Happy Easter Weekend!

Happy Easter Weekend!

Hi there,
Thanks for stopping by.
Saturday’s blog a new technique.
Well today I thought it might be cool to tackle a panel, but focus on the background rather than the stamped image. 
Haven’t got long to play, but would like to wish you all 
a very happy Easter Weekend, so here’s a quick and easy offering.
Let’s take a look…
On 7″ x 7″ Gelli Card,
let’s make a panel using low tack masking tape.

Saturate the whole panel with a Distress pad. 
I used Squeezed Lemonade; 
Mustard See would be fab too.

Let’s have a peep… perfect.
Back on with the masking tape,

and let’s stamp the wonderful huge Wallflower stamp 
along the panel, using Black Archival.

Fill the whole panel.

Instead of colouring in the flowers, let’s tackle the background.
I used a Spectrum Noir blue pencil to do this.

Varying depths of colour but always using the same dark blue pencil. 
Of course, the words had to be positioned and masked off 
before I even started on the panel, but I wanted to show you how to make the backdrop actually!
Will be using the brand new Woodprint Letterbox set tomorrow 
in the show. They make a pleasant change to the traditional Clarity Letterbox Kit. 
From myself and all at Clarity,
may you have a wonderful Easter break and bank holiday.
Must go pack!
Much love,

39 thoughts on “Happy Easter Weekend!

  1. Hi Barb,
    Wishing you ,Dave and all at Clarity (& on the blog) a very Happy Easter.
    Really like this, the wallflower stamp is gorgeous and the new letterbox stamps look good too. I don't think my bank manager is going to be pleased as I've ordered the personalised stamp, fresco paints and some new stamps already!!! Looking forward to the shows. Love to all, Alison xx

  2. This makes a really pretty panel Barbara and that stamp is a beauty! Good luck for tomorrow or should I say break a leg. x

  3. Lovely artwork Barbara, I really like the wallflower stamp, which I have, and am liking the new letterbox set. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Happy Easter xx

  4. Hello Barbara. Happy Easter to you and all at Clarity HQ. This is a lovely idea and that new lettering is great. Hope the shows are a huge hit tomorrow and you have so much fun with your colouring in later that day. xx Margaret Col.

  5. Lovely card Barbara. I still haven't tried this panel technique so I think will make it my aim for this following week. Looking forward to the show tomorrow. Happy Easter to all at Clarity and all blog readers 🙂

  6. Happy Easter to you and all at Clarity. I hope the show goes well tomorrow. I will have to catch you later as I am with my grandchildren all day. If I can't be watching you what better place to be.Looking forward to the colouring too. Thank you for all the techniques and oh so funny blog. It always makes me smile.

  7. Hi Barbara, cool, looks like really posh wall paper, thank you 🙂
    Happy Easter to all (sort of forgot it was – so that's why the TV news reports haven't been at their normal times!!!!)
    Hope it all goes well for your shows tomorrow
    Love Brenda xx

  8. Hi Barbara
    I can't think of a better way to spend Easter than watching yourself on C&C and then come and buying your new products,bonus is we get to see you demoing twice in one day.
    Love the card,and the stamp looks quite large will look out for this tomorrow.
    Have a great Easter everyone.

  9. Love the card Barbara the stamp is fab can't wait for tomorros shows I wish all our blogers and you dave and the clarity team a blessed easter love June horrocks xxx

  10. Beautiful card Barb, I love to use the huge corner as a corner but also love all the little interesting bits that can be cut out too.
    Hope you have great shows tomorrow with lots of sell outs xxx

  11. Happy Easter to you and all at Clarity and all the blog readers. Lovely stamp looks brilliant as a panel. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow on C&C, it'll have to be the recording later in the evening as been invited to my Niece's for lunch. Xx

  12. happy Easter to all ,today I received my sale items in my parcel I got a little rose stamp to brighten my day thank you it did its been a tough day so thank you to all at clarity xxx

  13. Happy Easter to you and all the clarity team, looking forward to the shows which I will record and watch later. Liked the new technique, safe journey and enjoy your Monday after all of your hard work.

  14. I love that idea of colouring the background instead of the flowers.
    Looking forward to the shows tomorrow, the box is all set to record them to watch later
    Happy Easter to you and all at Clarity
    Jackie x

  15. I love the effect of the pencil over the yellow ink, especially how you've varied the depth of colour. hard to believe it's just one blue pencil. Happy Easter and all the best for the shows.
    Carol x

  16. I do like a good panel, simple but effective. Have stamped a design before and have never thought to colour in the background! The different slant you throw on things never seases to amaze me. XX

  17. Hi Barbara This corner stamp is gorgeous and the new letterbox letters look fun too. Love the wallpaper look of the panel (William Morris ! That's the one!!!). I hope the shows go well tomorrow, might get to see the first hour but I've put it on record so will be able to catch up later. I hope you and your family and all at Clarity have a wonderful Easter.
    Love Diane xxx

  18. Hi Barbara. Love this card. I will be having a go at this, shading is not easy so I keep on practising. One day I will get it : ) Have a lovely Easter day, enjoy the Easter eggs. Take care x

  19. Hello Barb, Happy Easter, to you, Dave and all at Clarity. Love this panel card, just like a posh wall paper, the new letter box stamps look fabulous. More added to the wish list. Have a great day, hope the shows are as succesful as always. Sara from Crafters companion was raving about you as an artist on C & C yesterday and she is not wrong. Have a lovely Easter Sunday all. Bx

  20. Beautiful card Barb, and Happy Easter to you, your family, your followers and all at Clarity Towers. I am a Happy Bunny today, as I managed to order a personalised stamp from C&C, I'm so glad some were held back for the programme.

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