Bespoke Stamp Offer for Christmas

Bespoke Stamp Offer for Christmas

Good evening!
Late again.
Ally Pally packed up and back in the van.
North Circular

Dartford Tunnel
More M25

Lost my mojo just as we turned into the drive.
Had fully intended to do something arty, but –
to coin a popular urban acronym – CBA.
I do like looking back to see what I got up to a year ago to the day, don’t you?
Can you believe this offer was launched a year ago???
Remember a month year or so ago, we were on TV with a new and clever custom Christmas stamp idea?
You received a comprehensive 
remountable set of Christmas message stamps
as pictured here:

In the box is also an order form, for a personalised stamp, a family stamp, or whatever you want it to be.
This set is still available from us,
at the discounted price of £24.99
If you just want the Christmas stamp set, its £14.99
If you just want the Custom stamp, it’s £14.99
Leave a comment below telling me why you need a Bespoke Limited Edition Claritystamp, and on Tuesday I will pick a winner.

Anyway, it’s a great offer and a super stampset. 
Got to go.

Sleep required….

I’ll be full of beans again tomorrow .

love and hugs,

73 thoughts on “Bespoke Stamp Offer for Christmas

  1. Lovely to see you today, if only momentarily. Also pleased I could show you my art work. You worked so hard today and I expect yesterday too. Also good to see Paul and Jane and another very lovely lady who was so helpful – sorry I did not get her name. Please thank them all for me. I hope your gift arrived home okay and you can work out the message. I await your answer – sure you are clever enough to work it through.
    Best wishes, love and hugs to you and Dave – so sad he wasn't there.
    Anne (Reading)

  2. Good evening Barbara! I've missed commenting on the last couple of your blogs…I've been a bit preoccupied with other things! I do like looking back at things…its a reminder at how you got to this point in life's journey! I'm just glad that the traffic on life's pathway isn't like it was on the M25 today!
    Love to you and Dave! Xxxx

  3. Up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire for you! Glad you and your lovely team had a successful show I'm sure everyone that came to see you was amazed by all of the demos they saw. Xx

    1. Hmmmmm, why do I want this stamp……………. Because it would feed my Clarity addiction without me having to fall off the wagon and admit my failings to the rest of the CCA! How cool would that be 😉 xx

  4. Loved this idea last year and of course ordered, your blog is timely in reminding me to dig them out again as I have been busy making Christmas cards. Groovi rules this Christmas but all can have a lovely stamped insert with my stamp, this stamp worked lovely with the stencils you did to go with the round stamps, the ones you have now done in Groovi, so will try combining the stamp with my Groovi plates, holly and fairy lights sound lovely. Hey how about personalised Groovi plates or is it too expensive to set up, would love a plate with the greetings on for Christmas. Had so much fun doing my cards this year. Hope you manage to get some well deserved rest, it's a killer driving home on M25 after a long day so hope you get to put your feet up tomorrow for a bit of R&R. Keep well. Karen xxx.

    1. Hi Donna I've manage to do a little groovi today received my grunge paste and sunflower stencil on Saturday but have to have more energy to craft with that might try it through the elephant stencil to make elmer but that might be too much
      Hope you have had a good day ?
      What a wonderful offer on the bespoke stamp sets have you got your cushions ready
      Listen for the thud ha ha ha xxx

    2. I like the idea of an Elmer elephant, and the grunge paste wouldn't need to be even and smooth because it would look great with texture. I bet your lovely Husband could do the paste part if you find that part too painful. I used this stencil recently to tangle through and used multi colours. Normally I only use one colour so it was really different but I loved it, looked very patchwork. Hmmmmmm payday soon, fingers are twitching, must resist! Xx

    3. Evening Girls yes Donna nearly end of the month money in banky day still saving for my Groovi so all other crafty buys are on hold for now but I do fancy that sunflower stencil and more of the wee folk and the dancers are really lovely and……….well the list goes on can I borrow some cushions …lol…take care ….xx

  5. Glad you're back safe and sound. I would love the Bespoke stamp but there is no special reason why I deserve it anymore than anyone else other than I am a huge Clarity fan. I shall just cross my fingers and hope, my whippets, Trevor and Jason are crossing their paws xx

    1. Hi Donna
      Bruises are coming along nicely thanks and I've found new aches but at least my lip has healed – I now sound like Darth Vader because I've got a thick lip! Oh it's a good thing I can laugh about it! Thank you for asking. I went fir a lie down this afternoon and the Groovi made an appearance, he read the instructions ( that's a myrical !) and off he went! I haven't gad a go yet but he's having a lovely time! Barbara I think we need his and her sets! Xxxx

    2. Hi Diane glad the bruises are coming out get plenty of rest you will soon be able to craft with the groovi
      After your fall yesterday you should get the bespoke set for staying the distance at ally pally hugs xxx

    3. He's not an instruction man at all – he's a tekkie and they don't do instructions! You could have blown me over with a feather but I didn't want any more bruises! He really enjoyed it though – started with a snowflake rather than the starter background but that's fine! Sheila I like the idea of Elma with the paste, such a lovely elephant.
      Perhaps we should have Clarity suits made with lots of padding – save carrying around the cushions – with airbags built in for when we fall! It could have lots of pockets for our Clarity stuff too 🙂 – and if you got the white version you could stamp stencil and zentangle on it – there's a thought! Xxxx

  6. I need on as after MAKING all the Xmas cards, I've got. Crafters cramp and can't face writing them all! Also, any spare pounds I've got are going in a jar saving up for a Groovi starter kit, I've just got to get that

  7. 'CBA' to write my own; that's why I'd like a bespoke stamp! Ally Pally was busy again and the ClarityStamp stand was the best by far, closely followed by Anne Marie Designs; she'd be a good one for Hochanda and she doesn't get enough of an airing at C&C. Just saying!

  8. What a fantastic day was so great to meet more of your team great meeting Heather Jane and sorry lost the name of the hubbie on till and of cause paul working away I say it again what an amazing family clarity is love you guys and dies go with out say Katie loved you Barbara she had a ball didn't stop talking about her day alway home love Joy and Katie rest up I'm of to bed very achie night night God bless xxx

  9. I am glad you are home safe, even though you are exhausted after yet another busy weekend.
    I really need a bespoke stamp so that people know who has sent them their piece of art that I have created just for them using my lovely Clarity stamps and stencils. It would the finishing touch to make it look even more special. I wanted (needed) one last year but I ran out of money, just as I have done again this year after spending my craft budget at Catterick and on some word chains this weekend!

  10. I would love a personalised stamp set as I suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and after I have spent time making my cards I am in too much pain to then write them all out! The personalised stamp would mean I could concentrate on making lovely cards and finish them off inside nicely without causing further pain!!
    Hope today was a good day for you. I am looking forward to getting out my new groovi kit I bought from you yesterday and having a play!
    Hope you get a good nights sleep and Dave is feeling better xx

  11. well not surprise. you must be drained. glad you are home safely. at the moment i'm drawing a blamk as to what i'd do with bespoke stamp but i'm sure i'd think of something. i bought it last time, oh yes i think i'd put my blog address on it, hugs xx

  12. Hi, hope it was a successful show for you.
    I need the bespoke personalised stamp to teach all those incorrigible members of the CCA that can't stop falling off the wagon!!!
    Only joking, there would be no point choosing me, there's only me, a short name and very few cards to give so it would be wasted on me.
    Love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda lovely to see you today. Oh now, none of that, you deserve to win as much as anyone – just think, the few cards you do send will be very posh cards and very stylish. Hugs to you and Daisy xxxx

    2. What's this……..wasted on you? Tut tut Brenda. If Barbara picks you its because you deserve it as much as anyone else, and just think how beautiful the cards you do make will look. You could have the stamp made from you and Daisy! Xx

    3. Don't know about not having many cards to send, aren't you sending us any then? With all your friends in CCA you'll need to get started on them now if they are to be ready by Christmas. If we want to save on postage, we can post pictures of them on a blog and send links to them. Let me see if I can work it out and I'll get back to you.

  13. Barbara, you must be just exhausted tonight. By the sounds of all the comments, everything went extremely well. Hope you are able to rest up a bit tomorrow.

    I would love a bespoke stamp so I can stamp my name on the bottom corner of all my artwork. It would be so cool to be able to do this in the Dickens Script. This way the people that I give it to would know that it was something created by me….a signed piece of art and one of a kind.

    Looking forward to your shows on the weekend. Do you know if they will be repeated throughout the day. Your Groovi class at 10:00 is 5:00 am my time which is a little early. I did get up at 4:30 am when Hochanda launched to see you but was just too early for me to start my day as I usually don't go to sleep until about 1:00 – 1:30 am. Have trouble sleeping at night so that is why the late hour. Just thought I would ask as can't see on the website what Sunday scheduling is.

  14. I loved seeing you and the gang today and sorry if we from Clarity East Midlands monopolised you but we all love you so much, especially our lovely Katie. We all laughed when her mum Joy tried to demolish the place with her scooter.

    The Christmas and bespoke stamps are fabulous and I would love to own either set. How professional would my cards look outside and inside.

    Okay, enough sucking up now….. I hate writing inside all my cards and would love to win a set!

    Take care lovely lady and hugs to Dave.


  15. What a shame the traffic can ruin a great day. Time to pour a glass and chill. Tomorrow is another day and after some sleep usually feels better! I really like the sound of a bestoke stamp. I would put my blog address on it and use it for my Christmas cards. Take care xx

  16. Such a cute picture Barbara get plenty of rest .
    Why I need the limited edition bespoke stamp set
    Wow how much it would make my life easier 100%
    Having the fibromyalgia and arthritis in my hands wrist fingers thumbs & the (CFS) & diabetes too
    It would also make my cards so special
    My wonderful partner (full time carer too) he would be able to stamp our cards too as he helps me make them too .we don't make loads but we always try to make each one special for the person or persons we make them for
    Who ever you choose they will be over the moon with pride
    Big crafting hugs to all xxx

  17. Hi Barbara
    Glad to hear you are home safe and sound, what a dreadful drive home for your lovely brother. I hope today was a great success for you and you can now have the chance to unwind and rest that neck. I hope the flood gates have been sorted and you don't have to spend tomorrow sorting out a huge mess but can spend done quality time with Dave. Now why do I need the stamps – I could play the sympathy card after my fall yesterday but I know there are lots of people far worse than me who are in pain all the time. My reason would be so I can stamp something into all the Groovi Christmas cards Julian will be making as I can't get the boards off of him today! I even suggested it was something he could do at lunchtime at work – he's not afraid to show his crafty side, sometimes he sits and cross stitches whilst he waits for computer updates to do wonderful things! Yes I think you need a couples starter pack Barbara with two mates! Enjoy your evening with Dave, hope you are not too tired for a chuckle with Dave in bed! (Oooh matron! ) haha.
    Sleep tight xxx

  18. Well Barbara hope your jammies are on had your cuppa and a cuddle from Dave I had to laugh at CBA but no wonder after your busy weekend one day I will get there I will even make a badge
    DOT from the BLOG so I can meet you and your team and all these lovely people ..Xxx

  19. Hope you had a good sleep, you must be shattered after the weekend and that journey. That set of stamps is great, I have been using mine on my card inserts in various ways all year x

  20. Hello Barb, glad you are home safely. What a journey, hope you managed to get a good sleep. Thank you for thinking of us when you are tired. CBA is sometimes a much used expression with me, when I have had a tiring, or bad day, so don't blame you at all. Thank you for the stamp offer, the reason I would love a bespoke stamp set, is because it would make it much easier to personalise the festive cards I make for our neighbours and my hubby for his work colleagues, all from many different nations. Have a great day. Bx

  21. Thanks for everything today. Clarity East Midlands only ever evolved because of you and Sazz and we will forever be thankful for the friendships we have made. To quote the very gorgeous Katie Steels, Barbara Gray is the best!!!

  22. Glad your home safe and sound. I had a 91/2 hour travel from Norfolk to Stirling on Saturday made worse by the fact that I fell down the galley steps of the boat and bashed my toe hip arm and head. Hip was so sore to sit on all that way! But hey ho I made it and am on the mend . I would like a Xmas stamp as it would put the finishing touch to my cards which I'm just about to start making .

  23. Good morning and hope you are fully refreshed after a good nights sleep

    I would love a bespoke stamp so that I can stamp the back of my hand made cards which I make.

    Something along the lines of Made with Love from Pen with a flower ?

    Happy days even when its wet outside.

    Big hugs

    Pen x

  24. Hi Barbara,
    I´m a bit jealous never visiting Ally Pally but this year I had to help preparing a 50th birthday party which happened last saturday…
    But I have the chance visiting the Kreativ Welt in Frankfurt at the end of october…
    I´d like to win the bespoke stamps and the Dickens Script would perfectly fit to my "Frohe Weihnachten"-stamp
    Best wishes
    Rolf xxx

  25. Hi Barb,
    I felt so sorry for you, it must have been a nightmare journey home – I hate traffic jams! Not surprised you CBA when you got in ( eventually). Anyway sounds as though everyone had good time at Ally Pally and I certainly hope it was well worth you going. I bought this stamp set last year and thought it was brilliant piece of kit – saved me loads of time writing the cards which I hate! Anyway as I already have the stamps, please don't include me in the draw as that would seem unfair. Hope you can get a bit of time off today. Love Alison xx

  26. Well I have been offered an opportunity to sell some of my cards in a shop, would be the finishing touch on them. Bit scary but like most new things I have tried lately I reckon I can do it. Hope your weekend was successful, plenty of interest and customers. Shows must be exhausting so much prep to do. Take care and hope Dave is feeling better. xx

  27. Hi Barbara I loved seeing you at AP yesterday and watching you demoing in person, much better than the telly as it means we can ask questions along the way. Love the telly ones too though and the YouTube it means I can get my Barbara fix whenever I want. I bought my Groovi starter kit yesterday( plus the snowflake plate)I'd been resisting for so long but yesterday resistance was futile. I'd love the Christmas bespoke set as it would be the perfect finishing touch to my Groovi plate Christmas cards. Just hope I can get to grips with it enough in time for this years cards
    Hope you manage to relax a bit today after your busy weekend
    Take care, Jackie x

  28. I would love to win a set of these and my reason is I CBA to write out the cards. Love making them but hate the last part of having to write – would be much better to stamp. I would also love to see you design a range of personalised Hand made, crafted etc stamps just for Christmas cards use – although the 4 you have at the moment are great and I have some – I just think it would be more seasonal to have a christmas made by stamp on the back.
    Elaine xx

  29. So glad that Ally Pally went well and it is obvious everyone had a great time. The only problem I have with a bespoke stamp is that I am Patricia on family cards and Pat to friends which complicates things rather but it is a lovely idea and finishes a card in a very elegant way and thank you for this great offer. x

  30. Hope you are happy with the way things went at Ally Pally and I'm sorry your journey home was not so good. I was there on Saturday and felt pooped after just one day walking around. Your area looked nice and busy and you never seem to give less than 100% enthusiasm and skill. I would love to win a set of your Bespoke Christmas Stamps as my handwriting would pass for a Doctor's, but I'm nothing like as clever.

  31. What a journey home after a day on the go. I hope you're catching up today. It sounds as thought Dave is a little better. I do hope so.
    I'm quite good at getting started early with Christmas cards, although this year I've only managed 16 so far ( approx. 84 to go!) I'm not so good at doing the message inside, usually on inserts, which I leave till later and then the actual writing just happens in such a rush. So having a bespoke stamp would speed up my production line and transform the seasonal stress of card writing into the more pleasurable task of crafting.
    I'm glad the shows went well. Carol

  32. Doesn't look too great a journey home although I bet A.P. was great. Hope you get a little time to yourselves for a spell.

    Now to the stamp work!

    Email's changed.
    Computer broke!
    WhatI'd like now is
    A Clarity Bespoke.

    Then on the back of my crafts
    And without too much slog
    I can stamp all the details
    Of my little blog!

    Oh well. It was a great excuse to stop vacuuming for a few minutes! Must get the place ship shape as Mike is home for a few days tomorrow. ;~}

  33. Hello Barbara,
    I'm not exactly sure what the 'A' means in CBA, (almost scared to ask!) but I'm sure it's related to the fact that you couldn't muster the energy or enthusiasm after the horrendous trip home from the Ally Pally, which incidentally I had no idea what this was either until I asked my English cousin what it was!! So much to catch up with with all the English idioms and acronyms that all the locals take for granted!!! Phew.

    I do hope you managed to have a restful evening and felt you could bounce back this morning.

    The Xmas stamp sets are gorgeous and I would absolutely love any of them. A bespoke Xmas stamp would be fabulous for me as I end up sending so many cards home to Australia at this time of year and due to the vast numbers of friends and family members requiring cheer and good tidings, a bespoke stamp would certainly take the "brain work" out and let the "creativity" in to allow me to practise the 'mindfulness' I so much require to get through my days at this time of year.

    Have a pleasant evening and I do hope your flooding disaster has been resolved.

    Alison x

  34. Hi Barbara
    So glad Ally Pally went well but sorry your journey home was awful.I hope your going to the NEC because it looks like I'll be able to make it this year and would love to meet you and the gang.
    Why would I like to have the personalised stamp set?because it would make my cards look professional just like yours.

  35. Boy, I feel exhausted just looking at that traffic jam, let alone driving in it. Ask me if I miss the M25? Not at all! What a generous lady you are – I would love one of your personalised stamps – have so many Christmas cards to make, that usually by the end of the pile my handwriting is so poor that noone can read our names, let alone work out that there are kisses attached! Hope you had a great night's rest, and that today finds your leak sorted and Dave on the mend too, Susan x

  36. What an adorable pic of the puppy at the end ! I haven't even given any thought to my Christmas cards yet so by the time I am in full swing with them I probably won't have much time to get them written so a customised stamp would do just the job to free up a bit of time to wrap sprouts & peel presents (!!) for the big day

  37. A customised stamp would be perfect as we all need to sign our little bits of art, however humble they may be.

    Glad you had a good time at Ally Pally, hope you manage to get some rest now, fix the flood and that Dave is feeling a bit better.

  38. Life can be so cruel. I am recovering from a bad bout of tonsillitis, first ever whilst hubby is in hospital having been diagnosed with cancer. Still trying to find the primary. I need something else to focus on and a customised stamp would be brilliant to let all my friends and family know that I still enjoy cardmaking.
    Love the puppy picture.
    Sorry I missed out on Ally Pally but maybe next year.
    Keep stoking the fire Barbara and good health to you and Dave xx

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