In the Light of the Silvery Moon….

In the Light of the Silvery Moon….

Hi there!
Thank you for popping in.
Monday’s blog flowers and trees?
Well, I have had a hankering ALL day to get out our 
Do you ever have something in your mind’s eye?
All day I was wondering whether the little Clarity Characters could stand on the big leaves, like a sort of fantasy piece.
I couldn’t wait to get up here in my little den and see if I could 
put what was in my head onto card.
Happy to report 
The first thing was to pull a tangle print out of my stash
This was made using the 8″ x 10″ Gelli Plate,
the matching size card,
and acrylic paint.
Stamp the large bird tree (another fabulous stamp to use)
Blue and brown always good.

Build a base for the tree, using the Filigraphy leaves.
I have to tell you, 
I did have a scrap to the left, where I was checking positioning.

Enter the lovely Rosie.
We watched the new Far From the Madding Crowd film last night.
My absolute favourite author, Thomas Hardy.
She was in my head all day. 
That independent yet vulnerable young woman.
So this one’s for her.

Slot the leaves in beneath her feet, like a jigsaw puzzle.
If you haven’t got this set of Filigraphy leaves, 
I can’t recommend them highly enough.
Just fantastic to use.
Trim the card back.

Magical from the Word Chain works well.

And gives us a new launch pad to wrap more leaves around…
Now it’s time to add the shadows underneath the leaves etc.
Coffee, Spectrum Noir pencils and half an hour should do the trick….

Blues and greys underneath the leaves.
Build up depth gradually.

A Grey Denim Promarker around the edge of the card.
Define the moon too, using the same pencils.

Mount on brown card.

That’ll do.
I could spend another hour adding more depth with a grey pencil,
or a charcoal pencil….

But firstly, my neck is killing me.
It really is getting worse.
Looking down aggravates it no end,
and I can’t colour in and look up yet!!!
Yes, I am going to the doctors before we head up to Catterick/Colburn on Thursday.

Secondly, Dave has made a lovely supper.

So I really must dash,
said the Mexican….
love & hugs,

58 thoughts on “In the Light of the Silvery Moon….

  1. I agree: browns and blues go really well together 🙂 Looking forward to Sunday. I urge anyone 'oop norf' to support Barbara and her team. A wonderful day out learning from the best. What could be better? Mxx

  2. Beautiful card Barbara but two very good reasons to leave it and go eat!
    I'm looking forward to seeing you on Sunday along with all my teamies who are there along with all my friends who are going on the Sunday!
    It'll be awesome! Xxxx

  3. Lovely card as usual so much inspiration each blog, I'd forgotten I have these leaves will have to find them out. I can offer a neck & shoulder massage if you need one on Sat or Sun, will be there both days x Pam

  4. That is AMAZING. Fantastic background, love the leaves, tree and fabulous Rosie and the colours are great. Didn't get these leaves as didn't know how I'd use them so at some stage must remedy that. Concentrating on the groovi for now. Do hope your neck is a bit easier for the weekend, I expect you've already tried one of those foam collars for some relief, what about a nice massage from your Dave. Looking forward to Catterick it was brilliant last year, hence coming both days this year.xx

  5. Loving the end result, what a clever idea and different way of using the foliage stamps, I've got these so must have a play. Have you tried using an easel stand for colouring in? Just a thought or perhaps one of those desks where you have to stand to use them? Xx

  6. Dear Barb, If the doctor tells you that your pain in the neck is not a medical problem, PLEEESE check out your nearest Bowen practitioner – they really can work wonders!
    Oh, by the way, I've just spent an extremely pleasant week reorganising all my Clarity stamps (gosh I didn't realise I had so many!) so they all now fit in just one box – hurrah! Can the handles go in the recycling please?
    Glad Dave is good – as they say – we just need to sort you out now.

  7. Hi Barb,
    This is very clever indeed and I really do like it. I have the foliage stamps so will have to dig them out. Sorry your neck is killing you again. You might need to get a collar and wear it at night – not very glamorous but they do work. I sprained my neck and tore my trapezius muscle years ago showing the kids at school how NOT to do a backward roll! I was in agony and had to hold my head in my hands to turn over. The hospital gave me a collar and the difference was amazing. I still have problems every now and then and use the collar. It could be worth asking the doctor. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. Love Alison xxx

  8. When is a leaf stamp not a leaf stamp, when Barbara Gray starts to stamp with them, wonderful artwork, really like the end result and all the pictures inbetween.
    I hope you get some help with your neck – a good Osteopath can do wonders. K x

  9. Just finished my poppy card using the poppy stencil, polly filler and a bit of ink. I then added just a touch of guilding wax, mounted on Clarity blue paper, music on loud singing along………….heaven! I made a promise to myself that I would do something crafty everyday now I'm back to work. So far so good, although I have only been back three days!
    I LOVE this card the leaves look like they are floating, I do enjoy it when you use a stamp in a different way! Hope your neck improves, you need a higher table so you don't have to bend over as much especially when you are on TV. Glad Dave is feeling better and up to a spot of cooking. I brought the DVD as well, I have to say I was wishing I had a Farmer Oak of my own, Hmmmmmm, Poldark or Farmer Oak? Dilemmas! XX

    1. Donna that sounds lovely, must give poly filler a try! I like the idea of a crafty time a day, it's so easy to get bogged down in work but sounds like you have got the famous work/life balance just right …….at the moment! Xxx

    2. Hi Diane, yeah at the moment is about right! Polly filler was a tip I picked up in a magazine……….or maybe on you tube, can't remember now. If you like a smoother finish you need fine grade filler. It looks exactly like the expensive crafty stuff when its dry and takes ink exactly the same too. Great for you as you can buy it and sit it amongst the paint cans, as its a DIY product your husband will never know you brought it to craft with! 😉

    1. Hi Donna I cut two out whitened and coloured both they are on a backing card not attached in the bookmarked cases they where so relaxing to do very impressed.
      Pleased to read you managed to craft too xxx

    2. It is I enter the clarity blog each month it's gives me a goal to aim for I won with my very first card beginners luck I look at how far I have come now when I look at that card I made back then it will be two years in November hooked on clarity and have learned so much and the blog has given me a wonderful set of blog friends xxx

    3. I saw it was a Sheila and thought it might be you as I remember you saying a while ago you usually enter. Its a lovely card, love the shape you have created and the layout. I try and enter but haven't got myself together in time over the last few months. I do check it out though as its always good to see new ideas. Well done. Xx

  10. Stunning art work Barbara the blues and Browns work beautiful together ,I've spent some of my day cutting round my bookmarks whitening and colouring finding a backing and then popping them into the plastic bookmarks cases I'm very impressed how they look and very relaxing to do . glad Dave is feeling brighter hope your Dr can help with your neck xxx

    1. Hi Sheila, thanks for asking about Jilly and her two sons, they are still both in hospital. Dan the elder one is looking at a long recovery period but is getting stronger. Alex has hopefully had an angioplasty today, so we are hopeful he will be out of hospital shortly. Now begins the long road, we will keep being there for them. Once again thanks for your support, it means a lot. Karen xxx

  11. Find an easel, or drawing board and use a standing height table to work at when at home at least, Barbara. Then find a good chiropractor who doesn't use bone crunching methods.

  12. I agree with Linda , no bone crunching or cracking especially in the cervical area
    I love all these stamps but there was a great Labor Day sale on create and craft here in the USA , watched it live and spent 100$ . Don't tell my husband . Dawn was great .
    Now we're off to a holiday celebration barbecue with dear friends .

  13. Hi Barbara, Beautiful work!! I really love it and will give it a go tomorrow. No more for today as, like you I suffer with neck and back pain. I've been away and missed the Hochanda launch and your shows!! I was really miffed to have missed it. But could you tell me when you are on again so I can organise my diary 😉 Many thanks Amanda xx P.S Glad Dave is feeling well enough to cook for you xx

  14. This is so lovely, really whimsical, another stamp for the wish list.

    To add to the suggestions for your neck – maybe find an Alexander Technique teacher – to help you work out how to position yourself so as not to cause problems. But also important to try to work out what's actually happening in your neck. McTimoney Chiropracters use a very gentle technique (no cracking or crunching!) – I work with a great guy who got me through pregnancy and postnatal with no pelvic pain, but he's not exactly local to you!

    Hope you get it under control so you can fully enjoy Catterick!

    1. Alexander is great because it puts YOU in control, and it helps with breathing too! I hope Barb Googles it (and Bowen) to see if it could help.
      Maggie (long time neck sufferer)

  15. I just love how you've done this Barbara – never would have thought of using the leaves as hills – you're just a genius! Sorry to hear your neck is painful again – I had a guest recommend a product called Flexiseq to me – he said it was the only thing that sorted the pain in his knees – it's some sort of molecule that lubricates the joints, rather than being just a pain killer. My dad tried it for his shoulder pain and said it helped him, so might be worth a try? Susan x

  16. Hi Barbara
    Just fantastic. You have such an amazing talent for seeing alternative ways of using a stamp. I only have a small Gelliplate and have the larger one on my wish list. I wish I could join you at Catterick. Everyone will enjoy it so much. I hope you enjoyed your meal and have a relaxing evening with Dave.
    Hugs from Chris X

  17. Beautiful combination of stamps Barbara. So sorry to hear that your neck is playing up, I do hope the doctor can help. I hope you had a lovely meal and an enjoyable evening with Dave. Hugs xx

  18. Hi Barbara
    Well Magical is certainly the right word to use, this is really beautiful in fact I would say ethereal . Love the way the leaves become 3d when you colour them. Thank you for sharing. I'm glad to hear a Dave is feeling well enough for a spot of cooking, we just need to get you sorted! Now listen to all your 'mums' on the blog! You need a sloped drawing board – my dad had a great one – he was an architect so it was very large but he could sit up to it on a high stool and not have to look down to work. Also recommend a gentle chiropractor, mine says ice is best for necks, so keep a gel pack in the freezer!
    Lots of love
    Diane xxx

  19. Those leaves are wonderful Barbara and frame the picture as well as do a great job of grounding the tree and the pretty Rosie and the added shadows really give shape to the whole picture. So sorry your neck is causing you pain and hope the doctor can give you something to help, and having had a lovely dinner and relaxing will have eased it a bit. Glad Dave is doing well. x

  20. Another design I love, I know I write it frequently but you really are very talented and inventive and artistic and … I could go on and on. Oh, and you are a super saleswoman too as my 'want' list gets bigger every week. I no sooner get the list to zero than up pops another blog post and something else gets added to the 'to buy' list

    Sorry to hear your neck is causing you pain. If you haven't got one I recommend a writing slope – think Victorian school desk – as it will prevent you bending your neck as much when colouring etc. This is the company we use at work but it will give you an idea of what I mean

    Take care

  21. Stunning!
    I had a thought, the leaves look like a hand, then wondered if a filigraphy stamp of a hand might be a nice design. You could use it to hold letters or even wee folk!
    Just having a mad crafty moment!

  22. Love this Barbara, I don't have these stamps, but they look like they are very useful. This artwork is gorgeous, it's great when what you have in your head works out on paper.
    Hope you get something sorted at the docs about your neck. Xx
    Amanda xx

  23. I am always so amazed at how you create something so unexpected and beautiful. I love that you are using some of the stamps from yesterday. Outstanding! Awesome! Magical for sure!

  24. Hello Barb, stunning and magical, love the leave stamps. Another addition to the wish list. Please take care, and hope the Doctors visit goes ok, and hope Dave is feeling loads better too. Bx

  25. I've just found your blog Barbara and I'm really enjoying reading it and remembering my time with you and your team in Sedgefield for one of your first workshops. A great day of learning.
    I love those leaf stamps, they look very versatile.
    Just one little niggle tho' it's the southerners who say 'norf' not us although as the population moves around I'm noticing it up here (much to my annoyance).
    Keep up the good work with the stamps and get some Reiki on your neck.

  26. Love this Barbara, had a withdrawal when your first Sunday missed for the second month so I got out a DVD I'd bought from Ebay for a modest sum … your guide to transparent stamping pt 1….. sat myself down and learned some interesting stuff… THANK YOU … will be there when you do your bit on Hochanda!

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