Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
It’s so sunny out there, we really ought to make the most of it.
But I wanted to share the latest with you.
When we were in France, the Groovi experts, 
aka Maria and Sylvia,
mentioned that we really should have some concentric shapes
 for framing. I wholeheartedly agreed with them, 
because I had also noticed that it’s all very lovely 
embossing the fab Groovi Designs on A5 parchment,
but then what?
The Borders and Edgers are great, but require a bit of eye-balling, and wouldn’t it be so much easier if we had a ready made frame, which we could simply put in place in which to then create our designs?
Jim has been busily constructing and preparing these for us:
Far enough apart that you can add detail in between two sizes.
Then we decided that this might work well too…
that this fine netting would make a superb background,
and Mel’s carp fish were a must make!
Finally, to round off the new Groovi Wave of plates and ideas,
we made these two exceedingly useful extension borders:
One has the months of the year, numbers 0-9 and Dates,
the other sports The Whole Family.
These ones are particularly cool.
The font is very delicate and has a lovely modern flourish.
So you can write any birthday, 
anniversary or special date for any member of the family!

It works beautifully with the little ABC on the Bunting border too.
So that’s it.
Now we’ve got the shapes and apertures down, 
we can go back to the Groovi more intricate designs.
These were all loaded onto our Clarity website this morning.
Will they be on TV tomorrow? No.
 But I will have some beautiful snowflakes to show you !
They just take so long to make! Worth it though.
Must go and pack the car and skedaddle up to Peterborough.
I’m on my own there this weekend.
Dave is busy making these new plates! 
Oh, and building a machine room for the next 3 laser machines which are arriving next week!!!!
love and hugs,


    1. I keep trying to have craft free months – spending wise – but you seem to have other ideas!! These will gave to wait a (short) while but I have added them to my birthday list so you never know!

  1. Wow Barbara stunning set of groovi plates,spoilt for choice favourites the deckle ones ,so looking forward to tomorrow's show to see the snowflakes and the new wee folks and merry Christmas stamp set .can just see my wish list getting longer and longer have a safe journey and a fun show hugs xxx

  2. Hi Barbara
    The framers and words will be so useful. See you on TV tomorrow. I hope you are with Dean as you work so well together. I predict early sell-outs.
    X Chris

  3. Hi Barb,

    so many beautiful things and when did you deliver the gold donkey or the gold pot at the end of the rainbow … I'm search and search and I'm not find them.;-)
    I wish you tomorrow a great show.

    Greetings from Sabine:-)

  4. An absolute brilliant invention barbara. I was very lucky this morning. I popped to rushden this morning and low and behold there was Paul Curch! Such a lovely guy, I shoed him my makes and he gave me some tips as my hand keeps hurting. Maybe I'm pressing too hard but I do enjoy doing it so will persevere.
    Love n hugs

  5. Yes I agree it will be an early sell out. Hope you have a super show and I am so pleased I shall be at home and able to watch it. Can't believe how many different frames you have come up with. I shall have to save even harder now but then the best things are worth waiting for.

  6. What perfect additions to the groovi family. Would dearly love to craft with these as I'm loving my groovi kit. Unfortunately, I'm still on no pay & no benefits so they will all have to wait until my ******** boss believes my doctors certificate & let's me return to work so I get paid again. Really annoying when I've worked so hard to recover from my surgery. The good thing about Clarity is that I know you will never sell out because of your fantastic customer service. It may take a while sometimes but that's because you'll make it to order if you have none in stock. Looking forward to the show tomorrow. Safe journey. Love & hugs Jeanette xx

  7. Hi Barb,
    Absolutely brilliant idea! Loving the deckle edged framers and the numbers and family members. In fact if I'm truthful, I just love (& want) them all. One question, does the Crafters Companion spray ( the red one) work to attach vellum?
    Have a great show tomorrow although you might not last the 2 hours methinks! Love Alison xx

  8. Hi Barb more great useful things thank you! , treated myself to a couple the rest need to wait to pay day! Could you think about adding a groovi border plate mate to the collection ( plate with a hole in it to slip in the borders ) looking forward to tomorrow's shows and demos travel safe. Lots of love Jx

  9. I have to put my hands up. As a parchment crafter I was not convinced that the Groovi was for me but I bought the Plate Mate because I wanted the modern take on an alphabet. Todays' designs are the 'sealer' for me. The font is gorgeous & the shapes perfect for any parchment crafter. I've ordered some. Just wish I could afford more.

  10. Well Barbara, my Groovi want/need list has just multiplied greatly!!! You’ve, in an instant, made my decision making on which plates I’ll need to get first a whole lot harder!!! Maybe I need to start buying lottery tickets, mind you with the bad luck I’ve been graced with, I’d be quicker saving up the money I’d be spending on the tickets!!! I don’t think you need to be worrying about how much your 3 new laser machines are costing, I’ve got a funny feeling they’re going to pay for themselves and some! 😉 Can I just say thank you soo much for selling these new plates individually, for us that can’t have lots, it will allow us to pick and choose our best options, to get the most out of what we can have, as well as making it easier to buy one occasionally. 🙂 I can’t decide which of you have the better deal this weekend, you driving to Peterborough and back or Dave stuck in a room churning out Groovi plates! Dave, I guess, since he gets to sleep in his own bed instead of a hotel, unless he’s doing all nighter’s again!!! Love Brenda xx
    p.s. Please can you add to your to do Groovi plate list generic words /sentiments in that lovely font, thank you 😉

    Hi Donna, what are you up to this weekend?

  11. My Clarity order arrived this morning, with all my new Groovi plates!!!!! Yay!! There I was sitting smugly thinking I was now up to date ( having already ordered the snowflakes from tomorrows show…..shhhh) now look what you've done! I really need to win the lottery so I can order all the Clarity list that is building up.
    I had to get my Groovi out and give it a whirl……………..LOVE it already, so easy to create stunning line art. My shading needs some work though as I got too enthusiastic and tore my moon 🙁 but hey ho lesson learned! I think I will make some parchment screens for the lantern on the patio. It has a candle inside and the glass doesn't get too hot. Hmmmmm now where did I bury my parchment kit from years ago with my snipping scissors???? XX

    1. Hi Donna glad you have got your groovi its brilliant isn't it I think I'm going into the clarity AA club again as I've ordered the hugs word set this week and now I can feel another order coming on tomorrow lots of hugs xxx
      Do you know if Dorothy is ok as haven't seen any messages an the blog for a couple of days ?

  12. Oooo how strange I was just posting a message for Barbara and then I was going to post to you! Brenda, you have to get in the Groove. It is so simple to do, no extra pressure required as you can retrace the lines if needed. Everything lines up so brilliantly with the Groovi plate mate that you can stop and start without having to realign the design. If you slip out of the channel the parchment doesn't mark which is a relief ( as I did this a few times). The designs are easy to follow especially if you place a piece of dark paper underneath, I used the packaging. My first go this afternoon so I just used the two plates in the starter kit, I think you will like how 'clean' the designs look once they are embossed. Did try a little shading, but that needs a bit more practice and hints from Barbara! Xx

    1. Thank you Donna, very good of you :-). Yeah time to stop prevaricating eh!!! I've been starting to worry a wee bit that this is something else I'm getting left behind in, in that Barbara and you guys are learning and I'm going to have to play catch up and I think you'll have realised by now how hard that is for me! I'll talk to Nicola when she phones on Monday and see if she can help me work out what plates to get first. It's good to hear you sounding happy/excited again, even if it is just for short intervals. I'm worrying about something else now, I placed an order from the club sale nearly 2 weeks ago, do you think I need to be worrying it's gone missing? Your Groovi order was less time than that, or maybe they are just prioritising Groovi orders just now? I don't mind waiting longer on orders, I'm just worrying, as usual doing my Asperger's 'what if'!!!

      I'm feeling a bit rubbish just now, in almost a year, since the Comm Games I've only been allowed out of here for 2 hours! Half an hour last year to take Daisy to the vet and the 1 1/2 hours in May to get me and Daisy away from the noise of the cavity wall insulation, that's it, despite me always asking! And this is holiday season for most folk, even if they are not going away, and I've had no break at all from any of it for nearly a year. This on top of all the isolation of no people and all the service and other issues and bad stuff. Just feel like crying most of the time. Just wish I could have a wee bit of what you all have in life. See, I am a bad person, I'm feeling like this for me while all those people in Tunisia and the Greeks and those in the Middle East, Africa, loads of places are suffering more than me. And I do feel so sad for them and helpless and find it totally incomprehensible, and then I feel bad and guilty for feeling this down and upset for myself!

      On the upside for the first time in ages the worker never said or did anything bad or wrong yesterday. Trying to not feel upbeat about it though, as this has happened before with previous ones and it's only lasted a week. But maybe all the hard effort and time I've put into trying to get her to see /understand and take on board general things about how she should be conducting herself and viewing us service users has finally got somewhere. Nicola has been reinforcing everything I've been saying in between times too, so maybe between us we're starting to get there. That would be helpful, as the new one will be joining in soon and I was worrying how I was going to handle 2 of them causing problems. She even gave me a wee bit extra time yesterday from her own time, she said she wanted to make up a bit for what's been happening in the previous weeks, that's impressive/a good sign eh?

      I read this morning another person with autism says "we are not broken computers, we are different operating systems". A better way of saying it than my "brains wired differently". But society expects us to change to work and be like normal people, but it's not possible, we can't, at best I pretend to be normal but then I don't know what I am doing so it can very easily go veeeeery wrong! But if you don't pretend to be like normal people then society either doesn't want to know or makes fun of /uses /abuses. Not saying all society, obviously you guys on here have warmly accepted and encouraged me and have had only good things to say about me. And Nicola and the good people I've had helping in the past, and my brother's not bad for a guy, he tries in his own way, just busy leading his own life and that's fine, I wouldn't want him not to.

      I was supposed to craft this afternoon, had plenty of time, done none, and no idea what I have done instead! So I'm going to try now, I hate all this time I'm wasting endlessly doing nothing. Anyway what are you up to, is this a Groovi weekend?
      the thunder and lightning bypassed us last night 🙂 xx

    2. Oh Brenda I wish I lived closer so I could come and see you, give you a hug and tell you its OK to be you. I can tell just by talking to you on here that you are a warm caring person so don't feel bad about thinking of yourself especially if times are a bit rough at the moment. I'm sure your order will arrive soon, I know they have been busy lately, and you could be right about them trying to catch up on Groovi orders.
      Sounds promising that you are having a better time with your workers, sometimes it just takes a while for the message to drip feed through. Fingers crossed that it continues to be positive.
      As for the Groovi, you will catch on quickly when you get yours. I really like the meadow grass plate, but you could always just get the starter kit as it comes with two plates so you can give it a try. I think you will like the calmness it creates.
      We had storms here last night, thunder and rain. Obviously was my turn to hug the torch! Xx

    3. Oh dear Brenda, sounds like you feeling very down. Can you at least go outside in your garden, get some of the lovely sunshine. Not sure what you are capable of. I can understand you wanting to get away from routine. Please try the Groovi plate, very relaxing. As Donna suggests try the starter kit and see how you get on. xx .

    4. Thank you Donna for your lovely words. I wished we lived closer too. How scary would that be, but good once the initial scary bit was over. I do keep looking at the meadow grass set too, was a bit worried it would be too busy for me in my head but then Barbara isolated bits off. Yeah, I could tell Barbara was really calming down from her voice while she was doing it on the last youtube. I do still think it is Mindfulness my way and you've helped reinforce that for me, thanks 🙂 Where did Phoebe and Cleo hide, do they hide together or in their own bolt holes? It's scary isn't it, nature can be very violent when she wants to be! I once saw a parchment show and instead of pricking and using the scissors to cut it out, if I remember right the person pricked it with a special tool and then gently tore it apart like a postage stamp, you know when you used to get them, in the old days!!!, when you had to tear each one off and lick it to stick it. That would be a lot easier, and how I'll want to do it. (Barbara, is it possible for you to source the tool for us? 😉 ) Enjoy playing with your Groovi, hope you don't run out of parchment!!! Big hugs, love Brenda xx

    5. Thank you Lynne for caring 🙂 I'm very very agoraphobic and social phobic (fear of people) so unfortunately I can't go over the doorstep on my own. Thanks for your encouragement re the Groovi plate too :-). I'm definitely going to get it soon xx

    6. Cor that's going back a bit, postage stamps you had to lick! I remember my step dad when they were new didn't realise it was self adhesive and got it stuck to his lip! We did laugh as he tried to pull it off 🙂
      Hopefully only scary for the first hug and then it would be like we had always know each other! Xx

    7. Sorry meant to say that Cleo usually hides behind the sofa, and as for Phoebe, well she never even seems to notice! Doesn't get scared, not even on firework night. Which is the best way really. Poor Cleo though gets very upset by loud noises, so being the sofa is her hiding place, she squeezes herself into the space and when its all over she appears again. Xx

    8. That's made me laugh, your step dad with the self adhesive stamps. Wow, Phoebe must feel so secure not to get scared. When I moved to my last place, for some reason the cat I had then who was never phased with new or people decided to hide behind the sofa. I'm not joking she spent a large part of a week behind there, I had to put her food and water at the end of the gap so she'd eat and drink, she only came out to use the litter tray, didn't even come out for treats, I was so worried. If you don't mind me asking, why are you scared to go to one of Barbara's open days? I can understand about her retreats because you'd be doing arty stuff there, but you're only watching at an open day. By the way if me and Nicola can ever get permission for her to take me to one of Barbara's retreats, you've got to come too, that's the rules! xx

    9. Hi Brenda it's not a good time for you sending a big hug your way if it's any consolation I've been having a few very bad days had to ring my G.P as couldn't understand why I was feeling as I was I know the hot weather is not good for me he was very helpful said it could be my C.F.S./ME or my diabeties and to keep him posted ,it's very hard to understand our illnesses it's bad enough having one without having a few fighting against each other I don't have Aspergers but knowing how you explain how you feel on this blog it cannot be easy to cope on a daily basis I do suffer from depression and reading Barbara's daily blog gives me some comfort each day knowing we are not alone and many of us clarity followers have our daily struggles.
      You order your groovi starter kit it will help you as Donna said its so easy to use I've done a few but haven't coloured them in they look good not coloured , I did the meadow it's beautiful to do I even coloured it in with my spectrum noir pencils .its such a beautiful starting pack you will find it helpful in many ways .i haven't been able to groovi for a few days and I'm in withdrawal already .if you can on Monday give clarity a ring as I ordered my members sale parcel about same times as you and I got mine early in this week it might be stuck in the post but clarity towers will tell you when it was posted as they are very helpful at clarity towers and won't mind checking so don't be frightened to ring them .you take care hope tomorrow is a better day for us both big teddy hugs xxx

    10. Hi Brenda – sorry you're feeling so low at the moment, but I'm pleased that it's working out better for you with your support workers, and really hope that the new person suits you too when they start. It's really hard for anyone to let a stranger come into their home to help out for any reason, and it takes a while for that feeling to go, and to get them to work the way you want them to – we've had to have some help with cleaning this year, and I've really struggled with the decision to get help, but it's working out well enough now (they started in March!!!). Take care of yourself, Susan x

    11. Thank you Sheila and sorry to hear you've been more poorly. Hope it starts to lift soon. With CFS having a delayed reaction most of the time and being affected by emotional stuff as well as practical it can often be impossible to pinpoint a drop in health to one thing. I tend to just go 'who knows' when I get more ill, can't change it, so no use worrying about it eh. I agree, I don't know where Id be without Barbara and this blog of hers and all you lovely people, with us all supporting each other. I bet Barbara never envisaged this when she embarked on making this blog 🙂 If my order doesn't com on Monday I'll maybe send a wee email to check it's not gone missing in the post or something. I wouldn't like anyone thinking I'm hassling them or anything, but I can say something like that so they know I'm not. Big hugs back xx

      I've just had to deal with a wee visitor – a field mouse, I found it in the kitchen cupboard that the boiler is in. Daisy's food is also in there, but I've no idea how it got into the building as the holes in the vents are too wee, and the hole in the rendering (on the to do list!) was filled in by the cavity wall people, I can't think where else it could have got in. Anyway, as you can guess it was Daisy's behaviour that drew my attention to there being something not right! I caught it in a Tupperware tub, poor wee thing was terrified. Obviously I don't have anyone to relocate it anywhere for me so I just had to let it go out the back door. Hopefully it will have been too terrifying an experience for it to think about coming back! I shut Daisy out the kitchen while I caught it, don't think she realises I've spoiled her fun yet as she's still sat there intently looking, guess she'll not be sleeping beside me tonight!!! I might take Daisy's food out of there for a bit just in case it comes back, then it'll see there's nothing for it to eat. Is it true that they eat cables and stuff, do I need to be worrying if it's living under the floor or something, does anyone know?

    12. Thank you Susan, yeah I hadn't thought of that, that anyone you employ is literally a total stranger in your home, all your guests are total strangers in your home really. It's good to know that someone else gets it, what it's like to have to do it. And for me I've got to let them know every detail about me, all my problems all very personal stuff that very few people would tell strangers and I was a very private person so it's been a huge effort to change into being upfront open and honest about all these very personal things. I've kind of turned it into the opposite for me with all the harm and problems they've been doing, the only things I can protect of me from them are things like craft, when it was my birthday, anything I get to have with Nicola etc. These are the only things I have left, that they don't need to know to provide me with the support and help they are supposed to, so these are the things I don't talk about, don't answer if they ask etc. Just so I have something left intact of me, although they've already robbed me of my craft, but I'm still fighting hard to get back to doing it. What you've said gives something to hold onto, that maybe this current worker will start doing what she's supposed to now despite it taking a few months and all that effort from me. Thanks Susan xx

    13. Hi Brenda and friends been a bit busy wi Granny Helping oot which will be ongoing now as the schools here finished for the summer yesterday afternoon.
      Don't mind at all in fact I'm loving it I so need to be needed if you know what I mean…….xxx

    14. Hi, sorry internet playing up! Seems to be OK now, probably the storm. The reason I havent been to a Clarity open day, hummmm don't laugh I know it sounds strange but I'm too shy to! God that sounds so pathetic! I have been to shows at Alexandra Palace but they are so busy that you can buy your products, watch a demo and slip off unnoticed! I think that's why I enjoy chatting on here so much, I can be myself without worrying. Xx

      I will make that deal with you! If you can manage to get to a retreat knowing how hard that will be for you and how much you will have to overcome, I will do it too! Aaagh OK deap breaths!! Xx

    15. I so wish I could be there for you as I have found that any support help needed is all down to budget and money which I find really sad that people who genially need the support suffer. We have managed to get Amy's school changed from open plan to old fashioned classroom style which will help I think with her sensory problems I know you will understand this and she seems a lot happier since the last 2 weeks she has been going there they have even got her to the swimming pool and she is loving it.
      If ever Nicola gets The OK to get you to a Clarity retreat let me know as I for one would be there for you I'm a bit scared to travel on my own but I would do it for you in a heartbeat my friend…take care…Dot…xx

    16. Haaa I can see it now, a retreat of gibbering wrecks! Barbara would roll her eyes and have to slap us round the face with a wet paint brush! Laughing at the thought of it XX

    17. See that, I try to be good and do a wee bit craft and I miss out on all the fun here!!!
      Right you two, that's a deal, and I very rarely forget anything!!! Wow, that's massive what you both are prepared to do for me, you've no idea what that means to me :-). Donna of course I'm not laughing, you can't help who you are, you can only try your best to overcome your personal issues, that's all any of us can hope to do in life. It's amazing you manage what you do being that shy. You too Dot, even at my best I wouldn't have been travelling anywhere on my own! Maybe I'll need to share Nicola out a bit, in between when I'm most needing her!!!! Me thinks oor Barb would cope nae bother a taw with us 3 ;-). On the Clarity AA front, well I must have fallen off the wagon the furthest – the club sale order 2 weeks ago, a couple of the word chains in last weeks sale, and Groovi this coming week! Barbara, what are you doing to me!!!! I better not get used to this, or better still we need to get going with me trying to sell craft stuff to fund it!!! And for that I need to get making, might be another incentive to keep working as hard as I can at getting me back into crafting properly. Yes Dot I do know exactly what you mean about the classroom layout, I'd never have coped with the modern style and with the walls all covered in all sorts and all the bright colours everywhere, classrooms these days are so not autism friendly. Glad you're enjoying looking after your grandkids 🙂 I know what you mean about needing to be needed too, I feel that one bad, we all need some sort of purpose, some sort of being needed and wanted. I'm glad Amy is starting to feel happier in herself. With getting this early diagnosis and intervention, and with a family like you round her, she's going to be able to reach her full potential in life, whatever that may be and be as happy as is possible for her :-). Just thought Donna, you went to a show, bought products, watched demos and didn't say hello to Barbara! That makes me feel sad for you. You must have some strength to do your career and go on holiday etc. while feeling this shy, Massive pat on the back for you mrs 🙂 Big hugs to both of you, and I better get to bed, after I've checked to see if the mouse has returned, Daisy has been looking at the floor and skirting board in the kitchen which is making me think the mouse must be under there! It probably ran round the corner and right back in wherever it is getting in!!!! I think this is turning into another problem to add to Nicola's updated to do list!!! xx

    18. Been to the show twice and neither time said anything to Barbara, which I feel bad about! Its easier the more people there are as I can just do my own thing and not have to talk to anyone. Holidays are OK too as even if I have to talk to anyone, my mind is saying its OK you are never going to see this person again just do it! Work, hmmmm there is harder, never a problem with a class full of children, but talking in front of adults fills me with dread, over the years I have got better at making myself do it. I think my work self is very different to the real me. Xx

    19. Oh Donna, sounds like you've got extreme shyness you poor soul. But a massive pat on the back for achieving and managing as well as you do. I find it easier with fewer people but that's my Asperger's, I'm totally missing the bit in my brain that you guys have for the social stuff so I really struggle big time even if just more than one other person! From when I was tiny I just had to get on and do it, talking to people and interacting, no matter what, the consequences /fear of not doing so outweighed doing it. Hence the huge mess I'm in in my head as an adult! It wouldn't be appropriate to explain here, (but you may be able to guess in general terms). I'm like you too, kids nae worries, love them, adults, they're the problem! Thanks for explaining :-). We could make a good team – you can interpret /tell me what words to say, stay beside me, and I'll say it for us, how's that! 😉 xx

  13. Hi Barbara,
    Well, what can I say but wow, wow, wow, wow……..I am loving all the plates and boarders which I have already bought, especially the little ABC & bunting boarders but I don't just want the calendar and relatives boarders I NEED them.
    When I was making the birthday card I posted on Facebook today, (by the way, thank you for your comments, it meant a lot), I was going to write 'Daughter' but after doing all the other work, I was worried I would mess it up. The relatives boarder would have been perfect, in fact all of these are perfect, I tried using my circle stencil, like you showed us on C & C but I slipped and punctured the parchment……there were a few choose words, I can tell you!!!!!! LOL.
    I think I am going to have to raid my savings account for some of the borders, and give my family a very long birthday wish list for the plates.
    I'm looking forward to watching you tomorrow, take care driving up and down from Peterborough.
    Love Sally xx

  14. Hi Barbara
    Looking forward to seeing all the new plates and loving the shapes plates too.Will be watching tomorrow and placing my order with you tomorrow.
    I've no idea where you find the time to do all the things you do.

  15. I was just trying to work out the other day if I could use the letterbox boxes to get a right angle to do a non-wonky border – you have pre-empted me! And the smaller shapes will make lovely plaques for sentiments or names. How to choose which frames to get?!? I've also had a little peek at the snowflake plates – gorgeous, want them too! Just had a birthday so have to start the Christmas wish list.
    Hope it all goes all tomorrow – the shows are set to record!

  16. Oh boy, I need a new bag for all these new goodies. My existing Pergamano bag is overstuffed now. What a great selection of new plates, and that is before we see what you have for us tomorrow. This really is a brilliant system and so well thought out. It just works fantastically for beginner and more experienced alike. Have a good journey to Peterborough and a great show tomorrow. xxx Maggie
    PS Just got home after a lovely class with Maria. Lots to sit and finish off over the next couple of days.

  17. Crying here Barb. I already have two orders I need more and I know I will want at least the wee Christmas folk sob sob sob…….superb invention xxxx

    1. It is even worse for me, Linda, having come back from Maria's workshop today. It is not just a want but a downright NEED! I think this makes three orders in for me and tomorrow still to come. Barbara, please can you supply us with Clarity boxes of tissues as well? xxx Maggie

  18. Crying here Barb. I already have two orders I need more and I know I will want at least the wee Christmas folk sob sob sob…….superb invention xxxx

  19. Oh crumbs, so many lovely new items. I can't have them all just yet but wonderful additions. Groovi plate is brilliant. Safe journey to Peterborough, hope roads are not too busy. xx

  20. Hi, I have now received my Groovi plate, how wonderful!!! such crisp outlines without having to do the pen and ink first. I love the Christmas snowflakes – definitely a must have and so many variations you can use. I also love the Christmas wee folk – more to add to my collection…. My mum want to have a go at the Groovi plates and will be spending some time with me next Sunday and can't wait to show her what can be achieved… excellent outcomes all round… Am really looking forward to the show tomorrow whilst I do the ironing… my husband likes to watch it too!! he has no choice really…. Hope all goes well with the installation of the new machinery xxxx

  21. Hi Barbara
    Oh look at these lovely new plates, aren't they fantastic. I will have to start saving my pennies to buy the starter kit. The family words look beautiful, I presume it's your mum and dad's anniversary in September? Safe journey to Peterborough and I hope the show goes well, I will try to watch on catch up as our plane doesn't land until 7.30. I hope Dave gets on well with the building work, think you will both need a take away tomorrow night!
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  22. What a clever idea, and such a lovely font for those family words. Looking forward to seeing your shows on TV tomorrow, although it will have to be the recordings for me as I'll be really busy until the afternoon. Good luck and hope everything goes smoothly for you, Susan x

  23. Hello Barbara

    The framers are a great idea. Paul told me about them this afternoon and also gave me a sneak peek at the Christmas plates. Looking forward to tomorrow morning.


  24. Hello Barb, what perfect additions to the Groovi family, it looks like many of your followers are getting into the 'groove'. Mine will have to wait a bit longer unfortunately. Looking forward to the show in a few minutes time. Take care all. Have a great day. Bx

  25. Wow, you have been busy Barbara, lots more Groovi goodies and I think your three new laser machines will be well worth the investment! I have just finished watching you on C & C and it was another great show and the Groovi gear flew out the door. The new framers in all those different shapes will work perfectly and how speedy you have been to get them designed and made in such a short time! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. x

  26. Enjoyed the whole show today Barb, totally engrossed for the two hours. Much prefer Leonie, (she doesn't talk over you and nearly has her nose on the desk whilst you're crafting -love her). Been on Clarity website spent loads, broke now again. All Groovie apart from the wee people. I'm definitely locked into Groovie. Thank you for a really good show.

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