to love watching Tony Hart, hope you've been resting as much as you can today. I haven't had a chance to use my now Groovi Christmas present but looking forward to it, I'll send you it if it comes out ok 🙂 xxx

  16. So glad the shows were such a success Barbara….no wonder you are bushed!
    I am sure you will get some fab entries …I am still a stamping girl (Your stamps are so superior in quality and a such a pleasure to stamp with ) but who knows in the future I might get the groovi bug!

  17. What a brilliant idea although I'm not sure your crew will be that keen to open all of the envelopes!!!
    I'm not surprised that you're tired after the last couple of days plus the time you've spent on the prep. Still it was worth it as the shows were great. Love Alison xx

  18. Evening I so enjoyed all your shows unfortunately missed the last first half hour of the last programme … Recorded did not work so in a way glad maybe I did not miss too much.

    Wee houses ordered, and now the gauntlet has been laid down I was thinking I could start playing with the wee houses. 🙂

    Fantastic idea this will keep me busy

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  19. What a great idea. You had me at the starter kit. Love it. My escape and wind down at the end of the day. A little or a lot whatever it takes. Keep'Em coming can't wait to try piercing etc. Love to all x

  20. What a great idea. You had me at the starter kit. Love it. My escape and wind down at the end of the day. A little or a lot whatever it takes. Keep'Em coming can't wait to try piercing etc. Love to all x

  21. I love this piece of artwork Barbara and no wonder you are feeling tired today after such a busy time! It is a great idea to set these challenges, and I'm sure in the not too distant future you will be receiving lots of wonderful pieces of work. x

  22. Hi Barbara, what a lovely idea! Im definitely going to have a go. I have a few questions and wondered where i can ask them? One is about inks and when to use particular ones, how to clean up after using them and the other is about the shows and products yesterday. On here or somewhere else. Thanks in advance!! Sue x

  23. Got my Groovi kit out today to have a play, thoroughly enjoyed a couple of hours planning a design for a card.
    Hope you get some time to rest. Xx

  24. You certainly deserve to have put your feet up today, Barbara, but did you? I bet not! You need to make sure you plan in some rest time after each weekend you're at Hochanda.

    Not sure I'm up to creating something that hasn't been done before with the Groovi plates but may have a go.

    Hoping to go to my first Clarity workshop this weekend with Sazz. Anyone else going?


  25. Hi Barbara
    What a lovely blast from the past, used to love watching Tony Hart, you did make me chuckle with the age, oh that's so tempting to do! We could knock off the zeros and relive our childhood. My daughter grew up with Art attack and that really inspired her too. Love the artwork from yesterday, haven't seen that one yet, had to abandon ironing for Christmas decoration removal instead. Now I hope those lovely new lights of yours have been put away all nice and tidy! Love the Groovi idea, I've ordered the starter set for my sister for her birthday after she had a little play at new year. The lady who answered the phone and I were chatting about how wonderful it is when I put my order in. You do have lovely staff working for you. Now make sure you get some rest, these one day wonders are fabulous and if we can help you with the artwork then that's a good thing.
    Take care
    Love Diane ( age 5 and quite a bit!) xxxxx

    Hi Brenda
    Hi Pam
    Hi Dot
    Sending you all hugs, hope you are ok xxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Hi Diane, Brenda and Dot, hope you are all well and that you've all had a good day, with hopefully a bit of sunshine like we've had today. I've still not crafted yet, Have you since Christmas? Sad putting all the trimmings away, it looks so bare now. Been checking out what Clarity I've got so I don't duplicate anything when I order tomorrow. Love and hugs to all. How about a Hi Brenda, miss you on here.xxx

  26. Hi Barbara, loved your shows, watched them all today. Love the demo you finished with on your last show yesterday, the one at the top of this blog. Really nice getting back to basics sometimes otherwise with my memory I'd forget. I should think you were tired, hope you've been taking it easy today to recover a bit. Good idea you've had regarding the groovi I think you'll be inundated with cards, certainly hope so. Not sure if I'll take part as I get worked up with things like that, put myself under pressure, silly I know but you can't really help how you are.
    Love and hugs. Pam xxx

    1. Give it a go Pam, the challenge us a good place to start as the winner is picked randomly so you aren't judged against other entries. That gave me the confidence to enter. Xx

  27. Lovely idea – I'll look forward to seeing designs from others, as I'm not a groovi addict (yet!). Take care and rest up after all your hard work yesterday. Susan x

  28. Ooh, love a challenge, will go to bed pondering what to do with just the starter kit….

    Gradually catching up with all the shows that I recorded, my wish list is exploding!

  29. Hi Barbara
    I am not surprised you are tired after the last few days. I have just rec'd my Clarity parcel. Mother and Child and Nested Hearts Groovi plates, the lovely Geese and my favourite Wise Owls too. That was my Christmas present to me. Tomorrow I will treat myself to the storage and the Wee Houses. I have been brayering today-the blending mat makes such a difference.
    Hugs from Chris X

  30. Would love to watch you but the timing here in Australia is not conducive to sleeping. Just wish the programs were taped to watch later like the other channel. I enjoyed hochanda while I was on holiday in the UK recently. Wish we had a craft channel here in Perth. Bought heaps from you at the NEC.

  31. Hello Barb, you were brilliant as always, shows were great, love this image. I have a wish list so long, my hubby has run for the hills! I don't have any of the Groovi system yet, but it is just a matter of timing, and I really do need quite a few of the wee stamps. Take care, hopefully you can rest a little now. Bx

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