Personalised stamps have gone Limited Edition!

Personalised stamps have gone Limited Edition!

Hi there!
Happy Good Friday to you!
Friday’s blog a private peek,
so today I thought I would just show you one of my 
personalised stamps which Clarity will be launching 
on TV on Sunday morning 9-11am.
The personal touch is what card-making and crafting is all about.
If we make a card or a canvas
whether it be as a gift or to sell,
I think it is important to sign it, own the artwork.
A couple of years ago, 
we launched our first 5 Bespoke stamps on TV.
They were a great success, and several thousand crafters own one.
Obviously with their names – not mine!!!
Remember these?
After 2 years, 
we have decided to turn these into a limited edition, 
and put those designs out to pasture. 
So if you own one of them, lucky you!
On Sunday, we shall be launching 5 new designs, 
again a limited time/edition.
Special offer, extra stencils and suchlike….
Here is one of them:
A mini piece of art!
On Sunday, 
let’s figure out how to make a little backplate like this,
compliment the front.
By simply using the same colours,

cutting out,
and mounting,

we transform our little Handmade by Barbie signature stamp
into a delightful piece of art in itself.
About time we started paying more attention to the backside !!!!
Can’t wait to show you the other 4 new designs 
on Sunday morning 9-11am Create & Craft TV
Freesat 813 Virgin 748 Freeview 36 Sky 674
and don’t forget: I am doing an extra hour 2-3pm for 
my pal Sara @ Crafters Companion,
showing off their Spectrum Noir pencils.
Whatever you are doing today,
enjoy it. 
Life’s too short to sweat the small stuff.
lots of love,

57 thoughts on “Personalised stamps have gone Limited Edition!

  1. I just went to C&C website to see if they were up already prior to the show. SOLD OUT!!!!
    Please Barb – can you get more – I so need a new stamp for my cards and was looking forward to ordering one of the new ones!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese. xxxx

    1. Hi Dawn, it only says sold out, they aren't really sold out, honest. It's what Create and Craft do to block anyone from buying the products before shows, otherwise many items would sell out and there would be nothing left to sell on air. Hope that helps reassure you xx

  2. Hello Barbara

    I have one of the original, original ones. Lol. And I use it every day and still love it. I chose a rose and 'handcrafted by Rosalind'.

    Looking forward to Sunday, no work so I can watch you live and watch again with my friend later in the week.


  3. Have just read previous comments and am very cross that the television company has sold out already. That means they won't allow you to demo! I, for one, want to see all the demos. If I had already bought the stamps I would like to see what you do with them and, if I hadn't already bought any, I would wish to see all the alternatives in order to make my choice.

    I never buy from C & C as I prefer to buy direct from Clarity Stamp.

  4. Afternoon Barb, I am lucky to have my new stamp and it is gorgeous…your new designs are fab and I am sure everyone will love them….they are perfect for cards and home decor gifts….very professional…enjoy your evening….xxxx

  5. I love that stamp you have shared I think I might have to treat myself. It's my birthday later this month so if I get some money some of it is already spent in my head anyway lol
    Jackie x

  6. Hi Barb,

    Can I put a message out to Dawn & Rosalind, I have just this minute gone onto Create and Craft website and ordered a new personalized stamp so as yet they are not sold out but no doubt they will be soon lol! Hope you don't mind the mention Ladies just thought you would like to know and you don't order a particular design straight away you get a form to fill in so watch the shows then decide. Hope I am right on this Barb? I am sure you will correct me if not lol!

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie j xxx

  7. The new designs are beautiful Barb, thank you so much for having them made for the design team, such a lovely prezzie for Easter thank you, way better than a choccy egg. I'm looking forward to the shows on Sunday. Enjoy a peaceful day today xxxxx

  8. I was hoping to get the magpies {love them, garden full of them} but not now. Although I don't sell my work, I am repeatedly told I should 'sign and attribute' it to me so that the recipient knows. Even people who aren't on my card list say this.
    Really looking forward to seeing you and Sara together ~ two of my favourite crafty people!
    So, must watch tomorrow to see the new designs! Well, there we go, I'm apparently in the ranks of all the people who think today is Saturday ~~~ a sign of one Hot Cross Bun too many, methinks ~~~Deb xo

  9. Hello Barb, wow, looking at this sneak peek, these stamps promise to be as lovely and sought after as the others. Looking forward to seeing them. Enjoy you day today. Bx

  10. tempted. but Barbara i have 2 of the old ones that I haven't sent in that i had bought for my boys, so what will happen to them? it means i cant't send them in to be made? hugs xx

  11. Love this stamp Barbara, in fact I have that tree in the mask after using it make a piece of art at a workshop with the amazingly talented Jo Rice. Realy looking forward to seeing the other stamps tomorrow. I have the cats and dogs one from before and it is GAWGUSSSSSSSS xx

  12. Hi Barb,
    I am lucky to own two of the original stamps – the cats and dogs and the flowers and love them. People are always very impressed by them. I will certainly be ordering one ( or two) of the new ones. Love this one! Thanks Barb, love Alison xx

  13. love this and sad to say cannot watch the shows as will be travelling back from Glasgow while you are on. Hope I can manage to access the net and order my stamp x
    or perhaps stamps, stencils……who knows

  14. Hi Barbara, this new design looks great. I've resisted for so many years putting anything to do with me /my name on anything I make, despite being repeatedly told I should be! Maybe it's time to take another leap and try to stop feeling everything I make is not worthy of me signing it, and me not worthy of putting my name to anything – that's only for proper people! I think my name is not suited to trying to invent an arty signature – no letters to extend /curl from, so maybe I need to buy one of your new arty personalised stamps. I hope you've got loads of other products as somehow I think your stock of these won't last long on Sunday!!! I'll wait until you sell them on your own website 🙂 Love Brenda xx

    1. Was it not something to do with bottoms!!!! 😉 20 degrees sounds good, that's a nice summer here. Not eaten by crocs yet then, your tour company mustn't have double booked your room!!!! Hope you're having fun xx

  15. How lovely – can't wait to see the new designs, and might just have to treat myself, although I'll buy from you rather than the TV! I'm busy trying to finish off a crochet zebra today, which was supposed to be an easter gift for my great nephew – it's still legless and faceless, so I'd best get a move on and hope it gets there before they've eaten all the eggs!!! Susan x

  16. I have two of the first stamps but the new ones look lovely Barbara look forward to Sunday and the pencils I got a set for Mother's Day can't wait to see your spin on them love and God bless for easter xxxxxxx June horrocks xx

  17. I'm looking forward to your shows on Sunday, Barbara. I'm sure the new stamps will be really popular. The designs are beautiful and I really enjoyed using mine. They really finish off your project. Thank you. x

  18. Really need to get one of these. It is always good to"claim" your own work. Looking forward to watching on Sunday before the egg hunt. I have alcohol winked my plastic eggs too and I am so impressed at how good they look. Thanks for the idea. x

  19. These look great, think I might get one this time round. Always enjoy the Sunday show. Not done much today, have had a headache which has niggled all day. Clearing now pleased to say. Hope you get some time off this weekend. xx

  20. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the new designs on Sunday. I have one with poppies, which I use all the time. Might just get a new one though! Hope you've had a good day. Hugs xx

  21. I love the tree design personalised stamp Barbara and look forward to seeing the rest on Sunday. It is nice that you can colour it in too which makes it even more special and personal. x

  22. Hi Barbara
    This looks great, I didn't get the original ones but I might just be tempted by them this time. Not going to be able to watch Sunday but hope to see them on your website soon. Happy Easter to all at Clarity.
    Love Diane xxx

  23. Hey guys – from experience of it being a special Bank Holiday weekend on the TV with lots and lots of special offers, I would hold fire buying anything until the show launches at 9am on Sunday morning as I am sure that some of the prices will drop!

    Happy Crafting x

  24. Hi Barbara. Once again I am sorry for not having commented for a week. Life is just not quite and calm at the moment but have had a lovely time catching up with all of the gorgeous cars etc. you have shared : ) I am looking forward to seeing the rest of your new personalised stamps on TV in the morning. I love how you have made this one into a lovely little piece of art. I think the back of cards are sadly neglected. Will have to get one of the name stamps but know I will find it hard to choose! You have got a busy week haven't you! TV shows, Ally Pally and lots of other stuff no doubt. This time next week I will be on the way to seeing you at Ally Pally, fingers crossed it is not as hot as last year! Have a lovely Easter weekend. Take care x

  25. I am so annoyed, I was going to treat myself to a new personalised stamp, but I was waiting for C&C to post a decent pic of all of them, and they sold out before that happened! Oh well, I spent my money elsewhere.

  26. I am so annoyed, I was going to treat myself to a new personalised stamp, but I was waiting for C&C to post a decent pic of all of them, and they sold out before that happened! Oh well, I spent my money elsewhere.

  27. Hi Barbara, I'm thrilled to bits with this news, I have the 'cats and dogs' one from before, and I use it on every card that I make, it is fabulous for me (being a cat and dog lover). I can hardly wait to see them all, you are such a tease !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  28. Hi Barbara, I'm thrilled to bits with this news, I have the 'cats and dogs' one from before, and I use it on every card that I make, it is fabulous for me (being a cat and dog lover). I can hardly wait to see them all, you are such a tease !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

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