It’s Official. Big News for Clarity. We are moving on.

It’s Official. Big News for Clarity. We are moving on.

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Friday’s blog a private peek, right?
I want to share some really massive news with you before you hear it anywhere else.
I value your friendship and I want you to hear it from me before the rumour mill kicks in.
Any one of you who reads my daily blog will know that a change has been on the cards for a while.
I won’t go into the whys and wherefores; it serves no purpose.
All I need to know is that when Dave hit the deck 5 weeks ago, 
that scare finally tipped the scale.
We’re not getting any younger and there’s so much still to do!
So we are changing how we do it, 
and we’re changing who we do it with.
Dave is on the up. Still inconclusive as to what went wrong, 
but after weeks of tests, they say it’s nothing sinister, 
which is great. 
Sitting comfortably?

The new TV Channel HOCHANDA, 
Home of Crafts, Hobby and Art
has invited Clarity to join them. 
They have offered me a Classroom environment 
– a really brilliant one.
So we will be able to have proper interactive craft lessons!
And a Groovi Show, where we can get into our mindful zone.
This is something that we have wanted to explore for a long time, and these guys are as excited about it as we are.
Other members of the Clarity Crew will be able to help present the shows too, which will take the heat off me.
And my neck!!!!
Next Thursday, at 12 noon, I hope you can join us 
for the launch of the new TV channel.
Yes. I said Launch.
In for a penny, in for a pound.
To Thine own Self Be True.

Love and hugs,

You can tune in as follows:
Sky 663   Freeview 39   FreeSat 822

236 thoughts on “It’s Official. Big News for Clarity. We are moving on.

  1. Well done Barbara, so pleased to hear Dave is on the up and that everything is now going in the right direction !! Good luck with the launch next Thursday unfortunately I will be at work so unable to watch 🙁 Also do you know if there are repeats of the show or anyway to catch up please ?

  2. Thank goodness for Freeview. I will be there watching and hopefully recording. It all sounds very exciting and just what was needed, both for Clarity and for the craft scene in general. It is never healthy when one company has a total monopoly – they get too powerful and demanding. This can only be positive for everyone, with one proviso – take care of yourself and Dave. That is the most important thing of all. Where do you have to go to do the shows? Less travelling would be good for you too. Can't wait to see how things develop. Hochanda are certainly showing good taste in starting with the best. xxx Maggie

  3. I know lots of people will be watching … I've put it in my diary.

    Wishing you the best of luck with this new venture and please wish Dave the speediest of recoveries too


  4. Blooming brilliant news!!!! I will be at work though but will record it 100%!!!!

    As one door closes a new one opens – life is full of different paths to take – this is a bold one – go forth and prosper my friend

    Much much much love
    Kim xx

  5. That's so exciting! Well done you, for having the courage to forge your own way through life! You're a real inspiration to so many of us. I love the way you speak your mind, and tell it like it is. I look forward to Thursday with excitement!! Much love xx

  6. Fabulous news! Good luck with the new venture and thank you for taking us with you! So pleased Dave is on the mend and they found nothing sinister, a huge relief for you both. Looking forward to next Thursday! 😀

  7. Absolutely brilliant news Barb. So pleased for you. It's funny isn't it how something as bad as Dave's "incident" can bring about such a life changing light bulb moment. I am going downstairs right now to set my Sky box cos I don't want to miss any of it! Can't wait for the new Classroom either – way to go. #Clarityrocks!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. So glad you are not doing it alone and really excited to have the classroom back. Just don't let it take over. So glad nothing sinister has been found in Dave's results but you still need to be gentle on yourselves.

    I've have now stopped chemo but only because I'm not tolerating it well and now my nails are falling off!!! But I've had the minimum I need and so should have got all the benefits it can give me. Hopefully I'll be able to start getting my life back now and in my case start to be able to do things again – I have the opposite problem to you 🙂

    Take care

    1. ah, dear Kelly. What a rough patch you are going through. That sounds gutty. Very gutty. I wish you a sunshine weekend and am sending love and hugs. Kelly, please email me your address xxx

  9. Great news for you, and my heartfelt congratulations.
    Not so great news for me though because I can't get it in my area {as with everything else, freeview is rubbish where I am ~ so much for when we went digital, whole other story there}
    Follow your dreams Barbara, and wishing you every success and happiness for the future, and that Dave continues to improve.
    Hugs and love, xoxo
    {sorry accidentally deleted my earlier comment!}

  10. WOW, Barbara…
    these are brilliant news and if HOCHANDA is successful you can say you are one of the midwives. And the best "The Classroom" is back!!!
    I wish you and HOCHANDA the most of luck.
    Could you give us a web address so I can watch on my PC?
    Rolf xxx

  11. I'm so pleased for you. I really missed your tutorials on create and craft. I'm really looking forward to seeing you again in the classroom. Wishing you every success 😆

  12. I'm so pleased for you. I really missed your tutorials on create and craft. I'm really looking forward to seeing you again in the classroom. Wishing you every success 😆

  13. Glad Dave recovering from his scare – he is such a lovely man .You have to do what is right for both of you. I hope I can watch – I will be away and no TV so hoping it is on line too Take care jx

  14. Congratulations Barbara. Glad to hear that Dave is on the mend. Looking forward to seeing you on the new channel. I'll be at work, but will be recording it. I assume this is instead of your C&C slot, otherwise you're going to be running yourself into the ground again. Take care of the both of you and Good Luck xx

  15. Wow, it was only a few days ago a friend told me all about HOCHANDA and now you will be launching it next week! I'm so excited about having the classroom shows back, I always learnt so much by watching you in action. Good luck in your new endeavour I know you will be brilliant! Xx

  16. This is great news, I really miss the classroom shows that you used to do. Having others help you do the shows, will hopefully give you the rest and more time to do things with Dave. I'm glad to hear that Dave health is improving and the tests showed nothing dark lurking. Take care, enjoy your day, the sun is shinning here. xxx

  17. Oh wow! I had been wondering and that is excellent news ! Good for you and your team and we will look forward to meeting other members of your team! The classroom lessons are just what I need and now I've given up work I'll be able to watch in the week instead of recording! Although I'll probably record anyway ……

    1. It wouldn't let me start a new paragraph! I was going to to say I'm glad to hear Dave is recovering and nothing sinister has shown up. perhaps it's stress and over work ! Everything crossed here that things will just get better and better x x

    2. Wahoooo. great news, I'll be there, congratulations, how great for you, glad you have arrived at a 'safe zone' with Dave and all the team. Hope it all goes well, as I'm sure it will do, chanel 39 programmed into favourites as we speak!!!

  18. So pleased Dave continues to improve. I so wish I could say the same for my husband but hey ho each day brings hope. Your new challenge sounds great, back to the classroom. I will definitely join you there. Does this mean you will no longer be on Create and Craft. Good luck with everything xx

  19. Absolutely marvellous news Barbara. I have nad enoih of Create & Craft and the way they treat their customers and their guest presenters. Will be at work so will be recording. Let's hope they treat you well. I only started attending Janet's Clarityeast workshop after seeing you on tv and always watched your Sunday shows but not many of the classrooms. Look forward to learning even more from you and would be wonderful to see the talented design team on screen too. Can you try and nab Dean Wilson please…

  20. Hello Barbara

    Firstly let me say how pleased I am that Dave is recovering and nothing sinister was found. Probably a wake-up call to tell you both to be careful!

    Secondly congratulations on being asked to join the new channel and I am so pleased it is on Freeview. I am looking forward to the start.


  21. So glad to hear Dave's health is continuing to improve. Think you've made the right decision & looking forward to seeing some of the team helping to present the shows. Also looking forward to the return of a Classroom. The best bit is I can watch the launch as it's still school holidays 🙂 Wishing you all the best xxx

  22. Great news. And I'm delighted to hear there is another crafting channel opening up as C&C do seem to have lost the plot recently. And now they've lost Barbara Gray. I loved the classroom series you did, Barbara. I learned so much and I knew I still had much more to learn so was very disappointed when it all stopped. I have no idea what Freeview is or where to get it but I'm off to find out and if it's humanly possible, I'll be watching you next Thursday at 12 noon! Glad to hear Dave is doing well. Good luck with your new venture. It sounds brilliant.

  23. Someone come and smack me on the back of the head! I've been watching Freeview for years! Just didn't realise that's what it was called. Oh, I need a cup of coffee. 🙂

  24. Phew – for one awful moment there I thought you were going to tell us that you had sold up and we're off to sunnier weather. Panic over, calm down and breathe…….
    Brilliant news instead. I loved the classroom you used to do as you always had another body there to set the pace and ask all the questions that we wanted to at home. I was also relieved to hear that there is nothing sinister going on with Dave – just heed the warning. Off now to set the video once I've stopped jumping up and down with excitement. Xxxx

  25. Ooh, congratulations, I just hope I can get the new channel, as I have minimal sky package. Phew, a bit of a worry there, so will check as soon as I get up (had surgery on Wednesday, so taking it easy). Glad Dave is OK, just take it carefully.

  26. Firstly and most important so so glad Dave is getting over his recent illness. That is wonderful because it also impacts on how you feel . We have had good news about my son-in-law as well. Secondly that is brilliant news about the new TV channel and you joining them, I am also so glad we can get it on Freeview. You needed to make some changes and this sounds wonderful, so I will definitely be watching Good Luck in your new venture. xx

  27. How exciting for you all and good that not all the pressure is on you all the time. Hoping it all goes really well and that you are relaxed enough to start training up the next 'generation'! Good to hear that Dave is in the clear, even though it is frustrating not to know what it was. Hopefully it will turn out to be a one off, maybe just a warning shot across the bows to start taking life at a slower, steadier pace. x

  28. So glad that Dave is on the mend, wishing you and all the Clarity Family the very best in your new adventures. Will of course be watching. xxx

  29. This is great news, time is precious. I lost my dear friend yesterday and am heartbroken. She was only 44 suffering from depression so bad no one could help her. So good on you , go with your heart…. I will be there with you! Hugs x

    1. So sad to hear about your friend Trudy. I too lost a great friend this April at only 54, so you have my sincere sympathies – it really does put life into perspective doesn't it? Take care, Susan x

    2. Yes, that's a nasty disease.
      Only 2 months ago an old school friend has taken his own life. She was 48 years old. My heart bleeds.
      She was always so quiet and withdrawn. She was a social worker by profession.

    3. So sorry, woke feeling sorry for myself this morning because of family problems. This has made me think. I won't waste the day worrying. Thinking of you and sending much love.

  30. Great to hear the Dave is on the mend as is Den (smiley face) For a terrible moment I thought I was not going to be able to view your new TV programme and had to wait till the end to see its on Freeview. Fantastic. I will tune in and record.

    You are such an inspiration to me and have found myself again with the help of your programmes, blog and love that you show everyone.

    Big hugs Pen x

  31. Hi Barb,
    Congratulations on your new venture. I was another one who panicked when I read the title, thought we were losing you completely , brilliant news about the new TV channel and the classroom too – I've missed it. I rarely watch C and C now as I don't like what they've done to various people.i only really watch when you are on and Sue Wilson but I believe that she's not doing anymore either. I'm hoping that this channel will be a great success and I will certainly be tuning in to see you. Great news to hear that there is nothing sinister going on with Dave, that must be reassuring for you both. I hope he continues to improve quickly. Love to you both, Alison xx

  32. So sorry to hear of Dave's illness, Barb and I wish you both continued good health. Good luck with the new venture, I hope it brings you all you hope for. Hugs, Diane xx

  33. Great news that Dave is on the up.
    Congratulations on your new venture it sounds amazing I'm so pleased you are going to be back in the classroom environment as I love that. It's great too that you won't be doing it alone and your neck will be greatful for that too. Looking forward to the launch
    Jackie x

  34. Great news I will be watching and recording, so glad it's going back to the teaching environment and will not involve presenters talking over you or cutting you off mid flow
    Good luck to you and the Clarity team – fun times ahead

  35. Another new chapter starts! Hope this new venture is a great success for you and Clarity. C&C have gone done down the nick a bit of late and I hardly ever watch. I will retune my freeview and watch your classroom show with relish. Glad its good news for Dave. x

  36. I never comment as I have very bad grammar and can't spell without spell checker, today I had to say I am so pleased your getting a chance to show off your and your team tallest, I am glad Dave is well, good luck I will be watching. Xxxxxx

  37. Glad you posted 'early' this morning, it fits in better with my daily rituals. And what good news on both counts. So glad Dave is on the up. I'll be with you on the new channel especially as there will be more learning available to view. And we'll get to see more of the team. I wish you all success in the new venture. x

  38. Fantastic news, I've signed up for their newsletter and looking forward to the launch. Very pleased to hear Dave is doing well too, exciting times xx

  39. FABULOUS news, Barb! About Dave & your new era! About time, too! You've really needed this change for some time now & it's good to know it'll make life less stressful for you (both). Soooo pleased it's on Freeview – I'll be at work (sigh…) but will definitely record it. Looking forward to it already…..yes, would be great if you could take Deano with you – you guys crack me up!
    Take good care, onwards & upwards, eh?

    loads of love, Liz M xxxxx

  40. Fantastic news Barbara, lose the grandchildren to full time school next week, so it will give me something to fill some of my spare time with. Glad to hear Dave is on the mend, it must have been quite a shock for you both. Looking forward to your new venture xx

  41. That's exciting news, loved it when you did the classroom stuff, can't wait and will definitely be tuning in. That's good news about Dave too, onwards and upwards. Much love Sam x

  42. That's exciting news, loved it when you did the classroom stuff, can't wait and will definitely be tuning in. That's good news about Dave too, onwards and upwards. Much love Sam x

  43. I am another one who had a panic attack reading your title! I am thrilled about your news, both on the home front with Dave and your business life.
    I went to set my Sky box to record only to discover that Channel 663 was JVP Products, and at 12pm there is a No! No! Hair Removal programme.
    I guess the RPG has not yet been revised.
    As a High Street retailer, I am so happy there is another crafting channel, hopefully without the 60 day exclusivity which is killing our business! Good on you Barbara, and Clarity.

    1. The listing on Freeview has not been revised yet, either. I hope they give us time to sort ourselves out in time to record. One benefit of trying to sort it out now is that I have finally found out how to get rid of the beastly subtitles that had landed on my Freeview. xx Maggie

  44. This is fantastic news Barbara, what I have been waiting and hoping to hear. Even better you are bringing the Clarity team in on this to spread the workload, spot on girl, it is called succession planning and essential if you want your business to grow and develop and carry on after you. In starting Clarity, it would be a crime if, when you want to take life easier (and you have earned that right, boy have you earned it), you did not have a team of people to pick up the banner and lead the charge. You have built a team around you to do this, as they have tried to show you over last few weeks. So glad you are looking after yourself and Dave too in taking on this new venture, I am proud of you. What is your (and by extension Clarity's) USP, Unique Selling Point, is that mixing a classroom, step by step approach with fantastic products creates a craft business that is able to diversify into different areas (Groovi, prime example). So working with a new vehicle/TV channel that shows this off is absolutely the right approach. I bet they were jumping for joy when they knew you were coming on board, what a coo for them, the Queen of Classroom TV. I am not the only one of your fans who has missed your monthly Classroom on Create and Craft TV, it is what first got me hooked on Clarity because this was the first time somebody explained and demoed to me, step by step, in my own home at my own speed, how to do fundamental art processes, composition, shading, grounding items, creating depth. These are all techniques I feel able to use in lots of different sorts of art and craft and revolutionary light bulb moments to me. I can't say how overjoyed I am to hear it is back. I am supposed to be working next Thursday, I might have to book holiday instead! Fab news, you've made my day. Karen xxx

    1. You must be pleased with this reaction. the blog is literally exploding!!!!!! Go girl, go, Barbara Gray does it again. I am so excited for you I think I am going to burst, better have a nice lie down somewhere and calm down. I have a smile on my face. Karen xxx

  45. Fantastic news do miss crafting along on the classroom and getting to see your team in action as well glad Dave is doing well just watch you both don't over do it will it be coming in Virgin as we have moved to them since our move 😒😪😥 but have free view excited love hugs Joy xxx

  46. Wow this is exciting news I wish you all the best with this new venture. It does sound very exciting. I am so pleased that Dave is on the mend. You two must do what is right for you. Another fantastic chapter is about to begin. Love and hugs. Jackie

  47. Brilliant news for all of us clarity enthusiasts. I do hope that this opportunity proves to be everything you want it to be. I think it's time you shared the load of doing tv shows and you have an excellent team who no doubt rise to this new challenge.


  48. Well done Barbara. This is so exciting for you all (and us too). Looking forward to the launch although I can almost hear my husband saying ' oh no, not another craft channel ' ha ha! X

  49. Fantastic news Barbara, can't wait til you start, you will be amazing and I'm glad your classroom will be back as well as Mindful Wednesdays too. Also it's great to hear that Dave is getting better and you are feeling calmer, happy days 🙂 xxxxxx

  50. Absolutely fabulous news! Fab that Dave is on the up, and fab about the new venture! So, so pleased that the new channel is on Freeview😄

    Love, hugs and very best wishes for your new venture xxx

  51. Brilliant news Barbara so happy for you and dave thank you for not leaving us so pleased were going with you. I wish you and the team good luck may all your dreams come true God bless June horrocks xxxxlove to Dave xxxxx

  52. Glad Dave is on the mend and that you are happy with the change in your schedule and life. Can you watch this channel through the internet??? watching from Qatar so no access to UK channels.

  53. Fabulous news! I've been waiting in great anticipation for this new channel to start and who would be on it. Meanwhile I've been watching the British Craft Network TV and with a bit of luck some of those will be on it too! Hugs to you both. Xx

  54. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    das sind fantastische Nachrichten. Die Freude von dir und dem Team kann ich sehr gut verstehen.
    Ich hoffe sehr das ich das Programm hier in Deutschland auch empfangen kann. Ich bin schon ganz gespannt. Ich wünsche einen guten Start und viel Erfolg. Hugs Silvi

  55. Hi Barbara fantastic news and the launch is on my birthday too, couldn't ask for better, I want to do more of the groovi's and stamps so will tune in all the time, fantastic news xxx hugs, June Smith xxx

  56. Whoop whoop whoop…. so excited and what a brilliant move. It sounds like I am never going to get my housework done when this new channel starts lol. But the best news of all is that you will be doing your classroom again. I can't wait…… Onwards and upwards Barb and Dave xxx

    PS did I say I was pleased whoop whoop whoop hooray!

    Luv Vxxx

  57. Fantastic news Barbara and there is definitely room for a new crafting channel and to be in from the beginning is wonderful and it will be great to see you back in a classroom situation as you are so good at this and so glad your team will be getting involved too because you don't want to overdo it! Wonderful that Dave's tests have had a positive outcome and am looking forward to next Thursday! x

  58. So, so pleased for you all that you are off on this new adventure! Best news is that Dave is on the up. It's great that the classroom will be back and can't wait!!! Love from me and Mike xxx

  59. So, so pleased for you all that you are off on this new adventure! Best news is that Dave is on the up. It's great that the classroom will be back and can't wait!!! Love from me and Mike xxx

  60. So so pleased for you, that you have found somewhere to showcase your amazing talent. I have been looking forward to this Channel for a while and am even more excited now. I wish you love and luck with your launch and big hugs. Xx

  61. Brilliant news. I used to love the Classroom shows. I go to the Clarity East workshops that Janet runs after seeing you on TV. I hope it works on Sky as the listing for next Thursday does not show the new channel name.

  62. Its great to hear Dave is on the mend; he had us all worried.
    Soooooooo excited about this; its wonderful news for team Clarity. I'm at work on Thursday, so will have to record the launch show. We're all with you. Xxx

  63. your amazing Barbara bringing our classroom classes back I've so missed them ,no wonder they asked you to launch our wonderful Barbara Gray and clarity team all there to help you delegate
    They always say things happen for a reason ,so pleased they have found nothing sinister and you can both enjoy been there for each other .
    I hope I will be able to record the show as don't want to miss out on your wonderful talent by the amount of clarity followers who have blog already you can tell how loved you are
    Big crafting hugs xxx

  64. Such fantastic news – both that Dave is feeling better, and that YOU and Clarity were asked to launch the new channel. I will try to retune my TV and record the programme, but that will be a challenge for me! Also, I'm so pleased that your team will be with you to help carry the load, and share their own talents and a different spin on your fantastic products. Congratulations, Susan x

  65. What good news, now I'm feeling better just and getting used to new life I so look forward to watching you and your team, GOOD LUCK, not that you will need it but it will be brilliant. Will you be giving us a programme of dates and times please, so we don't miss anything.

  66. Hi Barbara,
    have just read that they want to make a simultaneous translation in german starting at the 1st of september on this new channel…

  67. Things happen in life for a reason and these last few months have, I am sure, made the decision to take a change of direction easier. Very exciting for you both and a little scary, no doubt but that's what life is all about. Go for it!

  68. Brilliant news about Dave but you put the wind up me for a few minutes as I thought you were retiring and leaving us. Will look forward to the launch of the new programme even though I will have to record it. I have just had a cataract operation and I can actually see again without double vision etc so I am looking forward to being able to stamp and colour and do close work again

  69. Hi Barbara, this is fantastic news, I've been hoping you would jump ship to one of the new ones. Been itching to ask really but thought not the done thing on here in the normal world. Hopefully you can show them all how it's done and set a precedent. I was going to say hopefully you'll be on more often but then that creates so much more stress and hard work for you, which I don't want. I can be upfront now, Create and Craft have so gone downhill, I rarely watch, I never buy, and I used to watch the whole day. I just hope Freeview 39 is not regional so us in Scotland can get it too. Wow, best news I've heard in a while, not just for me but for you, Dave and all at Clarity. Best of luck, I'll be watching you launch the channel live if I can get the Freeview Channel. I do hope so, so I can record you shows for learning from them the way I need to. 🙂 Big celebratory hugs, love Brenda xx
    p.s. very sorry for failing and at the first day – coming on here every day. A recurring very not good situation coming from high up in my service, and handled the worst way possible by the only person I thought cared and was on my side, then refused to help and walked off abandoning me with everything. So I'll do my best to come every day but I'm so not going to be my usual self

    1. Oh Brenda what has happened? or is it too upsetting for you to blog on here it's not Nicola your surport worker ?
      Thinking of you xxx
      I too stopped watching c&c also after my first one years subscription and lots of hassle I didn't renew and only bought direct from seller .

    2. Sending you a big hug Brenda, you sound so down today. I hope you feel you can talk to us soon, we need you to keep Donna and Sheila on the straight and narrow. Love and hugs Diane xxx

  70. Great news, Barbara. I'm one of those who reads your blog regularly but rarely comment. This time I really felt I must add to the conversation. Not that I have anything different to add. So pleased with all your news. Good news about Dave and your move sounds just the right thing for your baby that is Clarity. Reading all these comments must reassure you that we are all behind you and thrilled to hear your news. Looking forward to Thursday, thank goodness it is still the summer holidays.

  71. Great news, Barbara. I'm one of those who reads your blog regularly but rarely comment. This time I really felt I must add to the conversation. Not that I have anything different to add. So pleased with all your news. Good news about Dave and your move sounds just the right thing for your baby that is Clarity. Reading all these comments must reassure you that we are all behind you and thrilled to hear your news. Looking forward to Thursday, thank goodness it is still the summer holidays.

  72. Congratulations , and the very best of luck in your new venture. Will your fans from the USA be able to follow you on this new channel?

  73. Brilliant news! I for one would love to see some competition for that other craft channel! I am sure we will see loads of brilliant stuff and new ideas. Good luck in your new venture to you Barbara and your fab team, I am working on Thursday but will tune in as soon as I can xx

  74. Wishing You all the very best for this new venture, my finger is poised to press record as I will be at work. Glad Dave is on the up and up, such a relief for you. loads of love – Gillian

  75. Brilliant news! I do hope it is streamed on computer as well, as can see that I will struggle to make IMindoors let me have charge of the remote! So pleased to hear that Dave is feeling better. xx

  76. What wonderful and amazing news! I am delighted and will be there on Thursday at noon, Channel 39. So glad Dave is still improving. Great days ahead for you both and for Clarity! Bring it on!!! Love Gill xxx

  77. So glad to hear Dave is on the mend, what a relief for you both. Congratulations on your 'move'. Like so many others my heart nearly stopped when I started to read today's blog as I feared you were selling up & leaving us. So glad you will be on Freeview but gutted I will be at work so must remember to set the recorder! Hoping the focus will be more on education than sell, sell, sell. Have missed the classrooms so much. Wishing you a lovely weekend & good luck with the launch xx

  78. What great news…wishing you all the very best in your next venture and I'm so pleased to hear that Dave is getting better every day xx

  79. Good News for you, Dave and many of us I think. Wishing you and your marvellous Clarity Team all the very best in in your new venture. Looking forward to your new Classroom adventures, along with Groovi sessions and other lovely things.

  80. Barbara really u need the comment button at top!!! had to go a long way down, Really that's very good news cannot wait ,think we all miss the classroom ,it was all i went on CC for really, just to watch !!!! Looking forward to it ,hope can find it on Free-sat when i put no in it didnt have that number xxx

  81. Good news all round Barbara, Glad Dave is now on the mend. Fabulous, glad to hear that you and the [Clarity Team ] are involved in the launch of the new channel. Good Luck, but then I am confident it will be a success because you are simply the best! Love to Dave and you, have a relaxing week-end

  82. Loved watching all your shows Barb. Will catch you on the new channel. I am a new Groovi fan. Good luck with your new venture. Lynn x

  83. Fantastic news and I must say I had a little inkling when I first read about the new channel. A bonus for all the Clarity followers that The Classroom is to return; the in-depth tutorials have been greatly missed. A brilliant idea to harness the Clarity team, too. Wishing you continued success in your new venture. Sadly, I shan't be able to watch the launch or indeed for a few weeks but look forward to viewing when I can. To this end, if there is a reference in some of your blogs, I'll be content. Sincere good wishes to you all. ;~}

  84. Hi Barb, fantastic news, I thought I had read it wrong when I first looked this morning but was on my way to bed so just re-read it, AND many of the reply blogs from others today. You must be so proud to have such an enormous following, the blogs speak volumes! We love you and your ethos of creativity, of business along with a great team, not least Dave, putting us first it seems to me. I know it will be a success cos you're at the helm for Clarity. We trust you and will always support you. Best of luck to all concerned. Big changes for sure but it's the right time to happen for you. You have been so patient over the years and plodded on in the early days but look what you have achieved, and will continue to do so I have no doubt. I am proud to use and recommend you products, and to have spent amazing creative times with you at retreats, open days and craft shows over the years and of course on the daily blog. Can't wait for the classroom to start again. Lots of Love, Go Clarity! Vanessa XX

  85. Loved watching all your shows Barb. Will catch you on the new channel. I am a new Groovi fan. Good luck with your new venture. Lynn x

  86. So pleased to hear Dave is on the mend – I wish him a speedy recovery! This is very exciting news! Positive change is a good thing! I am looking forward to seeing what there is in store, especially the classroom sessions.
    Good luck!!

  87. So glad that you will be back 'on the box' especially in a classroom format and have finally left Create and Craft. I can hardly wait for the new shows to begin. Thank goodness Dave is feeling so much better. Take special care both of you.X

  88. So pleased to hear that Dave is on the mend.Sometimes it takes a shock to make us reassess out priorities in life.
    That said your news is very exiting and I wish you, Dave and the Clarity team very best wishes in your new venture. So excited about the return of the classroom shows, I learnt so much from the previous shows. I will be watching next week.
    Best wishes and a big hug for Dave

  89. Amazing, wonderful, fantastic and so uplifting! You've made so many of us so v happy!! Thank you. May the Clarity Mindfulness take hold of the nation and free us all. It certainly helped me through my gastroscopy today!
    Thank you

  90. So pleased Dave has nothing sinister. Wish I could get my results! I am so pleased to hear of your new launch and disappointed as I will be at work. Maybe I could take a sicky, I don't think so. Good luck – you will be brilliant as ever and your team and with Mr Dave – I do love you all.
    I have a parchment teacher – been searching for months – maybe this time next year I will be able to perforate and prick and snip to my heart's content and give up my god awful job.
    Have a great weekend. Once again, I think I said yesterday, celebrating 46 years of happy marriage – not a cross word – ha ha – only a few and three lovely offspring to show for it.
    Best wishes, love and hugs till we meet again someday, someplace, somehow!
    Anne (Reading) See if I can persuade him to move to Kent and I can come and sweep your floors! – it would be ACEx

    1. Barbara Gray21 August 2015 at 22:43
      Happy anniversary dear Anne! Xxxx your lavender gift sits in the hallway. I think of you every time I go upstairs or come downstairs! Which is often xxx


  91. Had to have another go!! Glad to hear that Dave is ok now. So pleased that the classroom will be back: I learn so much from watching and listening to you, Barbara. After enjoying Paul's project on your blog, it will be lovely to see some more of your wonderful team in action! (Really looking forward to seeing them, and you of course, in North Yorkshire.) Best of luck to you all xx

  92. So glad to hear that Dave is feeling better. Good luck for the launch on Thursday. I can't wait to see what the new channel is like. It will be nice to have another craft channel to watch but I will miss you and Dean together 🙁
    hugs Gayle x

  93. Hi Barbara
    What wonderful news. I think this will be the best thing you could do. I can't wait for the new TV channel to go on air. I am so excited for you and Clarity. X Chris

  94. Really pleased that you are putting you and Dave first. Sometimes it takes a wake up call to make us stop and take notice of how busy and demanding our lives have become. So glad you have taken notice, stopped and considered what is right for you and those close to you

    Great news about you swapping channels – that's my two favourite companies there now (Clarity along with IndigoBlu) – wonder who else will be joining you?

    I'll take my tablet to work next week to see if I can watch the launch online at lunchtime – good luck, I hope all goes well for the launch show and so much more too

    Take care

  95. WOW!! I wasn't expecting that!! I guess this means that I will be able to see you live again! I always had to record your Sunday morning shows, so I hope to see you next week! How exciting for you and the Clarity team, Barbara! Good luck! Jo xx

  96. I am so pleased that you and Dave are on the up. I think this is a great move, really looking forward to this. Wishing you and the new channel great success. X

  97. Fantastic news Barbara. Great that Dave is on the mend and that it is nothing too serious.

    I preferred your classroom sessions, I learnt so much from you, such a shame C&C stopped them. Oh well C&C loss is HOCHANDA's gain. I will certainly be recording the programmes. Can't wait.

    Good luck for your first show. xx

  98. Fantastic news Barbara. Great that Dave is on the mend and that it is nothing too serious.

    I preferred your classroom sessions, I learnt so much from you, such a shame C&C stopped them. Oh well C&C loss is HOCHANDA's gain. I will certainly be recording the programmes. Can't wait.

    Good luck for your first show. xx

  99. Congratulations on a new adventure. I have to agree with most of the comments made, and wish you and all the others luck. Nabbing big names is a big coup, and it really interesting to see how this differs from C&C, as the originators are starting this new venture. I certainly will be watching, and look forward to the classroom coming back…yippee! Relax, breathe and enjoy the fruits of your hard labour, and hoping both Dave and yourself remain happy and well. Xx

  100. Congratulations on a new adventure. I have to agree with most of the comments made, and wish you and all the others luck. Nabbing big names is a big coup, and it really interesting to see how this differs from C&C, as the originators are starting this new venture. I certainly will be watching, and look forward to the classroom coming back…yippee! Relax, breathe and enjoy the fruits of your hard labour, and hoping both Dave and yourself remain happy and well. Xx

  101. Firstly I would like to thank everyone for the lovely comments ! Events of the last few weeks have certainly made us look at what we were doing, and how we were doing it, It's a wake-up call… Barbara has been brilliant, as have all those who helped through this…amazing ! So thanks again.
    But now it's "Onwards and Upwards with Vigour", albeit at a more sensible pace …These are Exciting times…..xx

  102. Hi Barbara
    Wow so many lovely comments today and no wonder after your exciting news! Glad to hear Dave is making good progress and nothing sinister has been found. This sounds like a perfect move for you, back to basics and the chance to share the load and presumably giving you your weekends off again. Must go and check this Chanel out. Can I just say thank you for breaking the news to us on the blog, so good to hear it from you first rather than hearing a rumour and having to trawl the internet for information. Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy the sunshine. Love and hugs Diane xxx

  103. To thy own self be true is my motto. It's so lovely to hear your excitement I hope the channel will come on Virgin soon. XXXX I want to watch but don't get free view 🙁 xxxx

  104. Hi Barbara, fantastic news, firstly that Dave is on the mend. Then the great news you are going to be on our screens on this new channel, I am so happy for you and for us crafters, you are so inspiring and a very informative crafter. That's all really other than to say I wish you luck on your new crafty journey which I shall be following you, Lots of love to you both and take care Alison xx

  105. wow! Barbara my heart skipped a beat when I read the heading, I thought maybe after recent events you had decided to retire. Glad Dave is well on the way to recovery. Good luck with your new venture. I shall re-tune the telly in the morning to make sure I don't miss your program,
    Do you think the new channel will ask Sue Wilson too, and of course Dean, you Sue and Dean are my three favourites. Looking forward to Thursday,

  106. Firstly I am so pleased that Dave is on the mend, he sure was in all of our thoughts, and what fantastic news about the new channel it is so exciting to have the classroom lessons back again as I really enjoyed those and learnt so much, I will will certainly be watching your launch although I will have to record it but then I would have done anyway 🙂 Really really pleased for you and the rest of the team xxx

  107. Hi Barbara, glad to hear Dave is on the mend. It must be such a relief for both of you. Congratulations on this wonderful news. I live in Canada and have watched C&C. Looking forward to this new show and the classroom idea sounds wonderful. It looks like I will be able to get the shows on line as have already signed up for their newsletter to let me know what is going on. Reading your blog daily is something I so look forward to. You always give such inspiration and clarity of mind. Your you tube videos are great. You have such a lovely way to teach and are so entertaining as well. Good luck with this new adventure.

  108. Barbara this is just fantastic news, typing this with one finger as had a small operation on my hand, but couldnt let this go by without wishing you every success and happiness in your new venture, so nice to have proper crafting back on tv with the best teacher ever. I attended one of your workshops a couple of years ago and it was fantastic both yourself and the lovely Maria made sure we all had a lovely time, how lucky are we all for you and your talented team to be able to bring this same experience into our own homes. Thank you. xxx Wishing Dave good health so glad hes on the mend xxx

  109. Hi Barbara Just wanted to say good luck in your new venture and hope Dave goes on ok.Hope there will be more demo's on the new channel as have got really fed up with all the hard sell on c&c and not enough demo's haven't watched it very much in the last 12 months only Sunday mornings once a month if you know what I mean Haven't done ant crafting since my husband passed away in January so watching this new channel will hopefully give me the inspiration to get back in my craftroom Once again wishing you the best in this new venture.xx

    1. Here's hoping you do get back into your craft room, it amazing how calming it is to immerse yourself in creativity. It has been my source of sanity in times of trouble and sorrow. Even when thinking I can't possibly create anything, just doing a few simple things, stamping an image and colouring it in, kick starts my creativity and soothes me. Hardest bit is walking in there and sitting down. Good luck. Karen

  110. Hello Barbara,
    That is fantastic news, I'm really glad Dave is on the mend and hope that this was just a scare and nothing will repeat. I'm glad that you're returning to your classrooms, they are amazing! Now all I have to do is bug Virgin to air the channel lol. Well done, thank you and remember you need time for you too!!!

  111. Great news. Glad you will still be on freeview as that's all we have (phew!)
    I can appreciate how tough a decision this must have been. My hubby had snap unexplained illness too. Had ALL the tests. Each time they found nothing. Sometimes it happens. But it gives us the kick we need to make some changes. Good luck on Thursday. I shall be back at the hospital seeing maxfax surgeons so will hopefully record your show.
    Best wishes,

  112. I would like to congratulate you on your achievements you deserve all that comes you way as you are one of life's teachers and I for one have learnt so much from you. I remember the first time I saw you on C&C and I have been a fan since those early days.
    I will try to remember to tune in on your new show but these days I'm a little forgetful!!
    Thank you for being you, a very special lady
    Love ~ Lady Anne xxx

  113. Hi Barbara, really pleased Dave is on the mend – excellent news… I thought it was a little odd that C & C wasn't showing on your website on the events section – this explains it… Well I will have to record the show as I shall be working, but so looking forward to seeing the "in the classroom" type session, I did enjoy them…. so onwards and upwards – change can be really good and I am sure it will be a success, plus you will get lots of help… that can't be bad…
    Well so looking forward to Thursday evening now (not wishing my life away!!). Wishing you all lots of luck with the debut show… xxxx

  114. OMG! I can't wait Barbara. I'll have to record the shows as I'll be at work though. Have already told my other half that these recording will be keepers, so we'll need an extra storage device!

    I'm so glad that Dave is on the mend too. I've met him a few times at the Glasgow craft shows and we discussed the merits of having craft sheds and rooms above garages – and making room for other important things like collections of guitars because you can never have too many! What a lovely man you have! Music and crafty mindfulness (not the sinister kind!) – best prescription ever!

    Hugs to you both.

    Jane 🙂

  115. Hello Barbara. Thank you for deciding that we need to see more of you on tv and that this is going to be the right place. I have a good feeling about this. We need competition in life and new crafting channels will provide this. I've just been in Edinburgh for a very exciting birthday week and it was an extra present to hear that you'll be teaching again. Lovely. Hope you've been able to enjoy the sunshine today. xx Margaret Col.

  116. Wow Barbara , just got back from a weeks holiday to hear your news!
    This will be great ….I always enjoyed your classroom sessions so much.
    Hope you and Hochanda go great guns!
    Also and more importantly glad you and Dave are putting your health first .
    Hope we can get this on Virgin free view or online!!!

  117. I agree with all the comment made by everyone else. Hope everything goes smoothly and that Dave is soon back to full health. Best wishes to you all, I'll have my recorder set for the new channel.

  118. Fabulous news. I was getting really fed up with the increasing 'exclusivity' of C&C – thank you for never going down that route. Can't wait for Thursday – must change the favourites on my SkyHD box so that I won't miss anything. Ich kann Donnerstag kaum erwarten – ich freu' mich schon d'rauf!

  119. Hi Barbara. What fantastic news. This new channel sounds like it is going to be great both for you and the other crafter's and for us viewers. I can' t wait to see you on Thursday at noon. It certainly sounds like it is going to be a much better place for you, Dave and the rest of the Clarity team.
    I am so pleased to hear that Dave is on the up and that nothing sinister was found. I can only imagine the relief you all must be feeling after getting that news : ) Please pass on my very best wishes to Dave. Take care xx

  120. Hello Barbara,

    This really isn't my thing, commenting on blogs etc, as never really have anything interesting to say, but…

    I just had to let you know how thrilled I was to hear of Dave's improving health and your channel swap. C&C has become very samey (if that is a proper word) from the very little I get to see of it these days.

    After nine years, my husband and I were blessed with the arrival of our long awaited twins, William and Charlotte, in November last year. Life has become chaotic, but such great fun since their entrance into our world. However I always managed to persuade my husband that it was a really good idea that he had a lie-in with the babes on a Sunday morning, as I made a date with you and a coffee downstairs.

    It will be so refreshing to see you and some of those other "disappeared" crafters back on the screen and lovely to see the classroom back up and running.

    I don't get to craft these days; my crafty space has been taken over by two cots and a changing table, but I will be watching you as always and recording for future inspiration.

    I do hope that the changes you have and are making will give you some peace and respite to regain control and health and that the new channel will be a success.

    I will be back to following your blog on a daily basis, for my own piece of serenity in a world of joyful (most of the time) chaos.

    Much love,

    Jo x

  121. Congrats, Barbara & Dave — enjoy this new adventure! Please keep bringing your wonderful creative spirit and hilarious, lively introspectives to all of us — and don't forget about us on the other side of the pond! Best to everyone at Clarity (I guess that name takes on a new shade about now, eh?) —

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