Tissue Town and an early night!

Tissue Town and an early night!

Hi there.
Good of you to drop in.
Day 1 of the Crowborough Retreats went very well.
What a lovely group of arty individuals!
I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Long day, but all the prep paid off, I think.
Before I stop though,
I would like to go back a day, to yesterday’s Canvas blog;
the yellow grunge town stencil:
While I was making this one yesterday, I was also
making a second one, with the second ink of the first one…
So this evening, I would like to take you down the other 
Town Stencil road, on a smaller canvas.
Put the same inky stencil on a smaller, 6″ x 6″ canvas board
and ran it through the E-Bosser.
Tore up some strips of tissue,

and coloured them with various Distress inks.
The lighter ones work best.

Covered the canvas with a layer of Mod Podge,

and laid the coloured tissue across the picture.

Screwed it up first, for more texture.

Mod Podge on top too.

Until it looked like a right old mess!

Covered the back with Mod Podge and wrapped the tissue around the canvas to seal at the back.

Allow to dry.

Muted tissue layers.
Attach to larger canvas with double-sided adhesive sheet.

Sealed with Mod Podge.

I wonder.
Should I stop now?
or add some depth with pencils?

Turn a few lights on.
Spectrum Noir pencils work a treat on Mod Podge sealed tissue!

Let’s give them a reason to turn the lights on! 
Let’s darken the sky.

That’s more like it.

I am off to bed.
Early night.
Dave’s not feeling great, 
so why not let’s just have an early night.
Can’t do any harm, eh.
love and hugs,


57 thoughts on “Tissue Town and an early night!

  1. That canvas is fab! Glad you've had a good first day! And now to sleep… One of nature's ways of giving you time to fully relax and is a good healer! Hope Dave sleeps well and feels a bit better tomorrow! Xxx

  2. That canvas is fab! Glad you've had a good first day! And now to sleep… One of nature's ways of giving you time to fully relax and is a good healer! Hope Dave sleeps well and feels a bit better tomorrow! Xxx

  3. Wow what a clever idea Barbara, absolutely love this, got to try this, thank you. Definitely having an early night at this end, my old boy Trevor ( whippet ) got me up at 4pm so I'm ready for my bed too. Enjoy your early night xx

  4. Hi Barb,
    Brilliant, love what you've done here. Mod podge is really good I think. Sorry to hear that Dave isn't feeling too well, but hopefully an early night for you both will be just what the doctor ordered. Pleased day 1 went well. Take care both of you , sending love and hugs, Alison xx

  5. Sorry to hear Dave's still not feeling very well. Hope he feels better tomorrow after a good nights sleep. My lovely canvas boards and colour bursts arrived today, thank you; so I am off for a little play before I go to bed. Oh, and I love this little canvas; just fab. Xxx

  6. Hello Barbara & Dave get plenty of rest your body's are telling you to slow down and why not delegate and take time out ,I got a wonderful parcel today the full canvas bundle with the felt bag wow looking forward to crafting a canvas tomorrow, I've had a good day today using my groovi meadow plate and colouring and backing a Christmas one I had done on the groovi last week it's so good to relax with .yesterday We went to visit our friend she is undergoing chemotherapy treatment at present I took a piece of parchment that I had done the meadow on a while a go so she can colour it at her leisure as she cannot craft at present like she could even if she can only do a little colouring I'm hoping that it will help her get through each day she is such a dear friend ,I'm in bed now so rest well Dave and hope you soon start to recover your strength crafting hugs xxx

  7. oh dear that is a shame that Dave still not feeling well. I hope some real good rest will help him,will not do you any harm either. I shall not be too late either as we have the grandchildren tomorrow,will need all my energy. I love your canvas, I have played around with tissue paper can achieve some lovely effects. xx

  8. oh dear hope tomorrow is a better one for Dave. Plenty of rest tonight. Great little canvas, will have to get my paints out as mine canvas order arrived today, got them out of the box and gave them a stroke………….then put them back in the box till I feel relaxed and confident enough to give it a go! XX

    1. Hi Donna got my canvases and felt bag today hopefully have a crafting day tomorrow,
      Hope your feeling better today not long to your holiday have a restful time hugs xxx

    2. Something to do with the sea side as I still haven't done my Jane art mainly because I keep changing my mind! Although I like the idea of grunge paste……….. Xx

    3. that sounds good I've got some chalk paints tried one before and put it through the e bosser with a stencil but didn't let the paints dry so it's a prototype now not to do the same again at least got plenty to get one right ,enjoy yours let me know how it turns out hugs xxx

    4. Hi Brenda, are you busy painting a canvas? Or maybe doing a tangle? Or maybe just needing a hug? My guess is the last one so fret no longer my friend a big hug is on its way, I'm sure you will feel the squeeze soon xx

    5. Hi Donna glad you sound a bit chirpier the day some people are not worth getting upset about, just get your ideas going for the canvases then pass them on to me got mine today done the same stroked and put back in the box .
      Brenda here is another big hug coming your way…xx

  9. Oh, so many inspiring ideas for my canvasses when they arrive. I do deco patch so sure I could do that in the same way with the canvasses and stencil.

    Off to bed early too, as little one is asleep (for the moment) and I need it!

  10. Night night God Bless is what I say to the Grandchildren works just as well for grownups I think. Canvas is great. I have never used Modge Podge but now is the time to give it a go I think Hope you have another good day tomorrow Best Wishes to you Dave and all the team

    1. I say that to mine as well. Make you laugh now. My Grandson who was about 5 at the time asked his Mum the next morning, Why does Nanna always call me gobless.x

  11. Ooh love this one too, glad I ordered some canvases, a great day today , thank you to you and all the team all work so hard to make it go so swimmingly! Sleep well. Lots of love


  12. Another lovely canvas, the inspiration never stops, come rain come shine, amazing. Sorry to hear Dave's still feeling under the weather, but pleased he's home with you being loved and cared for.
    Glad today's retreat started well, I'm really looking forward to joining in with all you've got planned for us in two weeks time.
    Best wishes, I hope an early night does you both the world of good. Get well soon Dave.

  13. I liked the finished canvas but I was at a loss just what the finished article would look like. I haven't used any Modge Podge yet, chickening out slightly because I can't stand the feel of wet paper. If I can take myself away from my bestie mate, Groovie. maybe when my granddaughter arrives for the rest of the school holidays in two weeks, she likes wetish papers, I'll be brave and give it a whirl. Hope that Dave is feeling a lot better soon. XX

  14. Only just caught up as I've been away for the weekend, meeting up with my lovely husband who flew in from the Middle East so we could have time together in a place all so familiar to us. We're of the same generation as your two good selves, not too dissimilar in age and when you are running, it's hard to slow down but surprisingly that's exactly what we are learning to do. We have recently done a stock take and hey! the ageing years are not quite so bad as they first appeared. We are still going to be able to enjoy ourselves. (Suppose there will be an end to the handbags, shoes and fancy cars though, but we've been there and done it!) Having received particularly bad news regarding a long term friend whose future is going to be difficult and who only last year imparted the following wisdom – Shelagh, you are about to enter your golden decade, make the most of it and enjoy! I could add more and personal but you get the drift and there is no need.
    Wishing you both a happy time together. You have worked so hard for it, Time to enjoy, Chill.
    Don't do hugs but hugs anyway! ;~}

  15. The tissue looks great on the canvas Barbara and would never have thought to do that so thank you for showing us yet another technique. Glad the first day of the retreats went well but sorry Dave is still feeling under the weather, and hope the early night will help to heal and restore, so goodnight, sleep tight. x

  16. Sorry to hear about Dave, but pleased that you decided on the wise option of an early night. I bet the Retreaters had a great day today.
    My canvas order arrived today, beautifully packed and such an efficient delivery service. By coincidence I was working on a canvas today, a collage for a close friend who is moving from East Sussex to Scotland, and I avoided Distress inks in case they would bleed with Mod Podge. I should have waited and seen your lovely tissue work first!
    Have a good day tomorrow and I hope Dave feels better. x

  17. glad you're having an early night. i hope Dave perks up soon.
    my canvases arrived today. i was impressed. it was the fastest order ever from clarity.
    please take care, hugs xx

  18. Hi Barbara
    Oh what a lovely canvas, the tissue really adds another element doesn't it. Thank you for sharing. I'm sorry to hear Dave is still not righti hope he's been resting today. Night night sleep tight to you both, the early night will do you both the world of good. Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  19. Poor Dave hope the early night will help you feel more yourself tomorrow. LOVELY canvas today Barbara, did buy mod podge a while ago along with gesso but too nervous to try it, watched some u tube demos of multi media so like your good self would like to get into it. Glad you had a fantastic day at the Retreats and that it was so relaxing & fun for you.xx

  20. Where are you today Brenda, hope you are ok. See we miss you when you aren't commenting. You do give us a little Twitter with your unique sense of humour.xxx

  21. Hi Barbara
    I bet you are fast asleep by now. My mind is in a whirl- hence the very late visit to your blog. I am glad you enjoyed the retreat today and sorry that Dave is not feeling too good. That technique with the tissue is certainly one to try.
    Hugs from Chris X

  22. Hi Barbara Hope your having a good sleep in your soft bed amongst the roses. Thanks for the canvas blogs mine arrived today (well yesterday now just seen the time) now just waiting to be brave enough to have a go .. take care..xx

  23. Hello Barb, glad the retreats are going well, and why not have an early night. Hope Dave's ok. Love the canvas with the tissue paper. Will give that a try, when work stops getting in the way of my crafting time. Take care. Bx

  24. So pleased your first day went well love the canvas hope a new day makes dave feel a bit better love and prayers dave thank you Barbara for the lovely demo in pictures love June horrocks xxxxxx

  25. Just love this idea….but I have a question What type / sort of mod podge do you use? There are so many different ones.

    Hope Dave is feeling better today

    Pen x

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