Poldark and Dave; Dave and Poldark…

Poldark and Dave; Dave and Poldark…

Hi there!
Thanks for dropping in on the first day of the week.
Didn’t do much work today – it all looked rather bleak.
Four days of doing demos and service with a smile
If you’d said I had to do Day 5, I would have run a mile! 
Perhaps we set our hopes too high, expected way too much;
But all the time you wonder: have you lost your touch?
Are they bored with what you do and what you’re demonstrating? 
Have they had enough of Gelli Plates? Do they find you irritating?
But casting all those doubts aside and dismissing senseless worry,
I happily come home to blog, where I don’t have to hurry.
There were some lovely people there, like the Reubens family,
Who knew I had to blog ahead, and kept me company!
So here’s a little step-by-step I made on the stand yesterday,
It isn’t using trees or flowers, but I’m using it anyway!!!
Stamp Congratulations into the centre of a sheet of 
7″ x 7″ Gelli Card, using a Black Archival.

Tear a strip of copy paper to cover the word.
Attach it at either end at the back with masking tape, 
so it doesn’t move.
Attach the circle shape stencil with masking tape at the top.
We call it a hinge.

I have to say, these framer stencils are a must have in my stash.
Watch and see…

Load one of our Clarity Stencil Brushes with Stonewashed Blue ink straight from the ink pad, and started brushing the blue into the aperture around the righthand side.

Do the same round the other side with Juniper.
Fabulous colour combination…
So it should look just like this when you remove the stencil,

and the paper.

Use a black Micron pen to scribble a box around the word, 
using the torn edge as your guide.

Trim back the card using a craft knife 
and our product of the month ruler with the steel inlay.
(£7.99  £4.99)

Use the Juniper brush to add a lovely light vignette to the edges.

At the time of making this little card, 
I was obviously dreaming of retirement, 
so out with the Wee Folk on the wee bench!

Add a little ground for them with the pen…
Run a Sharpie pen round the edges.

Perhaps a little shadow and a splash of colour would be great;
But these good folk had homes to go to, and it was getting late.
Our day off didn’t happen and it’s already dark again!
But Poldark’s waiting patiently with Dave in the log-fire den.
Not many things could light my fire or flap my flares tonight;
but Poldark and Dave in the same room with me?
I am not going to put up a fight!
lots of love,

70 thoughts on “Poldark and Dave; Dave and Poldark…

  1. Well done, Barbara! You must be absolutely shattered, yet you can not only produce a beautiful card, but a brilliant poem to go with it!!! I hope you have time for a little well-deserved rest, now. Jo xxx

  2. Hi Barbara love the card today so beautiful and lovely poem you must be all done in after 4days of demoing we will never lose interest in what you are doing its you who keeps us going so don't beat yourself up I so wished I could have made it to the N E C I love to watch you work your Pure magic Happy crafting Pauline xx

  3. Thank you Barbara you made me smile. I do like your card. I want some of your stencil brushes. Roll on Ally Pally. Now Poldark I was a big fan back in the day and I am loving this new series. I might even read the books again. Enjoy your evening. Hugs Jackie

  4. Me and my mum are not bores watching you Barbara! Unfortunately for us each time we came to the stand yesterday you were catching up with friends so we didn't get to see any demos this time but we did buy some lovely bits from you! My mum treated me to a gelli plate and mount plus the two first wee folk sets for my birthday so I can't wait to use them and will be checking out past you tube Tuesday vids!! I also joined the gold club last November and love my package each month! Plus I look forward to the first sunday of each month so please keep doing what you do!! I'm loving the new arty direction! Xx

  5. Thats a great blog and a great demo..you showed me on saturday how to use the wee folk and ive been playing and loving doing so ever since…and thankyou for the happy birthday sample that my friends asked you to do..thanks again 🙂 c

  6. Thats a great blog and a great demo..you showed me on saturday how to use the wee folk and ive been playing and loving doing so ever since…and thankyou for the happy birthday sample that my friends asked you to do..thanks again 🙂 c

  7. Did you spot Robin Ellis, the original Poldark, in this episode? I am starting to settle into this version although it is so different. Glad you are finding time to put your feet up (without the talc?) and relaxing. You have certainly not lost your touch, Barbara. It was just a lack of the right customers and the high costs of getting into the show. I have already had a moan at the NEC on Facebook. Yours was the best laid out stand and you were not alone in losing out on customers. Other exhibitors were upset too. I heard a lot of them saying how quiet it was. I have been busy playing with some of the things Maria was doing and have had one go, so far, with the dictionary pages. I do love colouring in. Make sure you all get plenty of rest this week to recover. xxxx Maggie

    1. PS Although I did watch the same demo a couple of times, I was certainly not bored and learned something different each time. I did notice how impressed other customers were when you invited them to try things for themselves. xxx Maggie

  8. Hi Barbara, thanks for another great project even though you sound like you are absolutely shattered and could do with a day off. You seem a little downhearted today but don't be. I am sure I speak for many people who love everything you do and bring to us. So keep it up. Have a lovely evening. Kind regards Joanne K x

  9. Hello Barbara

    Keep the faith, you are doing nothing wrong. I have been going to the NEC for a number of years and I have never seen it so quiet. I wonder if the NEC is pricing itself out of the market. The costs to the exhibitors are astronomical and, with ticket prices and car parking fees, the customer is paying about £25 before setting foot in the hall!

    The November show is usually better.


  10. All I can say is – "Long live the Clarity" – I for one will never tire of your demo's, (in person, or on your blog). I'm always fascinated by your thought process and love trying all the different techniques.
    Keep up the great work Barbara!
    Enjoy your evening with the two men in your life!
    Carole x

  11. Hello Barbara

    Keep the faith, you are doing nothing wrong. I have been going to the NEC for a number of years and I have never seen it so quiet. I wonder if the NEC is pricing itself out of the market. The costs to the exhibitors are astronomical and, with ticket prices and car parking fees, the customer is paying about £25 before setting foot in the hall!

    The November show is usually better.


  12. Hi Barbara
    Great demo.
    I wish I'd have been at the NEC but wouldn't be cheap for me to travel.I'd have enjoyed watching your demo's so I look forward to C&C each month and enjoy the blog. I'm sure there's a lot of people who'd have loved to have been there.

  13. Aw Barbara, no one is fed up with you – I could watch you til the cows come home happily every day – people count their pennies, on line sales are competition – but never fear we all bow down in reverence to you xx
    Poldark – great series – watching it in a log fire den sounds idyllic so enjoy
    Much Love
    Kim x

  14. no, no, no Barbs it's not you at all. I too wait for your shows on C & C and am fortunate to get on one of your Retreats again this year. Can't wait. I have been making a card today from your demo on Thursday stamping on a page of an old book colouring in using pencils, loving it! So don't get despondent, we are still there with you. Hope you had a great evening with Poldark and Dave! Xx

  15. Do you think there may be a bit of cutting back by a lot of people either because of a squeeze in finances or a cyclical dip in interest in craft in general? Or maybe knitting, crochet and sewing are on the up? I expect you know that all the stalls at the SECC in March were crammed into one hall? Unimaginable previously and hopefully back to normal in October!

  16. Oh Barbara how wonderful that you can write a poem for your blog today after the five days you've had. Please don't be despondent it sounds like all the stall holders were suffering from a lack of visitors. I'm sure no-one would be bored we your demos, or Maria's. You share so much and always find new ways of doing things. Hope you enjoyed your evening! xx

  17. Hi Barb,
    Oh, my dear there is no doubt, that when you feel all down and out,
    There's always someone to give you cheer, and maybe get Dave a nice cold beer.
    If I had gone to the NEC, you'd realise that in reality,

    Stop beating yourself up, we love you.
    Maureen xxx

  18. Lovely art work. So simple and so effective, I love those wee folk. I bet everyone loved you at the NEC wish I could have been there. A lovely way to end with a factual character and Dave! What a combination, enjoy x x x x x

  19. Hi Barbara, lovely artwork and poem, thank you. Your poem made me smile and feel sad too. I'm sorry there was not as many people as expected attending your stand, that must make you feel so disheartened after all the effort you put in. Please send those two gremlins -bored and irritating packing, they have no right taking residence in you head! You are never irritating and what you do will never be boring, I could watch you demo all day, every day, though I'd allow you loo breaks and food breaks ;-). To actually meet you and watch you demo in person, well that's right up there in the top ones of my bucket list 🙂 (I have trouble prioritising so my lists end up as groups of things!!!) Me and, it seems, many others would have been at the NEC supporting and buying from you if it were at all possible.

    And, do you want to hear a wee good thing – thanks to you and this blog of yours, I think I've finally managed to break through the wall that was stopping me crafting for all that time. It's early days and it's only wee bits, but I'm actually wanting to craft, instead of constantly dreading and avoiding doing any. I'm struggling to know what to try still so sticking with easy things and things I Know I can get pleasure from, and trying to do a wee bit every day, even when I feel too ill so I don't lose it again. Things like my Jane art and new stuff I've put on hold for now, thought it maybe best to stick with what I know to start with. So you see you have to continue just the way you are, I need your demos and inspiration and you and your blog and your followers :-). Now I've just got to find some way to get to one of your retreats some day… (I'll need the lots of time to get me properly crafting and brave enough!!!!)

    Hope you enjoy your evening with Dave and Poldark. Poor Dave, works hard on your stand all weekend with you and when he finally gets home finds he's having to share you with another man!!!! Hope you're managing to get some well needed rest and to raise your spirits a wee bit
    Love Brenda xx

    1. Brenda, had to giggle at your last paragraph, second sentence. Don't know about you but I think I preferred the first Poldark perhaps because it was 40 years ago and I was an impressionable teenager!
      So pleased you are back to crafting; my maxim when encountering the many challenges with difficult classes whilst teaching was 'tiny attainable targets' and you have no idea how achieving a little breakthrough each day made such a difference, not only to the student in person, but also to myself. Keep on craftin', girl! ;~}

    2. Thank you Shelagh for your kind and helpful words and encouragement 🙂 Until now I hadn't been able to grasp the tiny wee targets concept, always desperately trying to get myself back to how I used to be. I think now because everything is soo much worse, it's getting too obvious that I'll never ever get back to anything like I used to be, and it's forced me to reduce my aims to tiny wee things. I hadn't really thought about this until reading your words. I think I can see now how it could make a difference and help me day to day, if I can keep my brain from needing to want so much more. That's a very, very hard one, I guess it's the same letting go one that Barbara encourages me to do, which for some reason is so scary for me – just to let go of anything, but I am trying very, very hard, maybe this has helped my head with the tiny wee targets concept. Thank you. And thank you to Barbara too. 🙂

      Ok, time to confess, I've somehow missed out on Poldark in the TV listings! Guess I'll need to force myself to watch on iplayer, eh, wouldn't want to be left out of something!!!! I would have been packed off to bed before viewing time for the original (8, 40 years ago)!!!

      I enjoyed reading your poem, made me smile, you're very clever xx
      Right no chore to do today, so time for a wee bit more craft 🙂

    3. Horray Brenda that great! Start off with small projects and you'll soon be in your craft room longer than you expected you could manage. I loose hours when I go in mine :). XX

    4. Thank you Donna 🙂 How are you doing? xx
      p.s. me now enjoying Poldark too, and before anyone says anything, I've not even reached episode 3 yet!!!!!

    5. I think whatever I had is finally lifting, few little hang on sniffles but mostly gone! Oh yes episode 3, you had better hide Daisy's innocent eyes when a certain scene comes on 🙂 should inspire both of us to do some seaside art! XX

  20. Am I the only one here in America reading nd watching and enjoying ? .think you need an assistnt to read your mail,and personally answer us back . Perhaps it's the Internet that now so many people can tune into and u tube and Amazon etc . If I lived closer I would have been there ,yeseree!

  21. Oh barbs, what a lovely quick technique. I really wouldn't worry about you going off the boil it's so disheartening when you put in so much effort. At least you got to play in the eclipse sunshine that wasn't. LOL I wish I could spend more time watching your demo's in person. Hopefully next year I will.Things are never good so close to election time, especially with the economy as it is. We'll all be on top form next year, whichever shower or self importants we end up with.

  22. I'm so glad I made the effort to come down from Sheffield to the NEC on Saturday. I made a bee line for your stand and thoroughly enjoyed watching several of your demos. I've been playing with my new paints and have made some fab backgrounds using the technique you showed us with the brayed and just a little bit of paint from the craft mat. The stand looked great and loved the new unmounted stamp range. Spent far too much money and still wanted more but had to be a responsible grown up and call it a day before I got too far out of control!

  23. Now the NEC is over
    Today you're feeling down.
    But please don't let this daunt you,
    For We stampers, You wear the crown.

    There always is a flip-side
    When last demo is done.
    'Though it feels an anti-climax
    Many new converts you'll have won.

    And now for Cap'n Poldark
    Bodice-rippin' stuff you'll view
    Enjoy your chill'n time with Dave
    And a pot of tea for two!

    (or a very well-deserved glass of wine – each!)

    Love the card and I'm going to adapt it for Easter!!

    Cheers ;~}

  24. You are so funny, and I for one do not tire of watching and learning from you! Sadly I live too far away to make it to any shows down south, and can't do your workshops or open days during the summer months. How about a winter retreat, then I'll be first on the list!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my friend will be coming up with her sister at the end of the week to fulfill one of the things on her bucket list – I've put her "virtual stay box" on hold just in case she is able to make it. Enjoy your date with Dave and Poldark!!! Susan x

  25. I never tire of watching you creating masterpieces so please keep up the good work. I've been playing with one of the stamps I bought from you yesterday and am very pleased with the results. I have lots of ideas but never enough time 🙂

  26. So sorry your giving yourself such a hard time i would have loved to have come to see you but i and all of us are able to keep up with this lovely blog of yours so we feel we ve been there with you dont give your self such a hard time enjoy a well deserved restfull evening x.
    This was a lovely card and will work with lots of your word chains.

  27. What a lovely demo Barbara and I'm sure that all who came to the stand will have gone away extremely happy. Four days is a lot of time to have to be smiling and upbeat so it's no wonder you feel a bit drained today. A little time spent with handsome Poldark will put you right, not forgetting dapper Dave too. x

  28. Hello Barb, please don't desert us in blogland. We love what you do and watch and learn again and again. As for the poem – genius! Couldn't get to NEC but fingers crossed for ally pally if you'll be there. xx Margaret Col.

  29. It was definitely quieter at NEC but you have certainly not lost your touch. Suppose in a selfish way I found it ok because I could get to see your demo easily and even have a go. I for one came home full of enthusiasm. Reckon you just need some rest time and hope that Poldark and Dave helped. Take care xx

  30. You sound a bit despondent but still managed a lovely card and a great poem. The NEC's behind you now, it's Barbara time. We all hang on your every blog, and appreciate that you never fail, but do get a rest too. x

  31. Your demos are fab and there are always new crafters too. Your card is great as usual. Hope you enjoyed Poldark. It was a particularly good episode but wish that he had scythed a bit more of the meadow. Just hope you behaved yourself with Dave in the room. Keep up the good work xx

  32. Oh Barbara! you do make me titter! Love this simple design! So quick to do but so effective!
    Hope you had a lovely evening! I've had work to do tonight!!! But I did have a whole day off yesterday!! And a very wonderful one it was! Love and hugs Xxxx

  33. Oh Barbara! you do make me titter! Love this simple design! So quick to do but so effective!
    Hope you had a lovely evening! I've had work to do tonight!!! But I did have a whole day off yesterday!! And a very wonderful one it was! Love and hugs Xxxx

  34. Poetry and crafty loverliness! Marvellous ! So sorry I couldn't get there and support this time, was there in spirit! A glorious spring day today, a good day of rest and this evening I notice the toads have started their commute! Spring has sprung. Thanks for sharing again. Love and hugs. jillyxxx

  35. Hi Barbara
    Lovely poem and artwork today but what a shame you sound a bit down. From the sounds of it everywhere was quiet, I know fro Farnborough some of the usual stands were missing – just a sign of the times perhaps. Wish I could have been there because I just love watching what you do. Just look at the photos you posted- does that lovely family look bored, no, you have just inspired the family to go home and play and have a fun time together.
    Hope you enjoy your evening snuggle with Dashing Dave and the brooding Poldark. I hope the sun is shining in the morning and life is looking brighter after a good nights sleep.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  36. What a wonderful card today. Simple and to the point, love it. Might not find iit so simple when I try it though. We definitely don't get bored with you or your demos. You always give that bit extra. Don't fret you're just tired. I think everyone would be despondent about the lack of customers this year. Definitely the cost of entry had an effect. It was lovely though to get to the front and talk to you and ask questions on the Thursday. So keep your pecker up, we all need you to keep us going, you make it all so interesting we could never be bored.xx

  37. Hmmm, Ross Poldaaaaaark is it !!!!?? I thought you were a little distracted this evening Barb !
    Oh,and as for the NEC. it was less busy than usual, without that familiar ' buzz '…but hey ho, we was there ! and Lo it was good… now back to the rugged Cornish cliffs and such like ….xx

  38. Hello Barb, your poetry is brilliant, love it, and love the card you have created, brilliant with the torn paper. Glad to see I am not the only Poldark fan out there! And that Dave is not the only other half that will sit and watch it with his woman who is swooning. I am sure that everyone that did get to see you at the NEC enjoyed the demo's and came away with lots of enthusiasm. I know that I am always inspired by your makes and blogs, whether they be old or new. So never fear, your groupies are here. Have a great day. Bx

  39. Hi Barbara. How do you come up with your wonderful ditty's even when you are totally knackered? I love the card, the subtle colours are gorgeous.
    You really have found your soul mate in Dave haven't you, so it doesn't really matter what is on the TV when you are together. But watching Poldark, which is very easy on the eye at the end of a hard day, is the icing on the cake isn't it : ) Take care.

  40. Good morning Barbara hope you had a good restful night after your NEC marathon.
    Thank you for today's offering, needed some inspiration for my grandson's birthday card. Just need the rugby ball from the Wales set balanced somewhere on one of the Word stamps and 'Bob's your uncle' as they say, or in this case 'Callum's the Star'! Anne x

  41. Hi Barbara, I have just read all of the above comments and agree 100% with all comments, well actually 120%. You are OUR STAR our wonderful teacher and an inspiration to us all. You need to take care of yourself, chill out, get Dave to wait on you. Never stop being you. Lynne

  42. I think it is the shows and not you, people are enjoying daily blogs, youtube examples and the ease of shopping online. The shows are good but things might be changing… Each day over 1000 people enjoy your creative spirit, you sense of humor, your step by steps to try and You. Take care of you!

  43. NEC what a marathon. Glad you have survived and that Dave and you are cuddled up on the couch. Love Poldark, terrible that I remember the original series, well time wait for no man. Hope you get some rest before you fly into action again. Love to all. xxx

  44. I know my mother goes to your stand every year, she is coming up to 87 and I have finally taught her how to bring up your site and blog on her laptop, which is not as easy as it sounds as I live in Perth, Western Australia. I seem to have caught the Gelli plate bug from her and have just ordered a mega mount for it. I will be in the UK in November and am looking forward to seeing your stand in person.

  45. Barbara you haven't lost your touch your art work is fantastic and such an insperation maybe your tired it must be slog 4 long days at NEC I love the wee folk I made my wonderful friend a retirement card for Sunday using the wee folk 20 yrs she has worked on the oncology ward cleaning dedication ,so thank you for your insperation crafting hugs xxx

  46. Barbara please don't talk like that it scares me I heard a few people saying it was very quiet but your fans will never tire of you we love you I'm sure when you are rested you will feel bet. I think the ex spence of getting to the n e c is a lot for a lot of people they will come later in the year I'm sure. The card is lovely I've just ordered the blue tits and word stamps the wee folk are next on my list thank you Barbara remember a lot of you fans can't get to see you in person but we love you to the moon and back I may be 80 but I know a good en xxxxxxxx

  47. hi Barbara
    Very late with my comments. I am still recovering from Sunday's Poldark!!! It's not at all like the original but very watchable and beautifully filmed. That gorgeous blue dress that Demelza found made me think of my Clarity kingfisher which I often stamp just for the sheer pleasure I get from colouring him in. I hope you soon recover from your NEC marathon and be assured that we all love you and your wonderful products. Think positive and be true to yourself. I think the lurgy took a lot out of you and you are still not back to full strength. We all have times when we wonder if what we are doing is worth it and if the hard work is appreciated. Yours certainly is.
    Hugs from Chris

  48. Blue dress. I commented to hubby about it, hubbies reply, 'wardrobe department.' So synical in his old age. Reading the books, all 12, was a very pleasureable experience as is reading your blog. You cheer many a dreary day. Please don't stop, you'd leave a huge gap in too many people's lives. Wishing you and your family all the best. Jx

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