Groovi TV Snowflakes Step by Step.

Groovi TV Snowflakes Step by Step.

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
I only just got home myself!
After a very busy morning at the studios,
(busy is a bit of an under-statement!)
I went to Mum and Dads for lunch, 
and spent the afternoon chatting with them.
Loved it. They are such smashing people.
So while Dave is looking for a good film for us to watch,
I have shot upstairs to chat to you and share the first demo from today’s TV show.
I wasn’t really able to show you the little details this morning,
so a step-by-step is in order!
It’ll take Dave a while to find a film…
Don’t do violence,
don’t do horror
don’t do thriller,
don’t do psycho-head warp crap,
and Dave HATES chick flicks
so as I said, he’ll be a while…
It is pretty much self-explanatory, isn’t it?
We need the Joy Peace Love Plate.
And the Starter Kit, of course. 
This is the linchpin of the whole process.
Tape the parchment to the Groovi Plate Mate.
Wipe with a tumble dryer sheet and emboss the word PEACE.
Then change the plate to the snowflake plate and move the snowflakes to find one pointing upwards, like so:

Emboss it.
I didn’t use the outside line.
No. 2 embossing tool, then back in with No. 1.
No. 1 being the smallest.

Pick another, smaller snowflake.
I’m just showing off now!
The detail is absurd.

Add the little rings to the snowflakes.
We want to hang them from Peace.

Next add the thread.
I love this way of using parts and elements.
Like the Lego analogy I used today.
Jim said it last week.
It’s like emptying a load of Lego onto the table 
and then selecting pieces to create something unique.

Now we have this, right?

Border next.
Here I used the Deckle edge on the long border.
Of course, you could now use the Deckle concentric squares we loaded and launched on our website yesterday!
And just so you know, the deckle on the nests is 
EXACTLY the same as the border deckle.
So they work perfectly together…
Anyway, where was I?
Deckle on all four sides.

Start adding snowflakes where you fancy, 
staying inside the frame you have just made.

Some with the star shapes, some without.

Couple of the little circles too…

Now for the outside border.
Straight line on border, from the deckle to the edge.
Straight lines, using the neighbouring pattern as you alignment guide.
Alignment. Long word for this time of night!
Just to stop you going wonky !!

All four sides.
Takes a while.
Fear not, I have already got another border in the pipeline 
which will be perfect for this kind of funky framing!

Colour in from behind using the Spectrum Noir Pencils.

Blues and teals.
I guess the best tin is the Oceanic one…
Colour in from behind.
Clamp the parchment piece between the hard side of the craft mat and the Groovi Plate Mate.
Stops you leaning on the work.

Attach it to some complimentary glitter card, using brads.

Mount on a white card.

What I love about getting Groovi is the playful aspect,
that I can mix n match.
And I also like that, although I have only been doing 
parchment craft for a month or so,
I am already getting some really neat results.

That spurs me on to do more, to practice more, 
to master the whitework and the shading. 
Soon I want to tackle the pricking and cutting.
(sounds painful!)
But not tonight.
By the way, have I told you just how grateful I am for your business and support?
How delighted we are that our new Groovi System 
is being so well received?
That also spurs me/us on, 
to come up with new and Groovi ideas!
Thank you.
But we won’t forget the stamps or the stencils. 
I promise.
Are you kidding??
I want to learn how to use stamps and parchment together!
One thing at a time though…
love and hugs,

50 thoughts on “Groovi TV Snowflakes Step by Step.

    1. Hi Rosalind. I am so disappointed that I am going to miss out. My little boy has a birthday party to go to & his dad's having to work so I'm booked elsewhere unfortunately. Have fun without me !!

  1. Fantastic show today. Loving the whole Groovi system and seeing where it goes. Very well done to the whole Clarity team, except DT samples, great inspiration from you all xx

  2. Loved the show – had to buy that and the Christmas plates and borders. Can't wait to play. I had better stock up on parchment to as I am sure the grandchildren are going to want to play too.

    (just a quick query can you buy the border plates separately, I only bought the one with the leaves down the middle at Crowborough – can see I now need the other one with the scallop)

    Mags x

  3. Enjoyed the show and I am full of admiration for the way you can concentrate and keep going for the two hours. Love how you made the snow flakes hang from the word peace it looks great. Another lovely set of wee folk too which are so useful for scrapbooking as well as card making. Thank you.

  4. I ordered the starter kit and another couple of the template packs from clarity they came last week but not opened them yet as I have to finish some parchment engagement card samples first.
    But can't wait to have a play got loads of ideas what to make with them. Like the look of the brand new ones as the different sizes in then will be a great asset and very handy.
    Will be getting them in a couple of weeks when I have the money for them.
    Well done Barbara and your team for another winner carry on the good work.

  5. Well done on a great show. Was laughing at you and Leonie talking about the dog named Dave! Glad I managed to get the snowflakes and the wee Christmas folk. Hope Dave (not the dog) managed to get his building under way ready for those new machines. Happy viewing, have you seen Big Hero 6? Well worth a watch! XX

  6. What a great show. I think everyone was having a bet on the timing of the first sellout. This parchment revolution has got me totally hooked back into the craft again, and I am enjoying improving all the aspects, including keeping the pricking line where I want it and then sitting snipping. I used to hate that bit, but I have learned to relax and enjoy it – mindfulness again! I now have four separate orders in at Clarity, but I am in no hurry (well, not really) and I am prepared to wait for such high quality products. It is all part of learning to relax more, instead of wanting everything immediately. Having tried out the Groovi plates, my daughter then ransacked all her craft equipment and old children's toys for anything that she could add to the mix, including an old original Spirograph, her daughter's nail embossing tools amongst others. She has been embossing ever since, whenever she gets a minute. Hope you and Dave enjoy your film. You both deserve it after such a hard working weekend. Take care. xxxx Maggie

  7. Hi Barbara
    I hope Dave found a film. I have the same dislikes as you. I loved the show and of course my sell out prediction was correct. I ordered the Groovi starter kit, extra plates and the borders and extra parchment from your shop yesterday so I am very excited and can't wait for my parcel to arrive. I am really looking forward to having a go.
    X Chris

  8. Barbara what a wonderful show 2hrs seems to go so fast, loving all the new groovi plates and the cute wee folk and Christmas stamps it's amazing how you come up with all these wonderful products have a restful night with Dave you both deserve chilling crafting hugs xxx

  9. Awesome product from an awesome company run by an awesome lady and her awesome team. I have two orders in at Clarity Towers just now and – unlike Maggie – I am impatient. I want all my goodies tomorrow. (Well ok Tuesday then!) Lol. Seriously though Barbara I didn't think Clarity could get any better but you went and proved me wrong. Well done on more sellouts and looking forward to more goodies. Mind you I am not sure my bank manager is too happy. Hey ho. xxxxxxxxxxx

  10. by the time i watched the show everything had sold out. loved the merry christmas on kraft card. that along with the thank you and christmas word chains and christmas wee folk are on my list. nothing much then, just about £80 worth! glad to hear you will not forget the stamps 😉 hugs xx

  11. Wow just loving groovi plate after getting starter plates was hooked so ordered Christmas plates since ordered two more orders for more waiting on my order from you as margerate said know today more I want due you know I was think of selling my parchment kit so glad I didn't as just loving it know and watching today mixing and matching of different platesind has blown thank you so much may have no money but am keeping busy just what I need love Joy xxx

  12. Barbara, how do you do it? You've driven to Peterborough did an amazing tv show, driven to your Mum & Dads, driven home and still find time to do a blog for us, you must be cream crackered. Thank you, I would just like to say how much we appreciate all your efforts. I bought the starter kit and more plates and parchment from Paul yesterday, and I still couldn't resist the snowflake one today. Thank heavens for birthday money!

  13. Hi Barbara, brilliant show this morning, and great to see you looking so healthy, happy and bursting with enthusiasm. Glad you were on with Leonie too, you make a good team, and I do like Leonie, she’s my favourite presenter. I’m enjoying this not sleeping much lark, if only my body didn’t mind too I’d happily not sleep much ever again! It meant I could watch your whole show, snuggled up in bed watching my favourite person, that’s you! 😉 Great new stamps and Groovi plates too, aye, they’ve all gone on my want list! I hope you had someone to help you set up and pack away and that you can have an easier day tomorrow to help you recover. Love this parchment artwork too, thanks for the step by step. I’ll be ordering my Groovi stuff very soon, once we've worked out what extra I’m getting, definitely the borders, they’re a must too. Hope you enjoy your film, although I think between you you’ve pretty much ruled out all genres!!! Take it easy tomorrow, both of you, love Brenda xx

  14. Great shows today, really enjoyed the demos and I have already placed an order for Groovi. Sounds like I am part of a big queue from these comments. Ah well, gives me time to finish up a few projects first which I must do as one of them is dad's birthday present due by 15th July. I'll contain my impatience and then reward myself with a play as soon as they arrive. Lovely, it will be the perfect excuse. P.S. Loved your Christmas ideas, the see folk and word chain are definitely on the wish list for next month and yes it will be great to see how stamps and parchment work together. Hope your film was great. Karen

  15. Hi Barb,
    Great shows today and so pleased that everything has been such a success for you after your doubts. Love the Christmas Groovi plates – they were my favourites. I have to say a really big well done to the Clarity Design Team because the samples today were absolutely stunning especially the parchment ones. I especially liked Dee's one, but they were all brilliant. I think Leonnie was well impressed with them and the whole Groovi experience. Thanks for everything, love Alison xx

  16. Well I've enjoyed the first half of your show and have the second part to watch tomorrow – had to get my new plants in the window boxes before the rain started this afternoon! Hope you found a film to watch – I can recommend The Imitation Game – really good and should avoid all the taboo genres, Susan x

  17. Hi Barbara
    Finally caught your program this afternoon and really enjoyed it, love it when you are on with Leoni she forgets she's on TV and becomes one of us wanting everything! Congratulations on all the sell outs, your demos and the samples were amazing and it's wonderful to see the next steps you are taking with colouring and embossing, makes me think I could do it too, just need the starter kit and about 6 plates and I'm away! I think we should all be like the queen and have 2 birthdays so we can buy lots of craft stuff don't you! Lovely to hear you had some quality time with your mum and dad today and now time with your lovely Dave. Yep I'm like you don't do the horror violent stuff but Julian will watch a chick flick occasionally just to please me. Hope you get a more relaxing day tomorrow.
    Love Diane xxxx

  18. Hello Barbara

    I really enjoyed the show today, thank you. Will be watching it again tomorrow with my friend. She tapes it and we watch the demos in detail and discuss it. An enjoyable afternoon with a dear friend.

    I have mixed some stamping with my Groovi plate (only simple greetings up to now) and have been pleased with the results.


  19. A lovely show today Barbara and so busy! I think these snowflakes are beautiful and what a clever idea to hang a couple from the word and love the deckle border and the pretty blues you have used to colour. This parchment system has really taken off and I can see why! I hope you enjoyed your film and had a relaxing evening. x

  20. I've just made my first Christmas card, I'm very pleased with it. How many more to go? I was thinking I would try white embossing a stamp, that should look good. X

  21. Hi Barbara
    Well the show was well worth waiting for fantastic lots more plates to get so i can get my christmas cards started !!.

    Could you answer me a question, when we colour in from behind with the Spectrum Noir pencils , would i get the same effect with Faber pencils?, . As i am looking for a strong colour when my card is complete. Sorry for asking such a silly question but just have to ask.
    You and your team deserve all the praise you are getting with this product its great what a wonderful idea this gives me all i have been trying to get to make great cards.

    Lynn xx

  22. Hi Barbara,
    it was a funny show as ever…
    I like the Christmas wee folks a lot.
    For stamping on parchment I know that the "Delicata Golden Glitz" works very well.
    Rolf xxx

  23. Hello Barb, what a fabulous step by step. Love the dimensional look of the snowflakes. Just superb. Have not watched the shows yet due to a crisis at home, so looking forward to watching when I get time in the week. Take care. Bx

  24. Loved the show as always, so entertaining and inspirational. I think my favourite was the blue ink background – so classy. Might have to have a go at recreating it. Although that might have to wait for cooler weather so the baby starts sleeping again and I get my crafty evenings back! Have a rest today, everyone at Clarity seems to have been dizzyingly busy with all these new products!

  25. Hi Barb, so glad that you have reviewed the 'Groovi'. I was so busy watching and trying figure just what and how soon after 10 .00am I was going to buy from the Clarity website that I'm sure I missed bits -as ever. Can hardly wait for my orders to come now and decide what I am going to buy next. Good job 'Grandparents duties' are coming for the summer so that I can give my bank account a rest! Thank you again for the 'repeat' in full detail. X

  26. Lovely show, lovely products and fabulous samples by you and your team. Just wondered what make of corner punch was used to attach parchment to backing in some of samples?

  27. The show sounds great; I've yet to see it. Hubby out tonight so I'm saving it up.
    I have just read your Newsletter for July and so agree with you about the naysaying parchment experts. There's no place for elitism in craft, especially when so many people find it therapeutic different levels. You've provided a service by making parchment craft accessible to all, and with such lovely designs. X

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