The shortest Craft YouTube ever!: Stencil Washing

The shortest Craft YouTube ever!: Stencil Washing

Hi there!
Glad you popped in!
What a good day we had on 
Day 2 of the Crowborough Retreat today!
And what fabulous artwork the ladies and Doug produced!
All the guests had been on the retreat before;
so many already knew each other.
It was just a great atmosphere,
a good buzz about the place.
We even had a sing song whilst cleaning our stencils…
This will bring back memories…

“Mummy Mummy, why are your hands so soft?”
“Because Daddy does the washing up, Dear.”
Good, harmless crafting fun
with a bunch of smashing people.
Just the ticket for this chick today.
How’s Dave?
Waiting impatiently for test results….
So as we say a fond farewell to the first group
(sorry to see them go actually; another day would have been good),
we welcome a new crowd of Clarity Crafters tomorrow.
Really looking forward to seeing them though.
Half of them are already lurking in pubs and restaurants in the surrounding area.
And Sam Crowe: 
you know those Krispy Kreme doughnuts you left in our kitchen?
Paul Church ate the lot.
love and hugs,


47 thoughts on “The shortest Craft YouTube ever!: Stencil Washing

  1. Hope Dave gets his results very soon is he feeling any better today Barbara ? Great YouTube.
    Looks like everyone had fun .
    I had a canvas paint today hopefully get them stamped over the next few days .
    And fell of the wagon again today (CCA) needed some parchment big hugs xxx

    1. My halo is shining as I haven't brought anything for about a week! Mainly due to the fact its this end of the month and I now only have moths when I open my purse! But guess what Friday is!!!!!! Xx

  2. Hello Barbara

    Glad you all had fun. That is what crafting is all about. Hope Dave doesn't have to wait too long for his results. All sorts of things go through your head. Give him some colouring-in to do to keep his mind busy.


  3. Hello Barbara

    Glad you all had fun. That is what crafting is all about. Hope Dave doesn't have to wait too long for his results. All sorts of things go through your head. Give him some colouring-in to do to keep his mind busy.


    1. Hi Donna how are you today? did you get your canvas painted or planned ?
      I hope Brenda is ok sending a big bear hug hope it helps xxx
      Hugs xxx

    2. No not today, probably give it some thought at the weekend. Sooooo busy this week with the end of term. Xx

      Brenda, please come say hi, been thinking about you all day and worrying you are feeling very down. You know what I will have to resort to if you don't cone say hi soon! Xx

  4. Me and my mum are joining you tomorrow – first timers so a little nervous but have been looking forward to these 2 days since Christmas day – this is my present from my husband. See you in the morning!! 🙂

  5. Hi Barb,
    Looks and sounds like you've all had good fun. Hope the next one Is as successful. Hope Dave doesn't have to wait too long for his results. Sending love and hugs to you both, Alison xx

  6. I think we can take it from your video that the first group of ladies had a fabulous time Barbara, and hope Dave gets his results through quickly as I'm sure the waiting is very frustrating for him. x

  7. A huge thank you to you and your team for a really enjoyable two days of crafting. I know I'm not alone in saying you really do have a great gift for teaching, inspiring and motivating.
    Thinking also of Dave and hope the tests results come through soon.

  8. Sounds like lots of fun. Just wish my holidays were at the same time as the retreats. I have been having fun making cards with my new stamps and pencils that arrived last week and I am really happy with the results.
    I hope that Dave is resting and that the results come through soon.
    I am now looking forward to coming to Catterick in September.

  9. Thank you so much for our fab retreat. We had such larks.
    Thinking about you both.
    aka the woman in the stripy top with rose red blobs, too slow to realise who you were speaking about~~~doh.

  10. Hi Barbara
    I'm all behind with my comment! It looks like you all had great fun at the retreat , I did have a chuckle at the stencil washing and your washing up comment. What a hoot. Thought you were going to finish with the bistro advert where she lists all the things the kids would ask the finished to her husband 'remember Brighton' when you Said Sam remember the Krispy creme doughnuts! Oh Paul you will be sick! Hope Dave is feeling better and the results come through soon.
    Lots of love Diane xxx
    Brenda hope you are ok, we've missed you. Sending you a hug xxx

  11. I'm still here, really sorry if I've made people worry, proper not coping right now, I just can't…
    Thanks to all asking /leaving me messages, you can't know what that means to me right now. I'll be back when I can xx

    1. Oh Brenda big bear hugs life is so difficult and things are not easy to cope with thinking of you looking forward to you coming back to us here on Barbara's blog lots of comforting cuddles xxx

  12. That video made me laugh – I bet we were all the kids waiting for our mums to finish up the Fairy Liquid ready for the next Blue Peter crafting session!!! My goodness I've been a craft addict for more years than I dare to remember or confess to – what with the washing up bottle and those funny little yoghurt pots on a stand that I made chairs out of for my Barbie dolls – I must have driven my mum to distraction. Enjoy the rest of your workshops and hope Dave gets some good news soon about his tests. Susan x

  13. Thanks Barbara for a fantabulous 2 days had great time & lots of belly laughs as always and yes a 3 day one would be even greaterer ( know its not a word) but it would. Oodles of luv n hugs xx

  14. Hi Barb
    THANK YOU and to everyone on days 1&2 of the retreat. I have had a ball as always! Terrific teacher, her glamorous assistant (Paul) and support team (Jane, Jim and all those behind the scenes) and NOT forgetting her knight in shining armor, DAVE, who we all wish well! Great to catch up with crafty friends, its become an annual pilgrimage now and like many others I also think 3 days would be terrific. Looking forward to Catterick in Sept and next years retreat. Take care everyone A millions Thank you's with lots of love. XXX

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