What did she do at Ally Pally today? ….

What did she do at Ally Pally today? ….

Hello there!
Thanks for popping in!
Back home after a busy day at Ally Pally.
It was great to meet friends old and new.
Look who turned up!
Diane from this ‘ere motley crew!
Poor thing. She took a bad fall on the way in, 
and hurt herself quite badly.
All her lovely face was grazed. I felt terrible for her.
Hope you got home safely Diane, with no more incidents!
So I spent the morning getting in the Groove.
Blimey! Just when you thought 
everybody in Britain must have a Groovi Starter Kit by now!
Then in the afternoon I swapped with Paul
and went on to canvases and the new beautiful Dancer stamps 
we took with us.
Haven’t seen them, I hear you say!
Well, that’s probably because they only just came out of the oven!!
They are so lovely, I am taking them with me on HOCHANDA TV next Sunday (10-11 Groovi   2-4 Stamps and Stencils)
Here’s a peep….
This is Grace
with Maya Angelou
Here are Beauty and Charm.
Beauty stamped directly onto the canvas 
and coloured in with Spectrum Noirs;
Charm stamped onto copy paper, coloured in with pencils,
stuck onto double sided Clarity Adhesive sheets.
I didn’t get to play with the fourth dancer, Elegance.
She is fabulous too.
Then I had a play with Grunge paste 
with Fresco Paint.
 That was fun too.
But now I really must get to bed.
Early start again tomorrow.
Thank goodness for good team mates.
Love & hugs,

60 thoughts on “What did she do at Ally Pally today? ….

  1. New stamps look lovely, hope you had a great day and tomorrow is even better. Did I see an extra programme devoted to all things Groovi slip onto the schedule, 3 hours of Barbara next weekend, know what I'll be doing next Sunday. Do you think my in-laws, who've been house sitting for us, Will think me rude if I pack them off next Sunday somewhere so I can watch in peace. Ah well, thank goodness for the record button, although not sure I can resist suggesting hubby and parents go out for Sunday lunch leaving me at home. Karen xxx

  2. POor Diane, I hope she won't be too sore in the morning. Glad you had a good day. The new stamps look good. I'm going to Spain for a week on Tuesday so will. It's your first proper go on Hocanda ! I don't think I'll get wi if access by the pool as it would be nice to watch it there ! I will catch up on my return though. I want the new groove Art Deco bits but thought I'd wait so is be here for the postie. Have a good day tomorrow. I keep thinking of you and Dave in bed tomorrow night giggling at the limericks !!! I really must clear my mind! Xxx

  3. Hi Barbara
    Home safe and sound thank you, I've had a hot bath and applied cream and I've managed to eat- honestly! What a thing to do!!!! Thank you for being so kind, I have had a fantastic day, really enjoyed watching you demo and chatting to you and Julian enjoyed the rugby in the car this afternoon! He did spoil me though , but I think I will be wrestling him for all the Groovi plates he bought me, he's going to get addicted before me I think. Rest your neck my lively lady, enjoy your company and I hope Dave hasn't overdone it today tracking down your leak. Your new dancer stamps are gorgeous and it was a pleasure watching you work and chatting to those sweet little girls in Spanish. Have fun tomorrow. Lots of love xxxxx

    1. Oh Diane, am so glad you hopped in to say you're OK. Take it easy – and am so envious of you getting to AP in the first place. Barbara is such a lovely lady – you actually bathed her hug away?!?!


      Di xx

    2. You poor thing Diane – I've had several falls at inconvenient times, usually with an audience! Hope you're not too sore today, and that meeting Barbara in person helped the healing process, Susan x

  4. Well I'm finally coming to alley pally so see you in morning if to bed soon early start diesel in car ready loaded with scooter so I can get around Katie is so looking forward to meeting you of to bed I go night night sweet dreams see you in morning hugs Joy ps glad today went well poor Diane hope she is not to store tomorrow xxxx

    1. Hi Donna, I said to Barbara you would gave a chuckle and say I had well and truly fallen off the Clarity wagon! I'm tucked up in bed now and I've taken painkillers watching the bruises grow – I think they are heading for 'dusty concord!' Colour! Lol. At least I bounced and didn't break anything! Thank you everyone for your lovely kind comments xxxx

  5. I finally got my Groovi kit today!! Have been looking for ages and decided to go for it today! Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to my daughter Milly today! She was absolutely thrilled to have met and spoken to her as she has been watching you on the telly for ages!! It was her first craft show and she has been telling everyone the best bit was meeting you!! So thank you!! Hope you have a great day tomorrow and that Dave feels better soon xx

  6. glad it was a good day. your stand looked brill as usual and i could see a lot of interest your end. i think poor Heather must be exhausted as she didn't stop dashing about. hope you have a great day tomorrow, hugs xx

  7. Ooooohhh! These lovely ladies might just find themselves dancing into my shopping basket at some point. They definitely live up to their names.
    Poor Diana. I hope you managed to enjoy your day, Diana and got home without further mishap.
    Really pleased that The Groovi Plate system is still so popular although anybody that's got one will not be at all surprised. It's fabulous!
    Hope you sleep well and that tomorrow is another great day for you. Love & hugs Jeanette xx

  8. Hi Barbara, sounds like a successful day for you, that's great. Lovely stamps, I especially like Grace. I can feel the thuds as the CCA, like lemmings, fall off the wagon to buy them!!! 😉 I've done my voting for you.

    Diane, the CCA falling off the wagon, it's metaphorical, you're not supposed to actually fall 😉 Hope you're ok poor soul, you must be very shaken. By the way it's nice to see who you are.

    Thank you everyone for leaving me all those lovely messages on yesterday's blog. Don't know if I'll manage to write every day just now, it's really dire right now, but I'm trying.

    hope tomorrow is as successful for you Barbara
    Love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda
      Thank you for your lovely comment, it's a good thing I can laugh about it as I felt rather foolish being tended to by a lovely medic ( who thankfully wasn't 12!). My husband felt helpless because he could see me falling as I tripped but couldn't catch me. I'm rathe achy tonight , might have to have an easy day tomorrow crafting. Lovely to see you commenting today, small steps xxxx

    2. Hi Brenda, good to see your sense of humour is still in fact, I told you the CCA ladies need you to keep them in line, look what happens if you are not around. Diane, it wasn't the bin diving that caused all those bruises was it? My hubby despairs of me because I always manage to fall or bruise myself whenever I am let out, round the house too if truth be told, half the time I can't even remember how I did it. Yesterday I bashed my finger pulling a plug out the socket, I ask you a grown woman who still manages to skin her knees at regular intervals. Your tumble looks a lot worse than most of mine so take it easy tomorrow and as for the embarrassment, well at least it provided a bIt of practice for the medics. Sleep well, hugs Karen xxx.

    3. Oh it's good to have a laugh – arnica cream has been applied and I managed to sleep ok last night but oh goodness am I stiff today and look like I played rugby too! Thank you all for your lovely comments. Xxxx

  9. Hello Barbara – I'm hoping to pop along to Ally Pally tomorrow after work if I'm not to exhausted (should be finished by 2 if I play my cards right), so perhaps I will see you there. The stamps look lovely, and guess what? I don't do Groovi yet, so you might convert me! Hope to have the opportunity to spend an hour or two with all things crafty. Take care, and hope you have a fabulous day. xxx

  10. Hello Barb. Great day at Ally Pally today. Popped by to say hello but didn't get a chance as you were surrounded by your loyal admirers! Loved seeing you doing your Groove stuff and hope you get a good nights sleep ready to do it all again tomorrow. xx Margaret Col.

  11. Hi Barb,
    Sounds like you've had a good and busy day. The new stamps look fabulous and the Maya Angelou verse is one of my favourites. Pleased the Groovi has gone down well at Ally Pally too. Have a good night's rest and a good day tomorrow. Really looking forward to the shows next weekend – 3 hours with you – fantastic!! Hope Dave is ok and not done too much today. Love to you both, Alison xxx

  12. Wow Barbara stunning stamps beautiful art work so looking forward to next Sunday shows i cannot do your retreats or your shows but I can do the TVs shows wonderful get rested for tomorrow xxx

  13. Mr and me had a great day at Ally Pally, bought Groovi starter kit and quite a few other bits for it as well, had to wrestle it off Mr when we got home to Lincs, think he has the bug now – maybe it was because Barbara backed into him when we were looking at Groovi stuff while she was demonstrating it, lol xx

  14. Glad you had a good day Barbara. The new stamps are great and I look forward to seeing more of them next week. Hope you got some rest this evening. Hugs to you and Dave and the team with you xx

  15. Hi Barbara
    I am glad today went well and I am sure tomorrow will be brilliant too. I love the dancers so will be glued to the TV next Sunday. I hope Diane is taking it easy and has not hurt herself badly. Have a restful evening.
    X Chris

  16. Glad today went well, I too have been getting Groovi at my local group's crafty afty. Very pretty and clever designs for the new dancer stamps. Have a fabby day tomorrow xx

  17. hi Barbara the new dancer stamps are really beautiful cant wait to see you demo them will have to watch on laptop as I have virgin so hopefully it works.
    Done my voting for the awards good luck this year again but I'm sure you wont need it.
    Hope your wee leaky man is feeling better…take care..Dot

  18. Hi Barbara, sounds like you had a very full day with all the excitement going on. Hope it didn't stress your neck too much. The new dancer stamps look lovely. I used to dance in a Senior's performing troupe and did several ballet numbers. These stamps just brought back wonderful memories. Sleep well. Tomorrow will be another long day for you.

  19. Hello Barb, beautiful new stamps, beautiful artwork, can't wait to see you demo them on tele. Glad to hear it was a great day. Hope you are ok Diane. Have a great Sunday everyone. Bx

  20. These are lovely stamps, and your samples are beautiful. I'm sure everyone had fun, and I hope that you didn't stress your neck too badly with all the demonstrations. Fingers crossed for you that Dave has sorted out the leak? Susan x

  21. Glad a good day was had by all at Ally Pally, except for poor Diana with that dreadful fall. Hope the bruising and soreness soon fades. Have a wonderful time all tbose lucky enough to be there. x

  22. OOOHHH, I missed your blog yesterday, Barbara, was very tired because of a party last saturday… no alcohol but very tired!!!
    The new ballerinas stamps are great and a fabulous idea to put the words into their tutus. Haven´t seen something similar!!!
    Rolf xxx

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