Quick Paint Job on the Tree House – No Magnolia Here!!!!

Quick Paint Job on the Tree House – No Magnolia Here!!!!

Hello there!
Just got through the door from the TV Studios,
slipped into something more comfortable,
and am ready to receive Poldark in the living room at 9 precisely.
Yeah. Dream on Gray!!!
Ah well, leaving my little fantasy world for a moment, 
let’s enter another one!
If you were watching today, you will know that the wonderful new and very tall Treehouse stamp by our Melanie 
sold out very quickly too.
Thanks to all the lovely, clever, delightful art samples which the Clarity Team rustled up for your pleasure. 
Well, here’s a little something I dreamt up yesterday, before we went up to Peterborough, using said 4-storey condominium…….
Sunday’s blog a typical Gray Step-by-step, so here goes!
Stamp the Treehouse on a piece of white Gelli Card 
I used the large Gelli Card, the 8.5″x11″ and cut it down. 
Mask the Treehouse with the mask we supply with the stamp. 
You need a Mega Mount though; 
that we don’t supply with the stamp. 
Out with the Fresco Chalk Paints.
I wanted to get arty grungy yesterday,
 because the shows today were going to be all 
beautiful pencils and clean work.
Walk the brayer special price at the time of writing this!)
through some South Pacific on a craft mat,
and then walk around the card with it.

Do this with several colours.
We stock them all. 
Oh and Postage is paid at Clarity for the whole month of April…
(Mainland UK – on orders of £10 +)
So you just keep going, lightening, darkening, until 
You like it!
Took a while for me to reach that happy place!

Add a little shadow on one side with a Black Soot ink pad.
Or black Adirondack.

Next, let’s remove the soggy looking mask. it’s ok!
You can wash it in warm soap water!
Honest, guv..
Cover the Treehouse with Squeezed Lemonade 
using a make-up sponge.
Bit of shadow here and there….
Lights on! Blimey!
This ‘ere ‘ouse is lit up like a Christmas Tree now!!
My Dad always said that when we used to leave the lights on upstairs; I can hear him now!

Too dark.
More white Snowflake colour required.
More walking…
That’s what I love about these Paperartsy Chalk Acrylics;
if you don’t like it,
go over it and 
And when in doubt,
let them eat CHEESECAKE!!
Now this colour is the new Buff Titanium for me!

Smeared a little London Bus around too.
Made the lines with a thin paintbrush…

That’ll do, before it ends up like a Club Sandwich 
and twice as fattening!

Mount it on white card.
I added a little depth with a couple of Spectrum Noir Pencils, too.
Check out our website for a very special offer on the full set…
I wanted to create a bit of a lake effect in the background.
Can you see it?

So here’s the great thing about ART.
you own it,
and you can do what you like with it, 
take it where YOU want to take it. 
This piece is mine,
and I decided I wanted to 
add some sewing and make the white yellow. 

So now I have to finish,
before I fall off my perch.
Roast Lamb? I wish!
Cheese on toast, 
but that sounds blimming good to me too!
Much love,

45 thoughts on “Quick Paint Job on the Tree House – No Magnolia Here!!!!

  1. That's beautiful Barbara!! And it looks so magical! Its amazing how random colours can make a lake behind the tree house! Love and hugs xxx

  2. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous shows today – well done. Love this stamp although, didn't order as I ordered the letterbox set, the wallflower and 2 personalised stamps so couldn't affird this too. Will bear it in mind though. Really like the fresco chalk paints and need to get some more colours. Hope you enjoyed your cheese on toast . Thanks for all the inspiration and well done to the design team for their fabulous samples. Love Alison xx

  3. This is beautiful Barbara, I love the colours. Thanks for showing us how to make a great background with the Paperartsy paints, and how to keep going even if we don't like it and make it into something we do like. Xxx

  4. This is stunning i do love all this different art work you are doing I am just finding the confidence to have a play about more. I do love these paints they are so nice to use. I do the sewing on my cards by hand my poor fingers. Xx

  5. I love the colours but I'm not too sure that I could blend the random shades and come out with a pierce of artwork that didn't look like dirty blotting paper. Still one day when I'm feeling very brave and super tidy I'll give it a go.

  6. Nowt wrong with cheese on toast, which was my preference this evening. And grabbed the spectrum noir pencils… a very happy bunny!

  7. OK Barb love this. sold! I need to get out of control freak mode and PLAY! good job I'm off tomorrow. strike while the iron's hot. before i have time to crawl back behind that mask. love all your demonstrations. keep em comin'..xx

  8. Lovely creation. It reminds me of the Walt Disney "Bernard and Bianca"……The house of the awful lady with her 2 crocodiles….. I will have to try those paints.
    Been at work so have missed the show but bet it was stunning as usual!!!!
    Laurence xx

  9. thank you for blogging today I missed the show as we have got 2 water leeks in our bungalow and are in a hotel for approximately a month or so till it's all put right oh yes it's a right mess and couldn't record the show as I usually do I fetched a little craft stuff to keep my mind occupied making a challange clarity blog card .with me been so Unwell it's a challenging time but can still read your blog each day to help me through thanks clarity team xxx

    1. Oh that sounds awful Sheila, you poor soul. And I know only too well how something like this will affect your ill health too. Hope it goes as smoothly as it can and you've not lost a lot of precious things, love Brenda xx

    2. Hi Shelia. Sorry to hear that you are having a rotten time at the moment. I hope the leaks get sorted very quickly so you can get back home. Take care.

  10. Hi Barbara, I like, I like a lot, and yes I can see the lake in the background :-). The stitching really belongs to this style too. Wow. I'm really going to have to get my granny's old machine working, before I'm tempted to try this on my new one! Although I do enjoy hand sewing but I don't think you'd get the free movement of it, much more contrived by hand. If it's possible would you mind showing us what you mean by "walking" with the brayer on a youtube, I can't quite picture it, I'd be really grateful. Thank you if you can. I think it would be a starting place in trying to break away from neat and tidy!

    I managed to stay awake for a lot of the second hour of your morning show. And I got up while it was still morning!!! Did my chore for the day (well half of it, but I'll catch up tomorrow or the day after). And then went to my craft room to do a wee bit craft and watch your afternoon show. Blue skies the whole day, window open a little for the first time this year. So I sat on the floor in the beautiful sunshine, breathing in the warm fresh air, listening to the happy blackbirds, doing a little (non scary) craft and watching you demo the pencils – what more could I ask for 🙂 Your enthusiasm is very infectious 🙂

    Hope you've got tomorrow off and the sun shines for you
    Love Brenda xx

  11. Really like this paint effect and the stamp. I bought a selection of these paints at NEC and have made some fab backgrounds with them using the same technique. Lived the show today and especially liked the personalised stamps. Can't decide which to order though!

  12. Good evening Barbara. Wonderful post and thoroughly enjoyed today's shows. I was very inspired by your shows. Have a lovely evening and enjoy the rest of the weekend. Kind regards Joanne K x

  13. Hi Barbara
    Oh wow I'm sorry now that I didn't order this stamp the card is beautiful,I'll have to wait a while before placing another order as I have already bought the wallflower,personalised stamp and the pencils which I could not resist.
    Loved today's shows all the cards the team have made are gorgeous.
    I don,t own any of the chalk acrylics,would love a couple of videos on how to use them if possible before buying any.

  14. Fabby dabby doo shows today, bought three out of four featured stamps as already have the flowers. Love the alphabet font. Can't wait for delivery – postie, postie don't be slow! Fantastic post too! Love it! Hope you can treat yourself to a break tomorrow – after all it's Easter Monday. ;~}

  15. Love this stamp, and really like what you've done with it – this piece is just stunning! Also loved the demos you did with it today on the shows, especially the one with the printed background. Enjoy your cheese on toast – last time you had pichards on toast, and I had to go out and buy some – hadn't had those since I was a kid! Have a great weekend, Susan x

  16. Loved the shows Barbara spent a lot but really enjoyed what you did with the tree house. I have two of the old stamps but needed a new one I think I know which one I will pick the presenters do go on a bit Barbara. Thank you for today you must be very pleased love June horrocks xxxxxxx

  17. Hi Barb,
    This is fantastic. Couldn't watch the shows today (babysitting job) but got one of my granddaughters to set the record button and will watch them a.s.a.p. Roll on green bowling season and I'll be able to get the TV control!!
    Maureen x

  18. We'll have court up with all shows bits missed as family was coming for barbecue . Live what you have done here need stamp know so on list see what haven't packed the May be a play tomorrow found my Mojo today while making my son in laws card so what to play so inks paints stencils and some stencils so hopefully can make something xxx

  19. great shows today. spectrum noir on kraft card looks brill.
    cheese on toast is fine by me as don't do lamb even though it is the traditional Easter grub. we had chicken and smoked pork, hugs xx

  20. Thanks for sharing this technique Barbara. I don't have these paints yet so can't go off and play in this way. This stamp is gorgeous and I love how you coloured it with the pencils today. Hope you get to rest tomorrow. Hugs xx

  21. Hi Barbara
    Happy Easter. Managed to catch a little bit of the first show and have bought the pencils personalised stamp and the wallflower. What a treat. This artwork is stunning, love this quirky tree house, reminds me of the mice books with the seasons I used to read to Emma when she was little, but their houses were underground! Had a little chuckle at the paint names again, they just make me smile. Enjoy your cheese on toast and your session with Poldark before you snuggle up with your lovely Dave. Enjoy your Easter break hopefully in the sunshine.
    Love Diane xxx

  22. Lovely art work Barbara and the shows were brilliant! I love how you are encouraging us to own our art work.l felt your passion! I have been very spoilt today as I have just returned from dinner at my daughters, yes! Roast lamb! Now I shall watch poldark at this late hour before bed time! Enjoy the rest of your Easter you've learnt a lazy day tomorrow.

  23. Hi Barbara had great Easter Sunday catching up on my No.1 blog well it's my only blog to be honest ….laptop's had a lurgae son fixed today so loved
    everything on shows today wish I could afford the lot
    Anyway just to say Thanks for just being you …youfeel like a friend I've never met but so admire your blog means a lot..was gonna comment earlier but didn't want to interrupt you and Mr Ross Happy Easter Barbara
    and Dave…..x

    st …

  24. I love this arty style you do Barbara. No one would know this is from a stamp. I recorded todays shows as we had a family day today. Sorry we did have roast lamb but nothing wrong with a cheese toastie. I'm looking forward to watching the shows tomorrow and now you've put cheese on toast in my head guess what I'll be eating when I watch them. Hope you enjoy the rest of your Easter. It looks like the weathers going to be good here in Kent so enjoy. x

  25. I love the tree house stamp Barbara and the chalk paints and stitching have given it a real distressed look. I think the tree house looks as though it is sitting on an island at the end of a causeway. Saw both your programmes today and enjoyed them immensely. Enjoy the rest of the Easter break. x

  26. Hi Barbara
    Loved the show and have ordered my new bespoke stamp kit. I have one of the originals and it's time for a new look. The designs are fabulous. Enjoy your evening.
    Hugs from Chris X

  27. Hiya,
    Hope you were able to rest a little after your shows, I really enjoyed watching. Love the new name stamps so very cool and the tree house is just too fun! Enjoy today!

  28. love todays art work, sorry to say I couldn't watch your shows yesterday [grandkids an all that] I haven't sussed how to record, bit beyond me! I'm sure they were great. Got my craft fix on Saturday at our local craft warehouse had a chat with Paul Church he's so talented, made the things he did look easy, you wait 'till I try, Ha Ha! spent far more than I oughta but I will enjoy trying.

  29. Hi Barb, lovely artwork, the treehouse stamp is on my wish list, still playing catch up with the recorded shows, what I have seen so far is super, filled with inspiration. Sorry you did not have roast lamb, but cheese toasties are pure comfort food. Hope you enjoyed your visit with Poldark. Take care. Bx

  30. Hi Barbara. What a wonderful tree house. Love what you have done with it. I have the shows recorded so guess what I will be watching later on : ) Cheese or beans (or even better, beans with grated cheese on toast) on toast are the best quick food, hope you enjoyed yours while watching Poldark. Take care x

  31. Loved the house Barbara, but could only afford the personalised stamp! As for Poldark, you will have to get in the queue, I think there are a lot of others out here who also lust after him. I miss Angharad Reece (SP) as Demelza though. (yes, I'm old enough to remember the original BBC production).

    I have a request, could you please consider us European followers? I've never understood why sellers who offered free shipping for UK, couldn't deduct the same amount from European shipping, and we pay the extra. Just a thought, but would be incredibly appreciated.

  32. Lovely demo. The lake is great. It reminds me of the rainy season in Cambodia, all the little houses on stilts surrounded by lakes. Although non were as tall as this, they all had as much character.

  33. Wow! Thanks Barbara – I couldn't afford any of the stamps from the show but I NEEDED them! So I ordered the personalised stamp, treehouse, letters and wallflower! Oops! Love the stitching – have you mounted on to a canvas?

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