Be nice! It feels good.

Be nice! It feels good.

Hi there,
Bit late today.
Have had a busy but productive afternoon,
 filming short video clips for the new TV channel here in my den.
(Spent the morning cleaning it!)
Very nice guys. They sure know their stuff!
In my head it was rubbish, 
but they reassured me that the end results would be absolutely fine.
That’s what I think about the new TV Channel Hochanda, too.
There are lots of things which could be better:
the sound, the lighting, the set, the content, the camerawork,
the website.
At Hochanda, they are aware of the things which need tweaking.
They really ARE a switched on, dynamic team!

Did they go to air too early? Yep.
Is it harder to build a house when you are already living in it? Yep.
(Hands up those who’ve started putting curtains up before the plaster’s dry, or cups in the cupboard before the doors are on!)
Will it be perfect tomorrow? I doubt it.
Will it be brilliant 6 months from now? I am sure of it.
What we can do is be patient, be nice, be polite, be positive.
My Grandad always said,
“Civility costs nothing.”
Has anybody reading this ever benefitted from negativity?
I very much doubt it. 
Constructive criticism is one thing; 
negative bludgeoning and personal attacks serve no purpose whatsoever.
Moreover, the person doing the barking 
is wasting precious energy on a negative rant!
Why not use the time constructively 
and make a blimming card.
or paint a picture,
or write a song,
or plant a plant,
or go for a walk – 
 or just do something positive !!!!
The way I see it is, this is our channel.
These guys are authentic. 
They believe in what they’re doing and they intend to create a fantastic classroom platform for us, covering many different and diverse hobbies and crafts.
Let’s clap and cheer them on!
Nobody likes to be boo’d or dissed.
Positive vibes I say!!! 
I’m in;
and so’s he!

love and hugs,
PS. It could have been a lot worse….
See you oop norf!!!

84 thoughts on “Be nice! It feels good.

  1. Exactly right Barbara! I agree with all you say. There are always going to be tweaks & adjustments to be made on a project like this. I'm sure they will be a success. I have even become a shareholder though the crowdfunding site. Lets think positively 😊

    1. Perfectly expressed. It's a business after all but as a viewer, and avid spender on things crafty, it's a tad off-putting if the advertised programme doesn't appear. It happened with the other channels in the beginning.

  2. How right you are Barb!! I can see they are trying really hard to get it right and I have enjoyed watching the different crafts that have been on air and some who I thought had disappeared altogether but re now there! FAB. You are intelligent and will have done your homework before embarking with too so I am certain it ill be a success,and it's sure what we need.

    Only 4 sleeps to go to coming to Catterick, well 3 if you take off Friday night shift, no sleep that night. Really looking forward to it.

    Well done on a great WEDNESDAY! Lots of love Vanessa XX

  3. Keep on going.. I'm sure it will be fantabulous. I love the concept and watch as often as I can. Even bought some waterless car wash the other day. Lol. Shrug off the doubters, ya don't need em. Look forward to your future demo's with much enthusiasm. Xx

  4. Keep on going.. I'm sure it will be fantabulous. I love the concept and watch as often as I can. Even bought some waterless car wash the other day. Lol. Shrug off the doubters, ya don't need em. Look forward to your future demo's with much enthusiasm. Xx

  5. I've not been able to watch much but it is getting better as time goes by and that's just the same as all of us especially when we learn something new!
    Take me for example….I know that when I started crafting I loved what I did and thought it was OK but when I look back at old photos I cringe a bit at how naive it was compared to what I am doing now. But if I never had started or if I decided that the things I was doing were not good enough I would not be where I am today! Practice makes perfect… I'm not at the perfect point yet but I am trying to say that Hochanda will get there so give them all a chance. I love the relaxed feel to the channel and I've seen some very different crafts being showcased!
    Hope you have a safe journey oop norf and I'll see you Sunday! Xxx

  6. Hi Barbara
    Hochanda is getting better day by day. I am enjoying dipping in to the different shows. It's not all about cards, and we shouldn't be narrow minded enough to think ought to be. Everyone's into different things so let's live and let live and accept that we're not all the same. I remember how hit and miss other shopping channels were in the early days. I wish all those involved in this brave new venture all the luck in the world. It is obvious that all involved are working hard and putting
    Everything into making it a success. I am sure it will be. I hope things are going well for you. Are there new Groovi plates in the pipeline? Please take care of yourself and your loved ones. Live every day as it comes.
    Hugs from Chris X

  7. I totally agree! Really liking Hochanda. Yes, there's been some problems, but each day there have been improvements and it won't be long before these little problems will be forgotten. I'm sure it will be a success! Not bought anything yet, but now the website's up & running I can't see that staying that way 🙂

  8. Hi Barb,
    even the decoration on the shelves in the background are looking better now at HOCHANDA. I hope we can place orders soon.
    It will be better day by day.
    Rolf xxx

  9. I am really enjoying the channel actually at least its not all cards. make sure you tell them that lots of people are loving it. I think it will be better when we can order online. I have written down things I am interested in as I have seen them but I find craft supplies are a careful and ponderous buy ie I like to view after I have seen the demos as I need to budget very carefully. I have a ticket for Saturday for Colburn so excited to see the 'wee folk' at play. I am coming to purchase some!!……………………….. By the way its lovely up North!1

  10. Good evening one and all. I totally agree with all you have said. Hochanda is improving with each and every programme. I have been very impressed with their efficiency on replying to my email,, their up to date info on facebook and their enthusiasm expressed. I feel privileged to have been able to be privy to the first steps towards a fantastic programme.

    I have learnt new things …… enjoyed the chat and today the Web site is up and running as promised.

    Been a good day …. crafting while watching the TV.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  11. Hochanda is certainly improving so well done to everyone involved! I'm feeling very down tonight, had to have my cat put to sleep earlier 🙁 been Ill for a while but the time had come to make the decision. Sad day. Xx

    1. Sending you big hugs Donna – it's so sad to lose a beloved pet. I'm sure your cat had a very happy life with you and if she was so poorly you made the right decision for her. Susan x

    2. Donna so sorry and sad to hear about your cat. I know exactly how you feel – my cat Scamp is like my little baby and I'll be devastated when she goes. I'm sure that you gave your cat a very good home with lots of love. Sending hugs xx

    3. Sending you a big loving hug you want to be proud of yourself Donna as you have made the right decision better than seeing your cat suffer ,try making a craft project Maybe the name of your cat on a bookmark or a cute photo it might make you smile than sad xxx

  12. If we got everything right first time, there'd be nothing to aim for! Patience with, and tolerance of, others would, in my opinion, make the world a better place. Looking forward to Sunday! Mxx

  13. I'm liking what I see on Hochanda – there are some good things being showcased, and there will be "something for everyone" I'm sure. Who cares if the sound isn't quite right, or if the set is a bit wobbly…. we all have our off-days, but hopefully come out the other side smiling 🙂
    Go Hochanda – we know you can do it! Can't wait for the classrooms (I never thought I'd hear myself say that as I didn't enjoy school much. I know for sure I would have had a lot more fun if we'd crafted every day instead of doing logarithms!)
    Travel safe Barbara….and have fun, Carole xxx

  14. Those who are negative tend to be unhappy with everything and just seem to like a good bitch I think!

    I'm off to look at the Hochanda website again now its up and running for selling! Hopefully my NDC envelope will come tomorrow.

    I've also got to make a wedding anniversary card for my sister ….. groovi plate mate?! doves?! it's tomorrow and she's coming for lunch……. better get my bum in gear.

    On a positive note I've just come back from Slimming World and lost half a pound this week – not sure how but that will do for me!


  15. True words, Mistress Gray. You offer advice and constructive criticism. I have never heard you be negative in talking to crafters. I shall remember your words tomorrow, when faced with the hoards having to wait their turn to get into court. Yes, civility costs nothing. (its what is hidden in our thoughts that no-one should see or hear) – hiding body language – well that is to be worked on in my case. Lovely picture of Mr Dave
    Love to you both
    Anne (Reading)

  16. Hi Barbara
    I have watched a few programmes on HOCHANDA and have really enjoyed the variety they have provided. I'm looking forward to seeing your clips, Dave looks like he's had fun. Yep been on the end of negativity constantly being told you are wrong! Not good, makes you I'll in the end and leads to drastic decisions, which happily have good endings! Enjoy your evening.
    Love Diane xxx

  17. Haven't had a chance to watch many of the Hochanda shows as my BT box won't tune to channel 39, but I've managed to get it on my little bedroom TV now – yippee! I'm sure all the wrinkles will get ironed out over time, but in the interim why don't people just laugh them off – I love watching the bloopers on your DVDs – just shows that everyone is human and laughing is much better for you than wingeing and moaning, Susan x

  18. I've only managed a few visits to Hochanda and yes there are 'development needs' but it's clear from the comments above that people want it and are willing to be patient. Who harks back today to the 'disasters' that were the opening of Terminal 5, Dome etc? Both appear to be operating quite smoothly and successfully now.
    I do think it's likely that the endorsement and support of someone as credible as yourself must be helpful during the teething troubles. Nice to see Dave in action.

  19. I think they were right to grab the tv slots when offered – better that way than delaying and losing that precious channel number.

    Major improvements were made within a few days so I really look forward to the coming months because I know it will get better and better

    I KNOW it was the right decision to go 'live' when they did when I watched your first Groovi show – despite you working frantically behind the scenes I honestly don't think I have seen you so relaxed and so in the zone – excited but calmly demonstrating all the goodness of Groovi to us

    I look forward to more demonstrations from you and all the other craft experts – perhaps that should be craftxperts!!!

  20. Hi Barb,
    Well said! I've watched Hochanda a few times and can see that there have been improvements every day. There were always going to be a few hiccups and as the saying goes " Rome wasn't built in a day" ! I'm sure it will go from strength to strength especially with people like yourself working with them. Soon be Saturday – yeah! Love Alison xx

  21. I needed to hear this. So disappointed with all the repeat shows and problems that I've given up watching, even though when I've seen something original I've loved the enthusiasm of the staff. I will try to be positive and trust in what you have seen.

  22. Some people have to find fault with everything and i am sure they only view to find them, its very sad. I am enjoying what i have seen it is so relaxed and am sure it can only get better. Enjoy your weekend oop north. Sandyx

    1. I agree totally Sandy.
      There are some on the forums that seem to have popped up just as Hochanda went to air and they've only managed to post negative comments………. makes you wonder if they have an ulterior motive. Plus there are always people who will agree, even if it's a bit unfair or one-sided.
      I've watched on and off and it has improved, the volume was better on day 2, the graphics have been moved making it easier to read and not blocking the demos, so they are listening to feedback.
      They have a brilliant ethos and I hope they go from strength to strength.

  23. Always look on the bright side of life, be patient, for, as we know, patience is a virtue and from little acorns, mighty Oaks do grow. Bit late in the evening for me to be so profound, but you get the gist! Ha! X

  24. It's caused quite a stir, that's for sure! Even my non-crafty husband is following all the latest crafty gossip on what's happening! I've stopped reading most of the commentary – no time for that negativity, if you're that upset, you don't have to watch!

    In the meantime I'm SOOO excited as my first New Design Club pack has arrived! So much for my early night!

    1. I have just rejoined so a big parcel came today -fabulous – I have already tried one project – My husband is the same re the gossip – thanks to facebook !!

  25. You are quite right Barbara, Rome wasn't built in a day, and the glitches will be fixed given time. I think that mostly it has been great but they don't seem to be able at the moment to switch to close up quick enough and we miss some of the detail but this and any other problems are fixable and two or three months down the road things are bound to be different. Enjoy your open days oop norf. x

  26. Do you remember the T.V show Crossroads, the wobbly set… Amy Turtle…Bennie….everyone loved it and kept watching. Not that I'm comparing the two, I just mean nothings perfect, but enjoyable just the same. Don't listen to the knockers, they've nothing better to do. Tolerance, now there's a good word,

  27. My trade was journalism, writing, editing, producing magazines. The training (and it was thorough) involved being able to go through an entire magazine feature by feature seeing what could have been better, what needed work for the next issue, what was so great it was worth keeping, and what was so weak it had to go. All of this had to be done with respect for the various creative people and departments involved. Often, it was brutal. There were tears… But the best people to work with are those who can say Okay, we have a fantastic product, but parts of it need work. What can we do to make it even better? Constructive criticism is vital; bitching is for amateurs.

    I think Hochanda has fantastic products, great ideas, lovely presenters and guests and is improving every day. Okay, they went to air a wee bit too early. I bet they had pressures we know nothing about, and horrible deadlines that had to be met and they did their best to meet them with as much grace and professionalism as possible. I enjoy watching a lot of their crafting programmes and I'm absolutely sure they're going to keep improving with every week that passes. They already have! They seem a fun bunch of professionals who are committed to giving us great crafting programmes. I hope they ignore the negative flack and remember how much they've achieved already. They've done brilliantly.

  28. I think we will see such a difference over the next few months. Yes there have been some problems but its not the end of the world. I also think it is very unfair for people to make horrible, hurtful personal comments about presenters which have appeared on some forums. We all have opinions and preferences but I do feel there is no excuse for bad manners. I have enjoyed the variety of shows and it is good to see the products demonstrated. Best wishes to everyone at the channel. X

    1. Completely agree. At the end of the day, it's TV channel! No one is being hurt, yet some are commenting as if a mortal sin has been committed. Lighten up! Be nice. And if it isn't your thing, switch over.

  29. I was a big fan of a group called D-ream back in the 90s and to quote one of their best songs, 'Things can only get better'. It's a good start and I'm enjoying all the different crafts and hobbies. See you on Sunday, so looking forward to catching up with the Clarity team and many other friends xx

  30. Well said. I have enjoyed a lot of the programming. Sure there have been some things that have not gone right, but so what. I do think it will grow into a great channel and lots of my favourite craft demonstrators seem to agree my voting with their feet to move there

  31. I agree! So easy to be negative! Really NOT helpful! Take no notice!! You are just great – on every level! I'm sure that whatever you are involved with will succeed – hugely! You have my best wishes for all your undertakings! I shall be watching!!

  32. Hi Barbara, haven't seen all the comments as I don't do social media , I just enjoy creative blogs !
    It's very different having a little moan to oneself about something , but once it's out there it's there and negative comments can be so hurtful when folks are trying their best.
    I think people can forget all the social graces , like politeness .
    I have enjoyed the Hochanda's shows that I have an interest in , they are improving and now their website is up it's a big plus.
    I like the presenters, they are sweet and I think when things get too slick it can detract from the art and craft of things.
    Take care and have a good weekend ,

  33. I agree with everything you have said today. I have enjoyed watching Hochanda and they are really trying to get it right with the way they are presenting the products and the loverly presenters they have employed, I like every one of them. Was out all day yesterday so could not watch any programs, food shopping late morning so will not be able to watch until this afternoon. It will be good when the back shows are able to be viewed in the future. Kind regards Sandra Kent.

  34. Well said Barbara, and there is no one better than yourself to get the message across. After readin the feedback comments on here, it is very refreshing to read that not everyone picks (or wants to) flaws in other people's work. Yup, the formats still need working on, but give them a chance…..surely they deserve that much. After all they are doing their best, and it is all for us!!

  35. Hi Barbara,
    I do love the demos, have got a bit annoyed about the m&s advertising of shows. One being advertising John Lockwood's shows this week as Craft Creations ns on Sky. Not good as it's a totally different company.
    I do hope it gets better, I prefer the craft side of the shows, but understand other people have different hobbies, but to advertise the Gand Calibur and then show car wax, it's understandable people got annoyed.
    I hope they sort out the membership a bit better nothing's so far I've seen as the Freedom 20% discount. Free p & p is nice but would be nice to offer members even 10% discount on products. I notice mentioned that they are looking into flexi pay that will be great. I would have probably got the sissix machine had that happened.

    As I said I love the demos looking forward to more patchwork quilting shows as its another of my hobbies.
    I love your shows and how you show us different ways to stamp am very interested in the parchment tools you have got. Will make it easier for me with dexterity problems.

    Let's hope it gets bigger and better, as I said I love the full Demos and sorry but so far John Lockwood is my favourite demonstrator, then again I have seen him in person and he's so gifted.
    No crafting for me today but will be watching live shows and ones I've taped, my neck/back went into bad spasm last night so am dosed up to the hilts with pain relief at the moment. Craft is my therapy.
    Keep up the great work.
    Maggie in Solihull

  36. Well said Barbara, there are so many negative and nasty comments on Hochanda facebook page. It's great there is a diverse selection on this channel…..although my fav's are you, Chloe and CE guys at the moment (probably always!!) – however, it is great to see other companies on there, even if I'm not that interested in them.

    Seeing some sewing shows is making me want to have a go at this hobby now!!

    I feel Hochanda will improve greatly over the coming months and am looking forward to a correct programme listing, clearer screenings and shots from camera people as well.

    Keep up the good work and all the best of luck in the future with this channel xxx

  37. If you've been reading the witchy comments on a certain forum I hope you know that not all other forums are being so mean. Yes the sound is echoeyier (that really should be a word cuz it would be great for linking in scrabble) than a bull frog in Cheddar Gorge and the camera work isn't always brilliant but by gawd I'd rather that than a presenter wandering along a counter being condescending and wittering on about must have buys (that were different when it was t'other machine they were flogging) for 20 minutes, cutting to a rushed 2 minute demo that they talk over, quick ad for the club then repeat again.

    As crafters we've whinged and complained bitterly for several years about the more established channel, specially being filled with nowt but expensive die bundles from the same 3 companies week in week out. We've whinged about presenters we don't like and we've whinged about the irrelevant chatter, magic hands, one sided chats with the gallery, guests being treated irreverently/rudely and about it just being a flog it all show with no real help with how to actually use the tools/stamps/pens whatever. Now they seem to be whinging about the things that they asked for, ie better ranges of product, less chit chat and more in depth demos, just because there's a few things that need tweaking.

    The odd thing is I heard all of the same whinging we've got now about Hochanda as there was when an upstart shopping channel to rival Ms Bibbys shows opened up with poor presenting, poor camera work, website woes and not enough content that it was mainly repeats.

    All of those negative nellies arent worth worrying about, give it a month or two and they'll be whinging about something or someone else.

  38. Moaning seems to be a hobby for some people! Well said Barbara. I always try to make positive remarks about anything on Facebook. I did however question the car cleaning cloths… Until someone pointed out the Saturday morning hobby of car cleaning!
    Each to his own. Hochanda improves day by day and I have already learned so much. Wish I didn't have to work. Onwards and upwards! X

  39. Have you ever been on a plane when its had a sharp, sudden take off – only for the pilot to explain, given a take off slot with short notice, and it was take it, or wait an hour. I'm guessing Hochanda launching earlier than planned is a lot like that, take it or risk other issues, the other way. The negativity is getting me down, especially from creatives who ought to know we learn, we grow, someone new shows us a whole different way to think about it. My fave quote is from Maya Angelou… "when I knew better, I did better". Or there's an opposite quote, can't remember attribution, "keep on doing what you're doing – you'll keep getting what you've got". Both I find apply to lots of life situations

  40. Your so right Barbara all will be well. I watch a lot and can see it improving all the time the presenters are so enthuesiastic as I say all will bewell xxxxx love to dave
    June horrocks xxxxx

  41. Hello Barb, a great accolade for a new venture, and looking forward to seeing your clips, great pic of Dave. All good things come to those who wait right. Take care and have a great time with the open days. Bx

  42. I haven't watched much as working but off today and really loved Sues show with imaginations – so many demos – I learnt so much . She is so good at explaining things and they allowed her to do so uninterrupted.

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