Mindful Wednesday – Generosity of Spirit

Mindful Wednesday – Generosity of Spirit

Hello there!
Thanks for popping in!
Spent a fab day today with yet another lovely group of crafty folks.
I know most of them, so it’s a very comfortable place for me, too.
And many of them are also blog-friends,
so it’s great to hook up in the flesh, as it were!!!
Lynne Bishop turned up with the most fabulous cake this morning!
Check out the brayer and the Jo’s Bubbles stencil!!
See the Pale Blue paint leaking?

And the Black Archival and the Buff Titanium paint.
Blimming brilliant.

Here’s the lady herself.
Or should I say Cake-Baker Supreme?

Many thanks Lynne.
Deeeeelish, they all exclaimed!

I was thinking about what to blog about today, 
it being Mindful Wednesday.
And as usual, the idea wrapped itself around me 
and become crystal clear by the end of play.
There is something about giving 
which goes far deeper than the gift.
I have been showered with gifts the last few weeks at the retreats.
It’s not my birthday, but nonetheless…
What blows me away is that people were actually thinking about me before they arrived. 
Imagine that.
They thought about me and decided to put a smile on my face. 
Imagine that.
They thought about what would put a smile on my face and then proceeded to put that thought into action.
Imagine that.
And THAT is amazing.
Beautiful handmade cards,
gifts of lavender,
handmade preserves,
brilliant cake,
fantastic original framed parchment art, 
Just look at this mountain of kindness and generosity!
Even 2 superb personalised coasters for our bedsides.
How did you know Moya? !!
Cookies, chocolates…. unbelievable.

Generosity and Kindness.
They go hand in hand.
They make the world a sweeter, better place. 
Last week I actually said in the Wednesday blog that
The Highest form of Wisdom is Kindness.
We have all heard it said that it is better to give than receive, 
and I certainly enjoy giving immensely.
I don’t know about you, but I am much more comfortable 
giving than receiving. It’s in my DNA.
Mum, Dad, Steve, my Nan, Aunty Esther, Aunty Evelyn.
It’s the way we’re built and I’ve never been any different.
You see, all the time I am focussed on somebody else, 
I’m not thinking about me, myself or I.
But when I stop to accept gifts graciously,
and when I ponder them, 
I also realise that to receive feels good at a deep level, too. 
It’s the thought and time that people spend,  
putting a smile on my face which is so humbling.
And I am very grateful for that!
Of course I appreciate greatly the gifts themselves!
They are delightful and beautiful!
But what touches me and fills me with gratitude
is the time and thought people have given me. 
Every sunrise is an opportunity for us to brighten someone’s day.
My days have been brighter than usual !
Love and Hugs,

43 thoughts on “Mindful Wednesday – Generosity of Spirit

  1. How very very lovely, I know Lynnes cakes first hand and yummy!! and how clever too! All the other gifts are just wonderful….its very heart warming to feel the love of good people

    much love as ever


  2. Your daily blogs are so uplifting. I spotted my fabulous teacher Janet Pring there, hope she enjoyed the cake. I love attending the Clarity East workshops and I have learnt so much from you both. Long may it continue x

  3. Oh what a lucky ducky you are . I became a nurse because it was so good to give to others and it surely does take your mind off of yourself. Say hello from America , wish I was there .
    Just submitted the most fun card and so out of my comfort zone . I felt like a real artist , thanks to you and all those inspiring people out there . Love you all . Joy now jan

  4. Thank you so much for a couple of fabulous days of friendship, wisdom and inspiration. Thanks to of course to Paul for his help and understanding and to Jane for her time in making all of us such lovely lunches and endless teas and coffees. Such fun! Cannot believe it is over for another year, can't wait till next year! In the meantime so much to do on canvas, grooving plate not forgetting of course the gelli, brayering and stamping! Hope Dave is continuing to feel better. Xxx

  5. Such a gorgeous cake , I am so pleased that you are having a lovely day and week. Sometimes it is the little ( or even big…..looking at the cake ) gestures that mean so much…just a kind word, someone giving up some time….a bird singing in the garden…..a friendly smile….a hug….
    Have a lovely evening hugs to you and Dave…x x

  6. So pleased you received all those gifts – and smelly ones too! You deserve everyone of them. You have given me inspiration, encouragement and the very will to go on.
    Big thank you. Enjoy the rest of your week. Mine is just starting with MOJ – must get my mojo working! Roll on Sunday and peace of the allotment and grooving in the bedroom – sorry spare craft/bedroom.
    Love Anne (Reading)

  7. Hello Barbara

    Have just gone online and read you have a spare place this Friday and Saturday. I expect it has gone by now.

    It is lovely that you realise how much you are loved and how much you inspire people. You deserve it. Let us hope you do not have to wait too much longer for Dave's test results.


  8. Hi Barbara
    What a fabulous cake Lynda you are a star, thank you for sharing it with us Barbara ( although only virtually – but just think ladies and gents – no calories!) . Barbara you are such a lovely person and so generous with your time you deserve all the kindness and gifts. I do hope Dave is behaving himself and resting – is he allowed to play guitar? That is surely allowed as it's calming not stressful. Take care and enjoy the rest of the retreats.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Diane, thank you for lovely comments. I am doing as I am told, pretty much anyway , and yes I do play guitar , it certainly helps! Concentration and focus are still a bit of an issue ,but there again , my school teachers used to say that ! Missing the Retreats myself, there is always such a creative buzz around them… Barbara, with Paul and Jayne are brilliant and I for one am grateful to them …..x

  9. Good evening. What a lovely blog message to take the time to reflect on the thoughtful cards and gifts you were given. You give so much to lots of people, like me, through your inspirational tutorials and friendly banter i'm not surprised you are showered in good wishes

  10. Ahhh Barbara I totally agree Mum's(Lynne) cakes are deelish! This is why I send my daughter to visit her Nan on her way home from school every Friday so I get a delivery of cake for the weekend!! (like my thinking there!) So glad you are receiving so much generosity from everyone as I know how much pleasure Mum(Lynne) gets from your open day and workshops and we love visiting you at the NEC every hobbycrafts show.
    Love Yvonne (chief cake taster!)

  11. Know exactly what you mean about finding it easier to give than receive but realised that I needed to work on graciously receiving, something that does not come naturally. Guess it comes from not feeling worthy of all that love but also came to see by not being able to receive that love I was unintentionally hurting the person trying to show me that they care. So I'm learning, biting back the "oh it was nothing" and just saying thank you instead. We are so much our own worst critics, it helps us to strive to do better but can make us endlessly dissatisfied. So today on mindful Wednesday let's celebrate us, let's say we are all at heart a great bunch of fellow souls, enjoying each other's company and thoughts and helping each other through our ups and downs. Hurrah for us and ain't it grand we can say thank you for this blog and this place of meeting like minded souls. Karen

    1. I love mindful Wednesdays, have to read all the comments especially on a Wednesday, All this positive energy, the irritation of day to day drifts away and I go to sleep on a tide of mindfulness. Night night all and thank you for your lovely gift of thoughts and generosity, I feel bathed and blessed amongst friends

  12. Hello Barbara a stunning cake and surrounded by such wonderful people and all the gifts they bring you & dave you give so much of yourself to us your clarity followers you deserve such beautiful friends .sending lots of crafting hugs xxx

  13. Hi Barb,
    What a fabulous cake – well done to Lynne.
    Wow! What a load of lovely pressies. Just goes to show how much you mean to so many people. I agree that it is lovely for you to receive for a change after everything that you give to us all. Pleased that you are having such a good time with friends at the retreats, it will do you good.
    Love nod hugs to all, Alison xxx

  14. Amazing… I saw the generosity first hand at Maria's class last weekend… I am so very greatful to be part of an amazing bunch of people who just flow with love, kindness and generosity. Xxxx

  15. Fantastic cake. You are a special person Barbara, you give so much to so many and we all appreciate it. Enjoy the rest of the retreats can't wait to book again for next year. J X

  16. I’m not too good at receiving gifts, I prefer to give. Yet I feel very humbled when I am a recipient, it is then I realise that I don’t put much value on myself. I try to correct that aspect of myself but fail miserably. The nicest gifts are those that take you by surprise, and when you are at your lowest. A few years ago I was going through a very stressful time, my mum was lurching from one crisis to the next in hospital. I was trying my best to hold down my job, visit mum etc… then one night I came home, tired and tearful to find a bunch of flowers on the kitchen table. My lovely neighbour, who had a spare key, had sneaked in and left me the flowers with a beautiful message. Little did I know then that I would never get to say goodbye to that wonderful neighbour who was taken far too early. Yet I’ve never forgotten her kindness during that terrible time. I try to give thanks for each day, no matter how miserable it may have been there has usually been one act of kindness, never more so than just after my mother died. Perhaps that sorrow was written on my face, but strangers gave me gifts, not in the usual sense, but with a kind look, a gesture, a soft and gentle word… I try my best to do the same for others, it may be just a smile, or a good morning, but every gift counts.

  17. That's the thing – when you get a gift you know that the person has thought of you while making/buying the gift and that means as much as receiving the gift itself. I'm also a better giver than a receiver. The other good thing is that you think of them when you use the gift . Glad you are having a good week Barbara. We've had a day at the races and I've just come home to catch up on Bake Off ! I think Lynne should be a contender ! Made me smile to see buff titanium (whoops I typed the tits word then!!). Buff Titanium always makes me smile ! 😸😸😹

  18. So glad you liked your cake Barbara, it was a pleasure to make it for you as I and many others gain so much from your talent which you share so freely. I have so enjoyed today and am definitely hooked now. My mum always used to say to me she preferred to give than receive, as a youngster I could not understand that really, but I certainly do now. I love to give a gift and sometimes it is just my time or as I noticed my daughter has said earlier some baking. Enjoy your gifts and cards and I hope Dave will soon be well on the mend. xx

    1. Thanks Karen. It was an amazing two days, all went far too quickly. We did have a good time, as you say good company. Everyone so friendly I felt I had known you all for ages. xx

  19. i always enjoy giving. it gives me a good feeling when i see the reaction at the other end. and a lot of thought goes into it as you said. i was brought up the same way, to give rather than receive, must be a generational thing.
    and you are a very giving person so obviously you will receive. glad you are having a good week. hugs xx

  20. How lovely, I know that I appreciate you taking time to blog and as I know my next purchase will be a Groovi one I've so enjoyed your video tutorials, more please they are my bedtime watching on m tablet. x

  21. One of my favourite sayings is "All that is not given is lost". Thoughtful gifts are the most valuable, and the thought behind the gift is the most valuable part.But too true that the other side of that is gracious receiving. The cake is amazing, hope it tasted as good as it looked!

  22. Hi Barbara fabulous blog today we are so much a like the giving is easy the receiving I have to work on and as many of the comments which have been made are so true you give so much to us every day hope you enjoy your beautiful cake and lovely gifts your retreats look very inviting would love to attended one but to far to travel but maybe next year loving the Groovi week hugs and best to you and Dave hope he is feeling much better xx

  23. Very true lots of us love to give than receive and because you teach us all the things we have learnt we are able to give our lovely cards and works of art to others.
    Enjoy your retreat sorry unable to attend this year hopefully nextyear. Christine x

  24. Glad the retreats are going so well Barbara and how lovely and so thoughtful of Lynne to make that beautiful cake. You are right too about giving not only tangible things but of your time and expertise which is exactly what you do at the retreats and at shows but also on here and I think that it is something about creative people that they are not possessive of their knowledge in that they like to try to help others to be creative and we all help one another where we can. I hope Dave is doing well too and have another enjoyable day with the retreat tomorrow. x

  25. Hello Barb, a great blog post for Mindful Wednesday, one which really shows how many caring people there are in this world. So many beautiful and thoughtful gifts. As you say it makes you feel good to give, but also to receive. Enjoy the rest of the retreats, and Lynne, what a fabulous cake. Bx

  26. Hi Barbara
    I am all behind with my comment. I was late checking in last night and found your 2nd post saying I had won the lovely card and voucher. Thank you so much. Wonderful mindfulness thoughts today. There are many kind, generous people in the world and it is so sad that we hardly ever hear about them.
    Hugs from Chris X

  27. What lovely gifts for a lovely lady. I have never met you but when I think of you I smile. when I read your blog I often laugh out loud. You make me feel happy. What a gift from you to me that is. thank you.

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