A Dove of Peace

A Dove of Peace

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
I thought we ought to broach the subject of Christmas today.
It’s getting closer, you know!
So how about a really easy Fusible Fibre project?
First, let’s drag some Grunge paste through the starry stencil 
on plain black card.

Way too perfect.
Let’s tear around the wreath!

Replace the cleaned stencil over the dry stars,
and add some Tumbled Glass and Spun Sugar 
with a make-up sponge.

Next step, out with the white fusible fibres
and the lovely Christmas Dove from the Dove of Peace Stamp set.

Place the stamp on the 5″ x 5″ Megamount,
We have a little 4-colour fibre set which comes with the mount
Ink up stamp with Black Archival ink,
add a fluffed up ball of white fibre directly to the inky stamp,

Add a sheet of baking parchment to protect your iron.
Iron with a hot flat iron.
No steam.

 The ink images sets in the fibre.
This is permanent;
like making an (iron-on) transfer.
While the fibre is still hot and soft, you can use a large embossing tool, or the end of a pen to sculpt the shape more.
Do this while the fibre is still sitting on the stamp,
before you peel it off.
Using double-sided tape, add the shimmering Christmas Dove 
to the centre of the starry background.
Add Peace in the corner of white card with the Black Archival.

Add a blue ribbon tie.

When we get in close, you can see how the feathers and head 
have been pushed out/sculpted.

Cut the dove out or leave the dove like this.
Both work well.
Have a great evening.
I am off for a walk along the railway lines.
I ought to add disused oughtn’t I…
love and hugs,

46 thoughts on “A Dove of Peace

  1. I've not seen Angelina Fibres used for a long time even though I've got a box full of different colours of fibres and also sheets of the film too

    Lovely card that even I could try and replicate – thanks for inspiring me and reminding me about a craft technique that i'd forgotten that I used to do a few years ago

  2. Lovely! Enjoy your walk, the sun has only just come out here in the last hour so I've made use of it and put some pansies in the garden. Then I was surprised by the hairdresser he turned up today and I thought he was coming tomorrow! Never mind I was glad to be cut !! x

  3. Glad you added disused there, all sounded as if it was getting too much for a minute. I actually like the card but must admit was not too sure to begin with, that is a bit of my wanting everything perfect setting in. You have reminded me to get on with my Christmas cards. Hope you enjoy your walk. xx

  4. Another fabulous card and great for a Christmas card idea but it'll be for next year….I've done mine for this!!!
    Enjoy your walk. I've been back in the gym after work tonight!
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  5. Another fabulous card and great for a Christmas card idea but it'll be for next year….I've done mine for this!!!
    Enjoy your walk. I've been back in the gym after work tonight!
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  6. Wonderful. Other half has a new lap top so having trouble commenting. I have a poser for you – all will be revealed when I see you at Ali Pali! (if you are clever) You will be my first port of call.
    Enjoy your walk. I should be dancing – ballroom lessons. Nursing laryngitis – its quiet here – cannot argue with the old man.
    Love Anne (reading)

  7. Good evening, Great I have "popped in" just love this and saw the demo some months back on TV so very pleased to have a recap on this technique.

    Been a beautiful day today, not much crafting as I have been out in the garden, digging, spreading compost and listening to the wonderful sounds of nature. GREAT….

    Hope Dave and yourself Barbara have a good evening.

    Big hugs Pen x

  8. Hi Barb,
    Not used fusible fibres for ages – need to give this a try, but it will have to be with a different stamp as I haven't got this one. Love the finished piece. Hope you enjoyed your walk along the " disused" railway. Love Alison xx

  9. The fibres look great uncut for this card; goes well with the lovely stencil. Hope the walk was enjoyable. These disused track conversions are a super idea. Hope too that your neck is easier and that Dave is better. Carol

  10. Ooooo must get my fibres out, last time I used them I made a blue tit using the big one. It looked beautiful all shimmery and shiny. I cut it close to line but I think the uncut look is beautiful too. Hope your walk was quiet and pleasant. Xx

    1. Hi Donna I was at dentist today it went well ..no energy left to craft ,thank you for your lovely comment on my card, you have had a busy and stressful year and now your back at work no wonder you didn't have time to enter in the blog challenge.
      Did you have a lovely day with all your new pupils ? Hugs xxx

    2. Yeah good thanks, feels good to get back into it. Fingers crossed you feel up to a bit of craft tomorrow. My crafting everyday is still on track! Yay! Only a little bit of colouring tonight but another day ticked. Xx

    3. Pleased you had a lovely day ,I took photos of my 2 bookmarks and put some ribbon through the plastic bookmark cover so you can use without taking the parchment and backing out does that class as crafting xxx

  11. This is very pretty with the angelina fibres Barbara and the star circle torn to give a bit more character looks just right and the ribbon is a nice finishing touch. I must say I don't find tearing card roughly an easy thing to do as I tend to like everything neat and tidy but here it works well. Hope you had a lovely walk in this evening. x

  12. That Dove looks so beautiful on the Angelina fibres. Hope you had a lovely walk. It's been a gorgeous hot, sunny day up here…shame that I'm now back at work lol! It was very hot in my classroom and it only has little windows to open. Xx

  13. Hi Barbara
    This is beautiful, I'm another one who hasn't used usable fibres for years! Must get them out and play! Hope you had a lovely walk, we had a great sunset tonight. Love Diane xxx

  14. Hi Brenda hope you are ok. I know you like a giggle. My husband decided to wear shorts today ( mainly because he ripped his jeans!) we left Elgin in bright sunshine, drove to Aberdeen then on to a castle just outside there, as we drove the clouds came in and the dampness started – I'm sure it was the shorts that did it! I hope you were in the sunny part today- sorry if you weren't! I will make sure he wears trousers tomorrow I promise. Sending you and Daisy a big hug xxxx

  15. Hi Barb, such a lovely image, brave move tearing the card, but it really works. Time to get the fibres out again. Hope you had a lovely walk, it was a nice evening. Take care. Bx

  16. Love the fibre and iron trick – I remember doing this on a weekend away with some crafty friends years ago using your corset stamp and they were all as amazed as I was when I saw you do it on TV! I'm trying not to think about Christmas yet, although I know I should, Susan x

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