YouTube Tuesday – The Lone Cypress meets Cling Film

YouTube Tuesday – The Lone Cypress meets Cling Film

Greetings from The Lone Cypress in California!
(I wish!)

We used to live really close to this beauty spot, in Carmel.
I loved it there.
But there we are, life happens, and we had to come back to Europe.

I LOVED living in Northern California!
Who wouldn’t?!
Blue skies, the Pacific Ocean, 
pelicans, sea lions.

Flipflops and cut-off jeans were all I wore;
proper hippy chick!

So here is a little trip down Memory Lane, 
using one of a collection of 3 very beautiful landscape stamps.
(Great savings when you buy all three)

Items Used:
Butterscotch Adirondack Ink Pad
Tumbled Glass Distress Ink Pad
Makeup Sponges
Cling Film

Hope you enjoy this one!
It took longer to find the pesky pen than to make the artwork!

Much love,

31 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – The Lone Cypress meets Cling Film

  1. Great part of the world – though surprised you didn't cause a stir wearing only cut off jeans and flip flops! No top Barb??? you floosy LOL
    Great you tube !!!
    Always good to walk down memory lane occasionally isn't it!
    Much love
    Kim xx

  2. Nice to see the brayer in action again and such a beautiful result. Memory lane's always good; aren't we lucky to have it in our arsenal. x

  3. Hi Barbara, sitting here huge grin, doing my happy dance 🙂 I've been hoping you'd do this demo as a youtube, I love, love, love this artwork, the background is just perfect. Thank you. I'll need to save it for tomorrow to watch now, which has just reminded me I've still got the pleasure of watching last week's too 🙂 There's been too much horrible unexpected things going on. But tomorrow I'm going to try escaping a wee bit from it all with 2 Barbara youtubes and 2 episodes of Poldark, and a wee bit crafting to keep my hands busy – sitting doing nothing and me don't ever go together!. An attempt to calm myself down before another round with the worker on Thursday 🙁 Oh how I wish I could be self sufficient!

    Barbara, they must have been very liberal in California in those days, for the ladies to walk around in just shorts and flipflops!!!!

    How has today been for you? Are you feeling any less down?

    Love Brenda xx

  4. I seem to remember that your pen went walkabout on Sunday at the NEC too. Glad you blogged this one which reminded me of several hints and tips I picked up. Beautiful technique with the cling film and spritzer. I hope that cough is not from the NEC. I have done nothing but cough for the last two days, so blogging and FB are my only way of talking at the moment. I used it as an excuse to play with some of the things I saw you do – great fun and in one, a real learning curve. Thank you for all the things you share with us. xxx Maggie

  5. Hi Barbara.
    Thank you for another brilliant video tutorial. I have yet to try this technique but it looks amazing. Beautiful stamps too. I am imagining my wee fairies on one of those backgrounds. I need to get some cling film when I go shopping tomorrow so I can get creating.
    Hugs from Chris x

  6. Great demo, had some success when I tried this technique last time but I think I was too sparing with the ink so it was very pale which made the patterns hard to see. Will give it another go and be bolder with my colours. I had to laugh at you trying to find things! This is me when I'm in my craft room as well. Convinced I have a ghost because things just keep moving around. Put something down for two seconds and its gone! Must be the wee folk! XX

  7. You you tube videos are always great Barbara, and a little bit of comedy never goes amiss lol. I love the colours you have used today so vibrant and pretty and the Lone Cypress with the partial frame around the bottom is a lovely touch. x

  8. You tube Tuesday rocks!
    What a great you tube it was today Barbara!!!! You are so clever! I love that stamp and the background you created is just perfect for it!
    Love and hugs xxx

  9. Great technique. I've yet to try this one. I too love the colors, all are my favorites, These stamps really do make me think you used to live in a stunning place. And as for losing things, I too think the wee folk are a little magical and playful!

  10. I visit most days but don't have time to leave a comment But after ma-in-law sitting I've got a quiet moment AND this video was so funny I just had to tell you how much I enjoyed it The techniques were pretty good too lol! (Fantastic actually)

  11. Hi Barb, great video, had me laughing at your antics hunting for the stencil and pen. Lovely card, great technique and super stamping. Have a great day. Bx

  12. Love this background – I can see I will need a miscellaneous drawer in my craft room for all the "non crafty" extras – nail varnish remover, shaving foam, talcum powder, wax paper, baking paper and now cling film!!! My OH thinks I've gone a bit potty….Susan x

  13. Hi Barb,
    Sorry I haven't commented for nearly a week, but I have been rather poorly. Still, well on way to recovery now thankfully. Love today's artwork and the video had me chuckling with you looking for the stencil and pen! Same thing happens to me one minute I have something ,put it down and two seconds later, it's disappeared! I'm sure somebody is playing tricks with my mind! Love the Lone Cypress stamp ( & the rest of the set) ever since I saw you demo them in the US. It must have been a lovely place to live – if a bit liberal! The backgrounds you have created are gorgeous too. Never doubt what you do – it is fabulous. Love Alison

  14. Glad I am not the only one with a desk that hides stuff! 🙂 I am forever putting something down and when I go to pick it up again, it's gone.
    What a beautiful demo Barbara. I love doing cling film backgrounds but about as patient as you!
    Gayle x

  15. Hi again Barbara, just watched your youtube and just what was needed, a brilliant demo and a bit of a laugh too 🙂 Thank you. I wish it were only my craft room that I can't find stuff in!!! My excuse is too much stuff lying around while the work on the house is waiting to be completed!!! My other excuse used to be Daisy but she tends not to do that anymore, just as well as there's still the odd thing I know she's hidden that I can't find!!!!! Maybe it's naughty house fairies!!! I then happily went off to watch your youtube from last week, too many de ja vu moments, guess I must have watched it after all… Now if only I could forget the bad stuff instead… although my head does seem to be having a good go at doing just that at the moment, which really isn't going to help my current situation any!!!! Love Brenda xx

  16. Hi Barb,
    I love this technique and the colours are beautiful. I bought the cheapest Supermarket own make cling film to do it as it works just as well as the expensive stuff I used the first time I tried it!!
    Maureen x

  17. Oh I did this lad night !!!! Great technique Barb – Aren't these paints lush! lovely Canvas. Xx
    OK I didn't really do it last night It's Definately new to me. but I did discover something !!!! Just playing a bit more tonight. X

  18. Hi Barbara
    Oh what a giggle, you do make me laugh my lovely Barbara. You tell us to wait half an hour and then only manage 5 minutes and then hunting high and low for the stencil and pen, I can only imagine what you were saying! The finished artwork is beautiful and it does look a beautiful place to live, even if they let you go topless!!! Don't ever change Barbara, how many people would have produced a highly edited video, instead we get brilliant artwork and we can have a good chuckle with you too. I wonder how many people started to look around their own rooms helping you to look for your stench and pen or was that just me? Lol. Thank you for sharing. Love Diane xxx

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