Shepherd’s Purse: Weed or Flower?

Shepherd’s Purse: Weed or Flower?

Happy Bank Holiday Monday!
The suns shining in through the window,
the bluebells are a-ringing in the woods,
but I just wanted to share a quick step-by step with you 
from yesterday’s TV show.
It’s using the new Shepherd’s Purse stamps
which Mandy drew for us.
They are so lovely to use!
Weed or flower?
Apparently it’s a weed, but 
one man’s weed is another man’s flower.
Cut a 7″ x 7″ piece of Gelli Card back to 6″ x 6″
and run low-tack masking tape around all 4 sides.
Add a square Post-It where you would like to see the aperture.
Using a couple of our Clarity Stencil Brushes,
dust Evergreen Bough and Picked Raspberry Distress inks
into the opening.
The longer you do it, the darker the colour will get!

Move the Post-It down, so that when we stamp the plant into place, 

it looks as though it’s tucked in behind.
Use Black Archival to do the job…

There we are, all three in place.
You can bend them in different ways on the mounts.
If you look back to the stamp set above, 
you will see how they actually come.

Colour the flowers in with Spectrum Noir pencils.
We have a great offer on them:

Using a black micron pen
draw two lines freehand around both edges.
Then colour them in.
This really transforms the boxes.

Layering up the card on more black lined card 
makes the flowers pop too.

And finally, using a grey pencil to add shadow around the outside  of the white box gives that 3-D effect we always like.

So what shall we put in the box?
Well there’s the latin words for a start.
It comes with the stamp set.
I think a little landscape with our old torn paper hills 
would look lovely.
Or we could turn it into a Save the Date card,
using the Wee Folk Wedding Set 

But now I have a date with Dave.
We are going for a walk through the bluebells,
before they are gone for another year.
Carpe Diem, I think it’s called; seize the day.
Which is what we are trying to do, isn’t it? 
Stay in the day, in the now.
Wednesday’s blog is about that, remember? 
Mindful Wednesday?
How’s your teapot coming on?
I want to complete mine this evening. 
I am looking forward to a colouring in session….
When you have done your teapot 
(see last week’s Wednesday blog for the FREE colouring in download)
Please email me a pic of it. I have a plan….
much love,

53 thoughts on “Shepherd’s Purse: Weed or Flower?

  1. Wildflower Barbara….That's how I see them! This was such a lovely demo on Sunday. A very lovely card and another lovely design by Amanda. Enjoy your walk with Dave…might try to get Alex to come with me as he has given himself the day off…and the sun is shining too.. Have fun xx

  2. A lovely demo and I agree with Emma – it's a wildflower. I sat colouring my teapot last night – not finished yet. Enjoy your walk through the bluebells – we are thinking of doing the same later.

  3. I agree Emma – a wild flower! Love the aperture idea – will be borrowing that one for sure. I should go for a walk, or weed the garden, but I've sent my OH out to take some photographs of the Fairy Pools, so I can have a day of uninterrupted crafting!!! Can't wait…. Susan x

    1. Thank you very much for answering my flour query. Unfortunately this is the one I've tried which I'm having trouble with, I'll just have to go down the route of milling my own. Thanks anyway, much appreciated love Brenda xx

    2. Not a bother Brenda – what a shame though. Glad your cfs is better today though – I'm just about to go and start colouring my teapot, and I'll just close my eyes to the dust and bits on the floor, as I'll only make more mess! X

  4. Just come in from sitting out in the garden trying to catch a little bit of sunshine and watching the "garden birds" on the feeder. Really wanted to walk in the woods to look for bluebell but my backs not quite up to that yet, hopefully they'll still be there next week as everything's a little bit later up here.
    So pleased to see your blog is showing this Shepherd's Purse art again. I loved this on yesterday's show, the colours are so cheerful and uplifting and Amanda's stamp design is delightful. I made a start on my teapot last night and plan to go and do some more when I've finished writing this. I'm focussing on one section at a time as you suggested and it's been most relaxing and enjoyable. I'm looking forward to when the book comes out.
    Hope you enjoyed your walk among the bluebell with Dave. Love Jeanette xx

  5. Lovely set of stamps for my 'I want' list. Enjoying colouring the teapot but I do get frustrated with myself for spending too much time dithering over which colour to use!

  6. The shepherds purse always reminds me of my days at infants school. They used to grow in the garden and we called them fairy purses. Me and my friends were convinced it was the fairies who used to come and pick them, so I can see a shepherds purse and wee folk fairy card in my head. Enjoy your walk, it's a lovely day in Kent today isn't it. A walk among the bluebells sounds idyllic.

  7. I don't think it matters what it is. I have lots if wildflower in my garden that my mum keeps telling me are weeds. But I like them so they stay. I love this stamp set it's so pretty and versatile.
    Enjoy your walk. Xx

  8. A weed is a flower growing in the wrong place… Well that's what my Mum told me! Thank you Barbara for the opportunity to design a set of stamps, it's so rewarding seeing what the design team made of them, and now I can look forward to seeing what our friends do with them!

    Mark and I were up with the birds this morning, we are fortunate to live on the edge of Charnwood Forest. The Bluebells were perfect for shooting! Enjoy your day! Xxx

  9. Love the floral stamps so this one went in my basket along with the silk bouquet with those beautiful peonies. My teapot is coming along, Need to catch up on yesterday or Brenda will be tutting at me! 😉 XX

    1. Try, breathing a sigh of relief that I might get a day off while you catch up, so I can do something I should be doing instead!!! I know Barbara, carpe diem and mindfulness, but when all my head knows is to achieve, produce an end result that there's a concrete reason for and so little time in a day when I seem to manage it….. Me thinks it's going to be nigh on impossible for me to learn your mindfulness and doing something just because, but I can keep trying… Take your time Donna, I've still not even done today's chore 😉 xx

    2. Keep going Brenda. You will achieve an end result, especially with all the help Donna is giving you. Not finished my teapot yet, so plenty of time. xx

  10. Lovely, think I must get these. I've come in to work (ok I know I've retired!) for a few hours of peace and quiet handover. Want to get back home to put some hardy fuschias in, carry on making thank you cards (I started one last night following the blog you did with the Thank You stamp – thank goodness for the search facility on here!) and then I must work on that teapot – haven't had time yet!!

    Have a lovely walk in the bluebells! xxx

  11. Hi Barb,
    I'm so pleased that you did the step by step instructions for this as I loved it when you were doing it yesterday.mthe frame is lovely and really pops when you put the gray pencil underneath. The shepherds purse stamp is beautiful and one that I will have to get but will have to wait till next month I think! Enjoy your walk with Dave, I'm off to the hospice to see my lovely aunt. Love to all, Alison xx

  12. Hi Barbara, love this frame idea, making something flat that looks 3D is my kind of thing. I don't do all the building up of layers and loads of embellishing stuff, so I'll definitely be having a go at this and seeing what I can do with it myself, thank you :-). Most definitely a flower, but then I grow wildflowers every year and have been known to take photos of 'weeds' that are growing at the wall edge of pavements! In my defence, we do seem to have different species of weeds here!!! It's the pesky dandelions, those are the weeds! And my front grass are full of them, a combination of being surrounded by some unkempt gardens and not having the time to weed them out, that's a worker job :-(. Right I better get my housework done (I hate it when I see it's this late and I've still done nothing, a whole half the day totally gone and wasted, spent in bed 🙁 ) And it's craft room today, and it's a tip, the floor is covered in stuff, so I've got a lot of tidying up before I can even think about dusting and hovering!!! But I am feeling a wee bit better today cfs wise 🙂 Hope you enjoy your walk through the bluebells, love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda yes craft rooms definitely meant to be untidy. I leave some of the pretty weeds in the garden to have a bit of colour! I have heard a lot of people moaning about the dandelions this year , they seem to ge everywhere in droves. Now I've got a problem with wild garlic, spreads around the garden, smells dreadful but looks pretty. I'm waiting for a top chef to come and help themselves! I would even lend them a trowel! Xxx

  13. I do like this shepherd's purse stamp set, I ordered it so look forward to creating this beautiful design. Enjoy your walk, all our family are off to daughter's house this afternoon, we have a little boy's ninth Birthday to celebrate. Hopefully a nice piece of cake as well forget the diet for a little while. xx

  14. Wow how lovely the colours for the shepherds purse set and background ,hopefully going to start to colour the lovely teapot mindfulness it will help me through another day in the hotel as no works going on at bungalow as bank holiday Monday so a good crafting day happy crafting to all hugs xxx

  15. Lovely creation Barbara as always. I love Mandy's stamps, they are so delicate, my first thought was to lay them out as an old botanical print, hope you liked my version Mandy, I also used them amongst the hair on my girl's face drawing. Wasn't it exciting to see our drawings as stamps that people want to buy and use themselves! I can't quite get my head round that 🙂 xx

  16. Afternoon Barb, Dave and all, these stamps are so lovely and I have used them so much…your card is gorgeous and shows them off really well…the colours are just perfect…..Mandy has done us proud once again…..yesterday's shows were just brilliant and a real tonic….oh that squeaky counter…..I really don't know how you held it together…..well done…I don't think I would have done……enjoy your afternoon …hugs…xxx

  17. Really pretty and elegant – now I have it on the blog, I can have a go. I have sent you my "TEAPOT" – wonder what you thought. It was so relaxing colouring it in. Will we get another picture to colour? I really could do with some mindfulness, finding it difficult at present to stay in the here – too much of the yesterday. Cannot enjoy the bluebells as I am working but do hope you had a lovely walk with Mr Shepherd and his purse!
    Best withes
    Anne (Reading)

  18. I love these stamps, another set for my wish list. Infact all on yesterday's show are on my list. I have just offered to do the wedding stationary for my step-sister so these have come at a great time. Just hoping she shares my taste.

  19. The definition of a weed is a plant in the wrong place. The Shepherd's Purse is not a weed, just a wild flower and I am looking forward to playing with Mandy's stamp. Beautiful demo yesterday with soft delicate colours. By the way, my teapot is finished and already emailed, so I cannot wait to see what you have in mind in your plan. Enjoy that walk through the bluebells and take loads of photos. Happy Bank Holiday to you and Dave. xxxx Maggie

  20. Oh wow Barbara this is another gorgeous card. I am made up my husband has just agreed that I can order the Spectrum Noir pencils for my birthday which is next Saturday. I hope you have a great week. Hugs Jackie

    1. Jackie you will love them , I've been playing with them this weekend and they are fab. I'm glad hubby is buying them for you for your birthday after we opened the tins and smelt them together the other day 🙂 xxx

  21. Hi Barb,
    This was a great demo on Sunday and the artwork is so beautiful. I really love it.
    I don't know what's happend but I did not log in on Wednesday or Thursday, so I've just downloaded the teapot and will start colouring in this evening or tomorrow.
    I'm going to take my time though and enjoy myself, no rushing it.
    Maureen xx

  22. A weed is just a flower in the wrong place! Can't wait for my shepherd's purse and bouquet stamps to arrive so I can have a play.
    Gayle x

  23. Love the effect of this card. So simple but so effective. I will be making this tonight with a dandy lion stamp. Looking forward to trying it out. Will need to print out a teapot!

  24. yippee you used black to make artwork pop! i managed to see this between 2 recorders yesterday. you sure like that picked raspberry……. hope you enjoyed your walk and happy colouring, hugs xx

  25. Hi Barbara I loved this when you did it on TV yesterday, the shepherds purse is a lovely stamp, thank you Amanda for drawing it. Love the way you made the frame with the sticky note, haven't done that for ages. I hope you had a lovely walk in the bluebells with Dave, we were only talking about our local bluebell wood yesterday, wondering if they were in flower yet.
    Take care love Diane xxx

    1. Lovely stamps thanks to Amanda. Definitely a wild flower in my eyes. Great step by step Barbara, loved it when you demo' d it yesterday. Hope you enjoyed your walk through the Bluebells with Dave. We went down to the waterfront in Bristol the food festival was on, so busy, but we did enjoy the walking even if not as peaceful as your walk. Haven't downloaded the teapot yet must get a move

  26. I watched the recorded shows today and haven't deleted them but am saving them for whenever I need a laugh. What a hoot and you coped so well with the sell-out pressure, especially the gorgeous canvasses. I loved those. I'm really pleased too that your blog is the step by step for this lovely card, so many super little tricks in one demo. I'm sure you enjoyed your walk, well ahead, I hope, of the heavy rain now in East Sussex. x

  27. Hello Barb, love all the new stamps, especially the Wee wedding Folk, and the words with them. Your save the date card is beautiful. Hope you enjoyed your walk with Dave. Take care. Bx

  28. OOh, bought some of your stamps from the show, but sadly couldn't afford these. Never mind, I might be able to use the technique, but with a different stamp. You are so generous with your ideas.

  29. This is beautiful Barbara and I really love this Shepherd's Purse and that design is gorgeous. The Bluebells are beautiful just now so will have to get out myself and see those carpets of blue. x

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