When Wee Folk meet Grid Technique…

When Wee Folk meet Grid Technique…

Late again.What a scramble!!
This has got to change !!
And as for this piece of artwork, well
It started out all promising and lovely, 
but halfway through I made a boo boo….
Read on.
Stamp the Abstract Stamp onto a piece of A5 Theuva Card.
Black Archival always gives you the best crispest image.

Now start separating, isolating areas of the grid with Post-its.
I decided to go with the Wee Folk.

While the Post-Its are still in place, 
add some Tumbled Glass with a make-up sponge.
It being Blue Blog Thursday and all that.

So far so good!

Couple on the bench next.


Time to tackle the area with the magnifying glass.
Cat from the Birdhouse Kit.
Grasses from the Birdhouse Kit.
Lunch from the Birdhouse kit.

The small moon mask fits.
Just when I was beginning to wish I hadn’t picked such a complex project for tonight….

Flowers top left.

But here’s where it went Pete Tong…
It was all going swimmingly too.
Note to self:
Not quite what I had in mind;
so much for my glass pyramid!
But actually, if you squint at him and tell yourself he is standing in front of a corner, then the whole thing inverts.
Well, it does in my head.
Quite surreal actually…

Carries on undeterred….

Fill the areas one at a time. 
Actually, the busier you make the areas, 
the more you fill them, the better.
Small silhouette stamps are ideal. 

Decided to liven it up a little with my colouring pencils.
Out with the Spectrum Noirs.
Yellow on blue yields green.
Or in this case kaki green.

If you wanted you could add loads more to this.
zentangle and all sorts.
But for one, it’s 21.00hrs
For 2, less is more, 
and For 3, my neck is blimming killing me 
bending over this artwork for so long!
Enough I say!!!

It will do.
You get the picture. 

Maybe I’ll add a little Micron Penwork tomorrow.
We shall see….
But the thing about these abstract grid stamps is they are brilliant for absolutely 
ANY fill.
ANY occasion.
ANY person.
Love and hugs,

52 thoughts on “When Wee Folk meet Grid Technique…

  1. Oooooo I'm sitting smugly knowing mine are in the post (how about you Sheila?) Love what you have done in the sections. I think the effect of using just a bit of a stamp is something I will play with a bit more. Did you notice Harry Potter made an appearance on your blog tonight? Look at the last picture with the post it notes! Made me laugh when I saw him flying in!! Great work. XX

    1. Oh well spotted Donna. I had to go back for another look. Perhaps Barbara was hoping he would magically put her mistake right. Actually I think it all looks lovely. x

    2. Donna I spotted him too and had a little chuckle, also like the boy grabbing the light saba in the middle of the artwork ( bit convoluted but once you see it that's all you see!).
      Oh Sheila …… I will say no more 🙂 xxx

  2. Wow Barbara stunning never know you had made any mistakes till you told us .
    I'm Sheila and can feel a purchase coming on CCA ouch falling of the wagon again
    I couldn't sleep last night as was in too much pain so out came my groovi I did the wonderful Christmas tree has anyone notice the lovely heart in the tree and the smiley face I went to bed feeling so much better big hugs xxx

    1. Glad you went to bed smiling in the end, hope you haven't had too much pain today. I think we will have to fit some springs on so we can just bounce back onto the wagon without anyone noticing! Xx

    2. Had to bear the pain today as wanted to Finnish my granddaughters card as she got her results today and I wanted ready for when I see her I'm so proud of her xxx

  3. Hi Barb,
    Who cares about the boo boos – I think it's great! I wasn't too keen on the stamps when I saw them the other day, but after this, I think I might just have to get them, I could see the man standing in front of a corner too. Hope your neck feels better in the morning and that you get a good nights sleep. Love Alison xxx

  4. Lovely artwork, so clever. Barb, you are putting pressure on yourself again, I'm sure everyone would understand if you had a break from blogging. I know you haven't missed a day so far, which just shows your dedication and commitment and is very commendable considering everything else you are busy with. Wendyx

  5. Do you know I have looked and looked and I can't see a boo boo, looks lovely to me. Really like these stamps, think they will find their way into my basket come pay day next week. Like the simplicity of colour scheme. Have a good rest. Karen

  6. Well I could not see your boo boo. spectacular piece as ever. I have been "snipping" parchment. Dog chewed and not even fit for the bin. Off to bed for an early start and a busy day at the MOJ.
    Celebrating our 46th Wedding Anniversay on Sunday but starting the celbrations tomorrow night! whoppee – heavy weekend.
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading) Hope I recover for Monday!

  7. Yes – I see Harry Potter – the eyes are still working – just.
    Well, well, there are some crafty, crafters out there. See what you see -some of us are not that clever. Congratulations to the blogger of Harry. Some of us just see Court files coming out of their ears and eyes!
    Anne (Reading)

  8. Hi Barbara, Unless you'd said I would never have really noticed that this wasn't just how you intended it to be. When I do this sort of thing (which is often) I always remember what you said 'don't go over it, get over it' and it usually turns out alright in the end in some way or another.
    Have a good night (what's left of it) and hugs to you and Dave.xxxx

  9. Barbara, what an amazing creation. Just love the way you did this. You are so very talented and am so glad I found your blog and Clarity. Need to get a supplier in Canada so I don't have to order from the UK all the time. My list keeps growing and growing. Hope you have a good night.

  10. What a gorgeous piece of work Barbara and that lovely dark shading is perfect, not a mistake just a happy accident, and all the lovely scenes just fantastic. Sorry your neck is playing you up, hopefully after a good night's sleep it will be better. x

  11. Hi Barbara
    Oh this is great, love the little pictures that start off on there own but seem to mindless. There was me thinking top left corner for folk on the bench but no of course they had to go at the bottom so they didn't have to climb the stairs! Logical all the way. Oh I can see the corner too but then I also see a man launching a kite into the air! Mad I know but that comes from being at the kite end rather than the string end when I was a child!
    I hope your neck is better tomorrow, sounds like you are overdoing it again!
    Night night sleep tight
    Love Diane xxx

  12. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    ich bin begeistert von dem Kunstwerk. Die vielen Szenen gefallen mir sehr gut. Man kann seiner Phantasie total freien Lauf lassen. Unglaublich schön ist auch die Coloration. Ich bewundere es wie toll du immer diese zarten Schattierungen schaffst. Wieder ein Meisterwerk von dir. Ich wünsche deinem Hals gute Besserung. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  13. Well Barbara if that's your version of a boo boo you should see some of mine! LOL. I actually thought it made it look 3D!
    You need to know that you don't have to do a step by step blog all the time we love what ever you bring to us, words, wisdom, art , random stuff…makes no odds to us xxx

    Much love

    Kim x

  14. Can't wait for my stamps to arrive. Think this would make a fab retirement card, I am thinking vintage car, mini fob watch, gentleman (sorry but I can't think what this mini set is called). Hope you had a good nights sleep, and wake up refreshed and ready to face another day xx

  15. Hello Barb, what a superb and inspiring piece of art. Love the colours and as for what you call a boo boo, well if mine were anything like that, there would be less paper and card in recycling! I can't wait for my stamps to arrive, so that I can try something similar. Hope that you got a good nights sleep and that your neck pain has eased up. Take care. Bx

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