Leafy Swirl Stencil makes a great Impression….

Leafy Swirl Stencil makes a great Impression….

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Just a quick step by step today, 
using one of my all time favourite stencils:
Brilliant for using with the Gelli Plate, this one.
But today I want to use it with an E-Bosser, 
or Die-cutting machine.
Let’s take a look…
Place the stencil on a piece of copy paper and cover it with 
Black Soot Distress Ink using a brayer.
Here’s a piece of Gelli Card scrap.
I have been saving it for a special occasion.
I just walked a brayer around it using some Fresco Chalk Paints.

Put the card on the rubber embossing mat, paint side up. 
Place the stencil on the card, ink side down.

Run it through the embossing machine.
I used the following plate sequence:
From the bottom up
Perfect every time.

So easy, but so effective.
This is the back.

I find this a very elegant, arty technique.

Doesn’t need any more in my opinion.
I’ll just trim the edges;
they could do with being a little thinner.

Mount on an 8″ x 8″ white card.
Then go find the next piece of Gelli Paint scrap,
to have another go!!!!

Anyway, that’t all for now.
Dee and I are prepping the next U.S. TV shows,
scheduled for Wednesday night.
I really ought to get back and help!
Paul’s coming over at 6 too.
It’s all go here !!!
love and hugs,

54 thoughts on “Leafy Swirl Stencil makes a great Impression….

    1. They are from the 'Despicable Me' movies and they are little yellow minions who work for the villain. Its another animated film meant to be for children but hey ho I'm sure the young at heart count too! I would recommend watching the 2 Despicable Me movies is you can as they are really funny, I love the minions, even made my sister go on the minion ride when we went to Universal Studios back in April. Xx

    2. Ha, ha that's funny!!! Who's the adult in your classroom, because it sounds like you're just a big kid at heart!!!! 😉 I haven't heard of Despicable me either, told you I'm the dinosaur here, so out of the loop. I'm not good with animated movies, don't know if it's an autism thing or not, I tend to not 'get' them, but the odd one I do, I'll need to check this Despicable me stuff out! If you don't have human chat and don't get out there then you get left so behind and haven't a clue about most of what is happening, unless it's on the news. xx

    3. Meant to say – have fun, hope you've got your poke of sweets ready. Got to be a pick'n'mix of kids sweets for that movie, are you going to share them up here!!!! xx

    4. Big gummy worm heading your way!
      I like the pink shrimps made of that fluffy stuff but they don't have those 🙁 they only have the really heavy stuff like huge gummy shapes and fudge. Although the bonbons are rather tasty! Xx

    5. cola bottles, the shrimp things and the banana ones, what else, the pink chocolate, can't remember what else. Never had a gummy worm before!!! xx

    6. Yeah milk bottles are nice, not keen on the banana ones. They do have cola bottles, some have a coating on them that is really sour, makes your eyes water! Xx

    7. Donna I hope you enjoyed the film, now as you work in a classroom you call watching kids films research – you've got to know what they are talking about! We've just got back from Florida and yes we saw a minion at universal and yes my daughter had her photo taken with them. Her favourite comment of the holiday, mum I think I'm 8 today not 18! Although she was 18 when we got to Harry Potter bit, but a very excited 18 year old! Xxx

  1. Simple and elegant! Don't know when you find time to sleep with all the shows in different countries – thank goodness for a great team who can lend a helping hand! Susan x

  2. Hi Barbara, this is lovely, very gentle, thank you for sharing. I've got the big version of this stencil, not used it yet, so I've written down this idea on my, ever growing, artwork to try reminder list! Glad to hear you've got the troops helping you prepare for your USA TV shows. 🙂

    My club sale order came today, so I don't need to be scared any more that it's gone wrong. As I've said I'm happy to wait for longer for my orders, helping you out a tiny bit in my own wee way, so you can prioritise the orders of those folk that complain or, completely out of order, say not nice stuff about you and your company. And proper bonus, my club stamp and stencil came too :-), wasn't expecting that, usually mine comes a bit later in the month.

    I'm getting spoiled this week. Nicola somehow totally forgot she was going to be on holiday next week, only telling me last Wednesday. So she thought she'd offer me a visit this Thursday in her words "to soften the blow" of telling me at short notice. I wasn't minding, it's only a week, her two colleagues are working that week so I'm ok if something bad happens, and they need their holidays. But I'll take anything I can get eh!!! It was my scheduled phone call just now and I was telling her how down I am and how much stuff is really getting to me just now. So she's asked me if I'd like to go out for the time on Thursday, she can give me 3 hours, that's long enough for a short drive to the local country park and still have a decent amount of time outside there. Sssh, it's proper on the quiet, I hope no one finds out, I really don't want her getting into trouble just for me. I feel like crying because of the relief of getting away from here for a bit, and for her choosing to and wanting to do this for me, especially when she's not supposed to. I'm scared that something will happen to mean I don't to go, like it did last time. One of her fellow managers, that had been on maternity leave, has asked me if I'd like her to come for a wee visit with her wee girl, she's 17 months, on Friday. How good is that, she's giving up her own time and her husband is going to bring them and collect them as it's too awkward to get here from where they live by bus. We know each other, she was my worker for a bit several years ago, and helped out for a wee bit, after the really bad stuff happened, before she went on maternity leave. imagine them both doing these huge things for me, that's special, they must care about me so much. For some reason that makes me want to cry too. It's giving me really big good things to outweigh the huge mess the worker has made by yet again giving us so little notice of her planned annual leave, so I might be getting no garden visit, seeing no human at all next week. Nicola's trying to work something out. We're going to work out which Groovi products to order while we're out on Thursday.

    Love Brenda xx

    1. That sounds great! Getting out for a while will do you the world of good, different scenery to look at instead of the four walls! Its a hard choice which Groovi plates to get, I now want all the new ones too.
      Watching Wimbledon at the moment, love watching it every year. Phoebe isn't impressed though, she is beside me snoring loudly and obviously dreaming as she is twitching away! I'm sure she will wake up soon though as she will want her dinner! Xx

    2. Daisy likes ball sports, running fast etc. she likes to chase the balls /people. I've not been watching it much this year, going to and then, who knows what, but I end up seeing none!!! So she's been deprived of her entertainment and exercise!!! The budget will have happened by Thursday so we'll know if /what the Tories are planning to take off me this time, so that will help make the decision on how many I should get!!! xx

    3. Oooo well done, must remember to fill up the car with petrol before it goes up!! Hopefully you won't get hit too hard with cutbacks let's keep our fingers crossed xx

    4. Hi Brenda
      I will keep my fingers crossed for you that your trip out goes ahead and hopefully the weather will be sunny too so you get to feel the warmth on your face. How lovely to have another visit this week too, what a treat , now what will Daisy make of the little girl. Sleep well xxx

  3. Hi Barbara
    Simple but beautiful. I love that stencil. It was the 1st stencil I ever bought. I am getting my Gelli-plate out and waking him up! Are you taking Groovi to the U.S. They will love it.
    X Chris

  4. Oh Barbara I love this, love the stencil and the Gelli plate and the colours in the background. What a great technique, thank you for the plate order – I always seem to miss one and end up with nothing at all! Have fun in the US of A. xx Margaret Col.

  5. Hi Barbara, just catching up as found a WiFi , stilll here in France frying. Much too hot for me. Loved the snowflakes on parchment yesterday and the beautiful swirl stencil card today, simple but so effective. Think when I get home I'd better get another order in missing some great things while I've been away.xxx

  6. Hi Barbara, I love this stencil too and the card is lovely, so delicate! Would love to try it but only have a Cuttlebug at the moment so it will have to go in my projects waiting pile 🙂 Had a 'significant' birthday on Saturday so spent the whole weekend celebrating and had to record Sunday's show and have just watched it all. Wow, excellent and loved your dress, you looked very elegant Barbara!!

  7. Hi Barbara, I love this stencil too and the card is lovely, so delicate! Would love to try it but only have a Cuttlebug at the moment so it will have to go in my projects waiting pile 🙂 Had a 'significant' birthday on Saturday so spent the whole weekend celebrating and had to record Sunday's show and have just watched it all. Wow, excellent and loved your dress, you looked very elegant Barbara!!

  8. This stencil is lovely and swirls are always popular. I like the inked embossing and the gentle paint effect in the background, simple but elegant. I hope your US shows go well. x

  9. Love the leafy swirl stencil ang that was a lovely background you chose my kind of colours.Good luck with the US prep nice that your friends are helping you so you don't get to stressed……xx

  10. Barbara, you always come up with great ideas and make them look so simple. This is one I definitely want to try. Good luck with the US show. Remember to take some time out and conserve your energies.

  11. Ooh, I have that stencil, was my first must have, it's so pretty. So will be trying this in my Grand Calibur.

    Just been doing a groovi border card for a friend's new baby, groovi has become my "go to" technique when I need a quick card that I know will turn out well. I've done the border and name, will put the swirly sprigs in tomorrow hopefully.

    Don't know where you get the energy for all you're doing Barbara!

  12. Hi Barbara
    Love this Barbara and yes this is my favourite stencil too. Haven't tried embossing it with ink yet so must have a play. Now I wonder if the inky waste will be making an appearance one day. Just had a thought, wonder what the stencil would look like if you put it through your embosser with a piece of parchment? Might be interesting but might crinkle up – might try, it's only a big of paper at the end of the day .
    Good luck with the US shows, I'm still on Florida time so may even watch them!
    Love Diane xxx

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