Gelli Plate You Tube – It’s All Vine Now!

Gelli Plate You Tube – It’s All Vine Now!

Hi there!
Thanks for dropping in.
YouTube Tuesday it is!

I thought I would revisit an old Gelli Plate technique,
but ramp it up a little by adding another layer to the mix.

Items Used:
Daler Rowney System 3 Acrylic Paints
Buff Titanium
Phthalo Turquoise
Hope you enjoyed that one.
Sorry about the sound quality – my mic fell down my bra!

Much love,

44 thoughts on “Gelli Plate You Tube – It’s All Vine Now!

  1. Sounds painful, Barb. Didn't Dave recover it? Lovely demo and really well timed for me as I need to do some gelli plate stuff in the next two weeks to show someone else. This will be prefect, so thank you. Hope you are getting plenty of R&R to get ready for the next flurry of activity. xxx Maggie

  2. Great tutorial – I think I need to learn to take off more paint, and to have more patience waiting for the paint to dry!!! The layers are just fantastic, thanks, Susan x

  3. Hello Barbara

    Lovely demo, thank you. What is the saying?……..Patience is a virtue…… (I can't remember the rest, lol). Patience is something I don't possess much of I am afraid.


  4. Hi Barb,
    Brilliant video, and lovely finished print. I haven't used my gel like plates for a while – been too busy playing with my fresco acrylics. Must give this a go.
    Love Alison xxx

  5. This is gorgeous!! I love layering on the gelli plate, but haven't had my buff tit out in a while 😉 I am thinking I need to progress onto the bigger one as I have the 6×6" one. Need some of that turquoise colour too. Great demo, love the waiting! XX

  6. Fandabidozy! I just watched the video with sub-titles on, again the words don't match, the interpretation is really funny. I will watch again so I can see what you really did! Never mind the words, the end result was wonderful.

  7. Fabulous Barbara, just realised bought the big gelli plate and Mega mount but haven't got any big stencils, how silly of me. Have to try it on the small one for now, brilliant demo and result, thank you.xx

  8. Good evening Barbara, stunning project and I thoroughly enjoyed the video. Great inspiration. Enjoy the rest of your evening. Kind regards Joanne K x

  9. love these prints that you can get on gelli plate. i tend to go with the leafy swirl first to have it as topmost layer. it is my favourite stencil and stamp.
    the colours you used work so well together, i will try this combo. i also love your top, hugs xx

  10. Hi Barbara thank you for the video. I was using my Geli plate with distress ink last weekend to make backgrounds for wedding invitations. I did have a bit of a play after and I really enjoyed it. I know I have a lot to learn. I have ordered my Spectrum Noir pencils that was a very good deal. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  11. This is really lovely! Thank you for posting it, Barbara. Fab colours and those swirls are one of my favourite stencils. You know, I've had my jellyplate for at least six months (last autumn I think I got it) and I've never had the nerve to get out the paints and play! What a wuss. This has truly inspired me, so I might chuck everything off the dining room table and turn it into a wee art studio for a day. That'll give the cook something to moan about 😉 Kx

  12. Hi Barbara oh you do make me laugh, I hope Dave warmed his hands before he retrieved the mike! Must have a play with my gelli plate again, leafy swirls is my favourite stencil too! Love it when you pull your impatient faces. Thank you for the tip about leaving the stencil on then lifting away the wet paint, I must give that a go. Thank ou for a great video.
    Love Diane xxx

  13. Hello Barb, I love this technique, have done it a few times but not with 4 layers! Lovely colours. Really wish I had more play time. Great video, always a laugh with the faces you pull. Hope you found the mic. I am sure that you have shares in copy paper and kitchen towel companies. Take care. Bx

  14. Hi Barbara. I really enjoyed the shows on Sunday and loved the card you demoed, so pretty. Monday's piece was just as lovely. Shepherds purse may officially be a weed but it is a gorgeous flower isn't it : )
    Love todays video. You do find it hard to wait for the paint to dry don't you, you just want to carry on without stopping. I love your expressions and the way you keep testing it to see if it is ready : ) Take care x

  15. Hi Barbara. Lovely demo. I love this technique. I saw you demo it at Stevenage last year. I have used my gelli plate with inks and absolutely love it. I haven't tried it with paint yet as I don't seem to have any patience, do you stock it at Clarity? 🙂 (Judging by your video, I'm guessing that's a no!) Maybe I will find some, somewhere in my craft room.
    Gayle x

  16. barbara, very nice to follow your blog.
    Your examples are beautiful! but, even finer, explained very well!
    greeting from Netherlands

  17. Brilliant what a fab tutorial and it will hopefully inspire me to get out my gel I plate and make some backgrounds especially as my gel I card arrived yesterday.
    Jackie x

  18. Lovely to revisit the Gelli Plate; I quite like what I've managed so far but clearly there's much more I could do. I need to practice more. Your recordings are so enjoyable. It's easy to see where Grace gets her star quality from. x

  19. I love this gelli plate print Barbara and all the different layers have worked beautifully together. Thank you for showing us this technique again. x

  20. Finally getting to catch up on your blogs. Really love this one. Stunning 4 layer gelli print and a great tutorial to get me back to using my gelli. Even better is that I watched this whilst on my exercise bike, balancing the tablet on the handlebars… have to fit in crafting wen I can xx

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