YouTube Tuesday. Feelin Groovi

YouTube Tuesday. Feelin Groovi

Hello there!
Thanks for popping in. 
It’s a Groovi Week at Clarity!
So I have loaded the Intro YouTube to recap,

and the Snowflake Baubles one,
because these Groovi Plates are fabuloso!!

All you need to get started are the Starter Kit 
which is down from £45 to £40
and a couple of plates!
Don’t forget!
We are having a Giveaway off this week :
Spend £40 or more on Groovi things, 
and we will send you a brand new lacey swirly Tree

Time to go.
Retreat Day No. 2!
love and hugs,

29 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday. Feelin Groovi

    1. I know what you mean. I am just having a go with my gelli plate and swirly leaf stencil following a blog from 2014. I have never used a gelli plate before

    2. Hi Gillian, I am going to tomorrow's retreat. You need to book earlier in the year when Barbara announces the dates. This is my first time but I believe Barbara takes you through each stage, I am no expert by any means. xx

    3. Hi Gillian, the retreats are a fantastic 2 days and a complete novice like me learns so many new techniques, its not a 'make & take'. Everyone is there to learn and have lots of laughs with like minded people who become friends, so don't worry about being up to standard come with an open mind. As Barbara always says you learn by your mistakes and I make lots!. As mentioned the dates are released early in the year and places do fill quickly. I've been a couple of times and really enjoyed just spending 2 guilt free days crafting and looking forward to next years.

  1. Hi Barbara
    The snowflakes are so detailed. I don't have them yet but will add them to my shopping list. I have the relatives plate and it is a must have. Enjoy today with all the lucky people who are joining you. I have a Groovi Plan for this afternoon.
    Hugs from Chris x

  2. Hi Barb,
    I've been playing with my Groovi today and one was very similar to your snowflake demo – did Noel with 3 snowflakes hanging from it with the deckle square frame and the other was the Christmas doves in the wreath again with deckle square frame. I have to say, I was well chuffed with them. Thanks for a great invention! Love Alison xx

  3. Hi Barbara
    Oh I've been weakening towards the Groovi board instead of being good and waiting until Christmas but Devine retribution has intervened. I ran over a black bin bag today taking my daughter to donate blood and it get wrapped around my differential ( I don't know what it is either!) and has caused £500 worth of damage to my car! I will have to be good now and wait for Father Christmas. Thank you for sharing the wonderful you tubes again, it's such a great system, I will join you one day. I hope the retreats are going well with lots of fun and laughter and Dave is making progress.
    Love Diane Xxx

    1. Thank you Sheila and Brenda – just think of all the lovely craft stuff I could have bought with all that money! Sending you lovely ladies a big hug back xxx

  4. Hi Barbara, thank you for reposting these Youtubes. I had my second go with my Groovi stuff and a stencil today. Hope you're getting some chill time and Dave's health is still improving love Brenda xx

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