A half-price Birdhouse in the Garden

A half-price Birdhouse in the Garden

Hi there!
Thank you for popping in,
and thank you also if you took the time to watch and support
the Claritystamp TV show this morning !
Wasn’t Dean great?! I nearly lost it with the squeaky table1
And Sam’s meat and 2 veg just about finished me off!
Well, here’s the step by step I promised you yesterday,
using the super Birdhouse Stamp Set.
We sold out so quickly, didn’t we?!
But the strategy worked, and I was able to finish the demo!
Here’s the link for the same offer 1/2 price offer:
It all comes unmounted now, so you will need a large Clarity handle before you begin!
Stamp the large birdhouse stamp in Potting Soil Archival ink on a piece of 7″ x 7″ Gelli Card.
Blot the picket fence which comes in the set
and stamp it into the perfect open space in the main image.
Clever huh?
Then ink it up again, and stamp it to the left.
Or where you fancy at the front; we are building a scene here….
Hollyhocks next. I am using the same ink pad throughout.
Ink, blot, plot.
Climbing plant next.
I have to say, this little set is exceedingly versatile, Mr Kipling!
Every single stamp in it is useful.
Now for the linework.
Here all you need are a black Micron pen and a bit of imagination.
Hills, paths, just weave your way down to the front.
 Spectrum Noir pencils to add depth and shadow.
If you haven’t got them yet,
we have a great offer on them:
Mini Blending tool around the edge using Antique Linen.
Another great offer:
buy the tools and the refills, get the blending mat worth £8.99 FREE!
Dust Cloudy Blue ink into the sky with a Clarity Stencil Brush.
Notice I used a little Moon mask, too?
Comes together very quickly…
Drag the edge of the card through the Archival pad,
to give a sharp dark line.
There we are.
All done.
This line work idea is really good for joining up elements
in a landscape.
Hope you like it.
Just ought to add the birds….
Time to sit down now.
Oh no!!!
No Poldark!!!!
Not really. Dave is better than Poldark all day long.
And he’ll cut the grass with his shirt off if I ask him nicely!
Much love,

68 thoughts on “A half-price Birdhouse in the Garden

  1. Hi Barb,
    Fantastic show and so funny, you and Dean are a star team. I'm so pleased you had so many sell outs although it must cause you extra stress being 'live' on telly and having to constantly change the game plan – you managed it superbly – a true pro as they say. Hope you and Dave have a well deserved relaxing evening.

  2. Hi Barbara, this is brilliant, love it, thank you. I think I could learn to do these making landscapes with drawing lines :-). I managed to watch the second hour of your show, the first sounds even more hilarious, but I've got it recorded to watch later :-). I'm glad it was almost a complete sell out for you, but you poor soul, all that hard work and time put into preparing for demos and you end up having to wing it instead. Hope you enjoy your evening and day off tomorrow with Dave (glad to hear he's finally getting a look in now Poldark is finished!!!! 😉 Love Brenda xx

    Donna, bet you're chuffed to bits winning one of Barbara's canvasses :-). Hope it helps balance the scales a bit of all your worry about the bad stuff :-). My eyes feel a wee bit less blurry today, so I'm up for trying more colouring in if you are? It was the handle next, I see all the wee tight swirls as a storm sea and the bit going up the side of that as the rope holding the anchor. So for the swirly bit 2 or 3 cold blues and maybe some of the swirls with the top bit white, like the crest of a wave. And the rope alternating brown for just and green for green garden twine. What do you think? xx

    1. I text my Mum straight away and asked if she was watching! She said I was lucky and that she was jealous as she had emailed in too! I may allow her to look upon the precious……………..maybe! 😉

    2. Those sound like good choices for the handle, how about cracking open that tin of Spectrum noir????? Ooooooooo I almost heard that sharp intake of breath from here!

    3. Ha, ha, naw, not yet, we'll save that for when I'm feeling a bit better. I'm likely to drop them or something and Barbara warned us not to do that!!!! So you're a Tolkein fan too :-). Right off to colour in, I'll probably need to stop and start, so may take some time…. xx

    4. OK, I will put them back …………… But I will get you using them one day! Taking my teapot and pencils to my sisters as she is cooking dinner for the family tonight, so will take a while to get it done too. Love Tolkien, could watch those films all the time. Xx

    5. Hi Brenda my dear crafting friend printed of the teapot download we went to visit today with her having her operation to remove her cancer she is waiting to have radiotherapy or chemotherapy when she is strong enough yet she still printed me of the free teapot download now I'm going to start to colour it in with my spectrum noir pencils I've used them before they so lovely to colour with hoping to use some of the colours you have suggested happy colouring xxx

    6. Thank you Sheila. Hope you had a good visit with your friend and glad you can now join in too with the teapot colouring in :-). Best wishes to you and your friend xx

      Donna, that's me done, and not just done as in finished colouring in!!!! Retiring to bed now!!! Thank you xx

    7. Brenda you sound brighter today, glad you have managed to do some colouring. Guess what, I used my spectrum noir pencils today and they are lovely. I stamped the wall flower corner and spent about 2 hours just colouring it in, I don't know where the time went! Lovely. See you tomorrow love Diane xxx

  3. Good afternoon Barbara, well done on this mornings shows. Can't wait for my goodies to arrive. Thoroughly enjoyed the shows. You and Dean were hilarious most entertaining. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Kind regards Joanne K x

  4. Watched the show. Very funny. Great sales. wonderful new stamps and as usual the DT did them proud. I think you handled yourself brilliantly while the stock was flying out the door.
    Enjoy your date with Dave. Xx

  5. Fabulous show! You and Dean are really funny but good presenters ! Loved all the stamps and cards on display such a good DT you have! Have fun watching Dave cut the grass , take a video then we can all see him!! Ha ha xx

  6. Hi Barbara, couldn't watch the show this morning as I was in my shop, but Dave nicely recorded for me, so when I went back, as a treat I watched it. It was STUNNING!!!!!! I nearly "wee" myself with the squeaky table. And of course, I had to put an order on…..So now it's just waiting time….. Thanks ever so much, it was the best time of the day for me up till now, and a lovely relaxing end of Sunday.
    Would still love some French words to be able to make "perfect" cards…..
    Enjoy your Sunday, and Dave cutting the grass with or without his shirt…..Lol!!!!
    Laurence xx

  7. Oh Nooooooo! Set the recorder, played badminton, did the weekly food shop. Came home, put said shopping away, made a cuppa and sat down to watch Barbara. Called up the list of recorded programmes and against the Clarity shows there was "Failed to record" message. Talk about annoyed. Just as well I can catch it on C&C's video. Bloomin' technology! Pat x

    1. Thanks for mentioning C & C' s video missed the 1st hour of Barbara' s show and wouldn't have thought of the video now I won't miss it. Thank you again very grateful..xxx

  8. Hi Barbara

    Does this mean that your 'private peek' on Friday will be a picture of Dave with his shirt off – Poldark style?

    Am going to watch your show later as I have been out all day.

    Lol Barbara W

  9. Thanks for a great show this morning. The squeaky table had me in fits of giggles. What a tremendous sell out too, all the prep work you did and all those pizza boxes that did not get seen but what you did demo was fantastic as always. Hurrah for the Barb and Dean Show, some real fun for this election week!!

  10. I was in stitches with the show this morning. Absolutely hilarious. All that organisation with the demos as well and you did not get to do them all. Still brilliant that it was all so popular, must restore your faith after NEC. Think in my case I will let hubby keep shirt on to do lawn much as I love him. xx

  11. Just taking a break from the ironing and watching the recorded shows – absolutely hilarious, but well done for keeping cool and not letting all the stock issues get you flustered! Loved the wedding kits, but alas I've been waiting 9 years for my OH to propose so I don't dare to buy them until he finally relents!!! Might have to treat myself to the birdhouse kit from you, as I missed it on the shows… Susan x

  12. Hi, Barb….I tried to order the stamps this morning before I left for church…..too late!!! I am soooo happy to see the link on your blog!!! It's ordered! Along with one or two other 'essential' bits'n'pieces… 🙂 I look forward to playing when they get here…..
    Jo xx

  13. Hello Barbara

    A fantastic show today. You and Dean together make a very uplifting show. Love today's blog, but am I going blind? I can't see the birds on the finished picture.

    Enjoy your evening with Dave. Better than Poldark, at least you can cuddle Dave.


  14. I loved the show today. You and Dean always bounce off each other so well. I laughed along with the squeaky table! And as for the meat and two veg………….!!!!! Such fun, and then everything sold out, have to say though nobody can fill better than you two. Then to top it all I was pulled out the cup! How exciting, perfect end to a wonderful show. Thank you XX

    1. Donna I was so pleased when your name was pulled out, it's always lovely when it's a name you recognise. Enjoy your canvas! Xxx

  15. It sounds as though I have a treat in store when I watch the recording. Still a bit nippy for shirtless in the garden. May the sun come out for you! x

  16. This is one of my favourite sets. I made the 'hole in the wall card' with the birdhouse and everyone thought it was beautiful. I shall be trying this technique over the weekend! Another fab show Barbara.

  17. wonderful show this morning, thoroughly enjoyed it. You and Dean are definitely on the same wavelength, I could read your mind when the table started squeaking, naughty Barb! All that planning went out the window and not a pizza box in site! Glad the sales went well for you. Cheered me up on a wet Sunday morning. You even cheered the weather up, the suns come out to play now. Good luck with the mowing Dave,


  18. Hi Barbara,
    what a funny show today… I laughed out loud about the squeaky table. You and Dean are a fantastic comedy-dreamteam. I hope a responsible person of BBC watched it too. They will give you and Dean a job immediately.
    And how many sellouts you had…
    Have a relaxed rest-sunday
    Rolf xxx

  19. Hi Barb,
    What a wow of a show. Everything sold out super quick and I don't know how you held it together what with the table and Dean conspiring against you!!!
    Put your feet up and relax-a-vou.
    Maureen xx

  20. You made me feel so much better – watching from my sick bed! Great programme and so much fun to watch. Brilliant demos.
    Thank you so much
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  21. Was feeling sorry for myself this morning as I have developed a cold but your show brightened the day no end. I laughed my socks off, there were tears of laughter running down my face. That squeaky desk, if the picture had gone at that point, you and Dean would have been reported to the censor for getting up to who knows what! That has to be one of your classics, up there with shrink plastic. Well done on the demos you came up with on the fly, classic Barbara and why you get so many of those awards, you make it look so easy even when going completely pear shaped, even if for the best reason that you are completely sold out. Thank god for your design club free p&p and website which is never sold out, even if I have to wait a few days more. My order will be in this evening, loved the new stamps but appreciate the new things you did with existing stamps which I have so can try out for myself. Fab day, thank you for making my day much better. P.S. my birthday on 6th too so happy birthday to your dad from another birthday person. Karen

  22. What a hoot, today – squeaky table, meat and two veg – makes me wonder what I missed due to an intermittent wifi connection! Just love it when you are paired up with Dean, there's never a dull moment – well with you demo-ing there wouldn't be anyway, but add Dean to the mix and . . . . . Then to top it all, your canvas demos at the end were inspired.
    Feet up and a cup or glass of something nice should now be the order of the day. ;~}

  23. Hilarious show this morning Barbara. I was lucky enough to get the wedding wee people and the wedding sentiments but missed this set of stamps and dvd so thank you so much for extending the offer to us followers!! Love all your demonstrations and now look forward to them landing on my doorstep. Thank you for all the inspiration you give us crafters xx

  24. Hi Barbara brilliant shows this morning you had me in fits of laughter with that squeaky table
    well done with the sell outs and keeping going with demoing for us even though it wasn't prepared you were amazing as always.
    Chill out now……. take bigger van wi more stock next time Dave……Dot

  25. Hi Barbara
    What a fantastic show today. You and Dean were so funny and you were brilliant at getting round the sell out problems. I ordered the Silk Ribbon Bouquet stamp. Time for you to relax. This evening ready for the week ahead.
    X Chris

  26. Brilliant show today Barbara – you and Dean are so funny together, especially if there is a squeaky table involved!!! 😊 Liked the format of demoing from the beginning which meant you just about beat the sell outs. So pleased for you. Hugs xx

  27. Hi Barbara
    Thanks for the step by step,the love the finished card.
    Well what a show this morning I was creased up with laughter,it was like watching a comedy sketch and then all the sell outs.It did give us a chance to see a lot of the great cards your team made.

  28. Hi Barbara I love this bird set got it and the DVD what a brilliant offer for those who haven't, didn't see the show with still been in hotel hopefully when get back in bungalow I will watch them on my I pad went to see my dear crafting friend today who had the operation to remove the cancer and who's waiting for radiotherapy or chemotherapy when she is stronger she had watch the show said it was hilarious cheered her up and even though she is so poorly she still printed off the teapot for me to colour now my partner /carer went to pick up my spectrum noir pencils to colour it in how lucky I am having such a wonderful crafting friend big hugs to Debbie thank you Barbara for the free download xxx

  29. Just watched the show on catch up Barbara…fantastic!
    In between the mayhem of sell outs and the squeaky table you did some fantastic demos !
    Love this tutorial you have given us, what a lovely scene,

  30. Fantastic show this morning Barbara, I was ironing, and nearly burnt my husband's shirt I was laughing so much. Great products, and thanks for putting the ½ price birdhouse and DVD set on to your website. I'd just missed it on C/C, and can't wait for it to arrive now.

  31. Just loved the shows this morning and was so thrilled to be the first to have my email read out and for the picture of the teapot wedding invitation and cup RSVP to be shown. Haven't bought anything today as saving my pennies for the Clarity Open Day. Meanwhile enjoying colouring the teapot. I decided to follow Brenda and colour all the little circles blue. Now getting carried away with other blues and gold.

  32. I love the card today Barbara. Watched the second half of your show, brilliant demos and so amusing with you and Dean. Hubby forgot to record it until I happened to mention it. Luckily thanks to Nannapat reminding me that you can watch it on C&C' s video I'll be able to see the hilarious bits I missed and the rest of your brilliant demos.xx

  33. Hi Barb,
    Loved the show today. You and Dean are absolutely brilliant together, the show was hilarious! I'm so pleased that you had so many sell outs but did feel sorry for you having done all of that prep and then not getting to do the demos. I ordered the bouquet and the wedding wee folk from Clarity, so looking forward to them arriving. Watched the shows and then when I was ironing afterwards watched the last Hobbit film( again!) so that I could get my Aidan Turner fix now that Poldark has finished! Well don to Donna on winning one of the canvasses. Love Alison xx

  34. Glad that this artwork is a repeat from this morning 'cos I spent nearly the whole show laughing. Definitely the squeaky table and the Sunday lunch! Great show I really enjoyed and the demos at the end the best because it was all unscripted tricks and explanations. I loved it.X

  35. Brilliantly clever! I live in Melbourne, Australia so there is no chance I could watch the program, but thank you very much for putting this idea on your blog, I love I'll get round to making something like this very soon, even though I won't have the Clarity stamps, I'm versitile so can improvise with stamps I already have! Thank you again Barbara xxx

  36. Really enjoyed the show – the dynamic duo! I like this idea and as I've already got this set I can have a go later today :-). Thank you for all the wonderful inspiration. I started colouring my teapot last night. xx

  37. I really enjoyed watching the show, I was laughing so much. I really love making scenes and I am so tempted by this offer! Oh well my bank manager will be crying Again! Thank you for your inspiration xx

  38. As usual, C&C didn't have enough stock- when will they learn? Thanks so much for posting it here – at least you recognise the demand, even if they don't I'm hoping my bespoke stamp will arrive soon, I know you must have had thousands of orders for those.
    Loved your way of getting around the rules yesterday, but shame we didn't get all the 2 hours.

  39. Hi Barbara
    Sorry I didn't finish commenting last night I fell asleep, must have been exhaustion from laughing so much. You and Dean had me in fits of laughter, the squeaky table and meat and two veg were priceless. It is such a genuine friendship between you two and that's why it works so well. Your demos were fab and you are such a professional pulling things out of the hat as they sold around you, well done you . Also good for you saying there are legal reasons why you have to stop demoing, I think some people forget it is a shopping channel, I know we want to see you demo and you do your best to get around it but at the end of the day it's their job. Hope you have a fun day today and the weather is warm enough for Dave to scythe topless lol
    Love Diane xxx

  40. Thank you for a fabulous show yesterday – I have huge respect for the way you and Dean managed with everything flying out of the door so fast. You clearly have a deep friendship and mutual respect for each other.

    Enjoy a well earned Bank Holiday Monday today, and your bluebell walk with Dave.

  41. Hi Barbara. What a brilliant show. You and Dean should be available on the NHS! Watching you two did me more good than any anti depressants. What with the squeaky counter, the meat and two veg and then Dean's reaction to the idea of you two being married, absolutely priceless!! Plus, I managed to order the shepherd's purse and bouquet stamps, so even better. Thank you both so much for a very enjoyable 2 hours. Can't wait to see what happens next month!?
    Gayle x

  42. Hello Barb, a bit delayed, playing catch up. Loved the show, had me in stitches, and cannot believe the amount of sell outs. Love this piece of art, my need list is so long now, but it will all come with time. Bx

  43. I love what you have done here with the Birdhouse set Barbara and glad the programme was a great success and was obviously a lot of fun too. x

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