Town Stencil Canvas

Town Stencil Canvas

Hi there.
Thanks for calling in.
I wanted to thank all those of you 
who left messages of concern and love yesterday.
I read them all to Dave, and we decided to listen for once.
Watch this space…
Pleased to report that Dave is feeling much better than yesterday.
Easy does it and slowly does it though.
I spent the day with good and loyal friends, staff and family, preparing for the week of retreats.
Everything is ready and waiting,
and I’m actually really looking forward to switching off for a week and spending some quality time with some good people. 
But this evening, I really do want to do some art, 
to calm my troubled mind.
And I think I will end this canvas week on a
Now where was I yesterday…
Ah yes.
Yellow canvas and town stencil.
Zesty Zing spread out with a brayer….
and allowed to dry.

Ink up the Town Stencil 
one of my personal favourites 
with Black Archival ink –
Lay the wet side of the stencil on the yellow canvas board,

and then run it through your mangle of choice.
Mine is an E-Bosser.
Plates which work from the bottom up:
Copy Paper
Canvas Board
Inky Stencil
Copy Paper

Replace the stencil,

and tape it to the board.

Now, every single piece of kit I possess 
has gone to the rugby club for the retreat.
So finally!
I have found a use for my Gym Club Membership Card!!!
Let it be noted that this is far and away THE most expensive
Grunge Paste spreader that ever lived.

Found a fork too….
to deposit said grunge Paste at the base of the houses,

then gently drag through the houses, 
randomly and not necessarily perfectly, 
with THE most expensive paste spreader known to man.
Mind you, happy to have finally found a use for it….

Remove stencil and tape…
Spot on.

That’ll do.
Hope you like it!

The sale has gone very well, 
so that means loads of you now have loads of blank canvases.
Get creative,
create a canvas piece, sign it,
take a good pic of it and email it to me.
Every canvas will go in our new website,
our mindful website gallery,
 love and hugs,

64 thoughts on “Town Stencil Canvas

  1. Hello Barbara

    I am so pleased Dave is feeling bit better today. Like your expensive spreader. As you say, very expensive.

    Have fun on your retreats. Hopefully I will be very lucky next year and get a place now that I have the opportunity to come.


  2. Hello Barbara

    I am so pleased Dave is feeling bit better today. Like your expensive spreader. As you say, very expensive.

    Have fun on your retreats. Hopefully I will be very lucky next year and get a place now that I have the opportunity to come.


  3. Glad to hear Dave is feeling better! He mustn't over do it though until he is fully rested and better! Tie him down if necessary!
    I'm looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday at the retreat! You may need your sunglasses again!!! Love to you and Dave!!! Xxx

  4. glad to hear that things are on the mend and especially that you decided to listen. enjoy the retreats. i wish i could be there….maybe one day, when the kids are older…… hugs xx

  5. Really pleased that Dave is OK and you have both had time together today. What a weekend you have both had! Here's hoping that your retreat next week takes your mind to a more crafty serene place. Xx

  6. Hello Barbara. Lovely art work… As usual. Bet you are happy to get it finished. I wonder where you will hang this one. Happy that Dave is feeling a bit better. You sound a tinsy bit less stressed too. Wish I was at the retreat next week but unfortunately it isn't to be. But I will see you up in Catterick in September. I am coming for both days as I don't want to miss anyone ( and also don't want to miss all those fantastic tips and techniques from yourself and your wonderful design team). Have a great week. Hugs xxxxx

  7. Glad to hear Dave is feeling better. Mother Nature has her way of warning you to take it easy, it happened with my hubby too, so hope you're listening. Have a fab week xx

  8. So glad you have both had a good day. Have thought about you lots. Wishing you both a good and happy week. Thank you for finishing the canvas. I like the town stencil and the colour you used is lovely.

  9. So pleased to hear that Dave is feeling much better but easy does it! I love your canvas in that bright sunny yellow and the grunge paste layer stands out beautifully against the black inked and embossed outline of those wonderful houses. Hope the retreats go well and you can enjoy some fun and rewarding crafting time. x

  10. Hi Barbara, glad to hear Dave is feeling a wee bit better today, I've been worrying and thinking about you both a lot. Glad you've had a good day with good people setting up for your retreats. Your canvas artwork looks better for not being perfect, I don't think perfect would work with this type of art, something I'll need to learn before I have a go with mine ;-).

    I know you'll enjoy your retreats this week, it's the best bit for you, I just hope it doesn't mean more work to catch up on after. Enjoy your retreat all you extremely lucky people who are going, make the absolute most of every moment. The reality of it for me is it's highly unlikely I'll ever be allowed to attend one nor to meet a very, very special lady who means an awful lot to me, you Barbara :-(. You can come see me instead, any time you're passing the door will always be open for you!!!

    I've been thinking a lot about what you must have gone through yesterday, and I'm guessing the full reality of it must be kicking in today. I'd just like to follow on from what I said yesterday, if you don't mind. I’m guessing what happened was you came up with the brilliant concept of Groovi, did all the hard work and worrying, launched it and immediately it went ‘viral’ and got caught up in that. Plus at the same time you got to play with yours which unleashed so many more ideas and possibilities, and your design time gave you even more. Being such a creative, artistic person you wanted to run with it all, and you both being such special people you also wanted to produce all these new ideas asap so we can have it all and we too can go ‘oh, I can do this and this and this, and if I do this I’ll get that’ and be just as excited and creative with it as you are….. Dear Barbara and Dave, we want you to come up with and to produce and to inspire us all with all these ideas and products, and more, BUT we want you to do it in a measured way that means you stay healthy and have a good work /play balance too. We want you to take a breath and enjoy this beautiful land we live on and each other, and not just on the odd occasion. You know me, I’m always trying to play catch up with you. But others on here yesterday were saying that too, that they are struggling to keep up with you and all your ideas and products, if people are struggling to keep up with you, how on earth are you and Dave managing to do it all. Clearly yesterday was telling you both that you’re not. We’ll all still be here, still be buying loads of Clarity products, still be eager for your inspiration and ideas and new stuff and for what you share with us here on your blog. We’ll all still be helping to pay off your new laser machines!!! BUT we’ll be doing this resting a bit easier knowing that neither of you are running yourselves into the ground for us. I hope you don’t mind me saying all this, and I hope everyone on here doesn’t mind me talking in the collective. I often get told on here I’m eloquent and have a good way with words so I thought I’d give it my best shot on behalf of us all, looking after a very special lady dear to my heart, and her partner who also seems to be a very special person, in the only way I can. All my love, and huge bear hugs, and I hope to be able to be part of all this for many years with you, and Dave, at the helm, and healthy xxxxxxxx

    p.s. great tennis today eh. By the way did you notice is was all down to us Scots that after many years GB are now in the semi finals of the Davis cup, a Scottish captain, and two Scottish players, not that I'm trying to rub your noses in it or anything 😉 Sorry couldn't resist, it's rare that we get this kind of opportunity up here!!!!

    1. Never say never Brenda – one day we both might get to go to a workshop! Once upon a time, not so long ago you thought you wouldn't be able to make even one comment on the blog, and now you contribute all the time, so one day, just maybe you will make it with the support of your blog friends. I hope so anyway! Susan x

    2. Oh Brenda how wonderfully put its brought me to tears you have put across in your message how I feel too so thank you .
      And a smile about the p.s.bit
      Big bear hugs xxx

    3. Thank you Barbara 🙂 I do care about you an awful lot. You truly are one of those rare very special people in the world, touched by God, and you've chosen to give so much of you to everyone in any way you can. And I feel very privileged indeed to be touched by you and to be a part of all this xxxxxxxxxxxx

      Ok Susan I won't give up all hope, yet. Thank you xx

      Thank you Sheila, I'm glad I've been able to find the words to convey what you and others on here were also feeling after Dave's scare yesterday 🙂 xx

    4. Yes Brenda you've done it again my superstar, said what we are all thinking. Who knows one day we might take you by the hand and take you to see Barbara. Xxx

    5. Thank you Diane and Dot :-). I was a bit scared that I might be speaking out of turn and being rather presumptuous in talking for us all, so it's a relief to find out I got it right :-). I soooo hope I can get to see Barbara one day, that would be amazing, right up there with my Commonwealth Games experience but for different reasons 🙂 xx

      Me thinks Donna must be having a bad day today. Thinking about you friend. I'm definitely getting wee bits of time where my eyes are better, hopefully soon we'll be able to start our rose bowls 🙂 Take care love and big bear hug xx

    6. Hi Brenda, I'm sort of ok, not sad just bloddy angry! Had news of a phone call that was made to my sister from a relation moaning about the fact they were not mentioned in the order of service at my Dads funeral! They wanted to know why the words they had sent (the night before the funeral) were not included in the order of service. She tried to tell them we had typed and printed them all already, but they just kept on moaning, when she pointed out they hadn't even asked how she was doing they just put the phone down! Words cannot express how angry I am that they would have the nerve to do that to anyone, she was understandably very upset. Why do people do this? I will never understand the mentality.

      Sorry rant over……………… deep breath! Xx

    7. Oh Donna, there's always got to be one! Why do people do that – can't see past themselves is why! Sorry to be saying something about a relation of yours, that I know nothing about, but clearly the person cares more about themself and how they are perceived by the wider world, than they do about your dad and you and your sisters! Believe me, I know the type only too well! I know it's really hard but you and your sister need to try to brush it off, what a sad person your relation is that this is what is top priority in their sad life, must be a miserable way to live. Otherwise they will drag you down with them, and we don't want that to happen. Feel free to rant any time you like, it's good to get it off your shoulders to someone safe /totally not involved, hopefully it's helped you feel a bit calmer about it. Take care, see you back here later big bear hug xx

      My big Groovi order just arrived. I know I should be happy at that, I certainly wasn't expecting it to come just a week after ordering it, but it's actually made me upset and guilty, as my order was part of the reason Dave got so sick, and both of you and your families had to go through that very scary time on Saturday. Huge thank you to Dave and your staff, but pleeeease I'm happy to wait longer for my orders, I'd far rather receive my orders knowing you are all healthy and happy xx

    8. Hi Donna if you have the time to yourself get out your groovi and find mindfulness time ,
      Relations like that aren't worth you been upset like Brenda says they are only thinking of themselves and your more worthy of care than them, thinking of you big hugs xx
      Brenda Glad your groovi has arrived enjoy crafting with it big hugs xxx

  11. Glad to hear the main man is on the road to recovery and taking it easy! Good luck with the workshops, and hope you manage to have some real fun and laughs with the attendees so that it doesn't feel like work. We took some of the blog advice for ourselves today (also being self employed workaholics) and went for a lovely walk down the river and around the botanical gardens – life is short, so we went to smell the roses and they were lovely! Take care, Susan x

  12. Hello Barbara & Dave so pleased you both rested today and finished your canvas too now I know where I went wrong with my first canvas I didn't let the chalk paint dry before putting it through my e bosser but I'm getting a clarity parcel coming tomorrow with the full works in so plenty to play with hopefully I will get one right big crafting hugs enjoy the retreat xxx

  13. Brenda is so right in what she says. Take time to breath and recharge your batteries. We will all still be here and we do not want to know that your health, both of you, is suffering to give us new things. I admit to feeling nervous as I got to Tunbridge Wells to be faced with an ambulance with blues and twos rushing towards the hospital. Enjoy the Retreats, but allow others to take the strain. Off to bed now, so night night and sleep tight. xx

  14. Sorry to read your blog and find out yesterday Dave had a bad turn. Hope he does take it as a warning to take it easy and he rests up. We should never take our health for granted, it's precious. I'm glad he's feeling better today. Hope you're feeling better now too, after creating another cracking crafty canvas. xx

  15. Hi Barbara
    I am so pleased that Dave is feeling better today. Your retreats sound wonderful and I wish I could join you. It is a bit too far for me to travel and I do not drive. I do like the canvas. That sunny yellow works beautifully. I have ordered the full set of canvasses with the Clarity portfolio so thank you for the very generous sale offer. Enjoy your time with friends at the retreats and try to get Dave to take some time out.
    Hugs from Chris X

  16. I'm so glad that Dave is feeling better. That must be a great relief. Aren't we lucky that we can find relaxation in crafting.
    The canvas is lovely. I like the randomness of the grunge paste; it softens that image very artily.
    I hope the retreat kicks off well.

  17. Hi Barbara, I am so pleased that Dave is feeling a lot better today. Also the fact that you have both listened to us, your friends. Sounds like we all have your best interests at heart.
    I look forward to a slower pace of life after the retreat xxx

  18. So glad Dave is on the mend. My brother sent me a video of my Dad walking down their road with his walker frame earlier, less than a week after his brain op. Remarkable, and very happy-making. He's been house bound or in hospital since before Christmas. Health and happiness to all! I did a workshop on self care earlier, which made me think of you guys – it was really good and helpful. Some good lessons and hints brought home with me (highly recommend it if anyone is in the west Herts area).

    I have just ordered my canvasses – went for the big bundle with the bag! Nothing like last minute shopping. And got a couple of other treats as well while I was paying for postage…. Luckily my husband is very good at picking up the tab so he can lay down a stash of goodies for the next birthday/anniversary etc. Now to find the time to play and create! Have been finishing a groovi card from ages ago this afternoon. All so soul-nourishing!

    1. Wishing your dad a speedy recovery
      I too went for the big bundle too good to miss as I've got the felt bags and they are fantastic to keep clarity in xxx

  19. Hi Barb,
    I'm pleased that Dave and you have had a good day. I hope he is not doing too much, just resting. You actually sound much brighter today as well. Thank you for finishing the canvas we all appreciate it I'm sure. However, as I've said before, don't always feel obliged to post something – your health is much more important. Hope you have a great time at the retreat and get some r and r. Love Alison xx

  20. Hello Barbara, what a lovely work of art that canvas is. So much so that I've jumped across and ordered a few to give it a go. Look after that man of yours, they are so precious and good ones are hard to find! Have a great week and enjoy being amongst friends – just wish I could be there too. Take care. xx Margaret Col.

  21. Good to hear that Dave is feeling better today. Wise words above. You both bring us so much, and we love it, but please slow down! So looking forward to the Retreat, on Wednesday. Xx

  22. I'm in my hotel room eagerly awaiting tomorrow but even more so now that your going to take advice and slow down a bit. I totally agree with Everything BrendaM says, we can wait for things, and give the bank accounts chance to recover from all the spending while doing so, while you take a bit more time to enjoy life and each other. You are more important so stop beating yourselves up trying to do everything at once.Love to both!Wxx

  23. Great artwork, hope your mind is more settled. Very pleased Dave is feeling better. Have a wonderful week with the lucky people attending the Clarity retreat xx

  24. So glad you have had an enjoyable day with friends and family. Lucky people on this week's retreat, I got to wait another fortnight yet. I am impatient, nervous as well. Hope the week goes well. xx

  25. Hi Barbra
    Lovely canvass today, great use of your expensive gym membership card too ( let me see was it a week of attending the Gym in January and not a lot since? ). It's good to hear Dave is feeling better today and has decided to listen to advice – and you have too! Enjoy the retreats next week and have fun with your friends. Perhaps Steve can look after Dave and give him some man hugs! Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  26. So glad to hear that Dave is feeling better but please do tell him to,still take it easy. Using a gym card to craft is indeed a much better use for it although, as you say, rather extravagant. Take care both of you. Xxx

  27. Great to here Dave is feeling a lot better today and your listening to all the comments and for watch this space…I hope you've got a plan …thanks for finishing of the canvas will have a go at that when mine arrives now where did I put my gym card…as if …got an old Iceland one just the job …….xx

  28. Lovely piece of artwork Barbara, I have my canvas on order.
    Pleased to hear that Dave is on the mend and you are both more relaxed today. Take time to enjoy your life with each other, work and worries need to take a backseat sometimes.
    Big hugs,
    Amanda xx

  29. So glad Dave is feeling a bit better, also that you've relaxed with family and friends today. That's the ticket. Great canvas, thank you for finishing it. Will certainly have a go at that one. Well done Brenda with your comments totally agree. We need Barbara to be happy and healthy to keep her inspiration going. We don't want her to burn herself out. If you miss a blog Barbara it won't kill us, we'll wait patiently until you can do another, we'll miss it of course but better to know that you're relaxing & taking things easier & getting Dave to slow down too. Lots of love & thanks for all you've done for each of us.

  30. Hi Barb, so pleased to hear that Dave is feeling much better, and that you both relaxed today with family and friends. Love the canvas, mine are due to arrive today, so will certainly give it a go. Please take it easy, even with the retreat, although I am sure all those lovely people will make sure that you relax and have a great time. We all love your blog, but as so many others have said, if you miss a day, we will wait, yes we will miss you and your amazing outlook on life, but all the more reason to check back. Hugs to you all. Bx

  31. I was so sorry to hear that your darling Dave was unwell but so pleased to hear that all was OK and that some time and relaxation is what the doctors have ordered. He needs to practice some mindfulness with you Barb. Take it easy and enjoy getting crafty at the retreat…..the best tonic ever x

  32. Hi Barbara, glad to hear that Dave is on the mend but even more pleased to hear you say you are taking on board all the advice about slowing down – together! It's better to slow down while the choice is still yours to make rather than having circumstances take the choice away, believe me I've been there and should have listened to my own advice! Take care. x

  33. Hi Barbara,
    was to busy to read the last days of your blog. So I hope Dave is feeling much better now.
    Our heatwave came to an end (for a moment?) – now we can breath a little as we say here…
    If I´m right you had very hot temperatures in the UK too.
    Best wishes and I hope Dave gets well soon.
    Rolf xxx

  34. Hi Barbara & Dave
    So glad to hear Dave is on the mend, these things can come when you least expect it.
    So both of you take it a little more easy, and let the excellent people around you help out at this very busy time.
    Just to stop any horrible thoughts you may have , you are both excellent business people and that shows in all you do, it does say something if you reun out of stock in not just half an hour of a create & craft show.
    all my very best wishes to you both.
    Lynn xxx

  35. Glad to read that Dave is feeling a little better and don't feel that you need to get back on the 'fast train', you don't. Love less grunge on the 'town' somehow it makes the houses look more real. Going to try less grunge later when my friend, Sue, arrives to 'play crafting at mine'. Take special care XX

  36. Now listen here… You two behave! Really, really, really pleased to hear Dave is feeling better! It was a real shock yesterday to see all the posts! I'd been busy with family parties all weekend and hadn't been on Facebook. I love you both dearly and don't want to see anything untoward happening!

    I wish I could take time out of work to come enjoy your retreat… so many wonderful people all together (hugs all round please!). I will be thinking of you all, whilst sitting at my desk of an evening getting all inky with my Great Nephew, William (inky… I mean babysitting (he's 8 and he loves a good crafting session!)).

    Oh, you'll never guess what's just arrived… YAY… My new set of canvases! Need to make a little time to enjoy my new stash now!

    Love you x Mandy x

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